March 22, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Off To AdeptiCon 2018

The countdown time on the right shows 0:00:00:00 and that means today is the day for AdeptiCon 2018!

My bags are all packed and shortly I will be making my way towards Schaumburg, IL (via a stop at Midway airport to pick up my oldest son).  I am excited for this one, I am registered in three events and I am just going to play them to have a fun time (hopefully I can remember all the rules).

Today will be our travel/shopping day checking out all the vendors in the vendors hall.  I have my shopping list all ready to go and as always there is more on there than the budget allows.  We shall see, I may have to priortize my purchases to the items I am actually going to use and not just want.

Hopefully at the end of each day I will do a quick photo dump here on the blog, I figured out a new way to do a photo slide slow here on blogger and I am curious to see how it works out.

My schedule for the weekend:

Thursday: Travel/Shopping
Friday: Warmachine/Hordes ‘Who’s The Boss ?’ Tournament
Saturday: Warmachine/Hordes ‘Team Tournament’
Sunday: Guild Ball ‘Homelands Cup’ Tournament


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