April 27, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #17

Week #17 was not a good week for gaming, but at least I did finish some models earlier in the week (Terminators).  I have been kind of a on a lull lately, which is not a bad thing, sometimes you just need a little break before getting right back in it.  There is still plenty of time before NOVA Open to get practice games in and models completed.

Models Completed: 5
Games Played: 0

April 22, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Terminator Assault Squad I'

Well it actually has been quite some time, actually a whole month (Whirlwind I) since I completed anything for my Imperial Fists army but this past Sunday I sat down for a few hours and started to work on my 'Terminator Assault Squad I' and was able to wrap them up yesterday.

The 'Terminators' are not as freighting as they were in previous editions, mainly because they are slow moving and the current edition of Warhammer 40,000 leans more towards the shooting aspect of the game, but for theme reasons (for when 'Captain Lysander' gets finished) I wanted to have a unit of them in my army.  Who knows, maybe for the reason above, they may make my final 2000 point list for this years NOVA Open since I am going to play just for fun.

 Terminator Assault Squad I

Terminator Assault Squad 1

Painting Points: 11

April 20, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #16

Well week #16 wasn't superb, but it was an average week for me.  In the gaming side of the hobby, it was a little weak, we only played one game of X-Wing on Saturday and I got to test me new ships for the Separatist Alliance, I still need some practice with the 'Sith Infiltrator' as the Separatists lost by 29 points.

Sunday was suppose to be a game of Warhammer 40,000 but opponent must have missed is wake up call so I spent the day on/off getting some painting done on some 'Terminators' for my Imperial Fists, hopefully they will be completed for this week.

Painting wise, earlier in the week I did finish some 'Termagants' for my Tyranids and then as mentioned just above some work for my Imperial Fists.

My real work schedule has not changed (thankfully) so it s not like I have a lot of extra time to game and paint, so it is my usual schedule of a little bit each week.  It has been two weekends now without a game of Warhammer 40,000, so I think this Saturday that will take priority and we'll see what happens for Sunday.

Models Completed: 5
Games Played: 1

April 14, 2020

Daily Chronicle: X-Wing Goodies Arrived 04/14/2020 (Separatist/Empire)

This past weekend the urge to get in some X-Wing games hit me, so on Sunday I had to place an order on Amazon (with my birthday gift card my that wife had gotten me),

I wanted to expand our Galactic Empire so I added a TIE/sk Striker and a TIE Reaper.  The TIE Reaper is still packaged as first edition, but it does include the second edition components.

Since the Separatist Alliance was released over a year ago, I had also been debating adding them to our collection, but never did.  With my son playing a game of Republic the other day, I thought adding the Separatist now would be a good time (plus I am finally now watching Star Wars Clone Wars on Disney+).

To start off with, I added to my order the Servants of Strife Squadron Pack, 3 more Vulture-class Droids and a Sith Infiltrator.  That should be enough to keep me busy with them for awhile.

In January, Fantasy Flight Games released an expansion pack with new pilots and upgrades called Hotshots and Aces, so I also decided to add one of these to have a little bit more variety with the ships we already own.

Now we have to spend the evening organizing all of these so I can go ahead and give Darth Maul a try.

W40K: Tyranids 'Kronos Termagants x5 (c)'

Well I have these 5 models sitting in various stages of completion for a long time, built, primed, semi painted and now another 5  Kronos 'Termagants' with Fleshborer's are finished.  That makes 15 'Termagants' with Fleshborer's completed and I believe I have another 5 to do before moving onto 40 of them with Devourers.  As I stated when I first started to collect the Tyranids, I am no rush to get them done, they are here to paint a little at a time when I need a change from something else.

Kronos Termagants (c)

Kronos Termagants (c)

Painting Points: 5

April 13, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #15

Still on "stay at home" orders due to COVID-19 but my normal work schedule is still actually keeping me busy, so not really has changed much for me.

Painting wise last week saw me complete three models for the DC Universe Miniature Game with 'Ultraman', 'Owlman' and 'Power Ring'.  Nothing was completed for Warhammer 40,000, but more work was done on some 'Termagants' and I did assemble some 'Terminators' for my Imperial Fists.

Gaming wise, we took a slight break from Warhammer 40,000 this past weekend and actually got in two games of X-Wing, for some reason I was in the mood for X-Wing.  I actually have a few more ships on order so I think this weekend may see another game also.

This Saturday after the next Games Workshops Preview, we'll go back to a 2000 point game of Warhammer 40,000, either afterwards or Sunday I think we'll get more X-Wing.... who knows maybe even get in a game during the week.

So far I am 0-3 this year in X-Wing, time to turn the tides.

Galactic Empire vs Rebels (Hyperspace)

This was a close one with the Empire only losing by 10 points and a final score of 190-210.

Resistance vs Republic (Extended)

This game we did not tally the score, all the Resistance ships were killed and I think Obi-Wan (1/2) and a Starfighter (1/2) were left for the Republic.

Models Completed: 3
Games Played: 2

April 9, 2020

DCU: Power Ring (Harold Jordan) [JLV]

As of now I have only prepped three of the Crime Syndicate models, the first two were posted Tuesday and Wednesday with 'Ultraman' and 'Owlman', and today we have the third model which is 'Power Ring'.  'Power Ring' is the alternate universe 'Green Lantern'.

 Power Ring

Power Ring

Painting Points: 1

April 8, 2020

April 7, 2020

DCU: Ultraman (Kal-Il) [JLV]

When I ordered my DC Universe Miniature Game rulebook back in November after the Renegade Open, I also added to my order the new DC 'Crime Syndicate' box that was released that came with 'Ultraman', 'Owlman', 'Power Ring', 'Superwoman' and 'Johnny Quick' so that I would have an equivalent to running Justice League America.

This past weekend I decided to prep three of the models for painting this week, and the one for the week is 'Ultraman'.



Painting Points: 1

April 6, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #14

Week #14 was a pretty average week for me, which is a good thing, a model was completed and games were played.

First off, 'Doomsday' for DCUMG was completed during the week and actually hit the gaming table on Saturday also.  I was also able to prep some of the Crime Syndicate models for DCUMG, 'Ultraman', 'Owlman' and 'Power Ring' and they should be hitting the blog this week.

Sunday we played a smaller game of Warhammer 40,000 (1000 points) and we played it full ITC.  Imperial Fists vs Dark Angels and I removed a lot of nasty from my list to try and keep it more fun, even 'Captain Lysander' made a debut dropping into the game (literally on Turn 2).  The Save rolls were not there for the Dark Angels and they took a pretty bad beating 35-7.

I am not sure yet what will all be on the agenda for this coming week, I have some assembly needed for my Imperial Fists, I have 'Captain Lysander' I would not mind painting, but I do want to play him agin this weekend and I still have some 'Termagants' I am slowly working on.

April 5, 2020

Battle Report: DCUMG 4/4/2020 (Core "Superman VS Doomsday")

Seeing how I just finished 'Doosmday' the other day, it was only fitting that the 2nd Edition of the DCU Miniature Game Rulebook had a scenario called "Superman VS Doosmday", and I thought it would be fun to try this one out.  This was our first game playing with a full Power Level Team of 60 for each us.

I ended up fielding for the Villains; 'Doomsday', 'Deadshot', 'Black Manta', 'Grodd' and 'The Merciless'.  For the Heroes it was; 'Superman', 'Batman', 'Green Lantern', 'Batgirl', and 'Flash'.

The Justice League Villains were able to draw first turn, so of course 'Doomsday' was going to go on into 'Superman' and see what he can do.  The Scenario specified that the two of them could only attack each other for the first two Rounds of the game.  'Doosmday' was using "Fury" right off that bat and I was lucky enough to score 3 Critical Hits doing 15 points of damage right away to 'Superman'.  If sis not last long for him as he went down in Round 2.

The Heroes did manage to take out 'Grodd' and 'Deadshot' and the Villains cleaned house winning 14-3.  You scored 5 points for killing 'Superman/Doomsday' and 1 point for the others, 'Batgirl' has a rule granting an extra point along with 'The Merciless'.

'Doomsday' is really tough and powerful, but DCUMG for me/us is not a "competitive" game, I just want to throw out some Villains and see how they do.  We did have one 'Grab/Throw' in this game (a cop car smashing into 'Deadshot') and we still need to play around more with smashing buildings and see what happens (especially if 'Batman' goes and batclaws to top to hide).

Not sure when our next game will be (maybe 2 weeks) but I will see what other models I can come up with for 60 Power.

April 2, 2020

DCU: Doomsday [JLV]

Well I did not expect to see this coming so soon, actually painting DCU specific models.  We played our first game of DCU this past weekend and I thought the game was pretty fun, similar to BMG 2E, yet different.  The next morning I had to go out and look for the baddest bad guy of them all, 'Doomsday'.  I was able to find him on eBay for a really good price and the shipping was fast.  I was able to get him assembled Tuesday night and some primer and then finished him up yesterday.  If we get in a game this weekend, he will be hitting the table.


Painting Points: 5