December 31, 2019

2019 Year in Review

As always, the two blog posts I enjoy writing the most each year, the first one is my "What's in store for" (next year), and the second one is my "Year in Review".

2019 started with a "What's in store for 2019" so we will use that post as basis for our year in review.

Arena Rex

Painting Goal:  I still have quite a few models in my backlog for Arena Rex (11).  I honestly feel it may be a doable goal to have these all completed, as long as I do not add anymore to the backlog.  I think as long as I stick to the two Ludus' that I have, this goal should be completed (especially if one the games way down below takes a back burner).  Once these get completed (maybe by GenCon in August) then I may add a third Ludus.

Gaming Goal:  Currently Arena Rex for me is just a game I am playing for fun, the play is quick and enjoyable.  At least in the first quarter of the year I do not see myself partaking in any events, but the goal will be to at least play the game every other week.  I am going to shoot for at least 20 games played in 2019.

Well, this was a huge MISS for me (mostly in part to picking up BMG this past year).  My Painting Goal was non existent, and only 1 game of Arena Rex was played for the entire year.

Batman Miniatures Game

Painting Goal:  Maybe the occasional one off miniature to paint, I am not setting any expectations on getting a Team completed.  I do have some models already completed painted that I can play with.

Gaming Goal:  As I mentioned yesterday, my feeling right now for BMG is just to be a punching bag for my son so he can warm up for AdeptiCon, who knows, maybe after all those games I may actually enjoy it some more.  I can see us playing a handful of games before the end of March and then I will need to reevaluate.

This one was a huge change of events and probably received the most time from me in 2019, at least in the Painting aspect of the hobby.  My Painting Goal expectation was not even to get a Team completed, well I far exceeded that and painted around 100 models for BMG this past year.  I also managed to play 24 games of BMG which is much more than I had expected. Although the last 2 months of BMG has taken the back burner with the release of 3rd Edition, and currently I am not sure where I stand with the game.

Bolt Action


Painting Goal:  As of now, no expectations to paint anything for Bolt Action...again that may change come June.

Gaming Goal:  The current plan is to play at least two games of Bolt Action this year.  A warm up/practice game, and then a game to be played on June 6th, 2019 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  After playing this game, the interest to play more may happen.

This was another MISS for me and nothing was ever done with Bolt Action.  In fact most of my models have been packed away in my storage shed. I really do love the era, but there is just not enough time.  I can probably say for certain this one will not make the list for 2020.

Guild Ball:

Painting Goal:  I need to make this one a bit realistic compared to what I actually want.  I would love to say to finish up my entire backlog plus any new models that are released.  Right now my backlog is at 39 models (not including the Union Guild) nor the Cook's Minor Guild releasing in February.  Main priority will be to finish the one off models to complete my Guilds, then I will tackle some of the Minor Guilds. With Guild Ball being planned to be my main game for 2019, my painting priorities will be with Guild Ball.

Gaming Goal:  I shocked myself at the end of 2018 having played 32 games of Guild Ball (with the majority of them coming the last two months of the year).  If I want to be somewhat decent at playing the game, I cannot take long breaks in the game. My goal is to attend a monthly tournament (if there is one in a close vicinity) and to try and play a friendly game at least once a week.  The total goal for the year will be 50 games of Guild Ball (which is very doable with the tournaments).

Guild Ball was my main priority at least for the beginning of the year and I can say I am pretty happy with my outcome.  I did not complete everything in my backlog, but I did manage a few one off’s, some new Captain’s, Rookie’s, and the new Cook’s Minor Guild were completed.

I was short of hitting my Gaming Goal of 50 games, but 40 games played of Guild Ball is still pretty good.  I also managed to host 2 events, one in February down in South Bend, IN and the second one this past October at the Michigan GT.  I did start out of the 2019 gate really good with games played, but it also has recently taken a back seat as priorities have changed.Guild Ball will definitely make tomorrows list for 2020, I just need to see how much.

Middle-earth SBG

I actually almost forgot about this game, that is how much I have been thinking about it recently.

Painting Goal:  No big goals for me.  An accomplishment would be to finish the models I have for my The Dead of Dunharrow army.  I believe I still have another 20 models on foot and 8 riders on horses.

Gaming Goal:  I have a feeling that this one may be a lot like Bolt Action where it may only see 1-2 games for the year.  Considering we have only played once since the release of the new rules set back in September.

Another MISS for me. No models painted, nor any games played this year.  I know my son is still excited for this game, but the playstyle no longer interests me.  I won't count it quite Dead yet for me.


Painting Goal:  I own a lot of models for Warmachine/Hordes (between what I own and what my son has).  I feel that for WM/H I will still will be painting them throughout the year. I know there will be times when I want to paint something different than Guild Ball or Arena Rex, so that is when I will throw down a WM/H model to paint.  I have a lot of models that I received in the last half of 2018 for a Cryx army, and thought of a fairly quick paint scheme, so I may decide to work on them a bit.

Gaming Goal:  This is a tough one...between my son and I, we have a lot of completed models between my two main factions Khador/Minions and his Cygnar/Circle.  I opted not to sign up for any WM/H events at AdeptiCon 2019, but that does not mean I will totally be giving up on this game. I just do not feel it will be played as much as it was in 2018.  I think it will become the occasional throw down game just to have some fun. Goal for the year, probably a bit low, but lets shoot for 12 games (average one a month, especially with no tournaments planned at the moment).

I wouldn’t technically call this one a MISS, more like there was/is no more interest in the game for me at the moment.  This will be a tough one for tomorrow’s list, it may still make the list for 2020.


Painting Goal: Not Applicable (pre-painted miniatures)

Gaming Goal:  I really like what was done with the release of X-Wing 2.0 bringing all the Factions back to a balanced playing field.  So for at least for the first half of the year I see that this game being played the second most behind Guild Ball and to prepare for AdeptiCon.  After a few months my mood may change. Having this game and Arena Rex to counter some of the games played of Guild Ball will be a nice change. I did not get in as many games of X-Wing since the release of 2.0 (8 games), so I will be once again realistic and will place a goal of 20 games played for 2019.

I can say I really enjoyed X-Wing for 2019.  I hit my goal of 20 games played for the year (barely), but it was still achieved.  Like stated above, it was a nice game to play as a filler game, and it does not take more than 90 minutes to play.  I did try signing up for a few events, but only played in 1 game at this years NOVA Open. This is one that will still make the cut tomorrow.


So what kind of events and I am looking at for 2019.  In my previous years, this section mainly was for the larger conventions that I had hoped to attend.  But for 2019, there are a lot of 1,2 day out of town Guild Ball events that I will be looking at also.  There is still not much info out there for the later part of 2019, but here is what I am looking at:
February: Bourbon Trail Open IV (Guild Ball)
March: AdeptiCon (Guild Ball, X-Wing)
April: Spring Fling ? (Guild Ball)
May: MuseOn Con ? (Guild Ball)
June: East Canadian Nationals ? (Guild Ball)
August: GenCon 1 Day (Vendor Hall)
October: SteamCon USA (Guild Ball)
December: Second Wind (Guild Ball)

To be honest, 2019 was a really great year for Events and exceeded the above list.  In June, I did not attend the East Canadian Nationals, it ended up being too close to MuseOn Con in dates.  SteamCon USA never happened in October, so in September we attended NOVA Open again, and October I hosted the Guild Ball Championships at the Michigan GT.  I cancelled Second Wind in December in favor of attending the Renegade Open in November. 2019 saw a lot of travel to events, and unfortunately the list for 2020 will be very slim for me.

New Additions:

While at AdeptiCon 2019, Aristeia! really caught my attention and thought it would be a fun game to throw down every now and then and I jumped all in.  Well it was another MISS, we played 3 games and it has since been just sitting on the shelf.

Boy did AdeptiCon 2019 do a number on me and bought into another game, just like Aristeia! Above, it was MISS.  Models are still sitting in the same boxes as purchased and no games were played. I am going to have to look at unloading these models as I really see no time for this game.


Warhammer 40000
This one really surprised me!  The past few months I got the itch to break out Warhammer 40000 again, I had told myself I was done with GW, but we seem to always get sucked back in.  One of the huge benefits of this game is that you can find models at any gaming store, and I like to impulse buy, so it is nice to walk into a gaming store and purchase a model and not just a pot of paint.  We are still getting our feet wet with the rules of 8th Edition, but I see 2020 looking really good for this game, with a new Imperial Fists army that I am currently working on, and I have my eye on one more for 2020.


All in all, I can say 2019 was actually a really good year for painting models (mainly BMG) and getting in some games.  I had a goal of 110 games played, but fell short of that mark, not too bad as it was still in the 90’s.

Here’s to 2020! and Happy New Year1

December 30, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #52

Well, this is the final Weekly Chronicle of 2019, #52 and at least I was able to savage some of the week this past weekend.

I was able to get a 'Primaris Librarian' completed for my Imperial Fists over the weekend, and also yesterday my son and I got in a game of Warhammer 40K, testing out our halves of our AdeptiCon Team Tournament lists, 1000 points each.  I was actually a little worried if my list could take on any vehicles, and I was shocked how well the 'Centurion Devastator Squad' can do just that.

A few models are primed and ready to go for the week, but will not be completed in time for 2019, so I then have a start for 2020.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my "2019 Year in Review".

Models Completed: 1
Games Played: 1

December 29, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Librarian I'

I had a different Unit I was prepping next on my painting table, but the other day I felt like I wanted to get in one more model for 2019, more than likely this is probably going to be my last model painted this year.

As of now, I do not need this model in my 1000 point or 1500 point lists (thought that could change), but he is needed as one of my four HQ's in my 2000 point list.  Here is the 'Primaris Librarian' for my Imperial Fist army.

 Primaris Librarian I

 Primaris Librarian I

Primaris Librarian I

Painting Points: 2

December 24, 2019

BMG: 3rd Edition Rules Available Now!

I woke up this morning to an early Christmas present from Knight Models.  KM has decided to release the rules for Batman Miniature Game today and they are available on the KM website under the Downloads section, or click HERE.

I took a quick look at some of the rules (I still prefer thumbing through a physical copy), but I still need to take some time and go through them all.  With the time needed for me to relearn Warhammer 40K and be prepared for AdeptiCon, I am not sure how much time BMG will be getting next year, I have a feeling it will be a one off game along with DCU.  We'll see if that changes once I can get a copy of the physical rulebook/objective cards without having to buy a whole new starter box.

December 23, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #51

This past Saturday was a slight change of pace and my son and I got in a game of Guild Ball, it actually has been a pretty long time since I last played, and we got to break open the new Game Plan cards and try them for the first time.  My Cook's Guild lost to the Alchemist's 4-12, but it was nice to change it up and get one last game of Guild Ball for the year.  I still need to squeeze in one more game of X-Wing for the year so I can hit 20 games played, we'll have to see how the weekend goes, Christmas day we'll be spending the day getting in a game of Warhammer 40K.

Modeling wise saw me complete a second Unit of Tactical Squad for my Imperial Fists army.  I have a few more models prepped and ready to go, but I do not want to prime them till after our game on Wednesday, so they may be completed some time next week, probably the start of 2020.

Models Completed: 6
Games Played: 1

December 20, 2019

Guild Ball: New FAQ 12/20/2019

It has been a long time since I had two Guild Ball related posts in one day, but SFG today released an updated FAQ for Guild Ball.  I guess with the new releases of Captains, they wanted to get some questions answered about Soma/Pneuma.

You can find the FAQ on the SFG website under Resources, or click HERE.

Guild Ball: Third Wave of Captains Released

Today the final 3 new Captains for Guild Ball have been officially released.  They have been up for pre-order on Steamforged Games website the last two weeks, but today is release day.

I held out on the pre-order through SFG, but today decided to make an order through Discount Games, it will save me a few dollars on shipping, international fees, plus 15% off the models.

The final 3 Captains are:

Alchemists: Soma/Pneuma

Farmers: Festival

Union: Veteran Greede

December 17, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Tactical Squad II'

Imperial Fists 'Tactical Squad II' is basically an exact copy of 'Squad I' that was completed last week.  I took the standard Space Marine Tactical Squad box and divided it by two and added a Heavy Bolter to make them each 6 man Units.

As of now this Unit is not needed for any immediate lists, but it is nice to have the second Unit completed in case I ever need them for point fillers.

 Tactical Squad II

Tactical Squad II

Painting Points: 6

December 16, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #50

It was a pretty quiet week for #50, but at least some models did get completed.  My first Unit of 'Tactical Squad' Marines for my Imperial Fists were finished and just about finished my second Unit (should be posted tomorrow).

In gaming, this week only saw my son and I play a new game called "Space Marine Adventures" from Games Workshop, it is a labyrinth type board game that is pretty easy to setup.  Now that we got the gist of the rules, it is a pretty fast game to play.  Not really sure what gaming will be done this coming week, probably get in a game next Saturday of something, I still need 1 more game of X-Wing to hit 20 for the year, so that'll be sometime soon.

Models Completed: 6
Games Played: 1

December 12, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Tactical Squad I'

Yes, they are not the latest, coolest, models for Space Marines but instead a classic and I wanted to have some models available as point fillers for some lists.  I wanted to have some variety in collecting my Imperial Fists and some kind of theme (Bolters), so I thought the Tactical Squads would be perfect.  I purchased one box of Space Marine Tactical Squads and split them into 2 Units of 5, then added on a Heavy Bolter Marine to make Units of 6.  This will give me a little variety between 5-6 men Units and fill in points as needed.

I have the second Unit ready to be primed next, and although not immediately needed for any lists, they will be next to hit the painting table before moving onto some other Units.

Tactical Squad I

Painting Points: 6

December 9, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #49 (AdeptiCon Registration Is Open)

As the title of the blog states, registration for AdeptiCon is now OPEN! but first a quick recap of the following week.

My son and I were able to get in a small 500 point game of Warhammer 40K in yesterday afternoon, just for the sake of time, for now we are keeping the points really low and just trying out different Units we do not play often along with HQ's.  Yesterdays practice was to see how Librarians work in the game along with the Psychic Phase (too be honest, I kind of like my Librarian).  My Imperial Fists were able to get the victory mainly due in part to one lone Primaris Intercessor surviving Assaults from a Salamander Tactical Squad, the Salamanders had some pretty bad dice rolls and I was able to make my Saves.  My Librarian helped in eliminating some of the Salamanders from afar.

Painting was really good last week also with 2 Units of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles' completed, as of now both of these Units are needed in my 1500 Points list which will be needed for AdeptiCon.

Yesterday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST, registration for AdeptiCon 2020 opened to the public and I was ready and waiting at my PC.  I have a friend and is adult son back in Illinois who are starting up Warhammer 40K and we thought if the four of us all played in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament, the marquee event at AdeptiCon.  Even though they did increase the number of teams allowed to register this year to 150, I knew it would be a ticket that may sell out quickly.

When registering for AdeptiCon, the best plan of attack is the add the Weekend Badge (mandatory) to your cart, and then the event that you most want to play in and proceed to checkout, a lot of people spend time adding everything and then when they checkout, some of their events have already sold out.  I added my badge and the Team Tournament and proceeded to checkout without any issues.  Once I received confirmation of my order, I then decided to go back and see if the Warhammer 40K Friendly was still available (another event that sells out quickly) and there were still 79 spots available.  I wanted to have a little bit of time to check out the Vendor Hall at the Con (I need to work on Thursday) but I went ahead and added the Friendly to my registration (I can go downstairs during lunch on Thursday and shop), and I was able to get the event.  Good thing, shortly after I checked out, the Friendly sold out.

The Warhammer 40K Team Tournament is 4 players playing with a 1000 point list (playing with 2 players / 2000 points), and the Warhammer 40K Friendly is a 1500 point list (hence the 2 Units of Scouts I completed last week).

So it looks like AdeptiCon 2020 will be a weekend filled of Warhammer 40K for me.

December 7, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles II'

Well it looks like I did manage to get my second Unit of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles' completed this week.  Making progress towards my 1500/2000 point lists, that is good.

My next Unit I am prepping for the painting table is actually a light detour from my 1500/2000 point list, and instead a Unit that I need in my 1000 point list in case we make it to the AdeptiCon Team Tournament event.  Hopefully that Unit will be completed in a short time.

Here is my second Unit of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles'

 Scouts with Sniper Rifles II

 Scouts with Sniper Rifles II

Painting Points: 5

December 5, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles I'

I was able to get some more work done on my Imperial Fists army for Warhammer 40000 with my first Unit of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles'.  I have two of these Units in both my 1500 and 2000 point armies.  I am also working on a 1000 point list just in case we get into the AdeptiCon 40K Team Tournament when registration opens up this Sunday and I do have one of these Units in that list also.  My second Unit is all primed and ready to go, just need to find a some time to sit down and paint again, hopefully by sometime next week they will also be completed.

 Scouts with Sniper Rifles I

Scouts with Sniper Rifles I

Painting Points: 5

December 4, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Game Plus Products Flagship Gaming Bag

After 15+ years with my Sabol Army Transport bag for my Black Templars, the straps which are attached to the bag are deteriorating, so it was time to shop around for a new bag and or foam.  It was also a good time as I needed a new bag and foam for my Imperial Fists army.

My first thought was that I was going to replace the bag/foam with Battlefoam during their Black Friday sale.  I really do love my current Battlefoam bags/foam, but the shipping from them is a little high, plus the actual foam for my Black Templars is still good and all I needed was the bag to be replaced.

I then started to look into the gaming bags from Game Plus Products when I came across them on the Miniature Market website.  I have noticed their foam in the past at conventions and gaming stores but never paid attention to their bags.

It turns put that the inside dimensions (foam) is the same size as the foam from Sabol, this would save me a little money in not having to replace the foam for my Black Templars.  While I decided to use this bag for my Black Templars, I then just went ahead and ordered 2 (1 for my Imperial Fists and foam).  I figure if I ever need 1 or 2 trays real quick, it is easier running to my gaming store to pick some up.  I place my order on Miniature Market on Thanksgiving, and already yesterday my package had arrived.

The new bag holds all my Black Templars (including a new 4" foam for my Land Raider Crusader), plus there is room for at least another 1"-1.5" tray.

Now it's time to pluck the rest of the trays for my Imperial Fists.

December 3, 2019

Guild Ball: New Season 4 'Game Plan Deck' Arrived

Yesterday afternoon my new Season 4 'Game Plan Deck' had arrived from Steamforged Games.  The new deck was officially released this past Friday, but SFG shipped them out a bit earlier to have them try and arrive on time (which is great).  With US Customs I knew it would not arrive by Friday, but I was happy when they came in yesterday.

SFG had written there own previews on the Game Plan Deck and you can find them HERE and HERE.

MuseOn Minis has also released an updated token set for the cards, and I have my order in and hopefully they will arrive soon.  Once the tokens arrive, then it will be time to try out the new deck, maybe this weekend, it actually has been awhile since I last played.

December 2, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #48

Wow, December is already here and the final month of 2019.

Painting has been a little slow lately, but it has not been a stand still which is good.  I have a healthy backlog of models, and once I know what events I will be playing in AdeptiCon 2020, I can kick it up a notch and get more completed.  Currently my concentration will be getting my Imperial Fists mostly completed for Warhammer 40000.  I am hoping these are the two events I will be playing in, or even happy with getting into one.

For this past week, two Units of 'Primaris Eliminators' were finished and now all three of my 'Eliminators' are completed.  I also was able to start work on one of my Troop 'Scout Squads' and I am hoping that they will be finished this week.

Gaming this past week was just a game of X-Wing this past Thursday on Thanksgiving.  My Scum just barely lost to the Rebels 181-172.  I am closing in on 20 games of X-Wing for the year (19), so one more game will be played sometime this month.

AdeptiCon 2020 registration opens up this coming Sunday... so next week we'll find out what events we were able to get in.