January 25, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Weekend Roundup 1/22-24/2016'

Since I did not finish any models this past weekend, I thought I would start up a 'Weekend Roundup' post for anything that was happening gaming related over the weekend.
On Friday night 1/22/2016 my son and I finally play tested our full 50 point lists for the Las Vegas Open. I made some slight changes to what I was originally going to play. Speed of play has been slowing me down in my games, and I thought I would probably need to take a few less models to help remedy that situation. I am going to Las Vegas for 'fun', if I win a game then great, if not, oh well, at least I got to play some Warmachine. We played the scenario 'Outflank' for the first time and we decided not to use a clock for this game since it was our first time with the full 50 points.
Conquest really does tower over everyone else.
Turns out we both played pretty slow learning our models. I had a time limit (3 hours) to play the game so we can both get home to bed (cycling race for me the next day, work for my son). In the very very end I did have 1 CP, but I am calling this game a 'Draw' since time would have expired long ago for one of us.
Saturday had no gaming or modeling for me. With driving to Picacho, AZ for a Time Trail cycling race and later in the evening taking all 3 of my boys to see the Arizona Coyotes vs Las Angeles Kings NHL game, the day was busy.
After a nice Sunday leisure coffee bike ride, I started on another model for my son. I asked him on Friday night if he wanted me to paint up his Colossal so he can bring it with the La Vegas for some 'fun' gaming with it. He said sure, so I started the prep work and laid down the first color.
Stormwall WIP
Stormwall WIP
During the week I had also started the base color for my Khador Ruin Warjack. He will have to be moved to the back burner while I work on Stormwall for my son.
Ruin WIP
Since I will be busy during the week working on Stormwall and maybe a little on Ruin (when I get tired of 'blue') more than likely there will not be too many posts here. But stay tuned on Twitter @TOWC_Gaming for some WIP photos of these two.

January 21, 2016

WM: Mercenaries Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (Solo)

This past Tuesday I asked my son how his progress was going on getting his Cygnar army ready for the Las Vegas Open. He had to finish 1 Unit and 2 Solo's, so he is getting there. I offered if he wanted me to paint 'Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord' for him....of course he said yes, so after he got home from college, he dropped the model off to me. So the prep work started in the afternoon, and by the time the evening was over, Rhupert was completed.
As I started to prep the model I noticed that his sword was missing. I asked my son about it and he said he did not think Rhupert needed it...ok, no sword, we can always add it later if needed. It actually made the painting a little easier with it not there.
Nothing too fancy with this model, just wanted to get it quickly done for him.
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Painting Points: 1

January 20, 2016

Hordes: Minions Bloody Barnabas (Warlock)

Now it is official, my Minions Blindwater Congregation are finished. The 'Bloody Baranbas' Warlock my son purchased for me for Orthodox Christmas was completed Monday night (was to busy with work yesterday to post any pictures).
It feels real good to be able to complete 50 points of a Hordes army in one month, and the ability to play 2 different Warlocks.
I also quite proud on how Bloody Barnabas turned out. It may not be my best painted model, but it is really close.
Bloody Barnabas
Bloody Barnabas
I need to start assembling some more models so I can add to my queue. I still have some more Trollbloods that can be painted, but I'll probably shift my focus back to Khador for awhile.
Painting Points: 1

January 17, 2016

WM: Cryx Nightwretch (Warjack)

We now enter into the world of Cryx. I wanted to use these smaller Warjacks as a test bed to see if I like the color scheme before painting any larger Warjacks. In all honesty I like the way came out and they paint up pretty fast. I was able to get these 2 Warjacks started and completed this past Friday night (with a Century bike ride yesterday, I was not able to post till today).
I only need 1 Nightwretch for my 50 point list, but since 2 come in the box I decided to paint both, plus you never know when I may the second one for a Mangled Metal game.
The only other Cryx model I currently own is Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast. I still need to put together an order for the rest of the models. That may have to wait till after we get back from Las Vegas, but we will see.
Painting Points: 4

January 15, 2016

Hordes: Minions Gatormen Posse 2 & 3 (Unit)

The last 2 Units for my Gatormen Army are now completed, 2 more Units of Gatormen Posse. To speed things along with these guys, I elected to paint both Units at the same time. With all the same colors, it was a no brainer.
The Leader of each Posse, I did change the color of the feathers on the model, this way I can easily distinguish between my 3 Units.
Technically all 50 points of my Army are now completed, as mentioned previously, I still have Bloody Baranbas to assemble/paint for this army. Having the 2 different Warlocks will be a nice change in game play. In all honestly, I will probably not being expanding these guys much (unless I see really cool model that I want to collect and paint). I enjoy the collection of armies most, so time to move onto my Trollbloods and Cryx next (with a little more Khador models to throw in, Khador being "my" army). I do prefer the gameplay of Warmachine over Hordes, so I have a feeling the Cryx will be getting done before the Trollbloods.
Gatormen Posse 2
Gatormen Posse 2
Gatormen Posse 3
Gatormen Posse 3
50 Points of Gatormen (Broken Egg Games Display Board)
50 Points (flash on)
50 Points (flash off)
Painting Points: 10

January 14, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Something Evil Is Brewing In The Old West'

Finally after years of contemplating starting a Cryx army for Warmachine, last week I purchased my first Warcaster for Cryx, Skarre Queen of the Broken Coast. Then the other night while playing at my local LGS I picked up a box of Bonejacks, the Nightwretchs.
Something about Cryx has always interested me, maybe just because I think of them as an evil army, and it's nice to use instead of always playing Khador vs Cygnar against my son. We can both alternate playing this army to change things up.
The Cryx: "When Dragonfather Toruk went on a rampage against his brothers and the new land of Immormen, many saw him as a true source of power, so they pledged their alleigance to him. Then Toruk killed his new followers. Then he rebuilt them from black iron or used his draconic powers to raise them up. His first followers were called, Liches. So they killed, burned, maimed (they did have a drgon lord by their side, and they were skilled combatants) many towns, and rose them up again. The best liches were made Lich Lords. And so in the name of Toruk, they aim to crush all of Immormen."

I held off on assembling/painting Skarre 2 when I purchased her last week because I wanted to test my colors/painting style on a Warjack, hence the purchase of the Nightwretch's, these guys should give me a good example on if I like my color scheme.
Nightwretch's assembled.
The part of Warmachine that I really enjoy is playing with the Warjacks. So I found a Cryx list that looks to be fun for me to play. It may not be the top level tournament army for Cryx, but I think I will enjoy it. What not to enjoy, it has a Colossal.
This is the 50 point list I am going to build my Cryx army based on.
Skarre 2 -6
Nightwretch +4
Kraken +19
Deathjack +12
Satyxis Blood Witches (max) +6
Satyxis Blood Hag +2
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls +2
Necrotech +1
Necrotech +1
Pistol Wraith +3
Pistol Wraith +3
Gerlak Slaughterborn +3
On the Minions front, I was able to complete my last 2 Units of Gatormen Posse this week, and hopefully will be posting those pictures before the week is over. That will complete my original 50 points for them. As I mentioned my son bought me Bloody Barnabas for Christmas, so he will also be added to the army.
That's all for this 'Daily Chronicle'

January 13, 2016

Battle Report: WM 1/12/2015 Khador vs Cygnar (25 Points)

Last night my son went out to play a quick 25 Point game (what was suppose to be quick) to try and get familiar with some Units we have never played before. Playing with new Units ended up taking a bit longer than expected, glad we choose to test with 25 Points instead of the full 50.

He added the 'Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team' to his Cygnar list, and I was playing the 'Great Bears of Gallowswood' and 'Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters' for the first time for my Khador Army.
From the SR2015 Packet, we rolled the scenario "Two Fronts" which we have not yet played before, so it was going to be a good learning experience.

25 Points "Two Fronts"
First time playing with our F.A.T. Mat and Broken Egg Games terrain.
Fully painted Cygnar.
Fully painted Khador.
Free Strike got the better of Stryker.
What I found out playing this scenario is that getting Control Points is pretty difficult. Each of the Objective Markers contest the Zone, so you need to destroy the Objective Marker before receiving and Control Points.

I had a chance to destroy the enemy Objective Marker, but elected to clear out his Warjack Ol'Rowdy first with Juggernaut. By doing so, it had left a little room for Stryker to try and get the charge on Butcher. Stryker cast his Spell that allowed him some movement around the water, then he Charged towards Butcher. By doing so, he went through the Melee Range of Juggernaut and I was awarded a Free Strike. Juggernaut managed to hit Stryker with the +2 bonus and I rolled an 11 for damage (P+S 19 +3 from Fury vs ARM 20) doing 13 points of damage (we forgot that Free Strikes that hit get Boosted Damage rolls). Stryker already had 4 points of damage on him from the Nyss, so the 13 points from Juggernaut brought down Stryker. It was pure luck for Khador.

We decided to play out Stryker's attacks on Butcher just to see what would happen. The dice were not with Cygnar as he missed all his attacks. Butcher would have then popped his Feat and made minced meat out of Stryker.

January 11, 2016

WM: Cygnar Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (Unit)

Cygnar is my oldest son's army and this past year he has actually started to paint his own models (when he has time...and when I push him to get his models painted). The last Cygnar model I painted for him was 'Constance Blaize' 4 1/2 years ago.
He will be joining me at LVO Warmachine next month and he still has quite a bit to get done for his army. I assembled his 'Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team' a few weeks ago for him so he can playtest them and the other night I offered to him if he wanted me to paint them for him to help him out.
Saturday night (after having to fix my middle son's car and missing out on getting a game in), I applied the primer to the Black 13th to get them prepped for the painting table. Yesterday after getting my morning cycling in and with the NFL Football on the TV in the background, the painting commenced. By the time the Packers beat the Redskins, his Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team Unit was completed.
These guys are very small and have a lot of detail. Tabletop quality was my goal with them.
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Painting Points: 3

WM: Khador Black Ivan (Warjack)

While I was assembling my last 2 Units of Gatormen Posse for my Minions Army (waiting for glue and sand to dry before priming), I decided to throw on some color on one of my Khador Warjacks, 'Black Ivan'.
I picked up Black Ivan a little over 4 years ago, assembled him, primed him, and then he just sat in the foam tray. Since he was all primed and ready to go, it was time to get him painted.
"Black Ivan is the prized companion of Kommander Harkevich, a warcaster renowned for his ingenuity on the battlefield. Armed with a bombard and an industrial wrecking claw, Black Ivan is an unparalleled instrument of war that excels at both long-range bombardment and the brutal press of melee."
Once I get some time to play a 'fun' game, I'll be trying him out with my Kommander Harkevich.
Black Ivan
Black Ivan
Black Ivan
Painting Points: 5

January 8, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Barnabas and Steamroller Objectives'

I do not have any painted models per se to post today, so I thought I would do one of my 'Daily Chronicles', it has been awhile since my last one.
I am Orthodox Christian and yesterday was our Christmas. So last night we gathered at my Mom's house and we opened presents. My oldest son had bought me a present, it was a box the size of a Warjack. I said to myself "I think I know what he got me, probably a Khador Decimator, seeing how we were just talking about him the other day". I unwrapped the paper and there was a Samsung Galaxy phone box, seeing how we are an iPhone family and I buy the phones (box was my mom's) I was a little shocked. I opened the Samsung box and inside was a 'Bloody Barnabas' Gatormen Warlock blister. I was really surprised and happy. Once I finish my last 2 Units of Gatormen Posse, I will probably then start to work on Barnabas. This will now give me Rask and Barnabas as my Gatormen Warlocks to alternate between the two.
Bloody Barnabas
Now the Las Vegas Open for Warmachine is fast approcahing (first weekend in February), as my army is basically ready to go (1 list), I thought it was finally time to start on our Steamroller Objectives. We have yet too need any in any of our practice games, but I thought it was a good idea to get them done just in case we need them in Las Vegas.
I dug through some of my old Warhammer 40K blitz boxes and grabbed some items and slapped them on 50mm bases.
I will be using 'Bunker' for my Khador Army, and my son will be using 'Fuel Cache' for his Cygnar Army.
Left: Bunker, Right: Fuel Cache
Painting Points: 2

January 6, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Impaler (Warbeast)

After finishing my Trollblood Troll Whelps the other day, I was debating if I really liked the way the bluish color came out. I was thinking it was a bit too dirty for my liking (though I usually like the dirty look, I wanted my Trollbloods to be a bit lighter).
There was only one to really find out, an that was to paint another model and try something a little different. So yesterday afternoon I dug out my Classic Troll Impaler and primed him for painting. Then after work he hit the painting table.
With this guy, I still used my wash all over the model, but afterwards, I went back and redid some of the Trollblood base color along with then drybrushing the lighter Frostbite. I think he came out a little brighter than my Troll Whelps and feel he looks a lot better. Just means more work/time to finish the Trollbloods.
Troll Impaler
Troll Impaler
Troll Impaler
Painting Points: 2

January 5, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Whelps (Solo)

Well it has been 5 years since I first purchased a Trollbloods model till the time I actually painted some. I always wanted my Trollbloods to be painted in the 'Winter' (bluish) scheme and I was always afraid that my painting style would not look to good.
Seeing how I wanted a little break from painting green the last few weeks, yesterday I decided to finally start on some Trollbloods (plus I do not have my other 2 Gatormen Posse Units assembled yet). So I broke out my Troll Whelps to use them as a test bed with how I paint. They are a little bit too small to get a good idea on how I feel about them turning out, so I may have to paint a Warbeast to get a better idea.
As of right now, my feeling is that they are a bit on the greener side than the bluish side I was looking for. But for me they did not take long to paint (which is a plus side for me, I prefer playing with painted models over non-painted, even if it's just table top quality). Luckily at Privateer Press tournaments, there is no paint score.
Troll Whelps
Troll Whelps
Painting Points: 5

January 4, 2016

Hordes: Minions Gatormen Posse 1 (Unit)

My first painted models for 2016 are now completed.
Sunday's are great for watching football (NFL) and painting at the same time and that is exactly what I did (even though my Arizona Cardinals failed to show up to the game yesterday). After my Sunday cycling ride I came home and prepped my models for priming. Once the sand on my bases dried, I primed the models. Then later in the afternoon slowly started working on them. By the time it was time for bed, my Gartormen Posse were completed.
I am planning on having 3 Units of Gatormen Posse in my 50 point army. To be able to desiginate between the 3 Units on the gaming table, I am marking the back of the bases with a color. These models have been marked with blue.
Gatormen Posse 1
Gatormen Posse 1
Gatormen Posse 1
1 Unit down and 2 to go.
Painting Points: 5