April 30, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #17

Unfortuntaley no new updates for last week.  I would not say that I am in a slump, just too many other things are currently occupying my time.  Maybe we’ll get a model completed this week (but doubtful).  My 2nd quarter of painting for 2018 is not looking to good, my 2nd quarter queue may have to slide to the 3rd quarter.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 0

April 23, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #16

As I mentioned last week my hobbying time is very slow due to other real life events.  I just finished remodeling the upstairs bathroon and now that the weather is getting nicer, I will have some outside yard work that will also need to get done.  My 2nd Quarter Painting Queue is not looking good at the moment.

I did manage to get in a game of Warmachine last week with my friend.  It was only a 50 point game, but it was still fun.  My Khador loss by assassination to his Cryx, it was real close though and I was doing a pretty good job killing models, but then left ‘Vlad’ a litte bit unprotected.

Models Completed: 1
BMG: Spartan (John Diggle)

Games Played: 1

April 17, 2018

BMG: Spartan (John Diggle) [BatB]

I was finally able to get another miniature completed and this time I decided to try painting a model for the Batman Miniature Game.  I have yet to play a game or fully read the rulebook, but I wanted a little change from paintng Warmachine/Hordes.  In two months when my oldest son moves up here he will teach me how to play the game, then I will have to try and juggle my time between WM/H, Guild Ball and Batman Miniature Game.

I purchased a few models for BMG at this years AdeptiCon (Two Face force), but this model ‘Spartan’ I had actually purchased awhile ago in anticipation of playing the game.  He looked like a quick model to paint and I wanted to see if I could match my bases to my sons bases.  I got it pretty close.

Spartan (John Diggle)

Spartan (John Diggle)

April 16, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #15

Wow, this is the first week in 2018 that I did not get a model completed for the blog, that is what happens when real life gets in the way.  I have been busy remodeling a bathroom last week and that will continue on through this week.  I may have one model to show this week if time allows and that will be for the Batman Miniature Game.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I did make it out to a Steamroller event this past Saturday and get a couple of games in, so at least I did get some gaming in this past week.  I am also hoping to break away from some bathroom work Thursday night and get another game in (we’ll see as we get closer to Thursday).

Week #15

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 2

April 15, 2018

Battle Report: Steamroller 4/14/2018 (Toledo, OH)

Yesterday my friend TJ and I took a drive out to Toledo Game Room in Toledo, OH (it was about a 3 hour drive for us) for a Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller event.  This was actually my first official Steamroller I ever played in, I played in events at conventions, but never a SR at a local store.

When we arrived to the store we were told to head all the way to back of the store.  WOW! It is a big store with multiple gaming rooms and an event space at the back of the store.

The event space

Our armies ready for Game 1.

Khador and Trollbloods.

My Khador.

The event was a 2 list event but no DNC, so to save space in my bag I elected just to bring 1 list and that was my Khador.  As much as I love my Minions, I play Khador a little bit faster and I am always worried about the clock.  The reason behind just 1 list, I knew I would lose my first 2 games and be out for the day, so I decided just to learn and play the 1 list.

I had 2 very fun games and I hope my opponents did too.  Yes I brought a Colossal, but that was only to help me with the clock, less models for me, the faster I can play.

Game 1 vs Minions (Maelok 1) [Blake Hoppes]

Since I have been trying to learn my Minions better and playing with ‘Maelok’, it was nice to see how he can be played.  Even though I lost in Turn 4 via Control Points (5-0), I did not clock out and I only lost 1 model in ‘Kovnik Jozef’ and I was able to take out his ‘Blackhide Wrastler’ along with more than half of each of his ‘Posse’ Units.  It was close and I made some mistakes, should have concentrated a little bit more on the scenario and I could have been earning points with one of the flags on my side of the table.

Game 2 vs Khador (Vlad 1) [Bob Larson]

Bob was a “great” guy to play against and I had fun leaning about my Khador army.  He was running ‘Vlad 1’ and I learned how good Signs & Portents spell really is, I think I may have to try him soon myself.  Bob was running 3 ‘Juggernauts’ and 3 ‘Marauders’ along with 3 Min Units of ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’ with 3 ‘Rocketeers’ each.  The. Min Units of WGRC are typical for a tournament list and should be something that I play, I just do not have that many WGRC models yet.  I also lost this game 5-0 on Control Points and I still had a lot of time on my clock going into the bottom of Turn 3.  There was not much I could do to stop Bob from winning this Turn, but I had fun trying.  I cleaned up some of his WGRC and I ‘Butcher 1’ go into a Marauder and a Juggernaut and rip them apart on his Feat turn, it was cool.  Bob is from the eastern side of Michigan and I hope I run across him again at some future events.

That was my 2 losses for that day, TJ at this point was 1-1 and we both decided to make the drive back home stopping along the way for an early dinner and some shopping at a Cabela’s store since there is not once close to where I live.


April 9, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #14

Things are going to get a little slow on the model painting for the next couple of weeks, we decided to take on a little bathroom renovation so that will be taking up most of my evenings.  At least last week I was able to get a couple of models completed for Warmachine/Hordes, I was also able to get a game in, and this coming weekend I am actually going to play in a WM/H Steamroller (hopefully I will try and remember to take a few photos of the event.)

Week #14

Models Completed: 2
Mercenaries: Orin Midwinter
Khador: Decimator

Games Played: 1

April 6, 2018

Battle Report: Hordes 4/5/2018 Minions vs Trollbloods (75 Points)

It has been awhile since I met up with my friend for another game of Hordes (3/12/2018) just before AdeptiCon and last night it was my time to host the game.  I am leaning towards playing a ‘Rask’ Will Work For Food theme at this years NOVA Open Team Tournament at the end of August and I figure it is time to actually start getting some practice in.  I do not have ‘Rorsh & Brine’ assembled yet so they did not make the list last night and I also wanted to give my ‘Dracodile’ another go at it.

I am leaning towards the Will Work For Theme hoping that it may save me some time on the clock with less models to move around, well last night that did not prove to be the point and I still clocked out during Turn 2.  My deployment time was much better, but I was still referencing the rules a lot during my turn (especially with the Lesser Warlocks) and that chewed up most of my time.  We did play it to the Top of Turn 4 though.  Since the game was getting kind of long on time, I just walked ‘Rask’ up to his army and surrender.  Up to that point it was actually kind of close, the score was actually 0-0 and I had killed more models than he had.  He was running two Units of Champions in his list and this Turn 4 they would have finished off the ‘Dracodile’.

‘Skarath’ was a MVP for my army killing off a Unit by herself with her sprays and attacks (a big plus with OVERTAKE and a 2” melee range).  In all honesty I think my Warbeasts ‘Skarath’, ‘Snapjaw’ and ‘Lug’ did more damage than the ‘Dracodile’ and ‘Wrastler’.  ‘Orin Midwinter’ also made his debut and CHAIN LIGHTNING did help with some of his Units.  Seeing how the Trollblood list did not drop any smoke clouds, my ‘Bog Trog Mist Speaker’ really did not do much, but he is there just in case ‘Kolgrima’ decides to show up.

I still need MUCH MORE practice with these guys and to memorize my rules.

Scenario: Breakdown

April 5, 2018

WM: Khador Decimator 1 (Warjack)

I almost forgot to post this today (I was deep in thought about my Hordes game tonight) but I finally was able to finsh my ‘Decimator’ Warjack for my Khador army.  I started this model awhile ago and just was slowly adding colors to him as I had time, well last night I decided to actually finish him up.  This model came from the battlegroup box and I did not realize how crappy the plastic was until I started to paint him.  I should have taken some more time to really look him over and clean him up before I primed him.  I have another Khador battlegroup box on my shelf, when I get to those models I’ll be sure to really look them over.

Decimator 1

Decimator 1

Painting Points: 5

April 4, 2018

WM: Mercenaries Orin Midwinter (Solo)

It has been a little over two years since I last painted a Warmachine Mercenary model (mostly now it is my Hordes models with a few Khador), but this Solo, ‘Orin Midwinter’ is needed in my Minions list I am working on for the NOVA Open at the end of August and it gives me my first painted model for the month of April.

‘Orin Midwinter’ is mainly used for his ARCANE VORTEX which allows him to spend a power token to negate a spell that targets a model with 3” of it (he starts the game with 3 power tokens).  ‘Orin’ also has CHAIN LIGHTNING (*ATTACK) which I can see help take down some pesty infantry.  I should be getting a game in this Thursday night, so we’ll see how he works.

Orin Midwinter

Orin Midwinter

Painting Points: 1

April 3, 2018

Daily Chronicle: The Urge To Play X-Wing

I do not know why, but for some reason I have to urge to play X-Wing again.  It may be since I am fresh from coming back from AdeptiCon and I saw a lot of games being played there and the fact Fantasy Flight Games were selling a bunch of models, or the fact that they are pre-painted and easier to get them down on the gaming table.  I am leaning towards the latter.  I have already ruled out purchasing into the new Star Wars Legion (I do not not have the time to paint more miniatures) so than there is X-Wing.  I have not played a game in three years and all of our ships are still in Arizona, but I think when my son comes up it will have to be a game we try to rotate into the gaming schedule again.  I have no clue what the current ‘meta’ is and I am sure we are way behind in collecting ships, but we can at least play the game for fun with what we have.

More than likely, Warmachine/Hordes will be our defacto game that we play, then we will also rotate in Guild Ball, Batman Miniatures Game and if time allows, I think X-Wing.  Hopefully my son will also agree.

April 2, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #13

Last week was a very slow week in regards to painting and playing any games, I am still in a little rut from my downtime from AdeptiCon and trying to catch up on all my TV shows that I missed during that time.  My TV time takes away from my painting time.  As I mentoned yesterday I have a lot of model in my queue for 2nd quarter, I need to get going on some of these, at least the ones that I need to have completed for the NOVA Open, I know it is still 5 months away, but I would feel a lot better once they are completed.  I also need to start getting in some more games again, but a catch 22 for me is I would like to practice the list I may be playing at the NOVA, so I need to get the models assembled and painted, at least assembled.

Week #13

Models Completed: 1
Trollbloods: Skaldi Bonehammer

Games Played: 0

April 1, 2018

Daily Chronicle: 2018 2nd Quarter Painting Queue

First off, Happy Easter! everyone.  I cannot believe I am already into the 2nd quarter of 2018 for my Painting Queue.  I just spent the morning re-priortizing the queue and adding more models that I had purchased through my son and at AdeptiCon last weekend and the list is pretty long.  I could probably add more for the 2nd quarter but I know the end of May and the end of June will be rough with being out of town for a week in both of those months, so I am trying to keep it a bit reasonable.  One thing I did notice is that my Guild Ball models seem to keep sliding down in my queue.  I know the Ratcatchers will be released later this month, and the Falconer’s in June (Falconer’s are not yet in my queue).  Looks like the Guild Ball models will get painted when I get a little tired of painting Warmachine/Hordes.  Also in the 3rd quarter I know I will have to paint some Batman Miniature Game miniatures.  I did not add them to my 2nd quarter since I am waiting for my son to arrive and he can show me how to play the game, then we shall see how it goes.  I am sure they will be hitting the queue for the 3rd quarter.

Now I just have to get myself re-motivated again (after a little time off from painting) and start hitting the queue...and let’s not forget, actually try and get some games in also.

You can check out my current queue HERE.