June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

Battle Report: 6/6/2014 Bolt Action on D-Day

Well we could not miss playing a game of Bolt Action on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  So after my son got home from work we headed out to our local game store for a late night game.

Since it was D-Day, I let my son play his US army while I commanded to the Germans.  We tried to setup the table to represent the beach landing (minus the water) and elected to play the scenario "Envelopment" with the US being the attackers (without the ability to 'Outflank').  We both selected 'theater' lists with the Germans playing 'Normandy' instead of 'Atlantik Wall' (I do not have the appropriate models for that list).

With the layout of the table and the Germans being able to start 'Hidden', I knew it was going to be hard time for the Americans, but it was all for fun, and with the possibility of re-writing history.

Friday 6/6/2014
Points: 1000
Scenario: Envelopment
Objective: The attacker must try to move as many of his units as he can into the defender's set-up zone or off the opposing side's table edge.
Armies: United States 'Attackers' (Dragi) vs Germany 'Defenders' (Dean)

Table Setup
Germans Deployed

Turn 1:
During the first turn it was mainly just the US advancing onto the table.  Not too many units had range to fire.  The German sniper missed with his shot as well as the German MMG.

Turn 2:
The Germans kill 4 US Pioneers and they fail their Morale test.

Turn 3:
The US new 75mm Pack Howitzer takes out the German MMG team.

Turn 4:
The Germans concentrated fire on a US squad and eliminating them while also thinning down the US Rangers squad.

Turn 5:
The US Sherman fires at the German Stug III and misses. Germany fires back and knocks out the Sherman.  Germany also then concentrated fire on the US Rangers and they fail Morale.

US Sherman knocked out.
US Rangers fail Morale.

Turn 6:
German squads concentrate fire again on US squads and finishes off another one.

Turn 7:
Remaining US squads miss their shots while the Germans bunker down.

Germany: 10
United States: 2

June 6, 2014

Bolt Action: United States '75mm Pack Howitzer'

With today being the 70th anniversary of D-Day, I had to get something completed for Bolt Action.

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy – perhaps the most pivotal moment in World War II, when the Allied forces commenced operations to push the German army back out of France, culminating in the fall of the Third Reich.

It has been awhile since I added anything to my son's United States army, and since he received a lot of items for his High School graduation, it was time to get some of those items on the painting table.

This week I completed his US Army 75mm Pack Howitzer, he has been lacking in some artillery, so I thought this would be a good start.

United States: 75mm Pack Howitzer
United States: 75mm Pack Howitzer
United States: 75mm Pack Howitzer
The plan will be to try and get in a game tonight after my son gets off to work.  We have to get a Bolt Action game in on D-Day.

Painting Points: 3

June 4, 2014

Bolt Action: Errata and FAQ Updated 05/30/2014

Warlord Games released this morning an updated Errata/FAQ for Bolt Action.

Alessio Cavatore has been busy working on an update to make tank pinning a little more realistic – you can check out the results in our free PDF download.
There are also various other clarifications as well as rules for the Luftfaust rocket launcher and Krumlauf assault rifle from the Last Levy boxed set (allowing you to fire round corners!).

Here are some of the changes:
  1. Pinning against vehicles has changed to make it a little harder to Pin enclosed vehicles.
  2. Units that are receiving fire from a Mortar must now move at least 1" to re-set the firing sequence.
  3. Snipers hit as normal against units inside buildings.
  4. LMG loader rule is clarified.  You can change the loader each turn, but for more realism they recommend to assign a man to be the loader for the entire game.
There are also a few other changes and army book errata/faq's.

"The Demo Gamers" blog has also updated their excellent Main Rulebook Index he has created and can be found HERE.

June 3, 2014

Painting Points: May 2014

I know a few days late, but there was not really much to report for the month of May.

May was a busy month personally for me, plus spending the last week of it at Disneyland.  I did manage to paint 2 models for the month.  A Dreadlord for my Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves army, and a HMG for my Bolt Action Soviet Union army.

I was hoping that June would really pick up for me.  My son received a lot of models for his Bolt Action US Army, and we have a lot of Warhammer Fantasy models we need to complete.  I just need to sit down and get started on a few items.

We'll see how the month goes.....

Total Painting Points for the month: 4

Total Painting Points for the year: 351