March 20, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Pyre Troll (Warbeast)

I enjoy painting Warbeasts, maybe with me getting up in age, they are easier to see.  I had this model the ‘Pyre Troll’ sitting in my bin of Trollblood models and just decided to open him and get him painted.  I believe I know only have one unpainted Warbeast left and that one is suppose to be in my blue scheme, but we’ll see, maybe he’ll be green also.  I know when my sone visits in a few days for AdeptiCon, he will be bringing me the Warbest ‘Rok’ so that one will keep me busy for a bit, and then I will have to get to painting some Units, though there will be a few items I will need to get to for my Minions army.  Like I mentioned yesterday, after AdeptiCon I’ll have to re-prioritize my queue a little bit.

This the second model I am posting with a different camera setting that I used for the lat year, so far I am liking it.  I amy look for a better back drop at AdeptiCon on Thursday.

Pyre Troll

Pyre Troll

Painting Points: 2


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