March 8, 2018

Guild Ball: Game Plan Deck Revealed!

Back in December 2017 at SteamCon USA during the keynote presenation, Steamforged Games mentioned that a new Guild Plot system was going to be coming out just before AdeptiCon 2018.

Today, Steamforged Games made their big announcement and made the new Game Plan cards available to download and start playing today.  They also mentioned that Tournament Organizers can also go ahead and start using the new cards right away, so my guess they will most likely then be used at AdeptiCon.  I am not sure if they will be used in the Homeland Cups tournament, but I guess I will find out.  I went ahead and printed off a set just in case the Steamforged Games booth at AdeptiCon is sold out.

The new Game Plan cards are suppose to change how Initiative works.  Currently both players roll a die and add any unspent momentum points to their die roll, highest roll can choose to go first or second to start the turn.  With the new Game Plan cards, each card has an Initiative value on them, you reveal a card and add any unpsent momentum points to the value, highest value can choose to go first or second.  Basically they are eliminating the die roll.

All honestly, I kind of like the new system for the Game Plan cards.  With the old Guild Plot cards, most players forgot to even use them since they could only be used when something happens on the pitch, and then you forget about the card.  With the Game Plan cards, you must reveal the one you are going to use when the turn starts and then apply what the text says.  This way you wont forget to use it later in the game.

I think in the practice game my son and I are going to play at AdeptiCon, we are going to give these a try, just in case they use them for the Homeland Cup.

Here are some pics of the old Guild Plot cards and the new Game Plan cards.

Old Guild Plot Card

New Game Plan Card

New Game Plan Card


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