May 6, 2009

LoTHS: Pirate Crew Is Complete

I know Tim..... finally....

My Pirate Crew in is finally complete. Really looking forward to trying them out on the 15th. Eventually in due time I'll have to get a Crew painted up for my son.

Captain Christopher Condent, Mate Roosevelt Read, Quartermaster William "Patch" Dampier

Cutthroats Fineglin' Darius Scarr & Musket Ball Ferdinand

Rogue's Bernard Mauvebeard, Hubert the Cash-Strapped, Seamus the Off-White, Laird the Hatless, Edmund Kidd, Bryan the Back-Stabber, Brody Dregg

The Rogues were the last seven pirate's I had to complete for my Crew. I'm actually quite happy how they turned out. I got to play around with the GW Foundation Paints and GW Washes on these guys.

May 4, 2009

LoTHS: 3 Down 4 To Go

Making Tim proud!!!!!

A little over a year ago, my buddy Tim K in Phoenix, AZ released his miniature book "Legends of The High Seas" for Warhammer Historical. Just before the book was released in the US, I went over to Eureka Miniatures USA and purchased myself around 30 pirates to prepare for the book.

When my miniatures arrived, I quickly assembled/based/primed 12 of them for my Pirate Crew. I finished painting 5 of them and the other 7 just sat in their primed state waiting for attention. The funny thing, the whole time I was living in Arizona, I never did get to get a game in. Most of the time Tim and I would hook up and play LotR or to discuss items for Gathering in the Desert.

Like I wrote in a earlier post, John@PlasticLegions will be running a LoTHS Campaign this month on the 15th. He sent me a message telling me I can play if I could have my Pirate Crew done in time.

Well the 7 lonely pirates came out of hiding this morning, and I was able to complete 3 of them. There not high quality paint jobs, but they are tabletop quality for sure. I have 4 more to get done in 11 days. This is very doable.

I only need 10 complete for Pirate Crew of 200 Gold Doubloons, but I figure to have 2 extra in case I find some more gold.

Once I get the 12 complete/dull coated, I'll post pictures of my crew.

-Aargh Maty-

May 1, 2009

May Is Here

So the month of May is here, you know what that means? The new Imperial Guard Codex gets released tomorrow and my month will be busy building a new IG Army.

Besides a new IG Army, here is what else I have on my plate for this month.

I need to get 7 more pirates painted by May 15th. John@PlasticLegions is going to be running a Legends of the High Seas campaign on that day, and he is trying to squeeze me into the campaign. The campaign is called The Spanish Main and you can read more about it HERE. I have 5 pirates that I completed last year and its finally time to get them done to 12. These will be my highest priority for the next 2 weeks.

Salamander's: I need to get the Land Raider Redeemer completed for 1750 points, I'd like to also complete two Attack Bikes to round out the list to 1850. There is a 1850 point Youngbloods tournament on May 23rd so that will be my goal. If I cannot complete those three items by then I'll have him play his Dark Angels or another army.

Imperial Guard: Yep, this month will be dedicated to my new IG Army. A friend of mine from Tucson built me a 1750 point Mechanized list, and I think I'll start with this list for now. Eventually I will be expanding the IG to play a variety of different lists. There are so many cool models for the IG that I think they will become my army that I expand on for myself. Space Marines for my son and IG for myself.

Ok, time to get back to building..... 20 IG Infantry legs just finished drying to their bases.......