March 1, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Welcome To March

First off I cannot believe we have already completed two full months in 2018 and I am currently going pretty strong in getting my models completed.  My number of games played is slacking, I played more than last year, but not as many as I had predicted up to this point.  I have another Warmachine/Hordes game planned for tonight (the debut of Barnabas 2), and I would like to get in at least one more with him before AdeptiCon in 3 weeks.

February was actually a much higher Painting Points month for me than I expected.  I knew January was going to be a strong month with starting off with a Gargantuan model for Hordes, my ‘Dracodile’, but February had no huge based model.  A lot of Solos, Light Warbeasts, Warlock and some Units.  I finished January with 51 points, abnd February topped that with 53.  March will be pretty strong with some Trollblood Heavy Warbeasts, but it may taper a bit towards the end with AdeptiCon weekend.

The first few months of each year are usually my strongest, then I usually hit some downtime in the Summer and pick right back up in the Fall/Winter.  We shall see how this Summer pans.  End of May early June I will be away back in Arizona picking up my oldest son, then again some vacation time at the end of June, but other than that, things hopefully will continue to be smooth (and getting in more games with my son).

What am I expecting for March 2018, first it is one of the best months of the birthday month (at the end), but we also have AdeptiCon in the suburbs of Chicago.  This is a cant miss event for any gamer, one of the perks of moving back up North so it is once again within driving distance.  Every model that I need for my 3 events is completed, so the rest of the month will see me painting up some of my Hordes Trollbloods collection in a new paint scheme.  As much as I love the blue color Trollbloods, painting them was not for me.  I have still have a few Trollbloods that I will complete in the blue theme (to go with the models already completed), but the rest of my collection (and probably any new models) will be in a new green theme.  I am really happy with how my Minions models are turning out and I think my Trollbloods will look really good in the same colors.  One benefit to this is when I use my Minion models with my Trollbloods, they will blend right in.

If I need a little break from painting my Trollbloods, I still have plenty of Guild Ball models that I can slide up into the queue.  Maybe a Blacksmith model every now and then.  I really need to get more games in of Guild Ball, I really enjoy playing this game and looking forward to playing in Homelands Cup at AdeptiCon.  I know I keep oon saying it, but when my oldest gets here in least once a week will be the plan for a game.

The models for Malifaux are still tempting me...I still do not know how to play the game, but think the models are very intersting.  Highly doubtful I will have any models this month (unless purchased at AdeptiCon), but we shall see.  I think with the time I have learning another game system will be tough. I am probably just better off expanding my Warmachine/Hordes collections along with new Minor Guilds coming out for Guild Ball.

Welcome To March!!!


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