February 28, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Pyg Bushwhackers (Unit)

Painting my Trollbloods started back up last week. I have a lot to paint if I want to get this army ready for the Master's Tournament at the 2016 Lock & Load in June. I am hoping this army will be done in time, but do not want to rush them.
I am still working on the way I want the skin to turn out for my Trollbloods. Each model I paint I am learning something and the next models I'll apply what I learned. By the time I get to my Warlocks and Warbeasts, hopefully I will have my skin tone down.
So Friday night I was able to finish up another Unit for my Gunnbjorn list, the Pyg Bushwhackers (their UA will be done next).
I wanted to get these guys posted before we start the new month on Tuesday.
Pyg Bushwhackers
Pyg Bushwhackers
Painting Points: 6

February 24, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, What Lists For 2016 Lock & Load'

We are a little over 3 months away from the Privateer Press 2016 Lock & Load Gamefest (June 10-12) in Bellevue, WA and I need to decide on what I want to play at this event.

The 'official' event listings have not been announced yet (hopefully very soon), so I am basing my decisions on the events that were posted the previous 2 years (the last 2 years were pretty close in the event types and I honestly do not see them changing it to drastically).

The event is 3 days, Friday-Sunday and my son and I plan on arriving there sometime Thursday afternoon and heading back home (with a stop in San Franciso) early Monday morning.

Hordes: Minions Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Unit)

Last night it was time for some more Minions and my Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew hit the painting table. Again, once I started on these models I just kept on going and next thing I knew they were almost done. This is one of the main reasons why I like WM/H so much in regards to the painting, most of the models are some type of Solo, or if they are Units, the model count is uasually less than 10 and you can get them done farely quickly.
The Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew will be used with my Hordes Gator in my 2nd Masters List to be run with Bloody Barnabas. All that is left for that list will be a Unit of 10 Croak Raiders.
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Painting Points: 2

February 22, 2016

Hordes: Minions Saxon Orrick (Solo)

It was a slow weekend for painting for me, only was able to get this 1 model completed (although I was able to get 2 games in on Friday night).
Saxon Orrick is another Solo that I need for my Khador Butcher 3 list (down to 17 models to get that list completed).
Saturday night my son and I visited another LGS way on the other side of town for us (meeting some friends for dinner in the area). This LGS (Imperial Outpost Games) is the only local store that carries my Army Painter Washes that I like to use, so I figure while I was there I'll stock up on a few bottles. As I was going to make my purchase, I decided that I would try a change. I decided to pick up the P3 Flesh Wash and Armor Wash instead and give these a try.
So this is my first model trying the P3 Flesh Wash on the entire model and Armor Wash on the weapon. In all honesty I am undecided on the Flesh Wash (need to try a thinner next time with it). The Flesh Wash seems to 'pool' more than the Army Painter. Army Painter seems to work better on the flat spots also. But the Flesh Wash did a better job on the lighter colors (although I could also try Army Painter's lighter shade for my light colors). I am really torn on what to do, I like to keep with the P3 line of paints (since all my paint now is P3), but I feel a little more comfortable with the Army Painter washes. I think I will have to do another model and think the wash a bit and see how it comes out. Just not sure on what I want to test it with. Having to drive 100 miles round trip or paying for shipping for the Army Painter washes adds some expense, where as P3 my closer stores carries these products.
Saxon Orric
Saxon Orrick
Saxon Orrick
Painting Points: 1

February 19, 2016

WM: Mercenaries Madelyne Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan (Solo)

There is something about painting Warmachine/Hordes miniatures that I really enjoy about them, especially the Solo's. I think it is because most of the models are unique. When I paint a Solo, each miniature feels like a centerpiece and time can be spent just on that one model. Coming from the 'rank and file' world where I had to paint 30 guys all posed the same way and only got to fight with the front 5, that got boring to paint. Grant it there are Units in Warmachine/Hordes, but usually no greater than 10 models, and those 10 'most' of the time are also unique.
I have been working on a Butcher 3 list as my 2nd list for Master's Tournaments, so the models in that list are probably going to be hitting the painting station first. I'll be throwing in a few other models here and there just to change it up a bit for me so I do not get bored.
So up next we have another Solo for my army. Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan. My light setup is still not ideal and her face actually looks a lot better in person than what the lighting/picture shows here.
Madelyn Corbeau
Madelyn Corbeau
Painting Points: 1

February 17, 2016

WWX: Unboxing The 'Two Player Starter Box'

Well this is my first post for a new game my son and I picked up while in Las Vegas for the LVO, 'Wild West Exodus' by Outlaw Miniatures. Funny thing is, they are local company to me...same city. Outlaw Miniatures is actually an offshoot of Battlefoam.
As I mentioned in my LVO recap post, I always loved the Wild West (hence the title of this blog). Legends of the Old West by Warhammer Historicals was going to be my Wild West Skirmish game (since at that time I also enjoyed playing LoTR). Warhammer Historicals closed up shop and I never really did much then with the Old West theme.
Fast forward to present day and we have Wild West Exodus, a mix of the old west with some sci-fi. I am hoping this will fill my void of looking for a new sci-fi game (thought about Gates of Antares) and my void of the old west.
The Two Player Starter Box retails for $110 and includes: 28 miniatures (14x Lawmen, 14x Outlaws), 1 mini rulebook, dice, tokens, templates and cards for your models. You can also download the mini rulebook from the Wild West Exodus website and cards from the Outlaw Miniatures website. An errata is also available from 2015 that does change the rules a bit.
I am actually really impressed by the quality of the miniatures. There is a lot of assemble that needs to be done for each model, legs, arms, heads, weapons (a lot like Warlord Games Bolt Action models), but the fit is very impressive. They make it easy to align the arms, legs, heads and so on with notches and such. The models also come with instructions for each variant pose along with a picture of what part is needed from the sprue. I did notice that were some mistakes in those pictures, but in that case, the actual spruces themselves are numbere for each part. The assembly of the models was very easy.
I spent yesterday evening assembling my new models (13x Lawmen and 13x Outlaws), for now I did not assemble the Lawmen Interceptor or Outlaw Iron Horse. These two models I'll assemble later once we get some games under our belt.
The plan for my son and I is to get another small scale practice game (4-5 models) Friday night, follwed by a larger game (possible all the models, depending on time). With the small scale game we'll be holding the rulebook in our hands while we go through all the rules and learn about some of the special rules. Hopefully by the time we play the second game we'll have a better understanding.
The Outlaw Miniatures website also has a Tournament Packet (very similar to Privateer Press Steamroller) that has some rules on list building and dollar amounts for competitive games. Once we get a few more games in we'll be using this packet to expand our forces to be legal in these events.
I was really impressed with the demo game in Las Vegas and I am hoping the game is really good with more models. I prefer games that only take about 1-2 hours to play, so we'll see how this one turns out.
Stay tuned for a Battle Report this weekend.

February 16, 2016

WM: Mercenaries Ogrun Bokur (Solo)

I was not really sure I was going to be able to start on a model last night, but once I started to lay down the base colors for Ogrun Bokur, I just kept on going until he was finished.
I usually do not stray from the Privateer Press Studio color schemes, but for this guy I elected to make his skin color more of a brownish color (P3 Beast Hide) instead of green. I had figured he would have enough green with his armor.
Ogrun Bokur
Ogrun Bokur
Painting Points: 2

February 15, 2016

WM: Khador Man-O-War Drakhun Dragoon (Solo)

A little late posting this model (was busy over the weekend), but this past Friday night I was able to finish my Man-O-War Drakhun Dragoon Solo model. This model was one of my first Warmachine models I ever purchased years and years ago.
When he was purchased, the dismounted model was not included in the kit (like he is today), so instead of using a Shocktrooper model as a dismount, I decided to just 'pin' the rider so I can use him on a 40mm base when he becomes dismounted.
I have never really played with this model before, but I am thinking about using him in a Butcher 3 list (as a second list in Master's Tournaments).
Drakhun Dragoon
Drakhun Dragoon
Painting Points: 2

February 11, 2016

WM: Khador Widowmakers (Unit)

The night before I left for the LVO, I decided that I would prep these guys/gal and apply the base color of brown to them. I did this so when I came back from the event I would have some motivation to get them painted.
Tuesday night was my 20th Wedding Anniversary, so no painting was done that night, but last night I sat down at my station and got these guys knocked out.
I am really undecided what is going to hit the painting station next. I was thinking of possibly painting Butcher 3, but I may decide to playtest him this weekend or Monday night, and I do not like to play with models that are primed or in a stage of painting. If I think I can get him done quickly he may be next, otherwise it may be a Trollblood model or possibly some Cryx.
Painting Points: 4

February 9, 2016

February 6, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'LVO 2016 Thursday February 4th Travel Day'

Thursday February 4th was my son's and I travel day up to the Las Vegas Open 2016. We left Phoenix, AZ at 9:00 AM and arrived in Las Vegas, NV around 2:00 PM local time.

Since we arrived a little early for hotel check-in, I decided to get some shopping done for my family at the M&M's store. Once we finished with that, it just about time to check-in.

After check-in at the Bally's Las Vegas we rested for a little bit until 6:00 PM when badge pick up and registration opens for the event.

We headed downstairs to the events center to check out the venue. Once we picked up our badges we walked around the hall for a little bit and snapped a few photos.

Warmachine Final Table

After walking around for a little bit, my son and I headed next door to Paris and enjoyed dinner at their buffett.

Once dinner was completed we headed across the street to Caesar's Palace and my son and I walked the Forum shops to close out the evening.

It was now getting late an we headed back to our hotel so we can wake up early Friday and hit the Privateer Press store for some new releases.

Stay tuned for the official Day 1 of the LVO.

February 3, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'LVO 2016 This Weekend'

Well the time has come since I first announced back in September that my son and I will be heading to Las Vegas, NV for the LVO 2016 Warmachine. This weekend marks the big event for the two of us and I am going to have a fun time.
Back in Semptember when I announced that we were attending, I posted a new Khador list that I was going to play...Sorcha 2. Well I finished painting that army last year, but as I stated I seem to always fall back to using Butcher 1. After some playtesting, I decided I was going back to Butcher 1. I seem to enjoy his playstyle and I am more comfortable with him. I also had to cut down the number of models in my list. I realized at 50 points with that many models, I was running out of time on the clock. I am still 'learning' Warmachine since I really do not have much time to get games in, so I figure I better limit my number of models to speed things up a bit. Since I am playing in Saturdays Master Tournament for 'fun', more than likely I'll finish 0-5. But I am really OK with that as long as I have 5 fun games and I can learn something by my losses.
My son and I will be driving out to Las Vegas tomorrow taking our time getting there, and then registration and badge pick up will be at 6:00 PM tomorrow night. Then we'll enjoy the rest of the evening 'Vegas Style'.
Friday we will do some fun open gaming, trying out our lists again and getting some Hordes in also.
Stay tuned for a daily recap of the Las Vegas Open 2016: Warmachine.

February 2, 2016

WM: Khador Ruin (Warjack)

I did not think it would be possible to finish my Khador Ruin Warjack before leaving for the LVO Warmachine Thursday morning, but I spent all last night to get him completed. He had a lot of little details on him that made me keep switching paints back and forth.
Ruin is a Character Warjack for my favorite Warcaster, The Buthcher of Khardov...and I cannot wait to give him a try this weekend. I am debating if I could squeeze him into my LVO list, but then I think I would have too few models in my list. So we'll try him out for fun instead.
"Ruin is a blend of engineering and black magic, an unsettling fusion that has resulted in a malevolently aware machine. Ruin’s scarred chassis is festooned with powerful Orgoth relics that possess a willful hunger to harvest souls and whisper incomprehensibly directly into the warjack’s cortex. Orsus Zoktavir has been entrusted to exploit Ruin as a weapon for the Motherland, whatever the cost."
Painting Points: 5