March 28, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Skaldi Bonehammer (Unit)

With AdeptiCon 2018 being last weekend, I did not have any time to prep/build many models to paint for this week.  I still had one ready to go and that is ‘Skaldi Bonehammer’.  ‘Skaldi Bonehammer’ is a Command Attachment for the ‘Trollkin Champions’.  One of the main benefits ‘Skaldi’ provides to the ‘Trollkin Champions’ is he grants Pathfinder to the entire Unit.  With how terrain is placed with SR2017 (and I am sure it will be the same in SR2018), there is a lot more terrain now towards the center of the board.  Pathfinder will not hinder the Units movement through terrain.

With the end of my Painting Quarter coming to an end on Saturday, I am not sure if anything else will be done this week.  I need to look at my Painting Queue and re-priortize my models with everything that I just purchase last weekend and from what my son brought up with him.  There are a few Minion models that may have to priority over my Trollbloods so I can be sure they are done in time for the NOVA Open and the end of August.

Skaldi Bonehammer

Skaldi Bonehammer

Painting Points: 2


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