October 31, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild ‘Theron’

Well my son will finally be thrilled that one of his Captains is now completed for his Hunter’s Guild, ‘Theron’ a Defensive Midfielder for the Guild.

I am half way down now with the 6 models he provided me and slowly working on the fourth model.  As of now my timeline is looking good to have them completed by the end of November.

It turned out to be a pretty good month for October, I was able to finish up my remianing Fisherman models and also started and completed the Blacksmith’s Guild, along with starting my sons Hunters.  We’ll see how November goes, I may slow it down a bit and get ready for SteamCon USA.



Painting Points: 1

October 30, 2017

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Four - Veteran Hat

We are now into week four for The Union in Chains and you have not read Part 5 of the story, you have to read it NOW.

SPOILERS BELOW... read Part 5 of the story.

The new sculpt for Veteran Hat has been released today and I am torn between the one for the Alchemist’s Guild and the one for the Engineer’s Guild, but I think I am leaning more towards the Engineer’s on this one.  I think the mechanica arm looks really cool.

With the change in sculpts for Decimate, I am now leaning towards the following models...

Hemlocke: Mortician’s
Decimate: Mason’s (previously Brewer’s)
Gutter: Fisherman’s
Veteran Hat: Engineer’s

Alchemist’s Guild: Veteran Hat

Engineer’s Guild: Veteran Hat

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Two - Decimate - UPDATE

It was noticed this morning that Steamforged updated the sculpts on their blog for the new Veteran Decimate.  After The Union in Chains event is over, Decimate will be playing for either the Brewer’s Guild or Mason’s Guild.

Below are the sculpst for Decimate, one from a few weeks ago, and one form this morning.

Decimate Previous: Brewer’s Guild

Decimate New: Brewer’s Guild

Decimate Previous: Mason’s Guild

Decimate New: Mason’s Guild

I actually prefer both of the new sculpts over the previous ones.  The hat on the Mason’s Guild reminded me too much of Warmachine Khador.  I am really liking the sculpt much better.

October 29, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guil ‘Jaecar’

Continuing along with my son’s Hunter’s Guild, today we ‘Jaecar’ a Winger for the Guild and his pitfall-marker.

They are coming along quite nicely and I should also have one of his Captains ready by tomorrow.



Jaecar & pifall marker

Painting Points: 1+2

October 27, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild ‘Hearne’

Well, I officially started on my son’s Hunter’s Guild for Guild Ball.  The plan (like the previous Guilds I have been painting) is to have them completed by the time he arrives for SteamCon USA.  Luckily he did send me the entire Guild, only 6 models, so I should have them completed in time.  Plus the color palette for the Hunter’s, Greens/Browns fit my painting style, so they should also look decent on the table top.  I also asked my son if he wanted the highlights to be ‘subtle’ or to really ‘pop’.  He elected on them to be more ‘subtle’ and blend more with the base color, so that is what I tried to do.

I elected to start off with ‘Hearne’, a Centre Back for the Guild.  Being a 40mm model it would be a little bit easier for me to paint and see how I like the color palette.  I enjoy painting the 40mm models and I feel they come out looking a little nicer.




Painting Points: 2

I have Jaecar up next on the painting table and then need to still decide who will be next and start getting them prepped.

October 24, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild Hit The Queue

My wife landed late last night after visiting my two oldest boys back in Arizona and while driving home from the airport, she tells me that she has a package for me from my oldest.  I guess he did pack up some of his Hunter’s Guild models and sent them my way.

I opened the box this morning and he has 6 models for me to paint along with a pitfall-marker.

The models are as follows:


I did not see a Mascot in the box, so I am assuming he will get that done himself (or he already completed one).  I do know that he does have Seenah on his own painting table.

Now I need to decide what kind of color palette I will be using, more than likely lots of different shades of browns and some greens.  Green is his favorite color and it will be the color I use to link them all as Team (I try to do that with all my Guilds).

Looks like I’ll be busy for a bit.

October 23, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild Completed

I mentioned in my first post this morning it was going to be a busy day in news for Guild Ball, and her we are the fourth post of the day.  With my recent post on Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Furnace’, I now have completed the Blacksmith’s Guild   I was able to meet my goal line date by the end of October.   I wanted to have them completed by the end of the month so that it will free up the month of November for other models, and so that I know that the Blacksmith’s are completed and ready to go for SteamCon USA the first weekend in December.

So what is going to his the painting table next?  Possibly the Hunter’s Guild.  My wife flies home from Arizona late tonight and I should know tomorrow morning if she is bringing along my son’s Hunter’s Guild.  If she did, then that Guild will be next with a deadline by the end of November (when my oldest flies in for SteamCon).  I am not sure if he is sendinig the entire Guild, or just the 6 models he wants to play with at SteamCon, guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

If the Hunter’s do not arrive, then we may mix in some Union models and Mortician’s that I still have to finish.  I may lean towards the Mortican’s since I have less to finish to complete that Guild.

Then who knows....not related to Guild Ball, but I always like the models from Malifaux, but never played the game.  Debating on getting in a demo game and possibly picking up some models.  I am still undecided on this one (I do not get to go out play that often), so for me it is more the collecting of the game (and I have every Guild Ball model there is, not included all the Limited Edition models).  I still have plenty of Warmachine/Hordes models also, but currently that game is not doing much for me...we’ll see what happens...my oldest really likes Warmachine/Hordes, so if we convince him to move to Michigan, I’ll be able to get to play that game more often along with more Guild Ball.

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Furnace’

Model 6 of 6 for the Blacksmith’s Guild and we have the Master ‘Furnace’, a Center Midfielder for the Guild.

I put off painting ‘Furnace’ till the end becasue I was unsure on how his flaming sword would turn out, it is not the greatest, but I think it looks really good on the table top.

I doubt I will be able to give these guys a try this week (my van is still in the shop), but maybe next week Wednesday 11/1 I’ll drive up to Grand Rapids for a game and see how the Guild does on the Pitch.




Painting Points: 2

Guild Ball: The Vault - Halloween Sale

Steamforged Games is having a Halloween Sale for Guild Ball that started today (for a limited time) and have released some new limited edition models.

First up they have The Dark Harvest: Zombie Thresher and Grave Harvest Markers. “This set includes the Grim Reaper, and five Harvest Markers which may be alternately used as players in your teams, 6 player cards, and bases.”

Second they have Master of Spooks: Halloween Obulus and Dirge. “Strike fear into your opponent’s players this Halloween with these Spook-tacular
alternative sculpts of Obulus and Dirge.”

Finally they also have Skaldicfest: Oktoberfest Esters and Quaff. “Continue the Oktoberfest celebration with the Empire of the Free Cities light-hearted twist on the world-famous German beer festival.”

The pricing is not that bad for all of them, $40 for The Dark Harvest, and $30 each for Obulus and Esters.  For now I only elected to purchase The Dark Harvest, I figure I could use Thresher with my Farmer’s Guild along with the Harvest Markers.  I am hoping that maybe at SteamCon USA they will have the Obulus and Esters models and then I can possibly purchase them there.

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Three - Gutter

A lot of news today regarding Guild Ball.  First we are going to continue along with week three for The Union in Chains.  Part 4 of the story is available on steamforged.com or click HERE.  Results so far after week two can be found HERE.

Two new sculpts for the next model were released today.  It is the sculpt ‘Gutter’ for the Butcher’s Guild and Fisherman’s Guild.  It is a tough decision for me, but I like my Fisherman Guild just a little bit more than my Butcher’s, so my vote is for ‘Gutter’ for the Fisherman’s.

As of now model wise, I am hoping for:
Hemlocke: Mortician’s
Decimate: Brewer’s
Gutter: Fisherman’s

Butcher’s Guild: Gutter

Fisherman’s Guild: Gutter

October 22, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Cinder’

Getting closer to completing the Blacksmit’s Guild for Guild Ball.  Today we have model 5 of 6 with ‘Cinder’, an Apprentice Winger for the Guild.  ‘Cinder’s’ Master is ‘Furnace’ who is up next on the painting table and my final model for the Guild.  Once the Blacksmith’s are completed, it will give me some time to work on my son’s Hunter’s Guild (as long as he still sends them back from Arizona tomorrow with my wife).  If the Hunter’s do not arrive, I still have plenty of Union models to work on along with a few Mortician’s left on the shelf that need to be completed.

Back to ‘Cinder’, I am really liking the Character Trait Hot Shot, it sounds like that technically she can Tackle the ball away from someone who is 6” away, this is something I am going to have to look into before actually playing her.  The more I am reading the cards on the player’s, the more I am liking their playstyle.  Let’s just hope my son does not steal this Guild from me when he visits for SteamCon USA (I am hoping he will just buy his own Blacksmith’s Guild).



Painting Points: 1

October 20, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Iron’

2/3’s of the Blacksmith’s Guild is now complete.  To go along with ‘Ferrite’ who was posted yesterday, today we have her Apprentice ‘Iron’.  He does not look like someone who can score, but his Heroic Play Tryhard is really good.  If ‘Iron’ is within [2”] of the enemy goal-post and in possesion of the ball-marker, he can take a Shot during his activation without soending MP, plus the Shot gaines [-1] TN, so along with the general rule of being within [4”] and gaining [-1] TN, ‘Iron’ would only need a 2 on the dice to score.


Painting Points: 2+1