October 28, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #43

This last Painting Quarter of the year has been off to a slow start, but I think soon a flow of models will be hitting my table.  I have been recently purchasing some Space Marines for Warhammer 40000 to work on a new Imperial Fists army, soon I will have enough models to keep me busy into the new year.  I did get one model built this past week that will be getting primed soon and hopefully worked on sometime this week.

Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of Batman Miniature Game models to paint (and some Guild Ball), but right now I am in a holding pattern with BMG.  Knight Models teased a release of BMG III (3rd Edition) and then went silent, a 3rd Edition card was released on Facebook and the rules were all speculation.  From what I know, it looks like BMG III will play a bit faster (which is a good thing) but until I know more, the desire to play BMG II has slowly faded.  We have Renegade Open coming up next month which will probably be the last hooray of BMG II and my BMG gaming probably until III gets released (especially since we just got back into W40K).

For Gaming this past week, my son and I got in another practice game of W40K yesterday afternoon at a 1000 point level (still keeping the game smaller as we go through all the rules) but we changed up some of our Units to see how they work.  We also started to play a mission from the ITC packet (which seems to be the norm for tournaments).  We only tried using the Primary Objectives, and our next game we will give the Secondary Objectives a chance.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1

October 27, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists Pre-Order Arrived!

Most of my Imperial Fists pre-order had arrived yesterday and my son and I made the trek down to South Bend to pick it up.  Unfortunately they did not receive the Upgrade Pack in their shipments, so when it arrived it will be another trip down.

Now I am going to spend a few hours this morning and work on my first 2000 point list to come up with my first Imperial Fist army.  I already purchased a lot of the models, but still are missing quite a bit (some are out of stock), so it may be awhile before the list gets completed.  I am trying to add models to this list that I have not played with much before, and to still be competitive.

October 25, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists Incoming Tomorrow!

Last weekend the pre-orders went on sale for the new Warhammer 40000 Salamanders and Imperial Fists Codex Supplements and Datacards.  While my son went and ahead and did an order for the Salamanders, I did not order anything. 

After reading about the new releases this past week for the imperial Fists, and their Chapter Tactic with "Bolt" weapons, I thought the Imperial Fists would be a good fit army for me (I like shooting) but I do not like painting yellow.  So I decided that I will start on Imperial Fists but do an inverted paint scheme for them (like the way I did my sons Salamanders) where their armor will be black and their shoulder pads in yellow, since the Back Templars are a successor chapter to the Imperial Fists, I think if I ever run the two together on the battlefield, they will look alright together, Black Templars with white shoulder pads, and the Imperial Fists with yellow.

The new Imperial Fists Codex Supplement comes out tomorrow and it is a bit late for me to pre-order with my LGS, so while my son and I drive down their tomorrow afternoon, I am going to hope they extras in for sale.  I am looking into picking up the following:

October 21, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #42

This past week was not actually bad for me, a pickup from the previous month.  Models were painted and games were played, so that's a plus.

First I was able to paint up some new models for Warhammer 40000 with the 'Eliminators' for my Black Templars army and began assembling my 'Redemptor Dreadnought', though he is taking longer than expected and getting him painted this week may be tough.

Then this past weekend, my son and I were able to get in 3 games.  2 games of Batman Miniature Game, a 350 Rep and a 250 Rep practice games for the Renegade Open where we played a time game for both (for the practice) on Saturday.  You do not get many Turns in and really need to take advantage of the first 2 Turns, the first game at 350 Rep, my Joker crew had lost, but the second game at 250 Rep, they managed to pull out a win.

On Sunday, we broke out our Warhammer 40000 armies and I played my first game of 8th Edition with 1000 points.  I knew this first game was going to take us a lot of time (as we were searching rules and FAQ's), but my Black Templars got the victory over the Salamanders.  We just played an Eternal game with 5 Objectives (no Tactical Objectives) and we are still getting a hold on what everything does.  I think a few more basic games exploring different Units and then we can add some Tactical Objects.  Neither of us were running any Psychics or Librarians, so we still need to figure out that Phase of the game.  A few more games at 1000 Points and then we can up the game to 1500 Points.  Currently my table is a 4'x4' so anything larger than 1500 Points will be pretty rough unless I can figure out a 6'x4' table for the basement.

Models Completed: 3
Games Played: 3

October 20, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Litko Movement Templates and Clear Bases for Warhammer 40K

As I mentioned last year when I was purchasing templates for Arena Rex, I have been using Litko for nearly 16 years now when it comes to having custom tokens made and there were my first go to for my purchase of clear bases.

Now that most of the Space Marines for Warhammer 40K need to be on 32mm bases, and all of mine are on 25mm, I thought the easiest solution would be to just glue my existing model with the 25mm base, onto the clear 32mm base.  This way it will save me a lot of time repainting bases and possibly screwing up my models.  It seems like the trend has been moving to clear base anyways, why not have both.

While on the Litko site, I had to peruse the other products that I had for W40K and came across some items I liked:

Objective Tokens Numbered 1-6
Victory Point Dials
Command Point Dials
Movement/Shooting Gauge 12"
Close Combat Gauge 6"

So of course I had to get 2 of each for my son and I.  Order was placed this past Tuesday, and yesterday they all arrived at my door.

Later today will be my first game of 8th Edition, we shall see how it goes!

October 17, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Eliminators I'

UPDATE 10/25/2019:

Yesterday afternoon I decided to turn the below Black Templars and paint their shoulder pads from white to yellow.  With the new Codex Supplement releasing tomorrow, I though Imperial Fists would be a fun army to collect.


Well it has been 4 years since I last painted anything for Warhammer 40000 (W40K) but this past weekend while attending the Michigan GT for Guild Ball, I did purchase some new models there and at a gaming store on our way home.
One of the models I purchased were the 'Eliminators' a Heavy Unit for the Space Marines.  This is a good Unit to have in your army, but I am also purchasing models now that I have never had before while I played W40K, just to have some "newness" to my collection.  Ideally I should get 2 more Units of 'Eliminators' and run them as 3 (which I will in the future), but for now we have just the 1.

Unfortunately all of my decals from years ago are now lost so I could not place any iconography on the shoulder pads, but if I come across some Black Templar decals in the future, I may go back and add them.  I think the black armor with the white shoulder pads though are a good distinction for the Chapter.

 Eliminators I

Eliminators I

Painting Points: 6

October 16, 2019

W40K: Coming Soon, Salamanders, Imperial Fists and More!

Salamanders and Imperial Fists are getting a new Codex Supplement next week October 26th, 2019.  Games Workshop is taking pre-orders this Saturday October 19th, 2019 for the new Codex Supplements along with a few new Space Marine models.

For new models, both the Imperial Fists and Salamanders are getting a new character, 'Tor Garadon' for the Imperial Fists, and 'Adrax Agatone' for the Salamanders.

A new assault vehicle with the 'Impulsor' and two new squads, 'Infiltrators' and 'Incursors'.

So what am I going to purchase if anything? I am leaning towards 1-2 of the new 'Impulsor' transport vehicles to carry 2 squads of 'Hellblasters', I am still debating this and have not done a pre-order yet, part of me wants to purchase the 'Repulsor Exectioner' first.  My son pre-ordered the Salamanders Codex Supplement, Datacards and the new Captain.

October 14, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #41

It still was a pretty slow week, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post, this past weekend was the 2019 Michigan GT and I was hosting the Guild Ball event on Saturday, so nothing was painted this week, nor any games played for myself.

That will change this weekend and my son and I have a weekend of gaming planned.  Originally this coming weekend we were going to attend the Guild Ball US Eastern Nationals in Chicago, but plans had to change and we will not be attending.  Since my son had already requested the weekend off, we are going to take advantage of it and game at home.

The Renegade Open is next month and I still have to finalize my lists for the event, after this weekend I should have a better understanding of what I want to play.  Originally my plan was to play 'Joker' in Friday's 250 Rep event, and 'League of Assassins' in Saturday's 350 Rep main event.  With the lack of playing time recently, I think I need to decide on one crew and play that crew for both events.  This way the rules of the crew will stick better for me.  Now I have to decide between the two, but I am leaning towards 'Joker' for now.

The plan for Saturday is start off with a 250 Rep game, then move right into a 350 Rep game while we have the table setup for BMG.  Afterwards we'll clear off the table of terrain and roll out the Pitch for a game of Guild Ball.  With watching everyone else play this past Saturday, I now want to get in a game.  Once we wrap up with Guild Ball, we'll start to get the table ready for Sunday.  Sunday is going to be "trying" Warhammer 40K 8th Edition for the first time, and my first game in a long time.  We are just going to do a 1000 point game just to get our feet wet and go through the rules of the game.

On Saturday while I had some time between games, I did check out the main hall at the Michigan GT and some of the vendors that attended.  I came across a W40K model that I thought looked cool, and it was new to me and a good price, so I had to pick it up, a 'Redemptor Dreadnought'.  The on the way home, we stopped at a game store in Kalamazoo and I picked up a box of 'Primaris Eliminators', both of these will be nice additions to my Black Templars army.  More than likely, the 'Eliminators' will be my next models to it the painting table.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 0

October 13, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Michigan GT Guild Ball Championship Recap

Yesterday in Lansing, MI was the 2019 Michigan GT Guild Ball Championships and I was the Host for the event.  Originally when inquiring about interest for the event there were over 25 people that had said they would attend, which would be a really nice turn out, unfortunately only 15 people attended (which I am still happy for), but having the Guild Ball US East Nationals announced shortly right after, and next weekend in Chicago, I think hurt attendance.

But I am grateful for those that attended and I Thank You.

The results for the event can be found here on Longshanks, but here is a brief recap of the winners.

Awards for the following:
Earning the Double is Zach Grogan, Guild Ball Champion and State Champion.

2nd Place: Cory Walker
3rd Place: Josh Rigelman
4th Place: Josh Chichester
5th Place: Jacob Nix
6th Place: Eric Bemus
7th Place: Thomas Rasor
8th Place: Tony Palazzolo
9th Place: Dale Gibboney
Wooden Spoon: Don Casteel

Best Painted Trophy: Cory Walker
“Golden Boot” Trophy (most goals): Cory Walker (11)
“Off The Pitch” Trophy (most taken outs): Josh Rigelman (22)

October 9, 2019

W40K: What Did I Do?

Oh My God! I really cannot believe I am actually writing this post.  A few years ago I had told myself I was done with Games Workshop (GW) games, and like everyone says, they just pull you right back in.

Warhammer Fantasy back in 2002 had gotten me into miniature gaming, then followed by Warhammer 40K and so on and so on.  Over the years my interests had shifted to smaller model count games (like Guild Ball) and lower prices.  Recently my gaming has been between Guild Ball and Batman Miniature Game and still do like both games a lot.

Last week, Knight Models were making a lot of announcements about their upcoming 10th Anniversary week (10/4-10/14) and that a lot of info was coming out.  Well it has been just about radio silence from them except oh by the way we are discontinuing these models and these models can now only be played in DCU with no explanation.  At least Steamforged Games does keep their website blog updated when they have news and information to be released.  So with what is going on with Knight Models, it had got me thinking the past few days about possibly pulling out some of my old Warhammer 40K armies that I still kept in the shed.

It is not just the issue with Knight Models, but it is with most of the games I play is that none of the local gaming stores carry any of these games (with the exception of X-Wing).  Sometimes it is nice to walk into a store browsing, and then come out with a model.  Most of the stores carry Games Workshop, so it is not an issue with W40K.

Now it has been 4 years since I played any W40K, and as of now I have no intentions on playing it competitively (with my limited travels to Cons in 2020) but playing a few games at home may be fun, the issue is the game is now in 8th Edition and we need the rules.

On our way to the Detroit Red Wings game last night, my son and I stopped in at the Warhammer store in Ann Arbor....  well, we know own the rules.

stay tuned.........

October 7, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #40

Well at least I was able to get in one game of Guild Ball this past weekend (on Saturday).  I found out my son will be off work next Saturday for the Michigan GT, so we played a game to shake off some of the rest.  For the first time ever I tried to pay with the Alchemist's Guild, that was probably a mistake since I clocked out in Turn 2 and probably did not give much practice to my opponent.  I did manage to score a goal with 'Kami', but my dice were really terrible and the failed dice rolls then cost me a lot of time trying to think what I was going to be doing next.

It has been a slump for the past month and half, playing and painting....having the Michigan GT this weekend is giving me the itch to play more Guild Ball, and I know I still need to get games of BMG in to prepare for the Renegade Open next month.

My final quarter for painting also started last week and it has not been looking to good an I am not sure when I will break out of that groove, usually a convention gets me motivated to paint, and I basically have what I need done for the Renegade Open, and just about all my conventions for next year will be cancelled, so right now I am lacking motivation.

Hopefully after this coming weekend I can get a few models on the table.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1