October 19, 2015

Daily Chronicle: 'Rack Pack Update'

Well I am finally getting settled into the new place. It has been a busy month downsizing 10 years worth of stuff going from a house with a garage to an apartment. My vacation week is over (used to clean up the old place) and starting to get back on schedule.
While setting up the new apartment, I did get to assemble my Back 2 Base-ix 'Rack Pack' painting workstation. When the box first arrived from Australia and I saw how small the box was, I was like, this cannot be all of it. Once I opened the box, I saw that every section had to be assembled. No instructions are included in the box, but on their website, they have step by step video instructions for each section. So I turned on the videos and started assembling.
I am really happy with how the product turned out. It fits my entire line of P3 paints, and I still have room for my GW paints also.
Now I need to figure out a painting schedule so I can get my Khador army done in time for Las Vegas in February.
Assembled 'Rack Pack'