March 31, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Organizing The Mancave

I have two months until my oldest son moves up North and I thought today was a good time to re-organize the mancave and make some room for his gaming items.  Currently the closet in what will be his bedroom held all the family board games so those were going to have to come down into the basement, then my current miniature gaming shelves in the basement I was going to have to re-organize and make some more room.

Recently the chain store Target closed in our area and this past Thursday they held an online auction for items that were left behind.  I have never took part in one of these before but there were a few items I was interested in.  One of the items was a ‘Kellogg's Grab and Go’ shelf that I was able to win for $30.00.  I thought this shelf would be perfect to hold all my new in box gaming models that are yet to painted.

I brought the shelves home last night and started to clean them up and remove anything ‘kellogg’ related that I could.  Then this morning the real cleaning started.  First I had to build new shelves to hold the family board games, then I had to remove all the items on my gaming shelves and slide them over a bit so I could fit the the 5 shelf rack.

Now I think I ‘should’ have enough room to hopefully store what we bring up with him on the moved.  I know I have a few more army bags left in AZ that may come up and some more foam trays.  One half the board game shelves will probably be used for any gaming terrain.  My gaming table is right in the middle of the room and this will make it easier to set up the table.

Once cleaning was done it was time to get my AdeptiCon frame put together.  When I came back from SteamCon in December I thought it would be cool to frame some of the items I received.  I decided to do the same for AdeptiCon, I wish I would have thought of this idea years ago from when I first started going to cons.


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