April 3, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Dire Troll Bomber (Warbeast)

Well the batteries in the painting machine seem to have faded in the month of March, but during the last week of the month I was able to get my Trollbloods Dire Troll Bomber on the painting table.
I did not get him finished in March, but he will be the first model for April. I was able to get him completed this past Friday night.
Still working on my Trollbloods skin tone technique and I really happy on this guy came out. I think between Gunnbjorn and now Bomber, I am finally happy on my skin tones.
On a sad note, our LGS of 8 years (Empire Games) has officially closed it's doors yesterday. Gaming table wise (20+), I personally feel this was the best gaming store here in Phoenix. Odyssey Games in Scottsdale recently opened and is also a very nice store and I have played there before with my son, but the store is about 25 miles away. The other stores that are now closer to me are more 'Magic' oriented with few gaming tables. Not that I get to go out and play that often, but it was nice having Empire Games only 3 miles from me.
Anyways here is Dire Troll Bomber.
Dire Troll Bomber
Dire Troll Bomber
Painting Points: 5