October 22, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Cinder’

Getting closer to completing the Blacksmit’s Guild for Guild Ball.  Today we have model 5 of 6 with ‘Cinder’, an Apprentice Winger for the Guild.  ‘Cinder’s’ Master is ‘Furnace’ who is up next on the painting table and my final model for the Guild.  Once the Blacksmith’s are completed, it will give me some time to work on my son’s Hunter’s Guild (as long as he still sends them back from Arizona tomorrow with my wife).  If the Hunter’s do not arrive, I still have plenty of Union models to work on along with a few Mortician’s left on the shelf that need to be completed.

Back to ‘Cinder’, I am really liking the Character Trait Hot Shot, it sounds like that technically she can Tackle the ball away from someone who is 6” away, this is something I am going to have to look into before actually playing her.  The more I am reading the cards on the player’s, the more I am liking their playstyle.  Let’s just hope my son does not steal this Guild from me when he visits for SteamCon USA (I am hoping he will just buy his own Blacksmith’s Guild).



Painting Points: 1


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