August 20, 2019

Guild Ball: Cook's Guild Limited Edition 'Shank'

While getting ready to play the Cook's Guild for the first time this past Sunday, it got me motivated to start working on my final two models for the Guild, the Limited Edition 'Shank' and 'Tenderiser' models.  These models came in the Organized Play box I ordered many months ago which had arrived after my Cook's Guild Tournament that had hosted in March.

I got my models assembled on Sunday prior to my game and applied a few coats.  Well 'Shank' is now completed and ready for the Pitch.



Painting Points: 1

August 19, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #33

Week #33 for the year was a little slow on the painting front (2 models) and average for gaming (2 games).

Real work has been busy this month so painting has slowed just a bit, but I still managed to get 2 models completed for Batman Miniature Game, 'The Merciless', and 'The Red Death'.  I think once I get back from NOVA Open in two weeks, I will take a look at what we have fr BMG and work on my Painting Queue for them and prioritize what I want to paint.  I still have a mix of Guild Ball models I would like to get completed so those will be done in between to break up the repetition of painting BMG.

For gaming this past week, we got in another practice game of X-Wing to get ready for NOVA Open (and I am STILL undecided on my list that I am playing).  The last 2 lists I tried both netted me a victory.  Now it is a matter do I want to play Rebels or Scum.

Yesterday afternoon we also finally gotten in a practice game of Guild Ball, it has been awhile since we last played (early July) and we were going to get in a game last weekend, but then we wanted to wait for the errata to drop.

I decided to play the Cook's Guild for the very first time and went with the "Hell's Kitchen" boxed set lineup, the new errata changes for the Cook's look really good and I was hoping maybe they would save me some time on the clock.  I did manage to get the victory 12-7, but my clock still went into my allotted extra 5:00 minutes and it was getting close.  I have a fun lineup I want to try next with my Butcher's Guild (hopefully speed up the clock), and then I need to decide what Guild I will be bringing to NOVA.  I think in the mean time though, I will paint up the remaining 2 Cook's (Butcher players) to complete my Cook's Guild at 8 models (just in case I decide to play them),

Hunter's vs Cook's

Games Played: 2
Models Completed: 2

August 18, 2019

BMG: The Red Death (Bruce Wayne) [Unknown]

When I finished 'The Merciless' the other day, I was not sure if I would be able to get around t get another model painted this week, well yesterday I had some spare time (after watching the Guild Ball English National Championships on YouTube) and decided to work on 'The Red Death' since I already had the blister pack sitting on my painting table.

Unfortunately the tips of his Bat ears were broken off in the packaging and had to make do with what was there.

Honestly I am not sure how much table time this model will get, but he is marked as completed.

 The Red Death

The Red Death

Painting Points: 1

August 16, 2019

Guild Ball: Second Wave Of FCD Rookies Available For Pre-Order

The second wave of the Free Cities Draft Rookies are available for pre-order of Steamforged Games webstore.  Unlike with the first wave (available right away), today's announcement is for a pre-order with a shipping date of 8/30.

The four Rookies available are: Champ, Flea, Kami and Nomad.

August 15, 2019

Daily Chronicle: 2 Weeks Until "NOVA Open 2019"

NOVA Open 2019 is only 2 weeks away and the only practice we have gotten in recently was for X-Wing, and I am still undecided on my list.  Back when I first announced NOVA Open 2019 in January, our thought was to play Bolt Action and Middle-earth SBG.  We have not played a game of MeSBG since last year and Bolt Action never made their schedule of events.

Last year we went and played Warmachine/Hordes all weekend, seeing how we have not played that game much (at all this year), we had signed up for this years NOVA to play Guild Ball and X-Wing.  At least with Guild Ball we started the year off really strong and attended events for the first four months of the year, and now with the recent errata release on Monday, the excitement is coming back.  X-Wing 2.0 came out late last year and we have been occasionally playing that game to keep the rules fresh (nearing on 20 games for the year) so we thought that would be a fun event to play.

So our schedule for NOVA Open weekend is:

Thursday Evening: Steamforged Keynote
Friday: X-Wing Grand Championships
Saturday: Guild Ball Regional Cup

Now we actually have to get in some practice games of Guild Ball over the next 2 weeks and finalize my list for X-Wing.

August 14, 2019

BMG: The Merciless (Bruce Wayne) [Unknown]

Well I did manage to get a model painted this week (not sure if there will be more, but we'll see).  On Monday afternoon one of my shipments arrived of more BMG models, yes more!  In this shipment was a blister of the "Dark Knights", I especially wanted this pack for 'Merciless', so of course I had to open the pack up and get to work on this model.  I was cautious on how I wanted his blue metal armor and had some ideas in my head, and after several test colors on my test model, I came up with a solution.  I decided to mix blue with silver metallic and then do a blue wash.  I am actually quite happy on how he turned out.  One thing to note is the base, Knight Models shipped me all 30mm bases and this model is supposed to be on a 40mm, so I had to dig out one of my spare WM/H bases.  It will be interesting to try out this model with the possibility of doing 12 blood.

 The Merciless

The Merciless

Painting Points: 2

August 12, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #32

So Week #32 was another average week for me regarding painting and gaming.  5 models were completed last week (2 for Guild Ball and 3 for Batman Miniature Game) and I was able to get in 2 more practice games of X-Wing for the upcoming NOVA Open.

I played a X-Wing list that was really happy with last night, but I think I have 1 more list that I would like to try out before I make any decisions.  If I do not get a chance tonight (more than likely not with next section of news) then hopefully this Thursday night.

That now leaves with the big news coming from Steamforged Games later today regarding the new errata for Guild Ball coming out.  More than likely I will be spending my evening getting all the cards ready for printing, and from the SFG blog post, it sounds like there will be a lot of changes.

Once those changes get released, my son and I will need to get a few practice games of GB also before we leave for NOVA, it has been awhile since we last played and need to get refreshed again.

I am not sure how much painting will get done this week, I am expecting and order to arrive today for BMG ad then I will evaluate everything and see what kind of queue I want to work on, may be just spending the week getting some models prepped.

Games Played: 2
Models Completed: 5

August 11, 2019

BMG: Black Orchid (Susan Linden) [BatB]

The final model from the "Justice League Dark" blister is up next and that is 'Black Orchid' (Susan Linden).  This was more of a "let's just get it done" model for me so that way the blister pack can be completed.  I think at 70 Rep, there are probably a lot better Free Agents available for The Brave and the Bold to select over 'Black Orchid'.

 Black Orchid

Black Orchid

Painting Points: 1

August 10, 2019

BMG: Deadman (Boston Brand) [BatB]

Since finishing up 'Swamp Thing' yesterday, I decided to go ahead and continue with the rest of the models from the "Justice League Dark" blister and up next is 'Deadman' (Boston Brand).

I am happy with the way the color of his skin turned out, I used my own version of purple wash to try and match the color the best I could.

I am not sure how much playing time this model will actually see, but the Trait Possession does seem a bit interesting to try out.



Painting Points: 1

August 9, 2019

BMG: Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) [BatB][GCS]

One of the things that I liked about playing Warmachine/Hordes, was painting the Hordes Warbeasts, especially my Minions.  So I was really looking forward to purchasing and painting the 'Swamp Thing' model, sure it helps that my son and I just finished watching the TV show on DC Universe, but even before that I was excited for the model.

Now that the items that I need painted for NOVA Open are completed, and probably for Renegade Open (though that may change) I can go back to picking and choosing different models I want to paint, and one of them is 'Swamp Thing'

 Swamp Thing

 Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

Painting Points: 2

August 7, 2019

Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild 'Layne'

Today is the day I have been waiting for, another Striker for my Butcher's Guild with 'Layne'.  As much as I love doing Taken Outs, I also do like to score Goals, and to change it up a bit, I think for fun I will try a scoring team, it may not be as competitive, but to have two scoring players with 'Brisket' and 'Layne', it may be a fun game, still may need to play 'Cinnamon' if I elect to play 'Veteran Boar' as my Captain.

Now that completes the models needed for playing in this year's NOVA Open at the end of the month.  With only playing X-Wing (pre-painted miniatures) and Guild Ball, we are now all set.  All that is left is to get in some practice games of Guild Ball once the new errata drops on August 12th (I know it will be a busy night for me getting all the new cards ready for printing).



Painting Points: 1

August 6, 2019

Guild Ball: Hunter's Guild 'Edge'

Wow, it has been nearly three months since I last painted a Guild Ball model (Cook's Guild), I have been busy painting BMG models.  Well, I now have one less thing to worry about completing for the NOVA Open at the end of the month.  'Edge' is now completed for my son's Hunter's Guild.



Painting Points: 1

August 5, 2019

Guild Ball: Errata Announced...Changes Are Coming!

It was announced today by Steamforged Games that a new errata is coming soon, how soon? next Monday August 12th, the errata will be released.

"Hello Guild Ball fans! This is a public service announcement from the Development Team. The next Guild Ball errata will be released in exactly 1 week’s time, on the 12th of August 2019. This will be a larger errata than we’ve done in the past, and as such we’d like to take this opportunity to say that it’s most definitely worth preparing your hype trousers for next week. Take the day off work, get someone to babysit the kids, let someone else handle that nuclear reactor for a bit, really just get yourselves ready. It’s going to be an exciting day. We’ll see you all in a week’s time."

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #31 (GenCon Recap)

GenCon 2019  has come and gone now, and yesterday was a good time, but before we get more into that, just a quick usual weekly recap.

Gaming was pretty decent last week with 3 games of X-Wing played, we are preparing for the NOVA Open Grand Championship at the end of the month, so we are trying different lists until we find one that we like.  There will be a lot more X-Wing the rest of the month as I am still undecided on my list.  BMG games will have to take a back seat until we get back from NOVA, we may and try to squeeze in one though for the month.

Painting was also really good last week, I was able to complete another 6 models for Batman Miniature Game, though I do not have any more models currently prepped and ready to go so it may be a bit before I post anymore BMG models, which is OK since I have two Guild Ball Rookie models I need to also get completed or NOVA Open and they will be next in my Queue.

Games Played: 3
Models Completed: 6

So now onto GenCon 2019.
The day started pretty early for my son and I while I had to take care of the dogs before we headed out for our 3 hour drive, but we arrived at the time I was hoping for which was around 9:15 AM.  We easily found our Parking Garage (I prepaid with ParkWhiz) and proceeded the 3 blocks to the Convention Center, along the walk you can the city advertising for GenCon.

Luckily this year, I pre-purchased our badges for the day and we did not have to stand in an hour long line like last year, we got inside the Convention Center before the doors to the Vendor Hall were open, so we decided to check out the Gaming Hall.  Last year I did not make it to the Gaming Hall as I spent all my time in the Vendor Hall, but I am glad this year I was able to check out the Gaming Hall.  The Gaming Hall is so large with a lot of different manufacturers running their tournaments and demo games.  By seeing the Gaming Hall, it actually makes me want to sign up for a tournament in future years.

We got through the Gaming Hall around 10:10 AM and it was perfect timing as we did not have to wait for the doors to open for the Vendor Hall, there was access to the Vendor Hall from the Gaming Hall and we started our stroll through the Vendor Hall from the higher number rows and worked our way down, which was nice for us since Miniature Market was in the higher numbers and we could see what miniatures they had with them for BMG.

I saw some models that I wanted to get, but since they still had a lot left, I decided to hold off on my purchase we can just come back before we leave.

We then proceeded to the Steamforged Games booth, nothing new for Guild Ball, but I was already expecting that, but we spent a few minutes there catching up with friends.

As we left the Steamforged Games booth, a vendor caught my eye.  I saw some dragon flasks that looked really cool and I had to get one for my Bourbon.

Our next stop was the Knight Models booth, this is the first year that KM was at GenCon, although they had a really nice booth, they had nothing they were selling there and were referring people to Miniature Market, the only item we had wanted was the new DC Universe Rulebook, but I guess we will have to do an online order for that when it comes out.  We were able to get a closer look at the upcoming Doom Patrol and Watchmen models.

After Knight Models we came across Red Republic Games (Arena Rex), I knew I did not have much on my shopping list for them this year (seeing how the game slid a bit for us), but they did release a new Beast for GenCon, 'Crassus' a bear, so I had to pick that up along with some Arena Rex dice to use as "Favor Dice".

Seeing how we spent a little over an hour walking up and down 4-5 aisles (and there were 30), we decided to start heading towards the booths that we wanted to see, and then we can backtrack to the other aisles afterwards.

We did hit two more vendors along the way, Chessex (where we picked up a dozen D8's to be used for DCU) and another dice company that some really nice satin dice bags we can use for BMG.

All the talk on the internet for gaming the last few days were about the new Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniature Game from Atomic Mass Games, so our next stop was there booth.  As I mentioned the other day, I am iffy about this game, and I am still iffy.  The models are really nice, but do I "need" another superhero game (with BMG and DC).  Pre-orders for the game just went up and I still need to decide what we are going to do.  It looks like the game will be releasing at the end of September, early October.  I do have to say, they did a great job on the demo boards.

After visiting Marvel Crisis Protocol and how we were right next to Fantasy Flight Games, it was time to check out some X-Wing minis.  I also needed to grab another Scum ship (seeing how Amazon shipped me the wrong ships) and I was impressed on how you purchased items from FFG.  They have registers with a catalog book, you order from the catalog, pay and then someone grabs your items from the back and hands them to you.  I think it makes it a little quicker than everyone hovering over all the models.

It was getting pretty close to lunch time, but we wanted to do one more stop before we checked out the Food Trucks and this was Privateer Press.  Their new game Riot Quest was very tempting along with Mosterpocalypse, but I managed to walk away from the booth with just 8 bottles of paint (6 new colors) that I needed.

Now it was time to head outside to grab some lunch from the food trucks, and they were pretty pricey.  We managed to find a BBQ truck and got 2 pulled chicken sandwiches and 2 bottles of water for $20.

Just like the Gaming Hall, last year I was not able to visit the gaming inside Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Colts), and I thought this would be cool to see.  We followed the underground corridor to the Stadium and it was impressive.  We actually got to stand on the 50 yard line in the center of the Stadium.  It looked this area was setup with a board game library, and a lot of tables just for open gaming.  This being on a Sunday there were not too many people, but I can see this being packed on Friday/Saturday.  I am not sure if this area is open 24 hours like the rest of the Con.

We then proceeded back to the Vendor Hall to look at any booths we may have missed, and to pick up my models from Miniature Market.  We did come across Modiphius Entertainment (makers of the Fallout miniature game) and it looks like they have a new miniature game releasing soon, Eldar Scrolls: Call to Arms.  My son seemed very interested and even purchased a limited edition model they had for sale.  I may have to take a look at the rules for this game when it is released.

Up next was heading back to the Miniature Market booth when I picked up some needed BMG models, 'Teen Titans', 'Grifter', 'Bronze Tiger', and 'Justice League Dark'.

Of course on the way home we had to stop in South Bend for some dinner at Hooters.

So the question is, will we be back next year?  All honestly I really do not know, it would not be just for Vendor Hall shopping, it was $50 for parking and badges which most of the items I could have purchased online.  If we attended next year, it would have to be for some gaming events (but we already have a few Cons lined up for next year already).