March 15, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Axer (Warbeast)

A Light Warbeast that currently costs 10 points that can pack a punch and here we have ‘Troll Axer’.  ‘Troll Axer’ is a MAT 6, DEF 12, ARM 17 Light Warbeast who has a RNG 2, P+S 14 Great Axe.  ‘Troll Axers’ Great Axe also has THRESHER which allows him to make one melee attack against each model in its LOS.  This is very helpful where he can go and charge in on some light infantry and easily clearing out 2-4 models with his threat range.  ‘Troll Axer’ is a nice addon for the points cost.

I am really happy with how this model turned out and looks good in my new green theme.

Troll Axer

Troll Axer

Painting Points: 2


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