March 21, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (Warlock)

‘Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia’ or better know as ‘Doomshaper 2’ is my first Warlock completed in my green theme and only my second Warlock for my Trollbloods army.  You can click on the “Armies” tab above and few all my completed models.  Originally when I bought the ‘Doomshaper’ Warlocks back in MkII, they were known to run with the ‘Glacier Kings’, though in MkIII that slightly changed, but the ‘Doomshapers’ are still good to run with Warbeast heavy lists, and that is the playstyle I am looking for with the Trollbloods.  Warbeasts in ‘Doomshapers 2’ gain FIELD MARSHALL [OVERTAKE] plus he has quite a few spells geared toward his Warbeasts like PRIMAL SHOCK along with his FEAT: SCROLL OF GRIMMR.

I also have the ‘Doomshaper 1’ and ‘Doomshaper 3’ models that will eventually need to be painted, but I am looking at possibly purchasing/painting ‘Madrak 1’ before that so I can also have an infantry Warlock.

Doomshaper 2

Doomshaper 2

Painting Points: 2


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