January 28, 2017

Daily Chronicle: The British Have Landed

It a was a good end of the week for me for deliveries.  First on Thursday my British sprues from Warlord Games finally arrived.  These were ordered just after Christmas while they had their 50% off sale on sprues.  So I needed two sprues each of Late War Infantry and Weapons so I could flush out my four units of Infantry.  Each Infantry can have 10 men, but I modeled 11 for each (an extra SMG for Late War).  Then with the Infanry sprues, I was also able to make two Officer Teams with SMG's.  This way if I ever decide to play with two platoons, I will have a Lt. for each.

Then on Friday my 1000 pt British Airborne models arrived.  These will hit the painting table once I get my Late War British done.  The deadline to complete these models is AdeptiCon 2018, so I still have plenty of time.  Instead of playing 'Operation Market Garden' themed lists with my sons US Airborne, we decided we be doing a 'Normandy' themed list instead.  The rules for this year are 800 pts each (not sure if they will stay the same for next year), we have yet to think about any list building.  Maybe over dinner in Las Vegas next week we'll start playing with some lists.


January 26, 2017

Daily Chronicle: 7 Days Until LVO

Just one week until my son and I will be driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Open (LVO) that is being held at the Bally's Events Center and Grand Ballroom (looks like they expanded their space for this year).  I cannot wait to get out of the cold from the Midwest for a few days.  This will be the second year that my son and I will be attending.  Last year we both went to go and play in the Warmachine/Hordes Masters, this year I am going just to have fun while my son will once again play in the WM/H Masters on Saturday.

Originally we had planned this trip back when I was living in Arizona so it was a no brainer in attending again.  But since I moved to Michigan in the Fall, I was not originally planning on going back for 2017.  But in December I decided to go ahead and purchase a plane ticket down to Arizona to see the family and then drive up to Vegas with my son.

I am not officially entered in any events, so my plan is just to have fun for the weekend.

Thursday 2/2/2017: Thursday will mainly be just a travel day for us.  We'll take our time driving up and plan our arrival time to be about the same time we can check into our timeshare.  Registration will be available from 4pm-8pm for early badge pickup, so I think my son and I will head over to Bally's around that time and pick up our badges (so we do not have to worry about it on Friday).  Then we'll probably head out for a nice relaxing dinner and maybe some 'real' dice rolling.

Friday 2/3/2017: The plan for Friday is to have an open day for the two of us.  Jeremy from 'Chef of War' will be busy setting up tables for the weekend's Bolt Action Tournament, so I offered our services to him if he needed any help.  Then my son and I would like to get some smaller games of Bolt Action in so he can refresh on his rules and see whats new in Version 2. This will also give me some more freshening up for Saturday.  I may also plan on watching some of the Malifaux events, since this game has peeked my interest lately and I have been debating about jumpinig into it.

Saturday 2/4/2017: My son on Saturday will be busy playing in the Warmachine/Hordes Masters Tournament so I was originally just going to plan my day walking around and checking out all the other events.  Then with my recent revival of Bolt Action, I reached out to Jeremy who is running the event and offered my services as a 'Ringer' in case he needed one for Saturday.  I could not commit to the Tournament myself (since I'd like to spend Sunday gaming with my son), so I thought getting in three real games of Bolt Action @ 1250 points would be fun.  No pressure on me playing as the Ringer, so it will be a good time getting more games of BA in.  I do not plan on flying with any of my Bolt Action armies, but my sons United States Army is still in Arizona with him, so I will just play with that army.  I'm also letting Jeremy use that army for Sunday in case he needs to (one less thing for him to also travel with on the plane).

Sunday 2/5/2017:  The plan for Sunday is just to have an open gaming day with my son playing Warmachine/Hordes.  Since attending Lock & Load back in June, I only played one game of WM/H, so it will be a lot of re-learning the rules for me.  All my WM/H armies are still back in Arizona so I obviously have not touched any of those models recently.  I'd like to bring them back with me to Michigan, but that may have to wait until May when I pick up my wife and youngest kid and drive the van back.  We'll probably start with some smaller point games before we jump in and play a 75 point game.  Hopefully my son will not be too bored with WM/H that day since he'll be playing it all day on Saturday.  If it comes up, we can always take a break and check out some of the other events.  Then after the awards on Sunday, hopefully we can catch the end of Super Bowl LI.

Monday 2/6/2017: Monday will be another travel day back to Arizona.  I'd like to get an early start and get back earlier so I can spend some time with my wife and kids before I fly back to Michigan on Tuesday.

Between all the gaming events over the weekend, I will also be checking out all the vendor areas.  I am sure I will probably find something that I want, and hopefully somehow get it to fit in my suitcase to bring it home.  Like I mentioned above, I'd like to try and bring back a WM/H army, but it may have to wait.  I may just jump into Malifaux when I get back to Michigan and start fresh with an army there.  I did find a nice group out here that plays Malifaux, and I am still searching for WM/H players.  So that is also part of my dilema on what I want to do....... or just stick with Bolt Action and concetrate on that.  We shall see.

January 23, 2017

Battle Report: 1/22/2017 Bolt Action 'Great Britain vs Germany'

Yesterday was the first time I have played a game of Bolt Action in over 2 1/2 years and I must say it was really nice to be able to get the rust of the rifles and get some gun oil on them. Of course everyone wants to win when they play a game, but yesterday for me was more about remembering the rules of the game and trying out Version 2 of the new rule set.

Being it ws the first time with V2, I wanted to try out some of the new rules even if I really did not need to, like 'You Men, Snap to Action' and using the new template (though I had missed on my shot).

This was my first game of anykind I played since moving back to the Mid West and recently I came across a group on Facebook called 'Michiana Bolt Action'. About once a month they get together for a Bolt Action open play game day at a local store in Michigan City (about 50 miles for me, but it is all highway so it does not take that long, they are probably the closest and easiest to get for me). So yesterday was my first time meeting the group, and all I can say is that I am glad that I did. The group of gamers were excellent and everyone was there just to have fun. The funny thing also this past week that happened is that I was notified from a friend back in Chicago that one of the Chicago Bolt Action locals (that I knew from years ago) also recently moved to Michigan, John from Plastic Legions. So I also got in touch with him and it turns out we are only about 35 miles apart (again all highway), so I am looking forward to getting in future games with him in his Gaming Lair.

Onto the actual battle (which was not much of a battle for me). It seems that by moving to the Mid West, this past winter with all the snow and freezing temperatures, my dice must have also froze. I think I had every kind of bad roll imaginable.

Sunday 1/22/2017
Points: 750
Scenario: Meeting Engagement
Objective: Both sides must attempt to destroy the other whilst preserving their own forces.
Victory: Victory Points
Armies: Great Britain (Mark) vs Germany (Dean)

We elected not to roll for a scenario and just decided to play the above since again it was more of a refresher game for me.

I am not going to go into a turn by turn detail (honestly do not remember it all), but all I can say it was not good for the Germans. In Turn 2 my StuG III misses his Light Tank, only for him to return fire needing a 5 to hit, rolls a 5... needs a 5 for Superficial Damage, rolls a 6 for Full Damage... followed by another 6 for Knocked Out. My Infantry also saw a FUBAR. My Lt decided to chicken out and rolls a 12 for Morale and leaves the game. None of my Infantry could hit and when they did, they could only manage minimal damage. So It was not good for the Germans, losing 0-5. It felt like the date was May 7, 1945.

Germany surrenders at the end of Turn 7.
1 of 3 Tables
2 of 3 Tables
3 of 3 Tables
German StuG III Knocked Out

Even though I had lost, I do not care. I actually got to get out out of the house and meet a new group of friends and throw some dice.

Though I think next time, my dice need to spend some time in the oven before they hit the table.

January 20, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain '25-PDR Howitzer & Limber'

The 25 pounder was the key howitzer used by the British Army throughout World War 2 and beyond. It was found in every theatre of war.

Over the last two days I was able to work on another Artillery piece for my British Army, the 25-PDR Howitzer. In Bolt Action, this gun counts as a light howitzer. In Version 2 of Bolt Action, there is not a real need to have a tow for this gun (unless I want to move it farther onto board with reserves or units coming in on first wave) otherwise a light and medium artillery units can be issued a Run order and move 6" (instead of the normal 12" for Run). When being towed it is assumed that the gun has a limber, but since this model came with one, I thought it would be nice to also paint it up.

Great Britain: 25-PDR Howitzer & Limber
Great Britain: 25-PDR Howitzer & Limber

Painting Points: 4

January 17, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'QF 6-PDR'

The QF 6-pdr was the highly successful replacement for the 2-pdr, being copied by the Americans as the 57mm gun, M1. Its useful lifespan was extended by new developments in ammunition that improved its armour penetration capabilities, allowing it to knock out Panthers and Tigers from the flank.

My first Artillery piece is completed for the British Army. This model will serve as a Medium Anti-Tank Gun. Usually I paint my armies Infantry first then followed by Weapons Teams and Artillery, guess I am doing the British backwards. Hopefully really soon I can start on the Infantry.

I am also still waiting for my British Airborne Army to arrive, once that does come in, I will be mixing in a few pieces here and there. Also once I come back from the LVO (first weekend in February), I shoud have my sons US Airborne Army with me and getting that ready to paint for AdeptiCon 2018 (yes 2018).

Great Britain: QF 6-PDR
Great Britain: QF 6-PDR
Great Britain: QF 6-PDR
Great Britain: QF 6-PDR

Painting Points: 3

January 16, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Medic & Flamethrower Team'

Originally I thought I would be assembling my QF 6-PDR yesterday, but I realized while going through my British army that I already a Medic and Flamethrower Team already assembled and ready for paint. So I decided to finish these guys up first before I tackled another assembly.

More than likely the Medic probably will not see much playing time unless I have some points to fill out, none the less thie model came with the British Army Command so I figure I would get him painted.

Great Britain: Medic
Great Britain: Medic

Now the Flamethrower Team will probably be played in all my lists. The Team is not as good as it was in Version 1 of Bolt Action, but they are still a pretty good Team especially when it comes time to burning Infantry occupied in buildings.

Great Britain: Flamethrower Team
Great Britain: Flamethrower Team

Painting Points: 3

January 15, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Medium Mortar Team x2'

So I am still diging through my box from Warlord on what to build/paint next (since I am STILL waiting on my Infantry sprues) and I decided to paint the Medium Mortar Team next. When I searched through the box, I noticed Warlord shipped me 2 3" Medium Mortars. The British Strategic Army deal was only suppose to come with 1, so I was a happy camper.

Seeing how more and more tournaments lately are allowing you build lists using either 1 or 2 Platoons, having the second Medium Mortar will be good if I ever decide to build a 2 Platoon list.

Obviously since the models are identical, it was a no brainer to build/paint them both at the same time.

This was yesterdays project (Saturday) and finished them just in time to relax and watch the football playoffs.

Great Britain: Medium Mortar Teams
Great Britain: Medium Mortar Teams
Great Britain: Medium Mortar Teams

Now it's time to dig through the box and see what is next to build. I am leaning towards the QF 6-PDR, but I may start to assemble some of my Tanks/Vehicles (there was a lot in the army deal).

Painting Points: 6

January 13, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Vickers MMG'

Unfortunately still waiting for my sprues from Warlord Games to finish my British Infantry, but that's ok, plenty of other models to tackle (I could not believe how many models were included in their Christmas deal).

Up next we have the Vickers MMG (with Version 2 giving MMG's an extra shot, I feel these are needed).

Great Britain: Vickers MMG
Great Britain: Vickers MMG
Great Britain: Vickers MMG

I am not really sure what is planned for this weekend. Obviously if my sprues arrive today I will start on one of the Infantry Units, if not then I will reach for something else in the box.

Painting Points: 3

January 11, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'AFO'

The British Army gets a free Forward Observer in Bolt Action as part of it's National Rules. While I was painting my Officer Team, I included this guy as well.

More than likely he will be played as an Artillery Forward Observer (AFO).

I probably should have modeled one with binoculars, but the Command pack came with this model holding a radio and thought he could also be used as one (otherwise I probably would not get any use of this model).

Great Britain: AFO
Great Britain: AFO

Painting Points: 1

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Officer Team'

Since I am still waiting for a couple more sprues from Warlord Games to arrive (so I can finishing assembling my four Infantry Units), I decided to go ahead and paint up a few of the British Army Command.

Here we my Officer and his Team.

Great Britain: Officer Team
Great Britain: Officer Team

Painting Points: 2

January 10, 2017

Daily Chronicle: More British Inbound

Back in May of 2014 when my oldest son graduated High School, I purchased him an US Airborne 1000 point army (that we never got around to assembling and painting). So I know we are 15 months away from AdeptiCon 2018, but my son and I are going to work on a themed force the Bolt Action Team Tournament (assuming they will run it again in 2018).

The Team Tournament for Bolt Action is all about having a themed army and having a good time. So since my son never finished his US Airborne, I thought it would be a good incentive to get them done. So now what are we going to theme his army with, since I plan on working on my British all year long for 2017, why not theme his US Airborne with some British Airborne for 'Operation Market Garden'. How successful will this army be, I dont know (especially without any tanks), but I think it will be a nice themed theater list and fun to play.

So I just ordered myself the British 1000 point Airborne army. (This years Team Tournament it is 800 points per player, so this should be enough models, even if they up the points to 1000 for next year).

January 9, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'PIAT Team'

Nothing better to do on Sunday's than to watch football and get some painting done. IN the last 15 years of painting, I never had space next to my painting station to place a TV or an iPad next to me to watch TV and paint. With my new setup, I actually do. So I took advantage of that and had my iPad next to me with the games and got some painting done.

With Version 2 of Bolt Action, 'Shape Charges' are not as bad as they were in Version 1 (no longer penalized for long range). So since there are pieces on the sprues, I decided to add a PIAT Team to my British army.

Great Britain: PIAT Team
Great Britain: PIAT Team
Great Britain: PIAT Team

I am still waiting on a sprue order from Warlord to finish assembling my British Infantry, so I am not sure what models will be next in line to get painted. I may work on some Command models this week.

Painting Points: 2

January 7, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Sniper Team'

Well last night I finally got a start on my Great Britain army for Bolt Action. It has been over 2 1/2 years since I last painted anything for Bolt Action and that wa for my German army.

I wanted to start with a small team so I can test the colors I'll be using for the army and to see how they paint. After I applied my wash I was debating if I wanted to go back and highlight the colors. A part of me really wanted to, but another part of me likes the 'natural' look of the soldier after the wash. Sometimes for me when I see highlights that make the model stand out, it just does not look right. I do like highlights fir certain armies and certain games, but Bolt Action for me is about getting dirty in war. So I elected not to re-highlight after my wash and keep the same feel as the rest of my armies. When it comes time for the vehicles and artillary pieces, I will do a little highlighting afterwards on the edges.

Anyways, here's to the first 2 Painting Points of 2017.

Great Britain: Sniper Team
Great Britain: Sniper Team

Painting Points: 2

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! What's in store for 2017

Happy New Year 2017! Everyone......

It is that time of the year of again to write the first post of 2017 and lay out my plans for the upcoming 2017 (only to be disappointed on December 31st.... LOL)

As I mentioned in my recap of 2016, this past fall I moved from Arizona to Michigan and unfortunately I had run out of room on the moving truck to bring any of my models/hobby supplies with me. I did not think I would need them right away as I knew I had a lot of painting that needed to get done for the house. I finished painting most of the room by early December and I was looking for things to do. With the new relese of Version 2 for Bolt Action this past Fall, I thought it might be a good time to jump back into Bolt Action. Another reason I chose Bolt Action over Warmachine/Hordes is that most of my friends/people I know that play in Chicago (only 100 miles from where I live in Michigan) play Bolt Action and not WM/H. My other group of friends that play in Chicago play Warhammer and Warhammer 40K (and I did not feel like getting back into Games Workshop), so Bolt Action it is.

Mid December I had my oldest son in Arizona ship me my two Bolt Action armies (Soviets/Germans), Army Books, and my paint brushes and other supplies that I would need. Unfortunately during the moving clean up I had thrown out all my Vallejo paints (so I needed to place an order for these).

So now my armies are with me and it is time for 2017.

Bolt Action

Painting Goal: Just before Christmas 2016, I took advantage of a 'deal' that Warlord Games had on a Great Britian army package. $500 plus dollars of models for around $300. Probably close to around 3000 poiints (if not more). I had always wanted to start a British army, so my goal for 2017 will be to work on this army. My 'plan' is to work on this army over the entire year to keep me busy. No need to really speed paint these guys. I already have two armies painted that I can play with, so I am just going to enjoy myself modeling/painting this army. I still have a few models I can also add to my Soviet and German armies if I get a little bored with the British. By chance I get the British done before the end of 2017, then we will scope out another army to start.

Gaming Goal: Well there are no gamers that are 'real' close to me, but I did find a Facebook group called 'Michiana Bolt Action' and they meet once a month in Michigan City, IN (about 50 miles from me). The first meetup for 2017 will be January 22nd, so I do plan on heading out for a reintroduction to Bolt Action along with Version 2 of the rules. So the plan, try to meet with these guys once a month if possible. Other than that, most of my other game will probably come from events that I plan on attending in 2017. I will be heading out to LVO next month (more details below) and I offered my 'ringer' services to BA Chef on that Saturday of the Bolt Action Tournament if needs it.


Painting Goal: As of right now, I have no painting goals for WM/H. All my models/paints are back in Arizona. When I go back at the end of May to pick up my wife and younget child, if there is still room in our van, I may bring back my models with me. I really do enjoy the models from WM/H and enjoy painting them. Gives a nice break from painiting WWII. But I am not setting any expectations for me.

Gaming Goal: Well without my models I obviously cannot get many games in. I do plan on getting in a game or two with my oldest son at LVO though.


I actually think this will be a busy year for me in regards to events and conventions. Last year my plan was to attend Las Vegas Open (LVO) and Privateer Press Lock & Load and I attended both of those. This year I think I have a little bit more planned out.

I will be attending the LVO again next month with my oldest son. I will be flying back to Arizona, and the two of us will then drive to Las Vegas. So in the car I plan on bringing my WM/H armies, along with my sons United States army for Bolt Action (in case BA Chef needs me to 'ringer'). I think my son and I will also split his army into 2 and play some US v US just so he can refresh on the V2 rules.

At the end of March, we have one of the largest conventions in the US called AdeptiCon in Chicago. Before moving to Arizona in 2005 I had always attended this convention (and helped run the Warhammer events). I had been back once in 2010 and my son went a few years ago by himself. Now that it is only 2.5 hours away from me, I will be going back in 2017. I was just going to go and catch up with some old friends, but I saw they still had openings in the Bolt Action US Nationals for Saturday/Sunday. So I decided to sign up for that event, and I think I will be playing my Germans (have not fully decided yet). I have NO expectations on winning any games, for me it is just to throw some dice and meet up with the Chicago Bolt Action crew.

For the summer months of 2017, I need to see what is available in the area, I know at the end of May I will be busy going back to Arizona to pick up my wife and youngest son, and June will be busy taking them to Disney World. I may spend the summer months away from gaming and get back to cycling while it is warm outside.

I know there are two events I do plan on attending in the fall. There is the Michigan GT the weekend of October 6th-8th in Lansing, MI (and more than likely they will have a Bolt Action tournament again). In November there is Operation Sting back in Chicago (if I can get quickly registered for this event, it sells out).

I think If I can make it to those four events, it will be a good year with plenty of games played.

Have a Happy New Year!