January 23, 2017

Battle Report: 1/22/2017 Bolt Action 'Great Britain vs Germany'

Yesterday was the first time I have played a game of Bolt Action in over 2 1/2 years and I must say it was really nice to be able to get the rust of the rifles and get some gun oil on them. Of course everyone wants to win when they play a game, but yesterday for me was more about remembering the rules of the game and trying out Version 2 of the new rule set.

Being it ws the first time with V2, I wanted to try out some of the new rules even if I really did not need to, like 'You Men, Snap to Action' and using the new template (though I had missed on my shot).

This was my first game of anykind I played since moving back to the Mid West and recently I came across a group on Facebook called 'Michiana Bolt Action'. About once a month they get together for a Bolt Action open play game day at a local store in Michigan City (about 50 miles for me, but it is all highway so it does not take that long, they are probably the closest and easiest to get for me). So yesterday was my first time meeting the group, and all I can say is that I am glad that I did. The group of gamers were excellent and everyone was there just to have fun. The funny thing also this past week that happened is that I was notified from a friend back in Chicago that one of the Chicago Bolt Action locals (that I knew from years ago) also recently moved to Michigan, John from Plastic Legions. So I also got in touch with him and it turns out we are only about 35 miles apart (again all highway), so I am looking forward to getting in future games with him in his Gaming Lair.

Onto the actual battle (which was not much of a battle for me). It seems that by moving to the Mid West, this past winter with all the snow and freezing temperatures, my dice must have also froze. I think I had every kind of bad roll imaginable.

Sunday 1/22/2017
Points: 750
Scenario: Meeting Engagement
Objective: Both sides must attempt to destroy the other whilst preserving their own forces.
Victory: Victory Points
Armies: Great Britain (Mark) vs Germany (Dean)

We elected not to roll for a scenario and just decided to play the above since again it was more of a refresher game for me.

I am not going to go into a turn by turn detail (honestly do not remember it all), but all I can say it was not good for the Germans. In Turn 2 my StuG III misses his Light Tank, only for him to return fire needing a 5 to hit, rolls a 5... needs a 5 for Superficial Damage, rolls a 6 for Full Damage... followed by another 6 for Knocked Out. My Infantry also saw a FUBAR. My Lt decided to chicken out and rolls a 12 for Morale and leaves the game. None of my Infantry could hit and when they did, they could only manage minimal damage. So It was not good for the Germans, losing 0-5. It felt like the date was May 7, 1945.

Germany surrenders at the end of Turn 7.
1 of 3 Tables
2 of 3 Tables
3 of 3 Tables
German StuG III Knocked Out

Even though I had lost, I do not care. I actually got to get out out of the house and meet a new group of friends and throw some dice.

Though I think next time, my dice need to spend some time in the oven before they hit the table.

January 20, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain '25-PDR Howitzer & Limber'

The 25 pounder was the key howitzer used by the British Army throughout World War 2 and beyond. It was found in every theatre of war.

Over the last two days I was able to work on another Artillery piece for my British Army, the 25-PDR Howitzer. In Bolt Action, this gun counts as a light howitzer. In Version 2 of Bolt Action, there is not a real need to have a tow for this gun (unless I want to move it farther onto board with reserves or units coming in on first wave) otherwise a light and medium artillery units can be issued a Run order and move 6" (instead of the normal 12" for Run). When being towed it is assumed that the gun has a limber, but since this model came with one, I thought it would be nice to also paint it up.

Great Britain: 25-PDR Howitzer & Limber
Great Britain: 25-PDR Howitzer & Limber

Painting Points: 4

January 17, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'QF 6-PDR'

The QF 6-pdr was the highly successful replacement for the 2-pdr, being copied by the Americans as the 57mm gun, M1. Its useful lifespan was extended by new developments in ammunition that improved its armour penetration capabilities, allowing it to knock out Panthers and Tigers from the flank.

My first Artillery piece is completed for the British Army. This model will serve as a Medium Anti-Tank Gun. Usually I paint my armies Infantry first then followed by Weapons Teams and Artillery, guess I am doing the British backwards. Hopefully really soon I can start on the Infantry.

I am also still waiting for my British Airborne Army to arrive, once that does come in, I will be mixing in a few pieces here and there. Also once I come back from the LVO (first weekend in February), I shoud have my sons US Airborne Army with me and getting that ready to paint for AdeptiCon 2018 (yes 2018).

Great Britain: QF 6-PDR
Great Britain: QF 6-PDR
Great Britain: QF 6-PDR
Great Britain: QF 6-PDR

Painting Points: 3

January 16, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Medic & Flamethrower Team'

Originally I thought I would be assembling my QF 6-PDR yesterday, but I realized while going through my British army that I already a Medic and Flamethrower Team already assembled and ready for paint. So I decided to finish these guys up first before I tackled another assembly.

More than likely the Medic probably will not see much playing time unless I have some points to fill out, none the less thie model came with the British Army Command so I figure I would get him painted.

Great Britain: Medic
Great Britain: Medic

Now the Flamethrower Team will probably be played in all my lists. The Team is not as good as it was in Version 1 of Bolt Action, but they are still a pretty good Team especially when it comes time to burning Infantry occupied in buildings.

Great Britain: Flamethrower Team
Great Britain: Flamethrower Team

Painting Points: 3

January 15, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Medium Mortar Team x2'

So I am still diging through my box from Warlord on what to build/paint next (since I am STILL waiting on my Infantry sprues) and I decided to paint the Medium Mortar Team next. When I searched through the box, I noticed Warlord shipped me 2 3" Medium Mortars. The British Strategic Army deal was only suppose to come with 1, so I was a happy camper.

Seeing how more and more tournaments lately are allowing you build lists using either 1 or 2 Platoons, having the second Medium Mortar will be good if I ever decide to build a 2 Platoon list.

Obviously since the models are identical, it was a no brainer to build/paint them both at the same time.

This was yesterdays project (Saturday) and finished them just in time to relax and watch the football playoffs.

Great Britain: Medium Mortar Teams
Great Britain: Medium Mortar Teams
Great Britain: Medium Mortar Teams

Now it's time to dig through the box and see what is next to build. I am leaning towards the QF 6-PDR, but I may start to assemble some of my Tanks/Vehicles (there was a lot in the army deal).

Painting Points: 6

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