March 22, 2019

Guild Ball: Miner's Guild Assembled

I had a busy last couple of days assembling models, first with 'Mataagi' and 'Mourn', then 'Steeljaw' and then I decided to work on assembling the new Miner's Minor Guild.

Unlike the previous Minor Guilds; Ratcatcher's, Falconer's, Navigator's and upcoming Cook's which all come as PVC plastic material, the Miner's Minor Guild come as colored resin and need assembly.  I also have the alternate sculpts for 'Salvo' and 'Colossus' so I assembled those at the same time.

At least now they can hit the Pitch and we can see what they can do as a team.

Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild 'Mourn'

With the recent release of three new Captains this past March 1st, my Mortician's were now incomplete and I had to get 'Mourn' completed.  'Veteran Boar' was the first of the new Captains completed since the Butcher's are my go to playing Guild, and yesterday I decided to just quickly paint up 'Mourn' for the Mortician's.  My paint style for the Mortician's is quick and easy (table top quality) so I knew she would not take long to complete.  With that, my Mortician's are back to being completed.



Painting Points: 1

March 21, 2019

Guild Ball: Falconer's Guild 'LE Mataagi'

Back when I purchased "The Falconer's Guild: Daughter of Falcons", I also received a Limited Edition alternate sculpt of 'Mataagi'.  This worked out really nice because 'Mataagi' is also one of the Falconer's that can play for the Hunter's Guild.  With the recent errata change to 'Chaska', my son has been trying out 'Mataagi' more and more and I thought now would be a perfect time to get him completed just in time for AdeptiCon.



Painting Points: 1

March 20, 2019

Guild Ball: Re-Printing Single Sided Cards

Back in November I printed out single sided Guild Ball cards that a gentlemen in the UK had pieced together.  The single sided cards work great and I love them, but with the recent errata that was released a few weeks ago, some of the updated cards did not print right and some information were being cut off.

The images that this gentlemen pieced together were not planned to be printed on a photo 4x6 paper, but instead on printed on normal paper, trimmed and then laminated.  The cost and time of doing it that way is much more than just printing a photo 4x6.

After looking at some of the cards that were printed, my OCD in me kicked off and I needed to try and make these cards look better for photo 4x6 printing.

I tested it with the new Cook's Minor Guild and I loved how they came out, so yesterday I went ahead and tackled the remaining 16 Guilds and re-printed every single card all over again.

Now that I have the program and template all figured out, when Steamforged Games releases new cards, I have the process down pact and can easily get the single sided cards created.

I have the current Season 4 cards available HERE for anyone to download and print.

Example of old prints.

Example of new prints.

Side by side comparison.

March 19, 2019

March 18, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #11

Week #11 for 2019 is now in the books and it was a "good" week, not bad, not great, just good.

Wednesday night I was able to throw down my Navigator's Guild and get in a game vs Hunter's, and on Friday I was actually able to finish painting another model for my Butcher's Guild with the new 'Veteran Boar'.

Then on Saturday I hosted my first ever Guild Ball Tournament down in South Bend, IN and I think it was very successful.  We had 15 players come out for the event, and I hope everyone had a good time.

What is in store for this week? I have a 'Mataagi' for the Hunter's Guild that I think my son is going to want me to finish for AdeptiCon, not sure if it will be completed but it will be close, and then we still need to practice practice practice.  We have no major plans coming up this weekend, so it may be a perfect time to get in quite a few Guild Ball and X-Wing games in before AdeptiCon, we shall see....

March 17, 2019

Guild Ball: "Cooking with a Roast" Recap

Yesterday, I hosted my first Guild Ball tournament, as a Pundit and overall ever and I want to say it was a pretty good success.  My event "Cooking with a Roast" (named after the Cook's Guild being officially released the day before) was held at Fantasy Games in South Bend, IN (a nicely sized venue) that had plenty of room to host 16 players, I think anymore players, it wold intrude on other space in the store needed for their other products.

South Bend, IN was a nice central location and reached out and attracted players from the North in Michigan, the West in Illinois, the East in Ohio and players from it's own State of Indiana.

I had to dress like a Chef

There was a full event of 16 players registered on Longshanks, but one of the local players actually did not check-in so the event started with 15 player and would have to have a bye each round.  I was prepared to play in place of the bye, but on my drive down to the store, I received a message that the person who would help me with the event could not make it, so I was going at it solo.  Even though i have experience running other miniature gaming events, being my first Guild Ball event, I wanted to be dedicated to the players that came out to play.

The first Round my son took the bye (seeing how we probably had the closest drive than anyone else, I did not want anyone else to sit out the first Round), so that left my son 1-0 after Round 1 and Longshanks had him paired up against Alex Botts (World's number 1 ranked player, and a very nice guy to talk with).  I think that made his day for my son, especially when he even was able to get a Goal.

Dragi (Left) vs Alex (Right)

The event went to Round 4, and on the top table it was Alex Botts (IL) with his Blacksmith's Guild vs Eric Bemus (IN) and his Butcher's Guild.  In the end, it was Alex with a 12-4 win.

Final Round, Alex (Left) vs Eric (Right)
Here are the final standings for the event:

Final Standings
Left to Right: Eric M "Golden Spoon", Eric B "2nd Place", Pat V "3rd Place", Alex B "1st Place"
I want to THANK everyone again for coming out, and I hope everyone had a good time.  Here are a few more pictures from the event.