July 17, 2018

MTG: ‘Core Set 19’ Booster Box

Last night my son and I opened our Magic The Gathering Core Set 19 booster box, I had my son purchase it Saturday night from his work, but we waited till last night to crack open a few packs.

I had thought about joining a MTG League out in Kalamazoo on Monday nights (started last night), but Monday nights are very tough for me to get away with all the chores that need to get accomplished (garbage night).  So I decided we’ll just play the league style at home after dinner.  The League consists of starting with 3 packs and build a 30 card deck (we elected to start with 4 packs), then each week you can purchase a new pack tocustomize your 30 card deck.  The one change we may do is instead of waiting a full week, I think each night we play, we will probably open up a new pack.  Once we get quite a few packs opened up, we then will increase the deck size to 40 and then finally to 60.  More than likely our decks at 60 cards will not be powerful, but it should still be a fun time.  By playing it this way, it gives us the joy of opening new packs, and limiting our cards to just 1 booster box.

I think in the future if I decided to get serious with Friday Night Magic, I will probably just buy a custom deck online rather than buying packs of cards, but the collector in me likes the booster boxes as it is a good start to completing a full set.  Once we open all the packs and check off all the cards we received, I’ll have to then add up and see how much it would cost to complete the set.

Once we got our 30 card deck built, we played a match.  I put together a Black/Red deck together and I ended up losing 1-2.  The game I did win, my deck played exactly as how I intended it to do so, but the 2 I lost I think I was hurting on some red lands.

We’ll see what happens next time....really enjoying this so far.

Guild Ball: Season 4 Sneak Peak

Awhile back Steamforged Games announced that Season 4 for Guild Ball will be released in October during SteamCon US.  Unfortunately due to vacation plans already with my wife the weekend before, my son and I will not be attending this years SteamCon US.  In all honestly, even though I really wanted to, I just not have played that many games of Guild Ball this year.  I think once I knew I could not attend SteamCon and that Season 4 will also be released at that point, I went into a “let’s wait for Season 4” mode.  So that is where I am at today, I have not painted anything recently for Guild Ball, but I have been picking up the Minor Guilds as they are being released, and probably will continue to do so through out the year.

Back to Season 4, today Steamforged Games announced some of the changes for the upcoming Season 4.  Personally, I like the changes that were released today.  For a full read on their blog, click HERE, otherwise here is a brief rundown.

1.  They cleaned up some of the wording on the cards so that it is easier to understand, here is an example using Close Control

Season 3 wording

Season 4 wording

2. Measuring used to be done from the center of the ball or to the center of an AOE.  Now measuring will be “within”.  By changing the wording, they also reduced the range of almost all the AOE plays and traits by 2”.

Season 3 measuring AOE

Season 4 measuring AOE

3. Passing the ball will now also be a little bit easier.  In season 3 they made a rule called “Tap in”, that would reduce the TN of your shot on goal from 4+ to 3+ if you were within 4” to score a goal.  They now changed it that any kicking (shots or passes) if you are within half range of the kicking model it will reduce the TN by 1.  I really like this change and it makes it very consistent through out the game.

4. Earning Momentum on Turn 1 has also changed.  The kicking team now will start the game with 1 Momentum.  The idea behind this one is to make both sides play a bit more aggressive during Turn 1 instead of standoff-ish.

That is all they released for today...as of now, I am liking the above changes.

July 16, 2018

MTG: ‘Core Set 19’ Planeswalker Decks

It seems like every three years my son and I get back into playing Magic The Gathering, not competitively, but more for fun (at least for now).  The issue I always have (and have wrote about it three years ago) is what to do with all the extra cards you get from the booster packs, most of them will just be sitting in a white card board box on the shelf.  This past April, Wizards did actually release some competitive pre-made decks to be played on Friday Night Magic, but come October, most of those cards will be obsolete due to their rotation cycle (I am hoping they will do something similar after the rotation again).

‘Core Set 19’ was just released this past weekend (and the pre-release events were the weekend before), my son since moving here to Michigan has started working in a game store again down in South Bend and Magic The Gathering is heavily played there, so it would be a good idea to refresh his memory on the game is played again.  The easiest thing for us to purchase to just jump right in is with the new ‘Core Set 19’ Planeswalker Decks.  A pre-made 60 card deck is released for each of the land colors.  I decided to get the Mountain deck called ‘Sarkhan’ and my son went the Forest deck called ‘Vivien’.

It actually has been pretty fun so far, we have been able to get in 8 games so far (I do really like that most of the games can be played pretty quickly).  More than likely we will be purchasing a ‘Core Set 19’ Booster Box for the excitement of opening packs, along with doing our own in house League over the next few weeks.

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #28 (45 Days Till The NOVA Open)

Time is really flying by, especially when it seems like you are not getting that many models completed.  Last week was actually probably a pretty decent week for me, not in terms of getting models completed, but as a whole.  I was able to get in two 50 point games of Warmachine/Hordes in (practice for “Breakfastmachine”) and I did complete a new Warcaster for my Khador army with ‘Karchev The Terrible’.

Not too much was done painting wise this past weekend, I do have two ‘Greylord Forge Seers’ on the table, but on Saturday I decided to start building some of the models for my Khador Man-O-War list.  I want to make sure those models are ready to go for when I get back from the NOVA Open and concentrate on finishing those models after the event.

Speaking of the NOVA Open, there is only 45 days left till the event, and I really looking forward to it.  I have never been to an East Coast event, and I have heard good things about this one.  My son and I withdrew from the Guild Ball event that is happening on Friday to open some free time, but we still have a pretty packed schedule of events.  As of now, the plan is for the following events:

Thursday: Warmachine/Hordes “3 Man Team Tournament”.
Friday: Open day, probably get in some games of WM/H in the Iron Arena and late at night we will sit in and listen to the future of “Middle-earth SBG” (formerly Lord of the Rings SBG).
Saturday: early in the morning we have Warmachine/Hordes “Breakfastmachine” and then some open play in the afternoon.
Sunday: in the morning we have Warmachine/Hordes “Speedmachine” and then the drive back home.

Once we get back from the NOVA Open, then it will be time to concentrate on Warmachine Weekend in early November.

Games Played: 2

Models Completed: 1
Khador: Karchev The Terrible

July 12, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 7/11/2018 Khador vs Trollbloods (50 Points)

I was supposed to have a game lined up for tonight versus my Trollbloods friend out in Kalamazoo, but yesterday afternoon he asked if we can play last night instead.  So my son and I packed our bags and drove out East.

We setup the table once again for the Mirage scenario (I actually really like this scenario and it is very lively) and I elected to play my same ‘Vlad 1’ Khador list that I had played on Monday night against my son.  My friend TJ played a ‘Doomshaper 3’ Trollblood list with a ‘Mountain King’ and ‘Mulg’.  I wont go into too many details, but forgetting my Feat that would have been a perfect situation to take out the ‘Mountain King’ really hurt me in this game.  I ended up losing 9-4 on the top of Turn 4 and lost all 5 of my Warjacks.  I think all I had left was ‘Vlad 2’ and 1 ‘Kayazy Eliminator’ where as the Trollbloods still had quite a few models left.  When TJ popped ‘Doomshaper’s 3’ Feat, it was like I was giving free health back to his Warbeasts.  I got to think about the mistakes I made after the game (while my son was getting in a game against TJ, which ‘Stryker 2’ Assassinated ‘Doomshaper 3’) and I can see where I should have done things differently.  I spent time shooting the Objective and I should have gotten the ‘Widowmaker Scouts’ in a better position and taken out the one Unit that he had.

I do not care if I win or lose (really), I just need the more playing time and learning my models better, and over the last few weeks that has helped a lot.  I am spending less time reading the cards/app (but I still do when need to) and that is helping me with the deathclock.  Soon I’ll be ready to give my 75 point lists a try.

July 11, 2018

WM: Khador Karchev the Terrible (Warcaster)

I love Warcasters that can really do a beat down on the offensive instead of just sitting back and playing defensive, hence the reason I always seem to fall back and play with ‘Butcher 1’.  Well I finally got another beat down Warcaster for my Khador army in ‘Karchev the Terrible’

MAN IN THE MACHINE “Karchev is a living model but is neither warjack nor a warrior model.  He has a damage frid and suffers damage like a warjack.......”

With 34 boxes of damage, he has the most boxes of all my Warcasters, and hopefully can last longer on the battlefield, he can also be REPAIRABLE from my ‘Battle Mechaniks’ or if I decide to run my ‘Gobber Tinker’ also.

He has a DEF 12, ARM 19 so he can easily be hit in melee, but his his ARM (+2 in melee) should help keep him alive.  For his damage output, he has a SP10 gun POW 12 and an Open Fist P+S 15 and his Sunder P+S 19 with a RNG of 2.  Very similar to a ‘Juggernaut’ in regards to damage output, but he can also cast spells.  He has two very useful spells, BATTLE-CHARGED granting his battlegroup Countercharge, and JUMPSTART that allows his battlegroup to stand up and are no longer stationary.

Now I just need to get in a few test games with him and see how he actually does on the tabletop.  My plan is to run him with a couple of ‘Greylord Forge Seers’ to help with the Focus on the Warjacks, so I have those models next on the painting table.

Karchev the Terrible

Karchev the Terrible

Karchev the Terrible

Painting Points: 5

July 10, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 7/9/2018 Khador vs Cygnar (50 Points)

After having spent some time the last few games practicing for 15 Points “Speedmachine”, it was time to get in some practice of “Breakfastmachine”.  “Breakfastmachine” is an event at this years NOVA Open played with 50 Points, and while playing your game, you are served breakfast items to eat, I could not pass on an event like this.

I am still testing out different lists for this event, but for last night I went with ‘Vlad 1’ and my “Jaws of Wolf” theme, my son was playing his Cygnar army led by ‘Stryker 1’.

This was our first time playing the new scenario “Mirage” and from the looks of it I could tell it would be a good game to score some Control Points.  Also since I am playing a Warjack heavy “Jaws of Wolf” theme, I wanted to see how my list would do without any Rectangle Zones.

My Khador went first I basically ran all my Warjacks up the table, playing with 2 ‘Kodiaks’ it was nice to have them gain an extra 2”.  I had a ‘Widowmaker Marksman’ and ‘Widowmaker Scouts’ that were on my right flank, with Advance Deployment they walked up to my nearest Flag and sat there, from that position my ‘Marksman’ and 3 of my ‘Scouts’ were able to get some shots off on the enemies Objective and doing 6 points of damage.  These guys basically say there most of the game and destroyed the Objective for 1 CP.  They were useful for that and if needed to could have entered int the farthest Circle Zone.  ‘Vlad 1’ was in my Circle Zone casting “Signs & Portents” most of the game.  I had ‘Kayazy Eliminators’ and a ‘Berserker’ on my left flank along with ‘Yuri’. ‘Yuri’ did not do too much in this game and I should have played him towards the center of the table going for the Flag in  the forests.

After Turn 2 the score was tied 2-2, Turn 3, I was able to kill the Objective and then also contest his Circle Zone and Flag so I was up 5-2 after the top of Turn 3.  Bottom of Turn 3 Cygnar had to try and kill 2 Warjacks that were contesting his Circle Zone, a ‘Juggernaut’ and a ‘Kodiak.  With some help from ‘Stryker 1’ he was able to kill the ‘Juggernaut’.  There was not much else he could do and at the bottom of Turn 3, Khador won 7-2.

I played out the top of Turn 4 just to see what I could do next.  I set up my 2 ‘Kodiaks’ with the most Focus to prepare one of them to Charge ‘Stryker 1’.  My ‘Widowmaker Scouts’ actually cleared up most of a Unit and it actually gave room for both of my ‘Kodiaks’ to Charge ‘Stryker 1’ if need be....I only needed the 1 ‘Kodiak’ to finish off ‘Stryker 1’ (with the help of my “Signs & Portents”.

I have another 50 Point game lined up against my Trollbloods friend this Thursday night, more than likely I will play the same list, but I may try a Warcaster change.

July 9, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #27

I cannot believe it is another week in 2018, this past week went by really really fast, it may have had to do also with a Holiday in the middle of the week.  Because of the Holiday, my plan was to actually get in quite a few games of Warmachine/Hordes in, but I disappointed myself in that department.  My wife and I started to binge watch “The Crown” on Netflix and that seemed to have taken up all my free time, at least now both seasons are done and hopefully I can get in a few more games.

In the department of painting, I am thrilled that I was able to get my 2nd ‘Kodiak’ completed along with my Unit of ‘Battle Mechaniks’, at least some progress was made in that area.  I have also started to prep some models for my painting table and we shall see how much gets down this week/weekend.  I have a cycling event coming up on Saturday and that will take away from my hobby time, so I am not sure how much will get done.

For my gaming plans this week, the plan is to get a practice game of “Breakfastmachine” (50 points) in tonight, and another game Thursday night against my friend in Kalamazoo.  My son and I did manage to get in 3 games in yesterday morning, but that was for Magic: The Gathering (see future post about this) but it still counts as games played.

Models Completed: 7
Khador: Kodiak 2
Khador: Battle Mechaniks

Games Played: 3

July 5, 2018

WM: Khador Battle Mechaniks (Unit)

I really do not prefer painting Units, but they have to get done also, so I tend to assembly line my Unit models.  Honestly I do not think they came out to shabby.  In order to try and save some time on the “death clock”, I have been leaning more towards playing the “Jaws of Wolf” theme which is usually a Warjack heavy list.  Well with all those Warjacks, I need a Unit that can repair them.  While base to base, each ‘Battle Mechanik’ model can heal a Warjack for D3 damage removal.  This is very beneficial  when you really need that axe arm back on your ‘Juggernaut’.  One problem I am still trying to learn with them is keeping them all in Command range while trying to heal all my different Warjacks.

With this Unit now completed, my main list for the NOVA Open is completed, now it is time to add some model to my painting table so I can try out a few different lists.

Battle Mechaniks

Battle Mechaniks

Painting Points: 6

July 3, 2018

WM: Khador Kodiak 2 (Warjack)

Very similar to  my ‘Kodiak 1’ I finished this past Sunday, I now have completed my ‘Kodiak 2’.  Both of these models I purchased for a great price at this years AdeptiCon, and now both are completed.  I did much better with this purchase from AdeptiCon compared to last years where I still have model sitting unfinished in their boxes.

Up next will be to finish up my ‘Battle Mechaniks’ and then probably move onto ‘Karchev’ which arrived yesterday afternoon.  Once ‘Karchev’ is completed I then may tackle both of my ‘Greylord Forge Seers’, but we’ll see, I may want to change it up a bit.

Kodiak 2

Kodiak 2

Painting Points: 5

July 2, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #26

It is Monday morning so that means it is time for another Weekly Chronicle.  It also #26 for the year and we are half way through the year.  As always, I start of the year going in strong, calm down a bit and then usually pick it up back up towards the end of Summer/early Fall and it has been no different this year.  I started of the first quarter of the year super strong in my Painting Queue, then I died down just after AdeptiCon for the entire 2nd quarter.  We just entered the 3rd quarter for the year and I am hoping to pick things up a bit, probably not as strong as 1st quarter, but hopefully I will be able to get quite a few models completed.  Currently my interest is still into Warmachine/Hordes (especially with NOVA Open in less than 2 months) and I excited all over again for Khador army.  I received a bunch of the new Man-O-War models in last week, and I have a few more new Khador models coming in today and one of them being a new Warcaster ‘Karchev’.  I am hoping to get ‘Karchev’ assembled pretty quickly and get him to the top of my queue, I am really curious on how he plays.

I also was able to get in 3 games of Warmachine/Hordes last week (it helped to be on vacation), grant it they were all 15 point Speedmachine games, but it is still practice and I am starting to learn those models even better.  As I have been mentioning the last 18 months, I have always wanted to get into the WM/H League down in South Bend on Monday nights, but Mondays are always a very bad day for me with all the chores that have to get done after work.  Tonight starts up another 4 week session (and it may be there last) and we were thinking about attending, but honestly I do not think I will be able to attend.  Once work gets done for the day, it is time to take care of the dogs and cats, then its time to take out the trash and I have to get back on the bike again to prepare for a bike ride in 2 weeks, all to be done in 1 hour so we can leave at 6pm....so it is very unlikely we’ll attend, but we’ll see, more than likely I will probably start assembling ‘Karchev’ or get in a game at home with my son, we also have another Vet appointment next Monday for the new puppies so once again Monday’s always seem to be a bad day for me.

Models Completed: 1

Games Played: 3

July 1, 2018

WM: Khador Kodiak 1 (Warjack)

What can be better than starting off a new month and painting quarter than with a finished model.  I finally got around to sit down and get some painting completed (along with some gaming) over the last couple of days.  It actually feels good to have another model finished, it has been way too long (April 5, 2018).

For one of my lists for the NOVA Open, I need to complete 2 ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks and a Unit of ‘Battle Mechaniks’, so those models at this moment are my priority.  I have a few different lists that I may want to play, but I also need to complete models for those lists too.  So right now I will start with above and once completed, I can tackle the other lists.

First up on the list, we have ‘Kodiak 1’.

Kodiak 1

Kodiak 1

Painting Points: 5

June 29, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 6/28/2018 Speedmachine (15 Points)

The nice thing about being on vacation for a few days, I am able to get in some gaming and painting.  Yesterday was our day to stay home and get in a few games of Warmachine/Hordes.  The NOVA Open is two months away and I still wanted to get in some practice for “Speedmachine”.  “Speedmachne” is 15 Point armies and played with 3:00 minute turns.  The 3:00 minute turns is really allowing me to learn my army better and play faster, I am hoping this faster play will rollover to when I play the larger 50 and 75 Point practice games.

First up during the day I played my son’s Cygnar army led by ‘Stryker 3’ and I played my Khador with ‘Vlad 1’.  I had a Unit on a scoring zone collecting points for me while the rest of my army was battling out, my son had nothing he could contest with until late in the game, by that time one of my ‘Juggernauts’ was able to Assassinate ‘Stryker 3’.  If I did not Assassinate ‘Stryker 3’, I would have one the game on Points that turn.

Later in the evening my Trollbloods friend TJ came out for a some practice games.  First up he played my Khador army and I was playing the same list as earlier in the day.  TJ elected to give ‘Borka 2’ a try.  This was a hard fought battle, ‘Borka 2’s’ Feat really dampened my plans, but I managed to stay in the game.  We battled it out all the way till the end of Turn 7 and I barely lost 2-1.

After my son played a game against TJ’s same list (and my son also lost), I played TJ again and he went with ‘Borka 1’ and a ‘Mountain King’.  I played the same list as earlier, but I swapped out ‘Vlad 1’ with ‘Butcher 1’.  We ended up going to Turn 4 and the score was 0-0 at this point.  TJ elected to charge into ‘Butcher 1’ and failed to hit on his Charge attack, ‘Butcher 1’ was camping 3 Focus and he managed to stay alive with 5 boxes.  ‘Butcher 1’ then popped his Feat and charge back at ‘Borka 1’, able to do so with his 2” reach and I was able to Assassinate ‘Borka 1’.  That was my first Assassination ever against TJ.

I am still undecided between playing ‘Vlad 1’ and ‘Butcher 1’, I still have 2 months to think about it before the NOVA Open.  I like ‘Vlad 1’ for his “Signs & Portents” spell, but ‘Butcher 1’ is a lot better in combat.

Besides getting in some gaming yesterday, I was also able to start on my ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks for my Khador army.  I need these two Warjacks for my 75 Point list for the NOVA Open Team Tournament.  I have only played with ‘Kodiak’s once before, so I know I will need a lot of practice with them.  I should be getting them done sometime later today or tomorrow.  More than likely they will be posted next week for the month of July.

June 27, 2018

WM/H: Privateer Press Releases Steamroller 2018 Rules

Privateer Press had announced that once Lock & Load 2018 was over they would be releasing the new Steamroller 2018 rules packet, well today is the day.

Not much has really changed in terms of rules in the packet (Masters and Champions packets do have more changes) but they did modify 3 of the Scenarios in the packet.  Scenarios 4 & 5 are brand new and they made a slight change to Scenario 6: Recon II by moving the Flags toward the center of the board slightly.

You can download the new Steamroller 2018 Rules Packet at Privateer Press by clicking HERE.

June 25, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #25

This is not a very good pattern for me with rarely any updates and I am hoping that will turn around very soon.  I am actually off on vacation the rest of the week and I am planning to finally prime some models and possibly get some paint on.  Will I finish a model or a Unit, we shall see.  I have a Unit of ‘Battle Mechaniks’ and 2 ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks that are up next on my painting board.  My plan with the Warjacks is to actually base coat them with my airbrush.  If I can get my station all setup this week, there is a good chance those 2 Warjacks may get done by next week.

I did manage to get in one game last week of Speedmachine practice and I am planning a few more games at this points cost this week.  I am still finalizing which list I want to play, so the more practice the better.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 1

June 24, 2018

WM: Khador Armored Corp Incoming

With the recent CID release for Khador also comes some new models for them.  Over the past two weeks, Privateer Press has been releasing new Man-O-War models for the Khador army.  Khador was my first army for Warmachine/Hordes and probably still is my favorite.  I do love the look of the Hordes models, especially my Minions, but I like the gam play mechanics of Warmachine better.

As always when I see new models coming out for an army that I have, my wallet tends to open up for them.  I did not get every model that was just released, but quite a few.  I want to try an Armored Corp themed list, but more for fun with some variety in models.  Instead of spanning units, I want to play with 1 of each. 

As you know I recently received the ‘Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot’ and I already own a Unit of ‘Man-O-War Demolition Corp’, so this past Friday I made an order for my remaining models.

* denotes new model release
Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff (Sorscha 3) *
Man-O-War Bombardier Unit
Man-O-War Bombardier Officer *
Man-O-War Shocktrooper Unit
Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer
Man-O-War Suppression Tanker Solo x2 *
Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich (Demo Corp Attachment) *

The question now is , when will these models get painted? Who knows.... I still have some models I need to get done for the NOVA Open coming at the end of August.  Once those are completed, I will take another look at my Painting Queue and see what I want to paint.  I think for now I may be playing these model unpainted in the basement.

Sorscha 3

Dragos Dragadovich

Suppression Tanker

Bombardier Unit

Bombardier Officer

Shocktrooper Unit

Shocktrooper Officer