July 7, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Thunderfire Cannon I'

My pace has been slow as a turtle lately, but at least another model was completed.  I had purchased three 'Thunderfire Cannons' awhile ago and this past weekend I finally sat down and started working on one of them.  Once the changes for the Space Marines Doctrines went into effect, the Thunderfire Cannons were not as effective so my immediate desire to get them completed went down slightly.  Now with 9th Edition right around the corner and these models becoming "Blast" weapons, the need slightly went up, but so did their points costs (leaked rumors),

At least for now I do have one 'Thunderfire Cannon' completed, and we shall see what I do with the other two.

Thunderfire Cannon I

Thunderfire Cannon I

Painting Points: 6

July 6, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #27

We are now officially one week into the second half of 2020 and my painting has not really picked up that much, although this past weekend I did finally sit down at my painting table and will have something completed for this week.

Buckeye Battles is still scheduled for the weekend of 7/17-7/18 but sometime tomorrow the Governor of Ohio is suppose to announce the extension of mass gathering indefinitely and if that happens we will not be attending Buckeye Battles (hopefully we will be able to get a refund).

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition is still keeping me excited.  Last week the "Core Rules" were made available for FREE and I printed out a hard copy for us to easily thumb thru.  Since as stated above, Buckeye Battles will more than likely be a "no go" my son and I decided to try out a Combat Patrol game of 9th Edition on Saturday.  For the most part at this point level it played very similar.  Obviously Command Points are handled differently and the Morale Phase (which neither of us failed, although close, so we did not see the full new rules of Morale in action).  Learning the new Terrain Traits will also take some getting used to, I like the fact that Terrain is explained better, but now I have to remember all that "better".

I am also working on a new score sheet to be used for the Eternal War Missions.  The ITC Tournament pack has a score sheet for their missions and since the new 9th Edition missions are similar, I am working on getting one completed and use this game as a test before I laminate ours.  The Secondary Objectives are hard to do since there are so many choices and each one earning different points, so the Secondaries will be more of  manual process.  Here is a pic from of my work in progress.

To wrap this up, a game of Extended X-Wing was also played Friday night to kick off the Holiday weekend and my Scum really did their job on the Rebels.  5 Kihraxz Fighters were able to take down Han, Luke and Wedge.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 2

July 1, 2020

June 30, 2020

W40K: Combat Patrol 9th Edition

Last week the Warhammer Community team wrote an article on "Combat Patrol" for Warhammer 40K 9th Edition that is releasing next month.  I always love smaller point games so they can be played quicker and "Combat Patrol" does just that.

What is Combat Patrol?

This is the new way to play small games of Warhammer 40,000. It’s for armies of a combined total Power Level of 50 (or around 25 power each, can also be played 500 points each). Each player will get 3CP each to start the game with and an additional 1CP each turn, and Combat Patrols are played on a battlefield of at least 44” x 30” – meaning that you can easily play Warhammer 40,000 on a dining table (or a school desk or almost anywhere)! If you’re a Kill Team fan, this board size is the same as two Kill Zones combined – very compact!

With the minimum size gaming boards changing in 9th Edition, as stated above, "Combat Patrol" is meant to be played on a 44"x30" battlefield.  A few months ago I purchased a 22"x30" Kill Team mat from Tablewar (double sided) and I thought now would be a perfect time to order an identical one so they can be placed side by side. My mat came in just in time for 9th Edition.... honestly I was hoping that the streets would have lined up better, but oh well, it still works.

Since I enjoy trying/playing with new armies, "Combat Patrol" at 500 points allow me just that, so unless we are practicing for an upcoming event, I see a lot of these games played in the future.

June 29, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #26 (Half Way Through The Year)

Week #26 already, and that means we are half way through 2020, half way..... and I think I am behind on any goals that I had set at the beginning of the year, let's take a quick look.

Arena Rex: 0/5 Games
BMG: 0/? Games
DCU: 2/? Games
Guild Ball: 0/20 Games
MeSBG: 2/1 Games
Warhammer 40K: 18/30 Games
X-Wing: 6/6 Games

It looks like the two most played games Warhammer 40K and X-Wing are right on schedule (even with missing quite a few games with AdeptiCon being cancelled).  To be honest those are probably going to be the only two games we play the rest of the year (on a regular basis), the others will probably see a one off every now and then.  9th Edition Warhammer 40K will most likely be coming out the end of next month so the excitement of the new edition will keep us going into 2021.

Painting Points for the year are a little off also.  I started the year (1st Quarter) pretty good, but the 2nd Quarter I am way off.  The reason being that during the 1st Quarter I was trying to get my models ready for AdeptiCon 2020, and I succeeded in completing what I needed too.  Then the event was cancelled and most of the future events also, so I had nothing pushing me (getting me excited) to paint, so it was an occasional model hear and there.  I do have two additional Warhammer 40K armies I can on work on now (Tyranids and Chaos) so those models will see some painting table time later this year.

On to this past week...nothing was painted and one game of X-Wing was played yesterday afternoon.  Instead of playing "Hyperspace" like we have been recently, we decided to get in a game of "Extended' (all ships/cards allowed).  I was trying out a new Scum list that I have never flown before.

Laetin A'shera + Crack Shot + Tractor Beam (Proxy Ship)
Serissu + Crack Shot + Tractor Beam (Proxy Ship)
Cartel Marauder + Contraband Cybernetics
Cartel Marauder + Contraband Cybernetics
Cartel Marauder + Contraband Cybernetics

My son was flying Anakin/Obi Wan and a ARC 170 from Clone Wars.

The 2 "Tractor Beams" really helped out early in the game and 'Obi Wan' went down real quick, next the concentration was applied on 'Anakin' and finally on the 'ARC 170' while only losing 1/2 points on one 'Carter Marauder'.

This coming weekend is a Holiday weekend here in the USA, but my son has a pretty busy work schedule for the weekend so I am not sure how much gaming will get in.  I am hoping for at least one more game of X-Wing and we need another practice game of 1850 Points of Warhammer 40K to still prep for Buckeye Battles.

Models Completed: 0 
Games Played: 1

June 22, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #25

Week #25 was nothing special, it has been a pretty slow 2nd Quarter for painting (with all the conventions being cancelled, which usually motivate me to paint), but we did get manage to get in 2 games this weekend of Warhammer 40,000.

On Saturday we played a quick 500 point game before we headed down to our LGS for the new 'Fabius Bile' and "War of the "Spider" and I played some of the Chaos models I put together against Salamanders.  We played a mission from Chapter Approved 2019, and it was a first win for the Chaos.

The yesterday (Father's Day) my son and I played a 1850 ITC test mission for the upcoming Buckeye Battles.  I have a few ideas if what I want to run in my 1850 (with just slight variations between them) but we only have a couple more weeks before our lists need to be submitted.

Round 1 started off strong for the Dark Angels killing 3 Units of my Imperial Fists, but in Round 2 the Imperial Fists lifted themselves off the ground and fought back getting a 25-6 win.

In this game I had played my 'Leviathan Dreadnought' since it has been a while since I last played him, but I am leaning on cutting him and swapping in 3 other models for it.  I think at 1850 I may be better off with more models.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 2

June 21, 2020

W40K: Inbound Creations...of Bile

Yesterday as the release of the latest Psychic Awakening book by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000 called "War of the Spider".  In the book is the re-release of 'Fabius Bile' and a new Chapter for Chaos Space Marines called "Creations of Bile".  As I mentioned in a previous post, once I saw this model, I liked it a lot and wanted to start a Chaos Space Marine Chapter around him,  Basically with 'Fabius Bile' as my Warlord, I could collect any Chaos Space Marine model that I liked.

I decided to start with 2 of the "Start Collection Chaos Space Marines" boxes and 1 box of "Chaos Khorne Berzerkers", then with yesterdays release of the book itself and a Father's Day present of 'Fabius Bile' himself (from my son), I have the makings of a "Creations of Bile" army.

I am not sure when I will actually get around to painting these models, but they will be assembled first and a few games played in "grey" here at home.  I believe I am pretty close to a 1500 point army with the models I have above, and then I plan on waiting to see if there will be a release of "Primaris" models for Chaos before I expand the army any further.

June 15, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #24 (Buckeye Battles 2020 Announced)

We are almost half way through 2020 and what a weird year it has been.  COVID-19 and BLM has really changed up our plans for conventions this year.  The two biggest events we were planning to attend, AdeptiCon and NOVA Open were both cancelled.

Yesterday afternoon while playing a 1000 point Warhammer 40,000 game with my son (see below), I did a quick check on Facebook and I noticed in one of my Groups that someone shared a Warhammer 40,000 ITC GT event for July 18th called the "Buckeye Battles".  Being from the Midwest, I know what "buckeye" refers too which is the state of Ohio, and back long ago from my Warhammer Fantasy days I have heard of the "Buckeye Battles" which is a long running event.  I decided to take a look at the event description and noticed it was being held at the Game Room in Toledo, OH (I have been there a few years ago for a Warmachine event, and the space is really big).  "Buckeye Battles" 40K GT will be an 1850 point ITC rules and the cost of registration is only $30.  When I saw it was being held at the Game Room which is just a little over 2.5 hours for us, my son and I talked about if we wanted to go.  Seeing how everything was cancelled until at least the Renegade Open in November, we decided to go ahead and sign up for the event.  More than likely it will also be one last hurrah! for 8th Edition and 9th will be coming ou shortly after.  So now we have a month to prep our lists and get in some 1850 practice.

Week #24 was not a bad week either for me hobby/gaming wise.  'Captain Lysander' was finally completed for my Imperial Fists and we did manage to get in a 1000 point ITC game yesterday afternoon.  It was my Imperial Fists vs Dark Angels and it was a pretty tight battle.  Final outcome was 23-15 in favor of my Imperial Fists.  I got to try out a 'Thunderfire Cannon' for the first time and I a still unsure yet about it, especially with the recent change in Doctrines, it is a little less effective.

Not sure what my plans are for this coming week, I have some re-basing to do on a couple models fro my sons Dark Angels, and my decide to start on the 'Thunderfire Cannon' in case I elect to use it for the "Buckeye Battles".

June 12, 2020

Daily Chronicle: NOVA Open 2020 Cancelled

Well it is official, NOVA Open 2020 has been cancelled.  On Wednesday June 10th, 2020 all attendees of NOVA Open received an official email with the cancellation.

It is with deep regret that we inform you COVID-19 takes another convention victim - NOVA Open 2020 is cancelled. Most people will not be surprised by this news, but we had joined many of you in holding out hope for several weeks. At the end of the day, our priority has always been the health and well-being of our attendees, staff, volunteers, and the community at large. We took as much time as we could in fairness to everyone involved and are confident this decision will be met with understanding.

The decision to cancel was not made lightly, though, as the financial repercussions of full refunds for all will end the NOVA Open permanently. For this reason, we followed the trends of other convention cancellations by creating refund options, relying only on the generosity of our registered attendees, vendors, and the broader gaming community. Cancellation does not affect NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (https://www.novaopenfoundation.org/) or its raffles.

As with all things NOVA, our volunteers strive to harness their creative energies to find new and unique ways to interact with the community. This is no exception. Please take time to watch our NOVA Open ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO, inspired by Ethan Voce, created/produced by Dan Boyd, with graphics support from Dylan Davis.

Looks like the next event for us to try attend will be the Renegade Open in November.

W40K: Creations of Bile...a New Chaos Space Marines Chapter

The other day Games Workshop announced a whole brand new Chapter for the Chaos Space Marines that will be led by 'Fabius Bile' in the next Psychic Awakening book "War of the Spider", the new Chapter will be called "Creations of Bile".

Ever since the photos of this model were first released, there was something about it that I really liked, I think it was his sidekick extracting genes from a Space Marine and got me excited that maybe he was going to work on some Primaris Chaos Space Marines.

The 'Fabius Bile' model along with "War of the Spider" will go on pre-order tomorrow June 13th, 2020 and should be released the following Saturday June 20th, 2020.  I am definitely ordering these two and hope to have a small Chaos army for him to command.