March 22, 2018

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2018 Day 1 3/22/2018

Well my son and I made it to AdeptiCon 2018 in Schaumburg, IL.  Today was just a travel day and shopping day for us and boy did I get a lot of items checked off my list.  I am still missing one item, so it looks like it will be an online order when I get back.

Mainly these daily posts will just be of a few photos that I took.  I will “try” for a slightly more detailed recap next week.

Daily Chronicle: Off To AdeptiCon 2018

The countdown time on the right shows 0:00:00:00 and that means today is the day for AdeptiCon 2018!

My bags are all packed and shortly I will be making my way towards Schaumburg, IL (via a stop at Midway airport to pick up my oldest son).  I am excited for this one, I am registered in three events and I am just going to play them to have a fun time (hopefully I can remember all the rules).

Today will be our travel/shopping day checking out all the vendors in the vendors hall.  I have my shopping list all ready to go and as always there is more on there than the budget allows.  We shall see, I may have to priortize my purchases to the items I am actually going to use and not just want.

Hopefully at the end of each day I will do a quick photo dump here on the blog, I figured out a new way to do a photo slide slow here on blogger and I am curious to see how it works out.

My schedule for the weekend:

Thursday: Travel/Shopping
Friday: Warmachine/Hordes ‘Who’s The Boss ?’ Tournament
Saturday: Warmachine/Hordes ‘Team Tournament’
Sunday: Guild Ball ‘Homelands Cup’ Tournament

March 21, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (Warlock)

‘Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia’ or better know as ‘Doomshaper 2’ is my first Warlock completed in my green theme and only my second Warlock for my Trollbloods army.  You can click on the “Armies” tab above and few all my completed models.  Originally when I bought the ‘Doomshaper’ Warlocks back in MkII, they were known to run with the ‘Glacier Kings’, though in MkIII that slightly changed, but the ‘Doomshapers’ are still good to run with Warbeast heavy lists, and that is the playstyle I am looking for with the Trollbloods.  Warbeasts in ‘Doomshapers 2’ gain FIELD MARSHALL [OVERTAKE] plus he has quite a few spells geared toward his Warbeasts like PRIMAL SHOCK along with his FEAT: SCROLL OF GRIMMR.

I also have the ‘Doomshaper 1’ and ‘Doomshaper 3’ models that will eventually need to be painted, but I am looking at possibly purchasing/painting ‘Madrak 1’ before that so I can also have an infantry Warlock.

Doomshaper 2

Doomshaper 2

Painting Points: 2

March 20, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Pyre Troll (Warbeast)

I enjoy painting Warbeasts, maybe with me getting up in age, they are easier to see.  I had this model the ‘Pyre Troll’ sitting in my bin of Trollblood models and just decided to open him and get him painted.  I believe I know only have one unpainted Warbeast left and that one is suppose to be in my blue scheme, but we’ll see, maybe he’ll be green also.  I know when my sone visits in a few days for AdeptiCon, he will be bringing me the Warbest ‘Rok’ so that one will keep me busy for a bit, and then I will have to get to painting some Units, though there will be a few items I will need to get to for my Minions army.  Like I mentioned yesterday, after AdeptiCon I’ll have to re-prioritize my queue a little bit.

This the second model I am posting with a different camera setting that I used for the lat year, so far I am liking it.  I amy look for a better back drop at AdeptiCon on Thursday.

Pyre Troll

Pyre Troll

Painting Points: 2

March 19, 2018

Daily Chronicle: NOVA Open 2018 Registration

With the rumor of SteamCon US being in Nashville, TN late September, early October, it does not look like I will be able to attend SteamCon.  For some reason I was thinking it will take place again in December, but I should have realized that the World Championships will be taking place this year at SteamCon UK and that is in November so SteamCon US needs to be before the UK.   I had already made plans with my wife to visit Willamsburg, VA the first week in October, so there is no way I will be able to do both.

So bring on the NOVA Open 2018.  Nova Open 2018 will be taking place August 30th - September 2nd in Arlington, VA (just outside of Washington DC).  Nova Open is in it’s 9th year and has become the largest East Coast miniature wargaming convention.  I am already attending AdeptiCon (probably the largest and in the Midwest) so why not the largest on the East Coast.  The drive is not too bad, about 9.5 hours.  So the plan woud be to leave Wednesday night and drive throough the night so that way we only need a hotel room for Thursday-Saturday night.

The hard decison now was what events do my son and I want to play in.  NOVA Open has a 3 Man Team Tournament for Warmachine/Hordes.  I asked my friend here in Michigan if he would be interested in playing on a team with us and he was excited.  So the Team Tournament took care of our Thursday events, now I had to decide on Friday-Sunday.

I spent this past weekend looking over the schedule of events and descriptions and trying to decide what we want to play in.  I was going back and forth and finally came to a decision this morning and registered for our events.  The Thursday Team Tournament is scheduled to end around 1:00 AM Friday morning, so I was thinking I did not want an all day event or one that started too early on Friday.  I was thinking maybe Breakfastmachine on Friday and then Champions for WM/H on Saturday, but I elected to enter in the Guild Ball NOVA Open Championships Qualifier on Friday.  Then we will do Breakfastmachine on Saturday and finally Speedmachine on Sunday.

Thursday 8/30
WM/H 3 Man Team Tournament

Friday 8/31
Guild Ball NOVA Championship Qualifier

Saturday 9/1
WM/H Breakfastmachine

Sunday 9/2
WM/H Speedmachine

If we have any downtime and feel like playing more games, we can then do some Iron Arena games for Warmachine/Hordes.  I feel most of the downtime may be spent in the Vendor Hall though.

I decided on Guild Ball for Friday for a few reasons.  1. We will be missing SteamCon US.  2. I am sure that when my son moves here in June we will be partaking in some WM/H leagues and local SteamRollers, so a different game for variety would be nice.  3. Again when my son moves here we will also be getting some more Guild Ball in, it will be nice to look forward to a Guild Ball event and prepare for it.  4. Finally, it will probably be our last Guild Ball event for Season 3, Season 4 will start up in November at SteamCon UK.

So NOVA Open will be our next big event after this weekend AdeptiCon.  Once we get back from AdeptiCon, it will be time to priortize my painting queue for what I need done for the NOVA Open.

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #11

Wow! Only 3 more days until I leave for AdeptiCon 2018 and I am really excited for it.  One of the benefits (actually probably the only benefit) of moving back to the Midwest is that I am now in closer driving distance to many more Conventions.  When I lived in Arizona, it was the Las Vegas Open and Kingdom-Con were the main conventions (California does have a few more but not as big as these two).  Though I have never made it out to Kingdom-Con in San Diego, I did make it to the Las Vegas Open twice and may plan to return to the LVO in the distant future.  Now living once again in the Midwest there are a lot more choices within a days drive with the obvious one being AdeptiCon.  Now it is just a matter of having the funds to attend all these events.

As we are getting closer to AdeptiCon my assembly of models has slowed down recently and once I get back I will have to sit down and look at my queue and priortize my models again.  Most of my assembly/painting are tied to future events that I am attending and need to see what army lists I am thinking about bringing.  Then once those models get completed that is when I throw some models down that just look fun to paint or the model impresses me.  I know that at AdeptiCon I may be bringing some new models back with me...hopefully not any new games, but we shall see.

I am all packed and ready to go for AdeptiCon, I spent yesterday getting all my armies together and gathered in one location.  Best part of driving is that I have a little bit more room in my trunk and can bring my entire gaming bags instead of condesing models into one bag...the drawback to that is that I am still undecided on what list I want to play in the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament and may decide last minute.  I thought I knew, then I circled back and spent the weekend thinking about using some other casters.  More than likely I will go with my original list just to give ‘Barnabas 2’ some more playing time.

Here is a recap of the models completed last week.

Week #11

Models Completed: 4
Trollbloods: Mulg the Ancient
Trollbloods: Troll Axer
Trollbloods: Stone Scribe Elder
Blacksmith’s Guild: Cast

Games Played: 1

March 17, 2018

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Cast’

I decided to change it uo a little bit from the recent Trollblood’s and Minion models and paint up another Guidl Ball model for the Blacksmith’s Guild.  Here is ‘Cast’, an Apprentice Winger for the Guild.  On the charge or with some support, she can really put out some damage.

I also decided to try a different camera for my next few models, instead of using my iPhone like I have been the last year, I will be trying a standard Nikon digital camera.  I am still playing around with different settings and trying to figure out what looks best.



Painting Points: 1

March 16, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Stone Scribe Elder (Command Attachment)

I have one more Trollblood model for the week, and today it is a ‘Stone Sribe Elder’.  The ‘Stone Scribe Elder’ is a Command Attachment model who is used with a Unit of ‘Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes’.  Each turn the ‘Stone Scribe Elder’ can use one of three effects that can benefit your army.  The one that I am liking is called STONE STRENGTH which is while within the Protective Aura, friendly Faction models gain +1 STR.

Since I am counting down the days...only 6 more days till AdeptiCon...

Stone Sribe Elder

Stone Sribe Elder

Painting Points: 2

March 15, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Axer (Warbeast)

A Light Warbeast that currently costs 10 points that can pack a punch and here we have ‘Troll Axer’.  ‘Troll Axer’ is a MAT 6, DEF 12, ARM 17 Light Warbeast who has a RNG 2, P+S 14 Great Axe.  ‘Troll Axers’ Great Axe also has THRESHER which allows him to make one melee attack against each model in its LOS.  This is very helpful where he can go and charge in on some light infantry and easily clearing out 2-4 models with his threat range.  ‘Troll Axer’ is a nice addon for the points cost.

I am really happy with how this model turned out and looks good in my new green theme.

Troll Axer

Troll Axer

Painting Points: 2

March 14, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Mulg the Ancient (Warbeast)

Back to a little painting with my Hordes Trollbloods army.  I am working my way down a ‘Doomshaper 2’ list that I will like to try out in the “Storm of the North” Theme and it is very Warbeast heavy (actually I currently have 3 lists for this Warlock and all are Warbeast heavy).

Up next we have ‘Mulg the Ancient’ which is almost a given when running with a ‘Doomshaper’ variant.  ‘Mulg’ has BOND [DOOMSHAPER] which means if he begins the game in ‘Doomshapers’ battlegroup, he gains +1 FURY.

‘Mulg’ looks to be a really good beatstick Warbeast with 2 P+S 19 attacks with a RNG 2 and 1 P+S 17 attack with a RNG 1.  His DEF is 10 and ARM 19, real similiar to my Khador Warjacks.  I am looking forward to getting this guy on the battlefield.

I am still unsure if I like the “rock” style I am doing with my Trollbloods.  Most people paint their rocks with a hard edge highlight (and I do like that effect), but I elected to go with a smoother edge of brown.  In the pics it is hard to see the brown shades.

Mulg the Ancient

Mulg the Ancient

Painting Points: 5

March 13, 2018

WM/H: Privateer Press Moves Portion of Back Catalog to New Special Order Service

I check Facebook and Twitter quite frequently throughout the day, and this headline from Privateer Press I just missed.  I do not know if Privateer Press even announced it on social media or my Facebook algorithms are just off. 

Yesterday, Privateer Press announced that they are moving 600 model SKUs to a Special Order Service for retailers.  I can understand their reasoning behind this decision, they do have a lot of models for a retailer to stock on their shelf.  I just do not understand how they came about the 600 models they want to put in this Special Order Service.  Looking at the list, specifically my Minion army, I see a lot of models on that list that actually get a lot of playtime currently.  Currently ‘Maelok’ is the go to caster for the Blindwater Theme, yet the ‘Gatorman Witch Doctor’ is in the list.  ‘Bull Snappers’ are free in Blindwater, yet they are on the list.  I guess they have to pick and choose as they see fit.

I am curious how this will effect online retailers, will the wait time for me now even be longer?  I do not have a close store to me, so most of my purchases are online.... I guess I will find out come April 8th.

Guild Ball: Rookies! Webstore Exclusive

Back at SteamCon UK and US, Steamforged Games came out with a new friendly gaming format called “Rookie League”.  The idea is to start with a player from a lower level and after each game he earns experience and his card gets better and better.

Today, SFG just announced actual models for the Rookies and they can be purchased at their webstore HERE.

To purchase all the models, the price is $192.00, not sure I really want to spend that much for ‘alternate’ models I already have.  If SFG is also selling these AdeptiCon next week, there may be a few I actually might pick up.

Battle Report: Hordes 3/12/2018 Minions vs Trollbloods (75 Points)

Well last night I got to play ‘Barnabas 2’ once again vs ‘Kolgrima 1’ and once again ‘Barnabas 2’ has not really dont too much for me.  I cannot get him to battle for him to really do any damage.  At least this time I did not lose by clock, but lost by Assiassination at the top of Turn 3 (Trollbloods went first).  ‘Kolgrima 1’ kept on using FREEZING MIST and placing 4 3” AOE cloud effects that blocked anything ‘Barnabas 2’ can charge into.  When ‘Kolgrima 1’ finally got close enough she then used multiple WIINTER’S TIDE to reduce ‘Barnabas 2’ to 1 damage box and his ‘Earthborn Dire Troll’ then charged on to finish the job (though it was much harder for the Earthborn to hit Barnabas 2).  WINITER’S TIDE from ‘Kolgrima 1’ got to ignore SWARM and EXECRATION OF BLACKEST NIGHT that ‘Barnabas 2’ had on himself.

I did a fairly good job with the rest of the game, I believe I had actually killed more models than he had.  One of my Units of ‘Gatorman Posse’ were doing a good job contesting a zone on my right while killing me some ‘Northkin Raider’ and my other Unit of ‘Gatorman Posse’ were contesting a zone on my left while holding up a Unit of ‘Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears’.  One of his ‘Battle Bears’ Units did Ambush on my right side charging in on ‘Wrong Eye’ and easily taking him out which also removed ‘Snapjaw’.

Control Points wise, the score was 0-0, so I played that part of the game is still just a matter of trying to get ‘Barnabas 2’ in the right position.

Scenario: The Pit II

March 12, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #10

The countdown continues, only 10 days till I am headed for AdeptiCon and I am really looking forward to attending it.  Although I wish I would have gotten in some more practice playing Warmachine/Hordes and some Guild Ball.  I was unable to get in a game of WM/H last Thursday night, but the plan is to get in a game tonight.  It will probably be my last game before heading to AdeptiCon so I better soak up as much knowledge as possibel tonight.

I have a lot of models ready in my queue and will have a few more done this week (mainly Trollbloods) but for last week the following models were completed.

Week #10

Models Completed: 7
Trollbloods: Dire Troll Mauler
Trollbloods: Earthborn Dire Troll
Trollbloods: Troll Whelps

Games Played: 0

March 9, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Earthborn Dire Troll (Warbeast)

I have another Hordes model completed this week for Trollbloods and it is another Warbeast painted in my new green scheme.  Today I present the ‘Earthborn Dire Troll’.  

I do have to figure out a better way to photos though.  Currently for the longest time I have just been using my phone (because it is faster and the photo then is already on my ipad to add to my blogging app), I may have to try and use a regular digital camera again sometime in the future and and see if it looks a bit better.  I will also have to look for a place where I can set my lightbox, I stopped using it becasue I was not fond of the crease in backdrop, this year at AdeptiCon I may have to break down and get one of the neoprene backdrops I saw last year.

Earthborn Dire Troll

Earthborn Dire Troll

Painting Points: 5

March 8, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Dire Troll Mauler (Warbeast)

As I mentioned a few days ago, now that my models are completed for AdeptiCon, it is time to have some fun/enjoyment painting some models stress free.  I posted on Tuesday my new ‘Troll Whelps’ in a “green” color scheme and now I am continuing that on with a Warbeast ‘Dire Troll Mauler’.  I am really liking how this color scheme is turning out so far and it is much easier for me to paint than the blues.

Dire Troll Mauler

Dire Trol Mauler

Painting Points: 5

Guild Ball: Game Plan Deck Revealed!

Back in December 2017 at SteamCon USA during the keynote presenation, Steamforged Games mentioned that a new Guild Plot system was going to be coming out just before AdeptiCon 2018.

Today, Steamforged Games made their big announcement and made the new Game Plan cards available to download and start playing today.  They also mentioned that Tournament Organizers can also go ahead and start using the new cards right away, so my guess they will most likely then be used at AdeptiCon.  I am not sure if they will be used in the Homeland Cups tournament, but I guess I will find out.  I went ahead and printed off a set just in case the Steamforged Games booth at AdeptiCon is sold out.

The new Game Plan cards are suppose to change how Initiative works.  Currently both players roll a die and add any unspent momentum points to their die roll, highest roll can choose to go first or second to start the turn.  With the new Game Plan cards, each card has an Initiative value on them, you reveal a card and add any unpsent momentum points to the value, highest value can choose to go first or second.  Basically they are eliminating the die roll.

All honestly, I kind of like the new system for the Game Plan cards.  With the old Guild Plot cards, most players forgot to even use them since they could only be used when something happens on the pitch, and then you forget about the card.  With the Game Plan cards, you must reveal the one you are going to use when the turn starts and then apply what the text says.  This way you wont forget to use it later in the game.

I think in the practice game my son and I are going to play at AdeptiCon, we are going to give these a try, just in case they use them for the Homeland Cup.

Here are some pics of the old Guild Plot cards and the new Game Plan cards.

Old Guild Plot Card

New Game Plan Card

New Game Plan Card

March 7, 2018

Guild Ball: Ratcatcher’s Guild ‘Piper’ First Look

Today on the Steamforged Games blog they released a sneak peak of the new Captain for the Ratcatcher’s Guild with ‘Piper’.  
To read the full blog post click HERE.  

I really hope that at AdeptiCon 2018 in a few weeks that we will see Steamforged Games pre-selling the Ratcatcher’s Guild like they did with the 2nd Farmer’s box and 2nd Blacksmith’s box at SteamCon USA. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the Ratcatcher’s Guild for a couple of reasons:

1. I like the look of the of the models.
2. I think they will fit my painting style.
3. From what I can tell so far of the mechanics of them, I am liking what I am seeing.  Especially now with the Captain ‘Piper’.  I really like his Character Play Reverie.  This is something that I felt was lacking in the game of Guild Ball, to be able to pass the ball then follow up with the receiving model to move and shoot.  I know it will take some setting up, but I like that the option is there, though the cost is 3 INF.