November 16, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/15/2018 3v3 Fisherman's vs Alchemist's

I wanted to play something quick last and was debating between Arena Rex and X-Wing, and then I decided to ask my son if he wanted to play a little 3v3 of Guild Ball to 8 using scoring Guilds we have not yet tried in Season 4.  He was good with that so it was a quick game of Guild Ball.

Setting up the Pitch for 3v3.  Usually it is on a 2'x2', but I heard it is better on 2'x3'.

V Siren

V Katalyst

The Guilds are lined up and ready for Kick-Off!

I decided to kick off with 'Angel' since she has a Momentous Tackle on 1 in case I wanted to go for a first Turn Goal.  'Venin' picked up the ball and made a Pass to 'Midas' and 'Midas' then Dodged 4".  'Shark' activated next and moved up a bit and gave Quick Foot to 'Angel'.  'Midas' then activated next and went for a run at the Goal, when he got within range, he realized oh oh, no Momentum and kicked the ball away instead.  'V Siren' then jogged towards the ball and played Fair Wind to place the ball near her and picked up the ball, she then proceeded with a successful Pass to 'Angel' who then Dodged 4".  'V Katalayst' was up next and all he could do was Jog this turn and tried to protect the Goal.  'Angel' then activated and Jogged towards 'V Katalyst' and attacked with a Momentous Push/Dodge and then took a shot on Goal needing 3's and she was successful, 4-0 Fisherman.

The ball was then Goal Kicked and Turn 1 was over.  I was able to go first being up on Momentum and Game Plan cards and set up the Fishmerman for another goal run.  'Shark' Jogged towards the ball and then Passed it to 'V Siren'.  'V Katalyst' jogged towards 'Angel' and attacked with 4 damage.  Now it was time to go for my goal.  'V Siren' Jogged towards 'V Katalyst' and did Dread Gaze Pushing him back 2" and Knocked Down, she then Passed to 'Angel' who then took a Snap Shot on Goal with 4 dice and she got 3 success's.  Fisherman win 8-0.

'Angel' with the Snap Shot.

It was a nice change of pace playing a team that can pass and score, but I still prefer my Butcher's Guild.

November 15, 2018

Guild Ball: Blacksmith's Guild 'Hearth'

The Blacksmith's Guild for Guild Ball are now completed, all 13 models.  I had one model left for them to complete which was 'Hearth', and she was completed last night.  Finishing the Blacksmith's Guild was one of the items on my checklist to complete for 2018, and I am glad they are done (at least for now, with the Free Cities Draft, they will be getting another model next year).


Painting Points: 2

November 13, 2018

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Event Schedule Preview

One of the benefits of moving back to the Midwest a few years ago was the ability to drive to AdeptiCon each year, I've been to AdeptiCon in the beginning, a few events in the middle and 2019 will mark 3 years in a row again for me.

AdeptiCon is not until March 27th-31st, but every November before, registration for the events opens with as much information they can provide for the event (some other organizers need to take note...WMW).  Well this year is no different and registration will open this Sunday November 19th.  The good people who run AdeptiCon also give us a sneak peek at the list of events at least a week beforehand and this past weekend the site went live with the majority of their events.  You can click HERE for the event preview.

The day the preview site goes live is a happy day for most of us as we can start planning our AdetiCon weekend, sometimes there is a little disappointment if the events you want to play in overlap with each.

For AdeptiCon 2019, the list of events I was thinking about were; Arena Rex, Guild Ball, X-Wing, and possibly some Warmachine/Hordes.  My son is die hard set on playing Batman Miniature Game, and his choices may be limited to either working a booth at AdeptiCon or staying back and having to work at his store.  We are going to have to narrow down his schedule this week.

I told myself Arena Rex was going to be a must for me at AdeptiCon 2019, well with the release of the schedule, that game is looking pretty slim.  Season 4 of Guild Ball has gotten me excited for the game again and will be my main concentrated game in 2019 and the Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championships is the same day as the Arena Rex Open Championships.  Arena Rex does start a bit later in the day and I could drop out after 1-2 games of Guild Ball, but my plan is stay for all the rounds of Guild Ball.  Arena Rex is also offered on Thursday night with a 3v3v3 battle and another smaller tournament on Friday night.  Both of those overlap with other events we want to to do.  Thursday afternoon will be my son's only chance to play Guild Ball, so we will both be playing in the Early Bird Open and on Friday he will be playing all day in the Batman Miniature Game, and when it ends more than likely will not want to play Arena Rex for another 6 hours till midnight.  I could play Arena Rex on Friday night, but that leave no time with my son that day.  So like I said Arena Rex looks very slim in 2019.

That leaves me with Friday and Sunday to find events for.  On Friday I am leaning towards playing in the X-Wing System Open Qualifier, I have never played in a X-Wing tournament and will probably lose right away, but like with the new rule set for Guild Ball, X-Wing 2.0 has me liking the game a lot.  I think we'll give it a shot.

So now on Sunday...most of time I cut out early and head back home, but there is a game that ha peaked my interest a little bit.  Steamforged Games for the last year has been promoting a new game called Godtear, it will actually be released just after AdeptiCon.  They are running some smaller sized beginner/intro tournaments through out the weekend and this might be something I look into on Sunday before heading home.

You may be asking what about Warmachine/Hordes....I think for AdepiCon 2019 (and most of 2019), WMW will take a back burner for me (besides a few games here at home with my son).

I still have until Sunday to decide, but my AdeptiCon 2019 weekend is looking like:

Thursday: Guild Ball Early Bird Open 3:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Friday: X-Wing System Open Qualifier 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championships 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: Godtear Beginner's Draft Tournament 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Next Monday in my Weekly Chroncile, I will let you all what I decided on.

November 12, 2018

Weekly Chronicle #45 2018

This past week was a complete opposite of my previous week.  Previously I painted 5 models and played 1 game, and this past week it was painting 1 model and playing 5 games.  I wish I would have painted more, but I knew I was getting ready for my first Guild Ball tournament and I did not want to leave anything unfinished on the painting table.  What I did complete last week was 'Zarola' for the Hunter's Guild.

Currently I have 2 models up in my Painting Queue with plenty in my backlog.  A lot of the times I will re-arrange my queue based on what I feel like painting, but I think I really need to get these next 2 models completed.  I have 'Hearth' for the Blacksmith's Guild and 'Veteran Hearne' for the Hunter's Guild listed as next.  If I complete these 2 models, then both of these Guilds will be fully completed, and that is a nice feeling of accomplishment.  Then I need to think about what will be next, part of me is thinking the Falconer's Guild (starting with the 2 models that can play for Hunter's) and the other part of me is thinking to finish off the Mortician's Guild, currently I only have 8 models completed for the Mortician's, and it would be nice to finish them and maybe play them a my backup Guild.

For games played last week, like I mentioned above, it was 5 games, and they were all of Guild Ball.  I played 2 games with my son, then 3 at this past weekend tournament.  This week we will change it up a little bit and maybe add in a game of Arena Rex and/or X-Wing and possible some Warmachine/Hordes.

Models Completed: 1

Games Played: 5

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/11/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

After I watched the 2018 Guild Ball World Championships being broadcast from SteamCon UK yesterday, my son and I threw down for another Butcher's vs Hunter's practice game.  Seeing how these will be both of our core Guilds for Season 4, there will be a lot of these match ups on the blog.  I also do plan on playing with some of the other Guilds I own, and it may happen next game.

V Minx

This was another close one going back and forth and I made some mistakes with Tenderizer (it is the second time I am playing him).  My Butcher's did clock out but  was up 9-4 and I was able to get another Take Out on 'Veteran Minx' and then finish off the game with a Take Out on 'Snow' for a 12-8 win.  I wasted too much time "thinking" in he game.  A well placed Forest by the Hunter's in Turn 1 really got me churning the wheels in my brain trying to figure out a way around it, it just blocked too many charge lanes.  Later in the game being rushed on the clock and thinking 'Tenderizer' had an Influence, I moved him up and wanted to pass, then realized he had no Influence, this move then out him out of his ability to use Rush Keeper.  Playing with 'Tenderizer' is still going to take some practice, it is nice to have the extra Influence each Turn, but then it feels like I am playing a man/woman down for the game.  We'll see if he makes the lineup for the next game with the Butcher's.

'Shank' finishes off 'Snow' for the 12-8 win.

November 11, 2018

Guild Ball: Free Cities Draft Final Results

Yesterday marked the end of the Free Cities Draft, an ongoing world wide campaign for Guild Ball that ran for the last month and a half.  Basically when you played a game, you went online to report your game and vote for a new player for your Guild.  The more votes a Guild received, the higher in the drat order they will be.  I was actually excited for this campaign, and I was happy to record my results.  The form submission for this campaign was much easier than last years "Union in Chains" so it was great to partake in the event.

During the SteamCon UK Keynote last night, the final results were revealed:

Farmer's: Amber

 Alchemist's: Kami

 Butcher's: Layne

 Hunter's: Edge

 Mortician's: Gaffer

 Blacksmith's: Cutlass

 Mason's: Champ

 Fishermen: Knuckles

 Engineer's: Nomad

Brewer's: Flea

I was really excited my Butcher's Guild was managed to hold onto the 3rd pick of the draft.  We were closing in on the 2nd pick, but I guess we fell short.  What really shocked me was that the Butcher's ended up drafting 'Layne', who was my choice during the entire campaign, so I am thrilled.

My son's Hunter's Guild also made a late surge and move to 4th in the draft and selected his pick in 'Edge'.

Now I cannot wait till these models actually are released along with their rules.

Battle Report: Guild Ball Recap "Season 4 Fort Wayne Tournament"

Yesterday my son and I drove down to Fort Wayne, IN and attended our first Guild Ball Tournament hosted at Power Nine Gaming by a very friendly SFG Pundit Eric B..  I knew going into the event I had no chance of winning the event, nor probably wining a game, when you play a game once every six months, you are basically still new at the game.  It was not until Season 4 launched in mid-October that my son and I started to get in some more games.

Usually I am pretty good at taking photos when I attend these events, but for some reason I truly forgot to take that many yesterday, hence only the 3 photos below.

We arrived on time yesterday to the event with no issues traveling (thankfully) and when we got inside my son and I quickly setup our Guilds to be ready for Round 1.  We were using our brand new Guild Ball Trays and majority of it setup the night before, so when we arrived all we had to do was to just place our models on the tray.  This tray made it quick and easy to setup, and it was great moving to different tables between rounds.

My Butcher's Guild

My son's Hunter's Guild

Game 1: Butcher's vs Blacksmith's (Derek S)

For this game I went with the lineup I have been most comfortable playing and that was Ox, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Shank and Veteran Gutter and it was a pretty close game.  Alloy was the All-Star for the Blacksmith's I believe with 3 Goals.  Shank had a Goal for the Butcher's and I managed 2 Taken Outs but lost 12-8 (one health point left on Alloy and it could have been 12-10).

Butcher's vs Blacksmith's

Game 2: Butcher's vs Alchemist's (Ty V)

After my first game with Derek, he mentioned I should give Tenderizer a try in my lineup, especially against Guilds that can score really well.  So I thought why not, I am hear today to learn from my games anyways.  So against the Alchemist's led by Smoke, my lineup was Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Veteran Gutter and Tenderizer.  They way this game played out, I think Brisket was not a wise choice and I should have played Boar instead.  Tenderizer did an OK job, but the best time I cukd have used him, 'Clone' was in effect so his Charge attack basically did not count.  I managed to take out Smoke (which is pretty hard to do) and I ended up losing 12-4.

Game 3: Butcher's vs Butcher's (Joe P)

There were 4 Butcher players in attendance out of 12 players that showed up, so a mirror match up was bound to happen for me.  Most people do not like mirror match ups, but I actually was kind of happy.  At the time Joe P was the 14th ranked Butcher player in the World and I was glad to be able to learn from him.  Our lineups were very similar, I ran Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Veteran Gutter and Boar, the only difference with Joe's lineup was that he ran Tenderizer instead of Boar (and I got to see how to really run Tenderizer and protect Ox with him).  The beginning of this game was very close on both sides and the score was 4-4.  At that point Joe started healing his models and just barely keeping them alive each Turn which was hurting me (and Healing is something I need to get better at).  The score was 10-4 and then I clocked out, the next 2 Activation's scored Joe 2 more VP and he won 12-4.

I have to say, that all 3 of my opponents were great sportsmen, I made some mistakes and they were happy to correct me and I also caught a few mistakes and politely corrected my opponents.  Even though it is never fun going 0-3, all 3 games were actually pretty fun.

I am looking forward to possibly attending more events down there in the future.  My next planned event will be up in Grand Rapids, MI on December 8th, so I still have a few weeks of practice.

Here is the link to the final Longshanks standings.

November 9, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/8/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

Last night my son and I were able to get in one more practice game of Guild Ball before our first Tournament tomorrow, and it was the last game we could also report for the "Free Cities Draft" which is a World Wide Guild Ball campaign that is currently ending this weekend at SteamCon UK.

Last night I left 'Brisket' on the bench and substituted her with 'Boar', and my son kept 'Theron' on the bench and wanted to give 'Skatha' a try on the Pitch along with a few other models he has not played with much.

V Gutter
V Minx

'Skatha' jumped out with an early Goal and a 4-0 lead, but the Butcher's were not going to have it and quickly made work with a Taken Out on 'Skatha'.  It was a back and forth game and finally the Butcher's had a 11-7 lead with 2 minutes left on my clock and they were able to get in another Taken Out for the Win 13-7.

I am still undecided between 'Boar' and 'Brisket', 'Boar' can do a lot of damage and he proved it last night, but 'Brisket' is a little more versatile and can get me a Goal in the right situation.  I guess we shall see what we decide on tomorrow.

November 8, 2018

Guild Ball: Hunter's Guild 'Zarola'

Well I was able to get one more model completed for the Hunter's Guild before this weekend's Guild Ball Tournament in Ft. Wayne, IN.  This will now give my son a full roster of 12 players for the Tournament, the only Hunter still left to complete is 'Veteran Hearne'.  The completed model for today is 'Zarola', a Winger for the Guild.



Painting Points: 1

November 7, 2018

Guild Ball: STW Van Value Tournament Trays

Back at the end of October I noticed on the "Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast" that one of the hosts of the show (Pat V) started making Tournament Trays.  I clicked on the link and it took me to their online store where I got to see the pictures he had of his trays.  My son and I have a tournament coming up this Saturday and I thought these trays would really be handy, we each have a tray for our models from "Tectonic Craft Studios", but those trays only hold our models, when I saw the ones from Pat that can hold tokens, dice and widgets, I thought these would be perfect for moving our stuff between games.

The trays come in 3 sizes ranging from 12mm- 19mm ($30-$36) and there is an option for a custom logo on the lid for $40.  I would have taken the logo option, but I was not sure what tray thickness that would come with, as I was wanting the extra thick 19mm trays.  I was assuming the logo option was for the base 12mm tray.

The reason I chose the extra thick 19mm option was that I wanted to carry our "Broken Egg Games" movement sticks in the tray, and when I stacked them up they were just under 19mm.  This tray does come with it's own movement sticks made from MDF, but Pat was nice enough and slotted our trays to hold the "Broken Egg Games" sticks instead.

Our trays arrived this Monday afternoon and yesterday I was able to assemble them (glue them together) and get some black paint on them and seal coated.  They are now ready for our Guild Ball tournament this weekend and I am looking forward to using them.  One thing to note, obviously you cannot use the lid when you have models on the tray, but the lid is nice, all your tokens, dice, and widgets can stay in your tray, put the lid on, then put the tray in your back pack, makes for easy traveling.

 Trays arrived unassembled.

One of the trays all glued together. 

Both trays are painted black and seal coated. 

Trays with the lids on.

My Butcher's Guild all ready for their upcoming tournament.

Painting Points: 20*
* assembling and painting