January 24, 2020

W40K: Previews From LVO

Last night/early this morning (12:00 AM EST) Games Workshop held their "preview" out at the Las Vegas Open with a look at some of their new models coming out for Warhammer 40K.  For the full on preview, please visit Warhammer Community.

Honestly I would be a little bit more excited with the Preview if I had not recently decided on the Tyranids for my next Warhammer 40K, it was between the Tyranids and the Adeptus Mechanicus, and it looks like the Ad Mech are getting a release of new models.

The rules for these models will be in an upcoming Physic Awakening book "Engine War".

Games Workshop also made an announcement about Forge World where they will be retiring the Index book and releasing a new series of rulebooks with updated rules for units and armies.

This one gets me a little nervous as I had just recently purchased my first 2 Forge World models (still unassembled) and I am little scared they may change too much rules wise and points cost before I even get to try them out.  I purchased a 'Leviathan' for my Imperial Fists army and a 'Malanthrope' as one of HQ choices for my new Tyranids army.  The 'Malanthrope' is what scare me the most since my initial 1000 point list was built around him and a 'Tervigon' as my 2 HQ choices.  I guess we will wait and see what happens with my 2 models.

Once again, for the full article, please visit Warhammer Community.

January 23, 2020

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Soma/Pneuma'

I had to change it up a bit from painting Imperial Fists for Warhammer 40K, so I thought I would go ahead and get a model painted for Guild Ball.

'Soma/Pneuma' is from the latest wave of new Captains was just released this past December and is the first player in Guild Ball with dual roles /duel cards.  The character can change between 'Soma' and 'Pneuma' during the game.

My son is leaning towards playing this model for AdeptiCon, so I wanted to get it done, now the question is, should we paint it as 'Soma' or 'Pneuma'.  For the sake of speed, we elected for 'Pneuma', we can always purchase another model in the future if we want it to look like 'Soma'.  There are 2 cards for the model during the game, so you just flip to which card you are playing so it does not cause any confusion.

Painting the model still took a little bit of time even though it was all greens, started with a darker shade of green and worked my way up, then a green wash followed wit more shades of green and green/yellow until the model was completed.



Painting Points: 1

January 20, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors 3'

As I mentioned this morning in my Weekly Chronicle, this past weekend with the bad weather here in Michigan, I was able get my third Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors' completed.  This is the the final 5 man Unit I have armed with Automatic Bolt Rifles that needed to be completed (for now).  I still have one more 5 man Unit with Stalker Bolt Rifles that needs to get done for AdeptiCon.  I am getting really close to completing my 1500 point AdeptiCon Friendly list and then maybe I can work on some Tyranids for 2020.

Primaris Intercessors 3

Primaris Intercessors 3

Painting Points: 5

W40K: Psychic Awakening Blood of Baal...Arrived (for me)

I know I am about a month late in receiving this book, "Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal",  and there is already a FAQ that has been released, but until my renewed interest in the Tyranids, I really did not have a "need" for the book.  Now that I will be collecting the Tyranids for 2020, the book was going to be needed (point cost changes/rules) so I placed my order for it.  My copy finally arrived on Saturday afternoon and I started to peruse the pages.

Book 3 of the Psychic Awakening Series
The dark new era of warfare heralded by the Psychic Awakening continues apace, with the action now taking us to the Baal System – home of the mighty Blood Angels Chapter. Hive Fleet Leviathan is on its way, but can the full might of the legendary Sons of Sanguinius and their successor Chapters halt the swarm? Part rules manual, part thrilling narrative, this is your guide to the greatest threat that the Blood Angels have faced since they stood beside their Primarch in defence of Holy Terra more than 10 millennia ago.Through thrilling lore, you'll read how the Blood Angles prepared to defend Baal against the full might of a Tyranid hive fleet, and what happened once battle was finally joined. Meanwhile, a vast set of rules expansions enhance your Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers and Tyranids armies with name generators, updated datasheets and much more besides. 
Inside this 80-page book, you'll find:- Riveting background that brings the terror of impending invasion by Hive Fleet Leviathan to thrilling life- Missions that allow you to recreate some of the most pivotal battles that took place when angel met extragalactic horror- Expanded army rules for the Blood Angels – including the Primaris version of Mephiston, Lord of Death – as well as their most storied successors, the Flesh Tearers- Expanded army rules for the Tyranids, including new Stratagems, name generation tables, and a system that lets you build your own Hive Fleet Adaptations!

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #3

The third week of 2020 was a pretty slow week.  With real work being busy (and will be for awhile), and my wife being out of town back in Arizona, means I have to also play Mr. Mom once work is completed.  Luckily over the weekend I was able to savage some of my hobby.

With a snowstorm coming through the area, we elected to stay home instead of driving out to the Detroit Red Wings game and we were able to get in another small game of Warhammer 40K.  Once again it was low points, but we really sped up our play in this game and are starting to get more familiar with the game again.

Then between Saturday and Sunday morning, I was able to complete another Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors', pics and post will come later today.

So it was a rough start to the week, but the weekend slightly made up for it.  I have a feeling this week will be very similar.

Models Completed: 5
Games Played: 1

January 13, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #2

The second week of 2020 was much better than last week especially for modeling and I was able to at least get in one game.

For modeling, I was able to complete two Units of 'Primaris Intercessors', 1 & 2 and prep work began on Unit #3 for my Imperial Fists army.  I am down to the final 16 models to complete in order to have this army ready for AdeptiCon 2020.

In gaming, one small game of Warhammer 40K was played last Thursday night, just a 500 point game.  The small point games is more to just get in the repetitious of the game and rules and then they do not take all evening long complete.

My goal for this upcoming week is to complete my third Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors' and get in one more game of 40K, getting a game in next weekend will be tough, so we'll have to squeeze in another weeknight game.

If time also allows this week, I would like to assemble about 5 'Termagants' and start testing my color scheme for the Tyranids, it will be my first time with Contrast paints.

Models Completed: 10
Games Played: 1

January 12, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors 2'

The one nice thing about having crappy weather (rain/ice/snow) I get to stay inside and I can paint all day, which is what yesterday was,  I had my second 'Primaris Intercessor' Unit all prepped and ready to go waiting for me, and yesterday was the perfect day to sit down and get them painted (along with a little TV time).

This is my second Unit armed with Auto Bolt Rifles, I have one more just like these to finish, along with a Unit armed with Stalker Bolt Rifles.  I am getting closer to my finish line....

 Primaris Intercessors 2

Primaris Intercessors 2

Painting Points: 5

January 11, 2020

W40K: First Wave Of Tyranids Arrived

Last week I had wrote that for 2020 I will be starting a new Tyranids army.  I had received the Tyranid Codex from my son for Orthodox Christmas, and then with gift cards from work, I was able to order the rest of the models I need to start with my 1000 Point list and as of yesterday afternoon, all my models had arrived.

Between working on my Imperial Fists, and my new Tyranids.... I think the year will be pretty busy.

January 10, 2020

Battle Report: W40K 1/9/2020 (CA2019 Ascension)

Last night I finally got in my first game of 2020, took a bit longer than expected, but anyways it was done.  My son and I played just a quick 500 point game of Warhammer 40K on a 3'x3' battlefield to keep the game fast paced.

Since Chapter Approved 2019 has been released in December, we have been making our way through the new Matched Play Missions, and last nights was Mission 3, "Ascension".

Imperial Fists vs Dark Angels

I really thought during this game that my Imperial Fists finally met their match.  The Dark Angels jumped out to a huge 10-0 lead and then the firepower of the Imperial Fists finally kicked in and I was able to eliminate the Dark Angels and move onto the Objectives and securing a 19-10 win for the Imperial Fists.  My son also was able to try a new Forge World turret for his Razorback which was a better option for him in this game compared to a Lascannon or Heavy Bolter.

This was also the first time that I had tried a 'Chaplin' in my army....mixed feelings right now, but my 2 Litanies did help with shooting, just wished I was able to get both of them off each Turn instead my dice were only allowing me one.

January 8, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors 1'

I thought this was going to be a rough week to get any models completed (with real work), but last night I had to work an extended 5 hours and with most of that time just waiting on a conference call until there was an issue, I decided to get some painting done at the same time.  By the time my call was completed, so was my first squad of 'Primaris Intercessors'.  I did actually start on them earlier in the week and last night was basically wrapping them all up.

I still have 3 more 5-man squads that need to be completed, but this was great to get these done so quickly.

 Primaris Intercessors 1

Primaris Intercessors 1

Painting Points: 5