January 3, 2022

Weekly Chronicle 2022 #1

Well it is the first Monday of 2022, I hope everyone had a good New Year's weekend.

Basically the weekend for me was just relaxing, and then I also did some work on my sons older Dark Angels army, re-basing some of the older 'Tactical Marines' from their old 28 mm bases to newer 32 mm bases, actually completing 20 models.  There is a small chance the may be needed for AdeptiCon for one of our backup events.

Over the weekend I also posted my "What's in store for 2022'" yearly post and you can see the list has slimmed down quite a bit this year and will be continuing the hobby mostly with Warhammer 40,000.  I am fine with this as the game is readily available and there are so many different army options to choose from.

My Necrons will be my main interest for most of the year, but we shall see what new codex's are released throughout the year.

I have a few Units that will be posted this week, then all of next week I will be away on vacation so noting will be done for awhile then.  Shortly thereafter we will be off to the Las Vegas Open followed by a week in Arizona, so I am not sure how many models will be completed this month.  The last three weeks in February should be a good time to the hobby as no more trips are planned till mid March.

January 1, 2022

What's in store for 2022!

Happy New Year 2022!

Well, today is the day I write out all my goals for the year only to find out on December 31st that I fell short once again.

So I think for 2022 I am going to keep it short and realistic (and I have said that before too), but I am serious now....

This list will be much shorter than last years, and if by chance I do play something not on the list, well then that will be a bonus.

Middle-earth SBG

MeSBG is only making the list because there is a small chance I may be playing in the Doubles event at AdeptiCon if our first two choices for events get sold out.  If that is the case, I will have to get some painting done and a few games in for a refresher.

Painting Goal:  This one is hard to say, as stated above, if we play in the Doubles, I'll have to finish an army in time.

Gaming Goal:  Also as above, a few games of practice will be needed, in either case, I think maybe I can get in 1-2 games in for the year.

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 will be the bulk of 2022 for me.  Between adding on more Units to my new Necron army, and new Codex's coming out for armies I already have to attending tournaments, all my time will be mainly spent here.

Painting Goal: In all honestly, I think for the first time I do not have a painting goal.  I would have said my Necron army, but this past Fall I managed to paint over 2000 Points of Necrons, so 2022 will be adding to that army.  I also have a Chaos Space Marines, and a Tyranid army on the back burner that are waiting for a new Codex, so we shall see who gets a Codex first and that army probably will hit the painting table next.

Gaming Goal: Last year I had a goal of 24 games and I hit it with 29 games played and I think 24 games will be another realist goal to hit.  I do think that with events somewhat opening back up, this number should be easily attained.


X-Wing is a great game that can be played in 75 minutes, so it always seems to make the list for the New Year.

Painting Goal: Not Applicable (pre-painted miniatures)

Gaming Goal: I had a goal of 6 games for 2021 and I fell way short with only 1 game played.  An updated version (v2.5) will be coming out early 2022 so I know we will play a few games to try out the updated rules.  So for 2022, I think I will set my goal to 5 games.

New Games for 2022?

NONE....  I have too many games already sitting on the shelf.  Warhammer Age of Sigmar did not make the above list and we do have plenty of models for the game now, so if its played, as originally stated way above, it will be a plus.


COVID has really messed up 2020 and most of 2021 for attending events, 2022 has more events scheduled but there seems to always be a new variant coming out, so events are always risky at the moment.

We do have quite a few events planned out so far for 2022:

  • January 28th - 30th: Las Vegas Open
  • March 23rd - 27th: AdeptiCon
  • May 13th-15th: Motor City Mayhem
  • August 7th - 14th: Cruisehammer
  • September 30th - October 2nd: Michigan GT 
If we can make those 5 events, it will be a good year.

As I originally said, it is a pretty short list for 2022 because most of my time will be on Warhammer 40,000.

December 31, 2021

2021 Year in Review

As I always say each year, the two blog posts I enjoy writing the most are "What's in store for" (next year), and the second one is my "Year in Review". 

2021 started with a "What's in store for 2021!" so we will use that post as basis for our year in review.

Arena Rex 2021

Painting Goal: None, I am not setting any expectations for painting.

Gaming Goal: I missed my planned goal of 5 games last year with only 2 played, so we are going to shoot for 3 games played in 2021.

Arena Rex was a big MISS in 2021 with no models painted and 0 games played.

DCU Miniature Game 2021

Painting Goal: If Knight Models would ever ship me my models, there may actually be a goal in place.  I placed an order in November and still have not heard anything from them, honestly I do not think I ever will.  If my models arrive, then I may put a few on the painting table through out the year.

Gaming Goal: Just like with Arena Rex above, this game be played every now and then when we want to change it up.  I think 3 games played may be a good expectation.

DCU was pretty much a MISS, but I did get a few models completed in January 2021, but 0 games were played in the year.  I did offer to play a game with my son, but then we ended up playing Warhammer 40,000 instead.

Blitz Bowl / Blood Bowl 2021

Painting Goal: 1 full Blood Bowl team box of 12 players will be my goal for 2021, I really think this is attainable and may surprise myself with another.  I just need to decide which team will be first.

Gaming Goal: I have high expectations for Blood Bowl this year (at least with Blood Bowl 7's).  We are planning on playing an in house League with 4 Teams to start the new year off and then add a few Teams in future Seasons.  Blood Bowl does still take a few hours to play, so combing Blitz Bowl/Blood Bowl.... I am going to shoot for 30 games played in 2021.

I had really high hoped for Blitz Bowl / Blood Bowl in 2021, with purchasing a lot of new armies for the game.  But with like most games lately, it was a big MISS.  We did end up playing 2 games of Blitz Bowl, so far that is better than the above two games.  I also did not get a Team painted for the game either.

Middle-earth SBG 2021

Painting Goal: I did buy a lot of models at the end of 2020 for quite a few different armies so I may concentrate on getting some of them done.  I am not really setting any goals or armies completed, where I can see myself painting a few models / warbands here and there through out the year.  There is a big convention in the Fall (that actually may happen) where it would probably kick my painting into high gear if I elect to play MeSBG there.

Gaming Goal:  My plan is to try and play 1 game a month, so in theory that would be 12 games for the year, but we all know other plans do happen.  So I am setting a goal of 10 games for 2021.

Well I did paint a few models for Middle-earth SBG, like with DCU above, they all got completed in January 2021, and nothing since.  NOVA Open 2021 was cancelled, so that Fall event did not kick start me into a higher gear.  Unfortunaltly 0 games were also played this year.

Warhammer 40,000 2021

Painting Goal: With AdeptiCon 2021 already cancelled, it is tough to set any painting goals.  I think it will be more like MeSBG above and when I am in the mood to paint a model for Warhammer 40,000, I'll just paint it.  I have fully painted Imperial Fists army for 1000/1500/2000 point games, and plenty of more models to add to that army.

Gaming Goal: Last year I had a goal of 30 games and I hit it with 38 games played.  If we are not attending any events this year for Warhammer 40,000, I have it scheduled for twice a month which would be 24 games.  That is less than last year, but we are adding MeSBG and Blood Bowl into the mix.  I think I will stick to what is scheduled and set my goal of 24 games played in 2021.

Warhammer 40,000 was our mainstay game of the year and we stuck with it.  This is where most of my painting time was spent with expanding my Imperial Fists army, and in October starting a whole new army with the Necrons and completing over 2000 Points of them.  I had a low amount of games set for the year with 24, and we barely just hit that with 29 games played, at least I did hit my goal for the year.

X-Wing 2021

Painting Goal: Not Applicable (pre-painted miniatures)

Gaming Goal: Last year I lowered my expectations with a goal of 6 games played, and I hit it with 10 games played.  For 2021 I will keep the same goal of 6 games played.  If more games are played again in 2021, that will be a bonus.

X-Wing was another HUGE MISS for the year, I honestly thought we would get more than 1 game played in the year.

Events 2021

As I had thought, the early part of 2021 were not good for events with most of them being cancelled due to COVID.  The first event we attended was Motor City Mayhem in April which was a nice event and close to home.  Then in October was the Michigan GT that we attended and once again was close to home.  At least we were able to get away to two events for the year.

New Games Played 2021

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Painting Goals: None

Gaming Goals: None

Warhammer Age of Sigmar was a new game I picked up for 2021.  We started off the year pretty hot about it with building a whole Kharadron Overlords army and playing 4 games, and then it kind of simmered.  Age of Sigmar v3 was released in the Summer and thought we may get a few more games in, but it has still been sitting.

Painting Points 2021

January 2021 started the year hot for Painting Points with 66 points for the month, then it cooled way down until the Fall when I decided to start a new Necron army for Warhammer 40,000 and the points really picked up and saved the year for me finishing with 293 points.

By reading the above post, you'd probably think that 2021 was not that good of year, but in all honesty, I did pick up Bass Fishing as another hobby and some of my weekend time in the Spring thru Fall were spent Fishing instead of playing games and painting.  To me, I had a satisfying 2021.

December 27, 2021

Weekly Chronicle 2021 #52 (Final Week of 2021)

Here we are the final week of 2021, and it has been a pretty decent year so far.  COVID is still around not going away any time soon, but at least we are not locked down as much as we were in 2020.

Nothing too exciting going on this week, I am prepping some models for painting for 2022 and getting ready for the Las Vegas Open at the end of January.

We did manage another LVO practice game this past Saturday (on Christmas) and my Imperial Fists did manage pull off the victory in this game (more than likely because I had first turn).  I am not sure how many more practice games we will get in with those lists (list are due January 14th) so this may be it for me.

This week is also the week where I do my "Yearly Review" and "What's in Store for 2022", so be sure to come back on Friday and Saturday for those posts. 

December 16, 2021

W40K: Necrons 'Doom Scythe I'

This past Sunday I had chores I had to around the house, and in between those chores, I decided to also paint my 'Doom Scythe' Flyer that came in my Combat Patrol box.

Next thing I now it is Sunday night, and the model was done (minus the base).  So come Monday I had to get the base finished so I could call this model completed.

I was unsure how I wanted to paint this model, and still unsure about it, but at least it matches the theme with the rest of my army.

Doom Scythe I

Doom Scythe I

Painting Points: 10

December 14, 2021

W40K: Necrons Battleforce 'Worldscour Legion''

For a few years now, Games Workshop has been releasing Battleforce boxes around the Holiday times, and this year was no different.

With just starting a new army, I was very interested in seeing what was coming out.  Well low and behold, one of the boxes were for Necrons.  The "Worldscour Legion" battleforce actually has most of the models that I still need for the Necrons (minus the Warriors, but I do actually still need more of those).  So of course I placed an order for box, and my battleforce arrived yesterday.

The "Worldscour Legion" battleforce comes with the following models:

  • Psychomancer
  • 10 Necron Warriors with 3 Scarab Swarms
  • Lokhust Heavy Destroyer
  • 3 Ophydian Destroyers
  • 5 Flayed Ones,
  • 2 Canoptek Doomstalkers
Now with this box and what I still have for the Necrons, I have quite a bit to keep me busy in 2022.  Of course I did have to open the box and start building a few models.

December 13, 2021

Weekly Chronicle 2021 #50 (Battle Foam Arrived)

Each year during Black Friday, Battle Foam puts on a huge sale for their products (foam trays / bags) and with starting a new Necron army in October, I thought it would be a perfect time to take advantage of their sale and find a home for the Necrons.

I have to admit, Battle Foam is not cheap, but they are really good and lately I have been using foam / bags from Games Plus.  The problem with my Necron army, I have some very large models for them (Tesseract Vault, Silent King) and the larger trays and custom cut outs from Battle Foam will be easier to store them.

Now that I am going with Battle Foam foam, I need something to carry the foam.  I currently own a few smaller bags from Battle Foam, but that will not be enough to carry all the Necrons, so I add 3 bags to my order, a really big one, medium one and a smaller one, to give me options on how I want to carry my army.

Well this past Friday my order arrived,  I was really shocked it came this fast, when placing the order, it said 8-10 weeks to arrive (I do miss the days of living in Gilbert, AZ and just driving to their location for pick ups).

So after a 1000 Point game on Saturday in which my Necrons squeaked out a victory, it was time to place my models into their foam trays.  I did purchase some trays that will cover future models, and I "should" be good on foam for the next year... I hope.

December 12, 2021

December 10, 2021

W40K: Necrons 'Technomancer I'

I am finally catching up my posts with my finished Necron models, and as of now I am done to the last 2 models, and I call these guys my "Techno Twins".

I want to try a list that runs 2 'Technomancers' so multiple Units can benefit from their abilities, so while I was down in South Bend not long ago I went into our LGS and he had 2 of them and I purchased them.  I did not think I would have them done this week, but I managed to finish them.

Here is 'Technomancer I'

Technomancer I

Technomancer I

Painting Points: 5

December 9, 2021

W40K: Necrons 'Deathmarks I'

In my recent purchases of my Necron army, one of the purchases was the Combat Patrol box because I was interested in the 'Overlord' that was included.

I finally got around to some of the other models that were included.  The Combat Patrol box has the ability to model 10 'Immortals' or 10 'Deathmarks', or the combination of both.  Since I already have 10 'Immortals' completed, I elected to build 5 as 'Deathmarks' and see how they do before I decide on the next 5.

The 'Deathmarks' are suppose to be a sniper type Unit for the Necrons, similar to what the 'Eliminators' are to the Space Marines, but stat wise are not as good.  Also since the 'Deathmarks' are an Elite choice and 'Immortals' are Troops, I think in the long run it may be better to have another Troop choice.

Deathmarks I

Painting Points: 5