December 12, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Tactical Squad 1'

Yes, they are not the latest, coolest, models for Space Marines but instead a classic and I wanted to have some models available as point fillers for some lists.  I wanted to have some variety in collecting my Imperial Fists and some kind of theme (Bolters), so I thought the Tactical Squads would be perfect.  I purchased one box of Space Marine Tactical Squads and split them into 2 Units of 5, then added on a Heavy Bolter Marine to make Units of 6.  This will give me a little variety between 5-6 men Units and fill in points as needed.

I have the second Unit ready to be primed next, and although not immediately needed for any lists, they will be next to hit the painting table before moving onto some other Units.

Tactical Squad 1

Painting Points: 6

December 9, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #49 (AdeptiCon Registration Is Open)

As the title of the blog states, registration for AdeptiCon is now OPEN! but first a quick recap of the following week.

My son and I were able to get in a small 500 point game of Warhammer 40K in yesterday afternoon, just for the sake of time, for now we are keeping the points really low and just trying out different Units we do not play often along with HQ's.  Yesterdays practice was to see how Librarians work in the game along with the Psychic Phase (too be honest, I kind of like my Librarian).  My Imperial Fists were able to get the victory mainly due in part to one lone Primaris Intercessor surviving Assaults from a Salamander Tactical Squad, the Salamanders had some pretty bad dice rolls and I was able to make my Saves.  My Librarian helped in eliminating some of the Salamanders from afar.

Painting was really good last week also with 2 Units of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles' completed, as of now both of these Units are needed in my 1500 Points list which will be needed for AdeptiCon.

Yesterday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST, registration for AdeptiCon 2020 opened to the public and I was ready and waiting at my PC.  I have a friend and is adult son back in Illinois who are starting up Warhammer 40K and we thought if the four of us all played in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament, the marquee event at AdeptiCon.  Even though they did increase the number of teams allowed to register this year to 150, I knew it would be a ticket that may sell out quickly.

When registering for AdeptiCon, the best plan of attack is the add the Weekend Badge (mandatory) to your cart, and then the event that you most want to play in and proceed to checkout, a lot of people spend time adding everything and then when they checkout, some of their events have already sold out.  I added my badge and the Team Tournament and proceeded to checkout without any issues.  Once I received confirmation of my order, I then decided to go back and see if the Warhammer 40K Friendly was still available (another event that sells out quickly) and there were still 79 spots available.  I wanted to have a little bit of time to check out the Vendor Hall at the Con (I need to work on Thursday) but I went ahead and added the Friendly to my registration (I can go downstairs during lunch on Thursday and shop), and I was able to get the event.  Good thing, shortly after I checked out, the Friendly sold out.

The Warhammer 40K Team Tournament is 4 players playing with a 1000 point list (playing with 2 players / 2000 points), and the Warhammer 40K Friendly is a 1500 point list (hence the 2 Units of Scouts I completed last week).

So it looks like AdeptiCon 2020 will be a weekend filled of Warhammer 40K for me.

December 7, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles 2'

Well it looks like I did manage to get my second Unit of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles' completed this week.  Making progress towards my 1500/2000 point lists, that is good.

My next Unit I am prepping for the painting table is actually a light detour from my 1500/2000 point list, and instead a Unit that I need in my 1000 point list in case we make it to the AdeptiCon Team Tournament event.  Hopefully that Unit will be completed in a short time.

Here is my second Unit of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles'

 Scouts with Sniper Rifles 2

 Scouts with Sniper Rifles 2

Painting Points: 5

December 5, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles 1'

I was able to get some more work done on my Imperial Fists army for Warhammer 40000 with my first Unit of 'Scouts with Sniper Rifles'.  I have two of these Units in both my 1500 and 2000 point armies.  I am also working on a 1000 point list just in case we get into the AdeptiCon 40K Team Tournament when registration opens up this Sunday and I do have one of these Units in that list also.  My second Unit is all primed and ready to go, just need to find a some time to sit down and paint again, hopefully by sometime next week they will also be completed.

 Scouts with Sniper Rifles 1

Scouts with Sniper Rifles 1

Painting Points: 5

December 4, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Game Plus Products Flagship Gaming Bag

After 15+ years with my Sabol Army Transport bag for my Black Templars, the straps which are attached to the bag are deteriorating, so it was time to shop around for a new bag and or foam.  It was also a good time as I needed a new bag and foam for my Imperial Fists army.

My first thought was that I was going to replace the bag/foam with Battlefoam during their Black Friday sale.  I really do love my current Battlefoam bags/foam, but the shipping from them is a little high, plus the actual foam for my Black Templars is still good and all I needed was the bag to be replaced.

I then started to look into the gaming bags from Game Plus Products when I came across them on the Miniature Market website.  I have noticed their foam in the past at conventions and gaming stores but never paid attention to their bags.

It turns put that the inside dimensions (foam) is the same size as the foam from Sabol, this would save me a little money in not having to replace the foam for my Black Templars.  While I decided to use this bag for my Black Templars, I then just went ahead and ordered 2 (1 for my Imperial Fists and foam).  I figure if I ever need 1 or 2 trays real quick, it is easier running to my gaming store to pick some up.  I place my order on Miniature Market on Thanksgiving, and already yesterday my package had arrived.

The new bag holds all my Black Templars (including a new 4" foam for my Land Raider Crusader), plus there is room for at least another 1"-1.5" tray.

Now it's time to pluck the rest of the trays for my Imperial Fists.

December 3, 2019

Guild Ball: New Season 4 'Game Plan Deck' Arrived

Yesterday afternoon my new Season 4 'Game Plan Deck' had arrived from Steamforged Games.  The new deck was officially released this past Friday, but SFG shipped them out a bit earlier to have them try and arrive on time (which is great).  With US Customs I knew it would not arrive by Friday, but I was happy when they came in yesterday.

SFG had written there own previews on the Game Plan Deck and you can find them HERE and HERE.

MuseOn Minis has also released an updated token set for the cards, and I have my order in and hopefully they will arrive soon.  Once the tokens arrive, then it will be time to try out the new deck, maybe this weekend, it actually has been awhile since I last played.

December 2, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #48

Wow, December is already here and the final month of 2019.

Painting has been a little slow lately, but it has not been a stand still which is good.  I have a healthy backlog of models, and once I know what events I will be playing in AdeptiCon 2020, I can kick it up a notch and get more completed.  Currently my concentration will be getting my Imperial Fists mostly completed for Warhammer 40000.  I am hoping these are the two events I will be playing in, or even happy with getting into one.

For this past week, two Units of 'Primaris Eliminators' were finished and now all three of my 'Eliminators' are completed.  I also was able to start work on one of my Troop 'Scout Squads' and I am hoping that they will be finished this week.

Gaming this past week was just a game of X-Wing this past Thursday on Thanksgiving.  My Scum just barely lost to the Rebels 181-172.  I am closing in on 20 games of X-Wing for the year (19), so one more game will be played sometime this month.

AdeptiCon 2020 registration opens up this coming Sunday... so next week we'll find out what events we were able to get in.

November 27, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Eliminators 3'

Very similar to yesterdays 'Primaris Eliminators 2', I have now completed my third and final Unit of Eliminators, 'Primaris Eliminators 3'.

The good news is that this Unit is needed in my 2000 point list, but not needed in my 1500 point list, but right after I finished the second Unit, I wanted to get right onto the third.  It feels really good now to have 3 Heavy Units completed and some more models completed for the month of November.

 Primaris Eliminators 3

Primaris Eliminators 3

Painting Points: 6

November 26, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Eliminators 2'

Now that Renegade Open is completed, I can move my concentration from Batman Miniature Game over o Warhammer 40000 for awhile.

I have received all my models for my Imperial Fists 2000 point list (plus I picked up an extra box of Tactical Squad Marine in case I need point fillers later) and majority of the models are assembled.  It is now time to get them completed.

The concentration of my painting will be to get 1500 points completed first, which all of the same models are in my 2000 points, but the plan is to be able to sign up for the AdeptiCon 2020 Warhammer 40K Friendly event, and last year that was run at 1500 points.

So continuing with wear I left off with my 'Primaris Eliminator 1', I now have my 2nd Unit completed.  'Primaris Eliminators 2'.

 Primaris Eliminators 2

Primaris Eliminators 2

Painting Points: 6

November 25, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #47 (Renegade Open Recap)

Last night my son and I arrived back from the 7th annual Renegade Open up in Minneapolis, MN.  Unfortunately the weekend did not go as planned for me, but at least it was 1/2 planned.

Renegade Open was this past Friday-Sunday and our plans were to use Thursday and Sunday as travel days, and play Batman Miniature Game on Friday and Saturday.

I knew this was going to be an interesting weekend when I woke up to find out we have no hot water in the house and the electronic pilot light was out and I could not restart it.  We managed to hit the road around 8 AM Eastern Time and at least the drive was uneventful.  We had a couple planned stops along our way.  Along the way to our first stop, I managed to get a hold of a local Plumber and scheduled for them to come out later in the day to take a look at the hot water tank.

Our first was stop was in Madison, WI at Noble Knight Games, I came across this gaming store on the internet and thought it would be cool to check out and pick up any items we needed on our way.

It is a really nice, clean, and large gaming store.  I ended up picking up some Citadel paint, and a couple more Citadel paint handles so I can have at least 5 and work on 5 Space Marines at a time.

The plan now was to head an hour North to Wisconsin Dells and grab some lunch at 1 of 2 our favorite pizza locations in the Dells, the stop on the way up was Mossejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.

Once lunch was completed it was time to hit the road once again with about 4 hours left in our drive, of course we had to hit some of the St. Paul/Minneapolis rush hour traffic, but we made it to our hotel around 6:30 PM Central time and checked right in.

We got settled into our room and then looked for a place for dinner that was close by, found a nice Pub/Grill that was not far and enjoyed some street tacos, beer and NHL on the TV.

Today was Day 1 for BMG for us and it was the 250 Rep event and I was playing my Joker Crew, and my son was playing Brave and the Bold.

 My Joker Crew

Brave and the Bold

The event was not scheduled to start till 12:00 PM and was to be 4 rounds and 90 minutes a round, it was going to be a pretty long day.  I started off really good against the Watchman and pulled a Win to start the event.  My second match was against BatB led by Gordon and had Grifter and the game ended in a Draw (my opponent in this game ended up coming in 1st for the event), and my third match was against Donovan (one of the Boy Wonders podcast crew) and it was Joker vs Joker.  Donovan got the Win in the match.  Just before this game started I got a call from the wife saying the pilot light was out again....great more headaches.  We decided to drop after 3 matches (I was 1-1-1 and my son was 0-3) and grab some dinner and then head back for the awards.

We actually got some really good stuff in the awards ceremony, new 3rd edition Red Hood Joker, DCU Aquaman, some Muse on Minis tokens, a Vallejo paint set, and my son received a plaque for coming in last place.  Plus the two of us each received a BMG Renegade Open crew tray when checked in for being 2 of the first 10 players to sign up for the event.

After the awards ceremony we decided to drive out to the Fantasy Flight Gaming Center and check out the HQ's for FFG.

Another really cool looking store with plenty of gaming space along with a separate events room where they hold all the Worlds events.  We picked up some folding dice trays since we left ours at home to use for Saturday (there were no table clothes on the tables and the dice were bouncing everywhere).

After the FFG Gaming Center, we headed out to another local gaming store that some of the Minneapolis players mentioned to us, Source One Comics & Games.

This place was big and had just about every game inside.  We took some time walking up and down all the isles.  My son found a copy of new DCU Rulebook on the shelf, so we finally got a copy of that.  We are going to be trying out DCU while we wait for Third Edition of BMG to come out.

Today was a much earlier start and it was the main event, 350 Rep / 4 Rounds.  I woke up early and took care of my morning duties and then checked in with the wife when she arrived home for work.  The water heater is out again.  It was time now to head downstairs, but I decided to cancel (and my son went down) and spent the next 2.5 hours in my room pricing out water heaters and getting a hold of a company so we can have a new heater installed.  I was able to get a hold of Lowe's and pay for an "assessment" over the phone (since it is usually done at the store) and they will be calling me back today (Monday) for them to come out and give me a full quote to replace it.

With being in the room for the entire first round, obviously I did not make the event.  I did decide to head on out and visit the local Games Workshop store that was only 10 miles away, I wanted to pick up the new Faith & Fury book for my Black Templars that just came out that day.

I arrived back at the hotel in time for my sons lunch and had McDonald's waiting for him.  Once we finished lunch and he head back down to the BMG room, I decided to check out some of the other events that were going on....Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action, Kings of War and the Vendor Hall.

My son wrapped up the awards ceremony around 7:15 PM (no last place today), but he did pick up a Gaslight Batman, the rest of the items were not as good as what we received on Friday (we already had most of the models available).  We then proceeded for some all you can eat Sushi and I retired back in the room while my son went back to the BMG room for some Batman trivia.

Our travel day home, and we had another planned stop back in Wisconsin Dells at our second pizza stop, the Pizza Pub where we ordered the Big Kahuna, a 20" pizza (the plan was to bring the rest home for dinner).

We made it back at a decent time, and arrived home around 6:45 PM Eastern time (we had another stop in Northern Illinois at my fathers grave).

On our way home we realized it was hunting season and we came across seeing at least 7 of these deer behind trucks/cars.

Well that wraps up Renegade Open 2019.  As of now I have no plans on returning next year (as I only have 1 vacation day allowed for events and it will be AdeptiCon) so we shall see what happens in 2021.