April 7, 2020

DCU: Ultraman (Kal-Il) [JLV]

When I ordered my DC Universe Miniature Game rulebook back in November after the Renegade Open, I also added to my order the new DC 'Crime Syndicate' box that was released that came with 'Ultraman', 'Owlman', 'Power Ring', 'Superwoman' and 'Johnny Quick' so that I would have an equivalent to running Justice League America.

This past weekend I decided to prep three of the models for painting this week, and the one for the week is 'Ultraman'.



Painting Points: 1

April 6, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #14

Week #14 was a pretty average week for me, which is a good thing, a model was completed and games were played.

First off, 'Doomsday' for DCUMG was completed during the week and actually hit the gaming table on Saturday also.  I was also able to prep some of the Crime Syndicate models for DCUMG, 'Ultraman', 'Owlman' and 'Power Ring' and they should be hitting the blog this week.

Sunday we played a smaller game of Warhammer 40,000 (1000 points) and we played it full ITC.  Imperial Fists vs Dark Angels and I removed a lot of nasty from my list to try and keep it more fun, even 'Captain Lysander' made a debut dropping into the game (literally on Turn 2).  The Save rolls were not there for the Dark Angels and they took a pretty bad beating 35-7.

I am not sure yet what will all be on the agenda for this coming week, I have some assembly needed for my Imperial Fists, I have 'Captain Lysander' I would not mind painting, but I do want to play him agin this weekend and I still have some 'Termagants' I am slowly working on.

April 5, 2020

Battle Report: DCUMG 4/4/2020 (Core "Superman VS Doomsday")

Seeing how I just finished 'Doosmday' the other day, it was only fitting that the 2nd Edition of the DCU Miniature Game Rulebook had a scenario called "Superman VS Doosmday", and I thought it would be fun to try this one out.  This was our first game playing with a full Power Level Team of 60 for each us.

I ended up fielding for the Villains; 'Doomsday', 'Deadshot', 'Black Manta', 'Grodd' and 'The Merciless'.  For the Heroes it was; 'Superman', 'Batman', 'Green Lantern', 'Batgirl', and 'Flash'.

The Justice League Villains were able to draw first turn, so of course 'Doomsday' was going to go on into 'Superman' and see what he can do.  The Scenario specified that the two of them could only attack each other for the first two Rounds of the game.  'Doosmday' was using "Fury" right off that bat and I was lucky enough to score 3 Critical Hits doing 15 points of damage right away to 'Superman'.  If sis not last long for him as he went down in Round 2.

The Heroes did manage to take out 'Grodd' and 'Deadshot' and the Villains cleaned house winning 14-3.  You scored 5 points for killing 'Superman/Doomsday' and 1 point for the others, 'Batgirl' has a rule granting an extra point along with 'The Merciless'.

'Doomsday' is really tough and powerful, but DCUMG for me/us is not a "competitive" game, I just want to throw out some Villains and see how they do.  We did have one 'Grab/Throw' in this game (a cop car smashing into 'Deadshot') and we still need to play around more with smashing buildings and see what happens (especially if 'Batman' goes and batclaws to top to hide).

Not sure when our next game will be (maybe 2 weeks) but I will see what other models I can come up with for 60 Power.

April 2, 2020

DCU: Doomsday [JLV]

Well I did not expect to see this coming so soon, actually painting DCU specific models.  We played our first game of DCU this past weekend and I thought the game was pretty fun, similar to BMG 2E, yet different.  The next morning I had to go out and look for the baddest bad guy of them all, 'Doomsday'.  I was able to find him on eBay for a really good price and the shipping was fast.  I was able to get him assembled Tuesday night and some primer and then finished him up yesterday.  If we get in a game this weekend, he will be hitting the table.


Painting Points: 5

March 31, 2020

Daily Chronicle: Painting Points, End of 2020 Q1

Q1 for 2020 has just about come to and end (end of day today) and it was not a bad first quarter for the year in regards to Painting Points.  If your not familiar with my Painting Points, it is something I picked up many many many years ago from another blogger and it helps me keep track and motivates me to keep painting through out the year.

For Q1 2020 I scored 145.5 points, which is not too shabby.  March was a little slow for me, but I still got a few models completed.  My main priority was to get to get models completed for AdeptiCon and once those were done, I took a slight a break, then AdeptiCon was cancelled and now I need to set myself another goal line for when to have models completed and more than likely that will be NOVA Open.  My issue with that is it is still six months out and need to decide on some 2000 point lists for my Imperial Fists.  I believe I have them narrowed down to 14 lists (LOL).  Worst case scenario, I already do have 2000 points completed for my Imperial Fists if I do not paint another model this year, but that will not be the case.  I will always be adding to my Imperial Fists, but at this moment I am in no rush, so it will be what I feel like painting at that moment.  Then I always have my Tyranids to also keep me busy when I get tired of painting Space Marines.

Now that my son is also home on the weekends, playing games on the weekends will be taking away time from painting on the weekends, so Q2 may not be that high in points.  Later today/tonight I will work on updating my Painting Queue with items for Q2 and we shall how much of that gets completed.

March 30, 2020

Guild Ball: New Errata v4.3 Just Released! (March 2020)

The new errata for Guild Ball v4.3 just was released on the Steamforged Blog, you can read about all the changes HERE.

It has been six months since the last errata so we knew this one was coming soon and then it was confirmed this past Saturday on the SFG live keynote.

Once I get all the cards updated for 4x6 printing I will post them in the Game Resources section of the blog.

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #13

Well week #13 is in the books, it was not as exciting as it should have been attending AdeptiCon 2020, but we made the most of it and were able to play 6 games here at home.

Painting wise, nothing was completed except for a few colors on some 'Termagants', looks like my next batch of 5 will not be done this quarter and will slide into Q2 for the year.

In regards to gaming, as mentioned above, 6 games were played this past weekend.  You can read each of daily recaps HERE, HERE and HERE.  We were able to get in games of Kill Team, MeSBG, DCU, X-Wing and Warhammer 40,000 a nice variety of games for the weekend (just like a convention).

Hopefully the next 'DraganCon II' does not fall on another convention weekend.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 6

March 29, 2020

Daily Chronicle: "DraganCon I" Sunday 3/29/2020 Recap

Today was Day 3 of "DraganCon I" and instead of a larger 3000 point game of Warhammer 40,000 as originally planned, we still had to get our 2000 points ITC game in, so that is what was played today.

We are still playing through the ITC Mission packet, so today's game was 'Scenario 3: Nexus Control'

I was playing an Imperial Fists list without the core of my army (the 'Centurions') just to try and lighten up some of the shooting from the Fists vs Dark Angels, but being able to be the attacker, the Imperial Fists still had too much firepower for the Dark Angels.  The Dark Angels were wiped out during Round 4 with a 30-7 win for the Imperial Fists.

Daily Chronicle: "DraganCon I" Saturday 3/28/2020 Recap

Day 2 of "DraganCon I" was yesterday, Saturday March 28th and we veered a little bit from our original schedule.  On ur schedule was suppose to be a 2000 point game of Warhammer 40,000 followed by a 1000 point.  We ended up starting the day with the 1000 point and ran a bit longer than expected (since we were watching the Games Workshop Preview show) that instead of doing a 2000 point game afterwards, we played a game of X-Wing instead later in the evening.

Our first game of of the day was Warhammer 40,000, 1000 point of Astra Militarium (Imperial Guard) vs Salamanders (Space Marines).  It has been a long time since I broke out my Imperial Guard and was kind of nice seeing them on the table again.  We played the mission "Front Line Warfare" from Chapter Approved 2019 with a "Search and Destroy" deployment zones.

My Imperial Guard were not hitting as good as what my Imperial Fists usually do (hitting n 4+), but I think the shear number of models overwhelmed the Salamanders.  'Vulkan' and a unit of 'Terminators' were really the only threat my IG had and it was big threat.  They came smashing through my right flank but it was a bit too late for them and I was securing a lead with Victory Points.  The end result was a 17-7 win for the Imperial Guard after Round 5.

Once we put these armies away, like I mentioned above it was getting late already.  We decided to get the table ready for X-Wing and start playing once dinner was done.

We both decided to build a new Hyperspace list (we kind of had too since all of our old lists have changed) and Hyperspace seems to be the go to norm now for tournament games (Hyperspace cycles through available cards you can use throughout the year).

I played a Scum list with Boba Fett, Fenn Rau and a Zealous Recruit while my son played the Rebel Alliance with Luke (of course), Han and a Blue Squadron Escort.  This was a close battle bit not having any shields on Fenn and the Zealous Recruit really hurt especially when their abilities kick in when they are in their opponents faces.  Boba Fett held his own and almost finished of Han Solo (but left him with 2) and the Scum lost to the Rebels 86-314.

For Sunday we are hoping for 2 games of Warhammer 40,000..... for sure we are getting in 1.

March 28, 2020

Daily Chronicle: "DraganCon I" Friday 3/27/2020 Recap

I wrote the other day how my son and I would be spending the weekend gaming in the absence of AdeptiCon 2020, and yesterday kicked off our three day weekend of gaming.

We started the day off getting ready to play a game of Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team at 125 points.  Being this is only our second game of Kill Team, we introduced the use of Command Points in this game, but just the non faction ones for now.

Once we got the table and our armies ready to go, it was already 10:00 AM so we decided to watch the the live keynote session from Steamforged Games on YouTube.  I mainly was just paying attention to the talks about Guild Ball and how this Monday there will be an errata coming out for the game.  Once we were done listening about Guild Ball, we just kept it playing in the background.

Kill Team

As I mentioned above, this was our second game of Kill Team, so we used the second mission in the Core rulebook for Matched Play, "Take Prisoners".  Seeing how both of our armies (Imperial Fists and Dark Angels) like to stand and shoot, I had feeling while reading this mission, the game may end up in a tie.

Sure enough I was right, even though my Imperial Fists killed more of the Dark Angels, neither of us met any of the criteria and scored no actual Victory Points.  The gamed ended at the end of Turn 4, 0-0.  Originally our plan was to get in two games of Kill Team, but it was no lunch and we took a break and wanted to get started in the other two games systems.


After we finished lunch (fine take out from McDonald's) we prepped the table for a game of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.  Just like two weeks ago we elected to play 400 points and a scenario from the new "Matched Play Guide", it was randomly determined and we played "Fog of War".  My sons 400 point list was very different that his last game, instead of running some Gondor Warriors, he wanted to have fun and just run Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.  In this mission we had to selected a non Leader Character who we wanted to target, along with a piece of Terrain, keeping our own Leader alive and keep the Army from becoming broken.  I could not choose his Leader Aragorn, so I selected Legolas, and since I only had one Character, the King of the Dead, my son chose him.

Basically with only 3 models on his side and 20 on mine, it was not that hard to surround his modes.  He kept Legolas back a bit to try and get a few shots, I sent one warband to my right flank to go and capture the terrain piece and the rest of army concentrated on the three.

I lost a few of my Army of the Dead, but I managed to wrap up Aragorn with the King and 5 models for support and after 2 rounds of combat, Aragorn was slain.  U next I concentrated on Legolas seeing he was the model I was going to score points off of, it was not to difficult, once surrounded, there was not much he can do and the Elf boy went down.  His army was now broken and we rolled to end the game (1-2 it ends, 3+ we continue) a 2 was rolled and the game was over.  I managed with my Army of the Dead to achieve all 12 VP's to his 3 VP's.

We finished that game around mid afternoon and then started to prep the table for DC Universe Miniature Game.


Back on January 1st in my "What's in store for 2020" post, I mentioned about trying DC Universe Miniature Game (DCU) this year and hopefully getting in a game back in January, well January became March now and we finally got in our test game.  We originally were going to play with the full 60 points (about 5 models) but we both decided to just play with 3 and pretty much the same 3.  My son played Justice League with Superman, Batman and Green Lantern and I plated the Villains with models from the Crime Syndicate box, Ultraman, Owlman and Power Ring.  The scenario that we chose was the just the first one from the rulebook, "The Artefacts".

The game played very slow, not because of the rules, but because we were still learning them, but it seems like it will play at a pretty decent pace.  Last year I played 24 games of BMG (Batman) and I honestly think I enjoyed the mechanics of DCU than BMG (2e).  It is nice that each model has a Power Level and you can elect to spend those points however you want, standing still and just punching or moving or shooting.  The Crime Syndicate ended up winning this game 5-2 and only leaving Superman left on the table for the Justice League.

I am actually really looking forward to trying this game again sooner than later and possibly with the full 60 points.  Who knows, I may even paint a few of my DCU specific models.  I know Warhammer 40,000 for 2020 is my go to game, but we definitely need to keep this one up there also.

Up for today is a couple games of Warhammer 40,000.