October 16, 2017

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Two - Decimate

We are now into week two for The Union in Chains a Guild Ball Community Event and Steamforged Games just released the two sculpts for ‘Decimate’.  The event is deciding if ‘Decimate’ should be playing for the Brewer’s or Mason’s Guild.

To see the results after week one for The Union in Chains, please click HERE.

Back to the ‘Decimate’ sculpts.  As much as I like my Khador army for Warmachine, the sculpt for the Mason’s Guild is just not doing it for me.  I am leaning for ‘Decimate’ to end up on the Brewer’s Guild (my opion is just how I like the sculpts, not any storyline behind her character).

As of now model wise, I am hoping for:
Hemlocke: Mortician’s
Decimate: Brewer’s

Brewer’s Guild: Decimate

Mason’s Guild: Decimate

October 15, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Sledge’

Well after a little delay and sidetracked by a few different models, I finally started on the Blacksmith’s Guild and elected to start with ‘Sledge’, an Attacking Midfielder and an Apprentice for the Guild.  ‘Sledge’ did not look to difficult to paint and wanted to test on my color palette on this model.  I like to try and paint close to studio colors and to me the Blacksmith’s look to be painted with shades of Grey.

Just like with my Farmer’s Guild  I do not plan to rush the painting on this Guild and plan to spend a little bit more time with them.  Plus with ‘real life’ getting in the way today and some of next weekend, my goal is to complete them by the end of the month, that will then give me the whole month of November to finish what ever I need to in time for SteamCon USA.

The Blacksmith’s Guild are a little different than the other Guilds in Guild Ball.  All of the other Guilds have Captains and Mascots, with the Blacksmith’s, they have Masters and Apprentices.  ‘Sledge’ is an Apprentice to his Master ‘Anvil’.  Being an Apprentice to a Master usually grants some abilities in gameplay, and in the case of ‘Sledge’, he has a Character Trait called Tutelage [Anvil] when he starts his activation within [6”] of ‘Anvil’, he may use a Character Play once during its activation without spending Influence.

‘Sledge’ also has some really good stats and can be a scoring threat, and a high threat to get Taken Out’s.  With a TAC 5 plus the Character Play  Piledriver that grants him [+3] net hits and a Momentous 7 damage on his Playbook....watch out.



Painting Points: 1

October 14, 2017

Guild Ball: Fisherman’s Guild ‘Kraken’

Finally, the last fish in the pond.  My Fisherman’s Guild is now complete, all 12 models.  The last model to be completed is ‘Kraken’, a Centre Back for the Guild.  ‘Kraken’ is more of the beatstick for the team with a 2” Melee Zone, TAC 5 and a Momentous KD on 1.  ‘Kraken’ plays along side ‘Veteran Siren’ nicely which was in yesterdays post.



Painting Points: 2

October 13, 2017

Guild Ball: Fisherman’s Guild ‘Veteran Siren’

Down to the final 2 Fisherman models and then the Guild will be complete.  

Today we have ‘Veteran Siren’ an Attacking Midfieder for the Guild.  

Along with ‘Siren’, ‘Veteran Siren’ had some changes done to her in the last errata.  ‘Veteran Sirens’ Playbook was changed.  I honestly do not recall what exactly changed in her Playbook.

Veteran Siren

Veteran Siren

Painting Points: 1

October 11, 2017

Guild Ball: Fisherman’s Guild ‘Tentacles’

Yesterday it was the second Captain for the Fisherman’s Guild, today it is the second Mascot for the Guild with ‘Tentacles’.  With that I have a full 10 man Team painted for Regional Cup play with only ‘Kraken’ and ‘Veteran Siren’ left to paint to comnplete the full Guild.

I actually like the way ‘Tentacles’ came out, and the picture itself is not to bad either.  Now that I have been getting the Fisherman painted lately, it is gicing me the itch to get them on the Pitch again.  I would drive up to Grand Rapids for a game tonight (so it would also count for The Union in Chains), but car troubles and picking up my pet from the Vet looks like it will keep me from playing tonight.



Painting Points: 2
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