November 18, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #46 (Week Of Renegade Open)

In 4 days we will be leaving for the Renegade Open up in Minneapolis, Minnesota for one of the largest Batman Miniature Game tournaments ever and I believe I am all set for the event.

We will be playing a smaller 250 Rep event on Friday, and the main event on Saturday is 350 Rep and there are close to 50 people signed up for that event.  I originally was going to play my 'Joker' crew on Friday and 'League of Assassins' crew on Saturday, but sometime a month or so ago I elected to change it to my 'Joker' crew for both days.  I think just having to remember the rules for one crew for the weekend will be much easier for me.  I am hoping that after 4 games on Friday, I should know them well enough for Saturday.  We did manage to get in one practice 350 Rep game in this past Saturday, and I was very happy with my result, a win 29-13.

On the painting side of the hobby this past week, nothing was completed, but instead I took my time assembling my models for my Imperial Fists army.  All the models I need for 1500 points are assembled, and I only need one more completed for the full 2000 points.  I also do have some models on my painting table, so I am hoping to get one more Unit completed before we leave to Minnesota on Thursday.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1

November 11, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #45 (AdeptiCon Event Schedule Preview)

Another week goes by (Week #45) and at least it was not as bad as the past few weeks.  Warhammer 40K seems to be my main concentration as I await the new rules for BMG (3rd Edition this Christmas).  The painting is not going as fast as I would like, but it is slowly getting there.  This past week my 'Redemptor Dreadnought' and 'Primaris Captain' were completed, I have 2 Units of 'Primaris Eliminators' ready to go next on the table, and I spent the weekend getting some more models assembled.

This past Friday, AdeptiCon also released a sneak preview of the upcoming schedule for 2020, and there are still some events that are missing (just like last year, Steamforged Games is late to the party in submitting events).

With my shift in wanting to play Warhammer 40K recently, I am now looking into these events.  Mainly I am interested in the Warhammer 40K Friendly on Friday.  If it is like last year, it is a 1500 Point single Detachment event, and it is meant just to have a good time.  Honestly as of now, this is the only event I am interested in.  I may for the first time ever sign up for some Hobby Seminars, I am interested in the ones dealing with Contrast paints and would not mind to learn more about these, but we shall see.  If I do not get into W40K Friendly event, then I may play in Batman Miniature Game tournament (its 5th year), I may like III edition a lot and want to play in this, but for now, that will be my backup plan.

Registration for AdeptiCon will open up on December 8th and I better be quick in getting that event.

Whats on the plate for this week? I am hoping to maybe get some painting time on my 'Primaris Eliminators' (I still have 2 Squads to finish) and then to finish assembling my 'Primaris Intercessors'.  This coming weekend will be another 2 practice games of BMG (250/350) to get ready for Renegade Open next weekend.

To help keep track of Units I need to complete for my Imperial Fists army, I put together a Painting Tracker, you can find my full 2000 Point one HERE, and I came up with a 1500 Point version for AdeptiCon, HERE.

Models Completed: 2
Games Played: 0

November 10, 2019

Daily Chronicle: GameCraft Miniatures Citadel Paint Rack

Now that I started painting Games Workshop figures again, I have slowly accumulated some of the Citadel paints.  While I was mainly painting WM/H, BMG and Guild Ball, I had stuck to the P3 line of paints but for my 40K figures, I do sometimes want to use the Citadel line.

Instead of just having them sit on my table, I measured my painting table the other day and figured I could add one more rack to make it still all fit.  Seeing how I used GameCraft Miniatures for my other racks (and I like the option of the 5" shelf), I went back to their site and placed my order the other day.  Well yesterday my new paint rack arrived and the assembly has just finished.

November 7, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Captain 1'

In my 2000 point Imperial Fists army I am building, I am going to be running 2 Battalion Detachments, which means that I need 4 HQ models.  The purpose of this army to have a little variety with the newer models than what I had years past with my older armies, so a lot of Primaris models and some newer vehicles (as already shown with my 'Primaris Eliminators' and 'Redemptor Dreadnought')

The 4 HQ's I have planned for my list are a 'Primaris Captain', 'Primaris Librarian', 'Primaris Chaplain', and 'Tor Garadon'.  So with that the first of my HQ models is a 'Primaris Captain'.  In the photos below, I had elected to leave off the "Iron Halo" spikes, because I know some day in the future they would have broken off in my bag.  He is also armed with Stalker Bolt Rifle since his primary objective will be providing support for my 'Primaris Eliminators'.

 Primaris Captain 1

 Primaris Captain 1

 Primaris Captain 1

Primaris Captain 1

Painting Points: 2

November 6, 2019

Guild Ball: New Season 4 'Game Plan Deck' Coming Soon

Leodis Games, a local gaming store in the UK has posted up pre-orders for upcoming Guild Ball items releasing later this month on November 29th, and one of those items is the new 'Game Plan Deck' for Season 4.

The new 'Game Plan Deck' will be a nice change since the current one has been around for quite some time now, it will be a nice way to spice up Season 4 a bit.

Once Steamforged Games places the pre-orders up on their site (probably this Friday), I am more than likely ordering 2 sets.

November 5, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Redemptor Dreadnought 1'

I finally finished another model, it has been a couple of weeks, but at least it is completed.  I picked up the 'Redemptor Dreadnought' at the Michigan GT this past month from one of the vendor tables, it did not come with a box or decals, but it was only priced at $50 which is a $15 savings (I did not need a box anyways, and I had some decals from a previous model).  While building it, I should have made the main gun interchangeable, but instead elected to just glue in the Gatling Gun, I am not going to be a competitive player, and the Gatling Gun is good for me.

I am also really liking the "Pittsburgh" look for my Imperial Fists color scheme, Black/Yellow is one of my favorite color combinations and it makes painting the yellow much faster (since it is in limited places).

 Redemptor Dreadnought 1

 Redemptor Dreadnought 1

 Redemptor Dreadnought 1

Redemptor Dreadnought 1

Painting Points: 5

November 4, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #44

It was a pretty quiet week in the hobby/gaming front and not much was actually completed.  I did continue working on my 'Redemptor Dreadnought' and it will be posted tomorrow morning.

Renegade Open is just under 3 weeks away and I still have to finalize/submit my lists and get a few more games in.  My plan is to get a practice game in the weekend before so that the rules are fresh for the event.  Then once we get back, I think BMG will be quiet until we get our hands on III edition.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 0

October 28, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #43

This last Painting Quarter of the year has been off to a slow start, but I think soon a flow of models will be hitting my table.  I have been recently purchasing some Space Marines for Warhammer 40000 to work on a new Imperial Fists army, soon I will have enough models to keep me busy into the new year.  I did get one model built this past week that will be getting primed soon and hopefully worked on sometime this week.

Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of Batman Miniature Game models to paint (and some Guild Ball), but right now I am in a holding pattern with BMG.  Knight Models teased a release of BMG III (3rd Edition) and then went silent, a 3rd Edition card was released on Facebook and the rules were all speculation.  From what I know, it looks like BMG III will play a bit faster (which is a good thing) but until I know more, the desire to play BMG II has slowly faded.  We have Renegade Open coming up next month which will probably be the last hooray of BMG II and my BMG gaming probably until III gets released (especially since we just got back into W40K).

For Gaming this past week, my son and I got in another practice game of W40K yesterday afternoon at a 1000 point level (still keeping the game smaller as we go through all the rules) but we changed up some of our Units to see how they work.  We also started to play a mission from the ITC packet (which seems to be the norm for tournaments).  We only tried using the Primary Objectives, and our next game we will give the Secondary Objectives a chance.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1

October 27, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists Pre-Order Arrived!

Most of my Imperial Fists pre-order had arrived yesterday and my son and I made the trek down to South Bend to pick it up.  Unfortunately they did not receive the Upgrade Pack in their shipments, so when it arrived it will be another trip down.

Now I am going to spend a few hours this morning and work on my first 2000 point list to come up with my first Imperial Fist army.  I already purchased a lot of the models, but still are missing quite a bit (some are out of stock), so it may be awhile before the list gets completed.  I am trying to add models to this list that I have not played with much before, and to still be competitive.

October 25, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists Incoming Tomorrow!

Last weekend the pre-orders went on sale for the new Warhammer 40000 Salamanders and Imperial Fists Codex Supplements and Datacards.  While my son went and ahead and did an order for the Salamanders, I did not order anything. 

After reading about the new releases this past week for the imperial Fists, and their Chapter Tactic with "Bolt" weapons, I thought the Imperial Fists would be a good fit army for me (I like shooting) but I do not like painting yellow.  So I decided that I will start on Imperial Fists but do an inverted paint scheme for them (like the way I did my sons Salamanders) where their armor will be black and their shoulder pads in yellow, since the Back Templars are a successor chapter to the Imperial Fists, I think if I ever run the two together on the battlefield, they will look alright together, Black Templars with white shoulder pads, and the Imperial Fists with yellow.

The new Imperial Fists Codex Supplement comes out tomorrow and it is a bit late for me to pre-order with my LGS, so while my son and I drive down their tomorrow afternoon, I am going to hope they extras in for sale.  I am looking into picking up the following: