August 20, 2018

Weekly Chronicle #33 2018

Wow, it was actually a pretty decent week for me last week in regards to my hobby.  I was able to get in a few games, built some terrain, and painted some models.

Gaming: I was able to get in a game of Warmachine/Hordes on Thursday night against my friend TJ, which was not a very good outcome for my Khador army.  Then on Saturday morning my son and I got in another game of Arena Rex, which again was not a good outcome for my myself.

Terrain: I built a 4Ground South Point Tenement 1 for Batman Miniature Game, and I was able to complete some Spikes for Arena Rex.  I have more terrain for Arena Rex on the bench and those will be posted soon.

Painting: I was able to start and finish my Ludus Magnus Starter Set for Arena Rex.  ‘Micon’, Marcus Furius’ and ‘Infelix’ all were completed.  Up next for Arena Rex will be the Starter Set for Legio XIII.

So, all in all, it was a very good week for me and this week should also be very good.  Next week (the week if the 27th) will be a little slow as we get ready to leave for the NOVA Open.

Games Played: 2
Models Completed: 6

August 19, 2018

Battle Report: Arena Rex 8/18/2018 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII

Yesterday morning my son and I played our second game of Arena Rex and it was pretty fun.  We still made mistakes (some very costly), but the game is really starting to grow on me.  The quick game play and setup is what I really like of this game.

We only played a 3v3 again and it took us just over an hour, I know that is still a bit slow, but we are still learning the game.  We each broke out our Starter Sets and played with the following models:

Lugus Magnus
Marcus Furius

Legio XII
Gaius Pallidus

We played the standard scenario once again, but this time we added an additional Pit, and we had two of my new Spikes in the arena also.

Scenario: Munus
A classic match evolved from funeral traditions, the Munus is a standard combat between equally matched cohorts.

Deployment: Cohorts deploy in base contact with their controlling player’s arena edge.

Cohorts: Both players bring cohorts of equal value.

Restrictions: None

Victory Conditions: The last player with models remaining in the arena is the victor.

I forgot to take any pictures during the game, but my Ludus Magnus fell to Legio XIII once again.  Like I mentioned above, we still made mistakes and one of them was costly.  Early in the game we played Displacement incorrectly and I let my son place ‘Micon’ where he wanted him touching his base (instead of me placing my own model), well sure enough he was going to place him in the direction of a pit, and 3 Pushes later, ‘Micon’ fell to his death early in the game.  We re-read the rules for Displacement and corrected how to play it later in the game, but we left ‘Micon’ and dead.  It is a learning mistake.

We may try and get in another game in tomorrow night and hopefully remember from our mistakes.

August 18, 2018

Arena Rex: Ludus Magnus ‘Infelix’

This post will be wrapping up the final model in my Ludus Magnus Starter Set for Arena Rex, and that is ‘Infelix’.  It seems like Ludus Magnus is all about gaining and using Favors and that is no different with ‘Infelix’.  ‘Infelix’ has an ability called Countervail that instead of gaining a Fatigue to make a Counterattack Reaction, he can spend 1 Favor instead.  Through his Vitality Track he can gain 3 Favors before his death, so I can he see him using Countervail a few times throughout the game.



Before I continue on with any more Ludus Magnus models, I will be tackling the Starter Set for my son’s Legio XIII.  Once those are done, I will have to take a look at my remaining models and configure my queue for them.

Painting Points: 1

August 17, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Dragon Fall 2018 (Oct 19th-21st)

There is a fairly new convention in the Chicagoland area called Dragon Fall   Dragon Fall 2018 will be taking place the weekend of October 19th-21st 2018 at the Waterford Banquet and Conference Center in Elmhurst IL.  Dragon Fall is going into their 4th year and they claim to be “Midwest’s Premier Tabletop Gaming Event”, I guess with AdeptiCon now claiming to be the “World’s Premier Wargaming Convention” is was ok for Dragon Fall to claim the Midwest.

I have yet to attend a Dragon Fall convention, in it’s first year 2015, I was still living in Arizona.  Then in 2016 I had to go back down to Arizona to visit my son since it is his birthday weekend.  Last year in 2017, my wife flew down to Arizona for the same birthday visit (and I was home with the puppy) and now in 2018, I may actually attend for one day.

Dragon Fall offers a full weekend of gaming, but I had noticed in the events listings that there was no Warmachine/Hordes events.  I am actually ok with that for this year.  With attending NOVA Open in 2 weeks, then Warmachine Weekend in November, an event in between those that I will not be playing Warmachine/Hordes may be a good thing.

So what am I to do if I attend Dragon Fall? I no longer play Warhammer 40K, nor Age of Sigmar, there is a Bolt Action event (which I have not played since AdeptiCon 2017), and then I came across Arena Rex.  Perfect timing I might say.  With myself just getting into Arena Rex, a one day event sounds like it may be a good time.  There are no details listed yet for the event, but I am assuming that 6 Stages will be needed for each Cohort (most models count as 1 Stage, mounted models are usually 2 Stages).  When I get back from the NOVA Open, it would give me about 6 weeks to finish models and get in a lot of practice games...this may be doable.

I have not registered yet for the event (seeing how it will cost me $35), but I am seriously considering it.  More than likely I will come to a final decision while I am away at NOVA Open.

Arena Rex: Ludus Magnus ‘Marcus Furius’

With the NOVA Open being only 2 weeks away, I highly doubt it that I will be getting any Warmachine/Hordes models painted beforehand (since my lists are all completed), but I still have some time to paint up some Arena Rex.

Yesterday was my first post of a model for my Arena Rex Ludus Magnus and today we continue on with another, ‘Marcus Furius’.  He seems to really benefit when he is engaged with a model (hence the net on the model) with his ability Harrier, gaining a Favor dice whenever an engaged model removes Fatigue.

Marcus Furius

Marcus Furius

Painting Points: 1

August 16, 2018

Arena Rex: Ludus Magnus ‘Micon’

Well I finally started painting my Arena Rex models that I had purchased at this years GenCon 10 days ago.  Along with a few other models for Arena Rex, I had purchased 2 Starter Sets, Ludus Magnus and Legio XIII.  Ludus Magnus was for me and Legio XIII is for my son.

Once I start priming and painting a model, I do not want to play with that model until it is fully completed, hence why I try and paint my models pretty quickly, so I usually pick a guy that looks pretty easy to start with (to get me motivated in painting the other models) and I go from there.  I wanted to make sure I could get a few models completed before my son and I play again.

The first model up for my Ludus Magus is the big guy called ‘Micon’.  When I looked at this model, I saw a lot of skin, then just a few spots of armor.  I thought this would be a good one to start with and I could get him completed pretty quickly.



As with the bases I painted for my Spikes Terrain, I am very happy with how the color of my sand is coming out.  This is more just for a reference for me in case I forget years from now, but the base is done with 2 coats of P3 Rucksack Tan, then drybrush Vallejo Iraqui Sand, light drybrush of Vallejo Pale Sand and finally the ring is done with P3 Thamar Black.

Painting Points: 2

August 15, 2018

BMG: 4Ground South Point Tenement 1 Terrain

Besides Shipping Container (B)  I also picked up 3 buildings for the Batman Miniature Game at GenCon by 4Ground.  Once I completed the Shipping Container, it was time to move onto one of the buildings.  Seeing how the Shipping Container took me an hour to build just for a rectangle box, I had a feeling this one was going to take me a bit longer.

Sure enough it did, I would say maybe around 4 hours to complete the building.  I ended up dividing it over 2 days just to let some of the glue to dry before continuing.  I am actually amazed with all the pieces that it had, it went together pretty well.  The clear plastic windows you need to watch out for when using super glue, and the one above the front door got a bit too much glue.  In the future I may just paint over that window if it bothers me.

The first building I decided to start on was: South Point Tenement 1

First Floor

Second Floor


Completed Building

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

August 14, 2018

Arena Rex: Spikes Terrain

Last week when my son and I played our first game of Arena Rex, our arena was pretty bare at the time.  Each Starter Set that I purchased came with a Pit (so I have 2 Pits now), but I wanted to have a little bit more terrain for our arena.  I spent the weekend working on some items, Spikes and Columns (the Columns are still not yet finished, the painting of them may take me a bit while I decide how I want to paint them), but I was able to finish up some Spikes.

Spikes are considered a Wounding Hazard: The first time during each attack a model is pushed into base contact with a wounding hazard, it suffers 3 damage.  This damages ignores ARM.  A Wounding Hazard is considered a hazard.

So I decided to dig out some old craft sticks that I used years ago for one of my sons school project and some Bolt Action square bases that I had still boxed up and proceeded to make a set of Spikes.

Originally the plan was to use rectangle bases, but after cutting all the sticks, I realized it would fit better on square bases.

Spikes are all cut and sharpened.

I glued the sticks in a cross pattern to keep it simpler.  I did not want to mess with angles.

Spikes are all assembled and glued.  Now it is time for the sand and primer.

Here the Spikes are now painted, all that is left is to do the bases.

A set of finished Spikes.

Painting Points: 4 (2x2)

August 13, 2018

Weekly Chronicle #32 2018

The countdown clock on the right is ticking down and in 16 days we leave for the NOVA Open and I am getting a little excited for it.  I have the lists I want to play at the event all finalized and they are all painted, just trying to get in a few more practice games with each of them so I can improve a bit on clock time.  I am not going there to win any events, but I do want to have a fun time playing in them.  The Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament that Thursday will be the most draining for me.  After driving all through the night for 10-12 hours, we’ll be playing all day and into the night for the Team Tournament.  After 3 games we’ll see how well we are doing and who know’s, may call it a day.

I was able to get in 2 games in last week, 1 for Arena Rex on Wednesday and a 75 point game of Warmachine/Hordes on Thursday (some practice with my TT list).  I am hoping to get in another 15 point ‘Speedmachine’ game in tonight and a 50 point ‘Breakfastmachine’ game in on Thursday.

I also spent the weekend working on quite a few projects, mostly with terrain for the Batman Miniature Game and Arena Rex.  I posted the 4Ground ‘Shipping Container (B)’ I had finished yesterday and I also started on one of the buildings.  For Arena Rex, I have been working on some columns and spikes for our gaming arena.  Some of these will be posted later this week (I am still unsure how I will be painting the columns, so I am not sure when those will be completed).

I also started work on my Ludus Magnus models for Arena Rex, again I will more than likely get 1 or 2 posted later this week.  I amazed myself with starting on these models so soon, I honestly thought I would not get to them till after the NOVA Open.

This Fall, I need to reevaluate my games played again, Guild Ball Season 4 is coming out in October and I am sure it will spark some re-interest in the game and I do not want to lose my momentum with Warmachine/Hordes and Arena Rex.  Plus I still need to get some games of Batman Miniature Game in with my son.  Once I complete some more terrain for that board, I am sure I will get a demo game in.  Trying to squeeze in 4 game systems (and the occasionally game of Magic the Gathering) will be pretty tough (plus the painting required for each of these).  I need to come up with a weekly schedule to squeeze all of these games in.

August 12, 2018

BMG: 4Ground Shipping Container (B) Terrain

Yesterday I spent the morning working on some terrain for my miniature games, and one of the pieces I was working on was the Shipping Container (B) from 4Ground.  I have heard really good things about the terrain from 4Ground, and this is the first item I have built from them.

A few months ago, I was eyeing their Gothic City line to be used in the Batman Miniature Game, and I was holding off on the purchase.  Part of the reason for the hold off was the cost and shipping from the UK, but when I noticed some of their line at GenCon last Sunday, I had to buy a few of their pieces.

What drew me to the 4Ground line of terrain is that they come fully painted.  I really did not want to spend time painting up all the buildings and I am still not that good with my airbrush.  A lot of the BMG players use TT Combat terrain, but that is unpainted MDF.  Yes, the cost is a bit more, but it does save me a lot of time.  Maybe in the future I will add some TT Combat, but recently Muse on Minis is also coming out with pre-painted terrain for BMG, I will have to see what Muse on Minis has to offer before I purchase any TT Combat.

Anyways, back to the Shipping Container (B).  The assembly of this model actually took me a little longer than expected.  I was thinking 1,2,3 and it was done, but it turned out to be an hour later and the container was finally completed.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

August 10, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Hidden Forest Gaming Terrain

On our drive back home from GenCon this past Sunday, my friend and I realized that we will need a bag for our new Arena Rex gaming mats.  Previously when I was looking for mats for our Guild Ball Pitches, I came across a company called Hidden Forest Gaming, they produce 2D gaming terrain, mats, and they also sell bags individually.  We looked on their website, and sure enough they sold a 30” bag for $10.

When I got home, I took a look at their site so I can order my bag and I had decided to look at the terrain they had for sale.  I already use Broken Egg Games 2D terrain and scenario zones, but Hidden Forest Gaming had their snow terrain on sale, a bundle for $35.00.  Since I also own a snow based mat, I thought it would be cool to have some matching terrain.  While I was at it, I also decided to add their scenario zones, flags and objective set to my order.

All I can say is that the prompt shipping of my order was awesome.  Their website had said they would be away until August 8th and orders would ship afterwards (I was in no rush), but I had received an email this past Monday night that my order was going out for shipping.  Yesterday afternoon my package arrived and I promptly set it up on the table to prepare for the evenings battles.

I really like the houses that were packaged in with the terrain, with my Broken Egg Games terrain, it does not come with these.  It is nice to change up the battlefield occasionally so I do not get bored with the game.

I just want to say, in all honestly I do prefer 3D terrain over 2D, but for the ease of storage and transportation (taking my mat and terrain to a local game store), the 2 D terrain works great.  Plus you do not need to worry about your models falling over when they are placed on a hill.  I can take all my terrain, stack them up together and they all go nicely in a small container on my shelf.

August 9, 2018

Battle Report: Arena Rex 8/8/2018 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII

Last night my son and I got to play Arena Rex for the first time and we were going to take our time and learn the rules and the game mechanics.  The other day I had assembled the two Starter Sets that I had picked up at GenCon, and now we were ready for battle.

I was playing the Ludus Magnus Starter Set with ‘Marcus Furius’, ‘Micon’, and ‘Infelix and my son was playing Legio XIII with ‘Aquila’, Gaius Pallidus’ and ‘Ban-Luca’.

Our Arena was bare with terrain, the only piece of terrain we were using was one Lethal Hazard, a Pit.  As I mentioned above, for this game we just wanted to go through the rules and mechanics of the game.

Scenario: Munus
A classic match evolved from funeral traditions, the Munus is a standard combat between equally matched cohorts.

Deployment: Cohorts deploy in base contact with their controlling player’s arena edge.

Cohorts: Both players bring cohorts of equal value.

Restrictions: None

Victory Conditions: The last player with models remaining in the arena is the victor.

As the fans of the Arena wait for their Gladiators.

The cohorts are both deployed and ready for battle.

‘Infelix’ is the first casualty of the Arena.

‘Micon’ pushes ‘Gaius Pallidus’ into the Pit and to his death.

‘Ban-Luca’ spears ‘Micon’ into the Pit, to his death and victory for Legio XIII.

The game was a really good learning experience and I really enjoyed how the game plays.  The one item that was hard for me to wrap around was that there was no Rounds in the game.  Each model takes alternating Turns which keeps the game really flowing.  As we got down to one model each, then Last Man Standing kicks in, for me personally (in this game) that got a bit boring as both models were just dancing around in circles trying to push the other into the Pit.  As I stated “in this game”, normally you would have more terrain features setup in the Arena and have may more obstacles that you can push your opponent into.

The plan is to play a few more games with the same 3v3 Starter Sets, but next time we add some more terrain, maybe another Pit and some Columns.

I think once we get back from NOVA Open at the end of the month, then these models will start to hit the painting table, I should have more of our models assembled that we can play with as I get these painted.