November 15, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild ‘Egret’

I have been a little sidetracked lately with another project of mine, but I finally got around to finish up another model for my son’s Hunters Guild.  I have 5 of the 6 models now completed that he gave me to paint, the last one left being the second Captain ‘Skatha’.  Today we have a Striker for his Guild, ‘Egret’.



Painting Points: 1

November 13, 2017

Daily Chronicle: SteamCon Swag Box

Steamforged Games announced over the weekend the contents of the SteamCon Swag Box.  SteamCon UK is taking place this weekend November 17th-19th and SteamCon USA will be December 1st-3rd (Chicago area).

I have not gotten in a game of Guild Ball in quite awhile, but I am looking forward to SteamCon.  My oldest son is flying in from Arizona for the event, and I plan on getting in a lot of friendly games with him trying out all my different guilds.

Anyway’s back to the contents of the Swag Box.

  • 1x Metal Skulk Miniature
  • 1x Old Jake's Coaster
  • 1x Guild Tattoo Sheet
  • 6x Random Guild Cards (Yes, they're the new errata cards)
  • 1x Union in Chains Ball
  • 1x SteamCon Goal Token
  • 1x SteamCon Bottle Opener
  • 2x SteamCon Bang Sticks
  • 1x SteamCon Lanyard & SteamCon Ribbon

Steamforged also surprised us with an announcement that the next two 6-man boxes for the Farmer’s and Blacksmith’s Guild will be sold at SteamCon with a strict 1 per customer.  Good thing I have 2 son’s coming with me.

Farmer's Guild: Old Father's Harvest

Blacksmith Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal

November 10, 2017

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Five - Results

We are heading into the final weekend to get results in for The Union in Chains (besides games that will also be played at SteamCon UK).  The last day to record any games is Monday November 13th.

This past week, the Engineer’s Guild really turned things around.  I guess the Guild really wants the new ‘Veteran Harry’.

Also during the week, ‘Obulus’ sent a letter to the Hunter’s Guild informing them that they will be taking ‘Veteran Hemlocke’ in return the Hunter’s are getting ‘Veteran Minx’

I am sorry to see the Mason’s Guild losing to the Brewer’s, but I am happy the Fisherman are winning over the Butcher’s.  Let’s see if the Fisherman can hold them off.

November 6, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild ‘Ulfr’

I have to admit, I am starting to slack a little on the Hunter’s Guild models for my son.  This past weekend I got a little side tracked with a model railroading project that I am working on in my basement (nothing to elaborate, just something for the top of my bar).  Anyway’s last week I was able to finish the fourth model for the Hunter’s Guild that my son provide me.  ‘Ulfr’, a Striker for the Guild.



Painting Points: 1

November 3, 2017

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Four - Results

It is the end of week 4 for The Union in Chains and some of the match ups are getting really really close.  There is not much more time to get games recorded.  Next week, Week 5 will be the final week (plus games played at SteamCon UK) will decide the fate of the Veteran players.  I really hope the Mason’s can come back against the Brewer’s.  The original sculpt for the Mason’s not too many players liked it (including myself), but I do like the new sculpt for Veteran Decimate, so now the Mason players are trying to dig themselves out of a hole.

I am cheering on Mason’s, Fisherman. Engineer’s and Mortician Guilds.

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