March 13, 2018

Battle Report: Hordes 3/12/2018 Minions vs Trollbloods (75 Points)

Well last night I got to play ‘Barnabas 2’ once again vs ‘Kolgrima 1’ and once again ‘Barnabas 2’ has not really dont too much for me.  I cannot get him to battle for him to really do any damage.  At least this time I did not lose by clock, but lost by Assiassination at the top of Turn 3 (Trollbloods went first).  ‘Kolgrima 1’ kept on using FREEZING MIST and placing 4 3” AOE cloud effects that blocked anything ‘Barnabas 2’ can charge into.  When ‘Kolgrima 1’ finally got close enough she then used multiple WIINTER’S TIDE to reduce ‘Barnabas 2’ to 1 damage box and his ‘Earthborn Dire Troll’ then charged on to finish the job (though it was much harder for the Earthborn to hit Barnabas 2).  WINITER’S TIDE from ‘Kolgrima 1’ got to ignore SWARM and EXECRATION OF BLACKEST NIGHT that ‘Barnabas 2’ had on himself.

I did a fairly good job with the rest of the game, I believe I had actually killed more models than he had.  One of my Units of ‘Gatorman Posse’ were doing a good job contesting a zone on my right while killing me some ‘Northkin Raider’ and my other Unit of ‘Gatorman Posse’ were contesting a zone on my left while holding up a Unit of ‘Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears’.  One of his ‘Battle Bears’ Units did Ambush on my right side charging in on ‘Wrong Eye’ and easily taking him out which also removed ‘Snapjaw’.

Control Points wise, the score was 0-0, so I played that part of the game is still just a matter of trying to get ‘Barnabas 2’ in the right position.

Scenario: The Pit II


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