March 30, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Broken Egg Games Warmachine/Hordes Token Sets

Well today is my birthday...Happy Birthday to me!

A few weeks ago after a Hordes games versus my friend where I prepared all my write on tokens before arriving to his house, only to realize when I got there the ink started to smear off while I was getting my army ready.  That’s when I thought I should go ahead and get some pre-prinited tokens.  For me it is a “catch 22”.  Pre-printed tokens eventually get changed and you need to buy updates, but the write on one’s get smeared off.

When I got home I started to look into two companies that I know that make very nice ones here in the US.  Muse on Minis and Broken Egg Games, both are really nice quality but Broken Egg Games are officially licensed by Privateer Press (and a few dollars more).  I actually had decided on purchasing the Muse on Minis tokens (they are officially licensed to make Guild Ball tokens and those are very nice) and I was going to get a Circle Orboros set for my son but while asking him if he already had a set, he had told me that he purchased the Broken Egg Games tokens   At that point he told me that he also purchased Minions, Trollbloods and Khador for me as a birthday present (he was going to surprise me with them at AdeptiCon but he did not want me to purchase my own sets).  Last weekend at AdeptiCon he brought them with him and they are gorgeous.  I first learned of the Broken Egg Games tokens at Lock & Load 2016, Adam (the owner of Broken Egg Games) showed my son and I the proof of concept on what the tokens would look like and they looked nice just on paper.

Now the problem I had is trying to get all my tokens organized.  There are just too many to fit in my current dice/token tray so I decided to break them up into baggies per Warcaster/Warlock the best I can.  When I came around to organizing Khador there were some spells that only came with one token, but their were multiple Warcaster who have that spell.  I decided for those to place the spell in the bag of the Warcaster I used the most.  By using the baggies, this will speed up a little time getting organized before the game starts and the leftover Solo/Unit tokens fit nicely into my tray.

Now all I need is the Minions 2018 update pack which I hope they release very soon.


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