May 31, 2019

Painting Points: May 2019

Since I started keeping track of Painting Points back in 2010, it helps keep me motivated to finish models, terrain, and to post here on the blog.  My previous record month for Painting Points had been back in March of 2014 with 177 points.  This month of May 2019 I had reached 196 points.  Just like 5 years ago, a majority of this months points had come from building terrain for Batman Miniature Game, but I still managed to get in quite a few models completed also.

Majority of my terrain is now built, so it will probably go back to normal months for the rest of the year.

BMG: 4Ground "Shipping Container (A)" Terrain

I had almost forgotten that I had another Shipping Container (A) from 4Ground. sitting on my shelf waiting to be built until I noticed it the other night.  When my son and I were at Spring Fling last month for Guild Ball, I had made a purchase at the host store and it was this container.  Seeing how this month has been the month of Batman Miniature Game terrain building, I thought I'd squeeze in one more for the month.

Size comparison: Bottom = 4Ground, Top = Muse on Minis

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

BMG: Black Site Studios "City Bus Stop 2"

Along with the Industrial Dumpsters that were posted yesterday, I had ordered more items from Black Site Studios.  I had to purchase another City Bus Stop to go along with one I assembled last month, one bus stop was not enough for the city of Gotham.

I still have a few more items left to assemble from my order, but those may wait till next week.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

May 30, 2019

BMG: Black Site Studios "Industrial Dumpsters 3"

When I went to build my second set of Industrial Dumpsters from Black Site Studios, I did not realize when I ordered them that they come in sets of 2 (I had forgotten), so instead of ordering 2 Dumpsters, I ended up with 4....the more the better.

Here are Industrial Dumpsters #'s 5 & 6. (6 Dumpsters will really help out the table with terrain).

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

BMG: Black Site Studios "Industrial Dumpsters 2"

I really like my Industrial Dumpsters from Black Site Studios so much that I went and ahead and ordered some more.  When playing on a city themed mat, I really like to have the board filled up as much as possible, grant it the dumpsters may not be used that much in a game (the occasional Ping! roll) but they help fill out the gaming mat with terrain.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

May 29, 2019

BMG: Muse on Minis "Shipping Crates"

While attending this past weekend's MuseOn Con in Des Moines, I really wanted to purchase some of the Muse on Minis "Shipping Crates" that they make for the Batman Miniature Game.  When we arrived and did our shopping, I was a little disappointed that they had none for sale.

During our 350 Rep Batmatch Tournament on Saturday, during Game 3 one of the prizes for securing an Objective was to win one of their crates....perfect.  My opponent and I both tied in achieving our Objectives at the same time, so it went to the person who also controlled a second Objective, unfortunately that was my opponent so he won the Crate.  My opponent was from Minnesota and one of the cast member of the Boy Wonders podcast, he was nice enough and offered the Crate to me....I was very thankful.  When our event was over, I had found out that my son and won one also, so we came home with two Crates.  Yesterday I had some time and quickly assembled them, they are much smaller than our Crates from 4Ground, but they will still work out nicely.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

May 28, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 5/27/2019 (Batman vs Joker)

With yesterday being a US Holiday (Memorial Day) it meant I was able to squeeze in another game of BMG in the extended weekend.

Before leaving for MuseOn Con, I had placed an order with Mats by Mars for one of their city street vinyl gaming mats.  I am not a fan of vinyl mats, but since we use a neoprene mat over our gaming board, I think the vinyl may work alright.  The new mat arrived while we were attending the Con, but yesterday I opened the box up to get it ready for the match.

After having to face 'Archie' from Joker's crew twice this past weekend, I thought it would be fun to try him against my son.  When I got home Sunday night from the drive back from the Con, I quickly assembled my Joker models to get them ready for a game.

Here is the list I was going to try:

350 Rep

Joker (Arkham Asylum)
Borgon the Cursed
Ace of Spades
High Security Henchman

We randomly rolled the scenario and played "Chaos In The City"

Turn 1 Joker's crew was able to go first, so I obviously took advantage of using 'Archie' right of the bat and he entered the sewer and popped up in an alley in my son's deployment zone surround three of his models.  Along with 'Archie', those three models were also effected by Joker's Canister.

Basically I tried to avoid Batman as much as I could and concentrated on his Henchman.  By the end of the game I was able to take out all his Henchman including the Boy Wonder 'Robin'.

Joker survived himself with 2 rounds of combat vs Batman, and Joker's crew got the win 52-17.

May 27, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #21 (MuseOn Con Recap)

First off, let's start with our normal Weekly Chronicle before moving onto a recap of this past weekend's MuseOn Con.

Painting wise, I was actually shocked that I completed 2 models before heading off to the Con, both were for Batman Miniature Game and they were 'Katana' and 'Diablo', which both of them saw table time at the Con.

Now we can move onto MuseOn Con.  MuseOn Con is a smaller Con ran by the company MuseOn Minis and it is held in Des Moines, IA.  There was not much advertising for the Con except for on there own Facebook pages, and Podcasts, so I had a feeling and it would not be too large, which I had expected and heard from friends who attended, it is more of an intimate feeling.

Originally our plan was to play in BMG Friday night, Guild Ball on Saturday, followed by BMG Duos on Sunday.  Just before we left I asked my son if he wanted to change it a bit and instead of Guild Ball on Saturday, we play the 350 BMG Batmatch event and then just relax on Friday night after driving all day, so we elected to that instead.

Friday 5/24/2019
Friday was mainly our travel day and we arrived around 2:00 PM local time and made pretty decent time (about 7 hours with stops).  We carried our bags straight up to our room, then headed back down to check out the venue.  This year the event moved to the west side of Des Moines and was held at a really nice Mariott that had a McDonald's right in the parking lot which was going to make breakfast easy an cheap.  When we arrived downstairs we headed towards the signs for MuseOn Con and arrived by the ballrooms.  Even though this was a smaller con, they still had some pretty decent gaming space.

We checked into registration and then proceeded to check out the gaming hall, once we looked around, it was time to do some shopping so we can carry everything back upstairs.  MuseOn Minis makes the official US based gaming tokens for Guild Ball, so I had to pick up the 4 new Captains tokens that were just released to update my sets.  Once I grabbed those tokens it was time to look at some of the BMG models (MuseOn Minis is now a retailer for BMG, plus they make their own tokens for the game), we knew we needed some more Ammo tokens, with all my shooting, the 10 we had was just not enough, we each added another pack of Ammo tokens.  Then I saw Deployment Zone sticks for BMG that they make, so we had to have 2 sets of those (and they sure did come in handy).  Now we looked at some of the models they had, and grabbed some that we wanted, Archie & Bikers, more Organized Crime, some Brave and the Bold and John Constantine.  As we were checking out, Nigel from MoM said that they now printed out mats for BMG also on neoprene material, I thought awesome so we added another gaming mat (they were only $30, no carrying bag).

Inside the gaming hall were 2 other vendors, a local gaming store (which stocked a variety of models) and Tectonic Craft Studios, makers of wooden gaming trays and terrain.  We browsed the local store and found some more BMG models we wanted....then found more....and finally got more on Sunday before we left (we found 20% off coupons in our swag bags.

Next to registration desk was a gift prize table (actually a few tables) with a mix of BMG, WMH and X-Wing items, some items were older and some not.  Each time you played in an event you would earn dollars that can be spent at the store.  I think between both days my son and I had around $40 so we spent most of it on older BMG models (with most of them still playable in Standard format).

Once we were down shopping we carried everything back to the room and relaxed till dinner.  I notice hat there was a Raising Cane's restaurant not far away and boy did I miss it.  Our closest one is in Chicago, but I used to have it all the time back in Arizona, so we headed out to Raising Cane's for dinner.

After dinner we spent most of our time in our room and getting ready for Saturday's BMG tournament, we were quizzing each other to make sure I ca remember the Traits on all my cards.

Saturday 5/25/2019
Registration for the event did not start till 10:00 AM with first game at 11:00 AM, so we actually got to sleep in a bit, plus have some breakfast at McDonald's.  We then headed to the gaming hall and prepped our stuff for the tournament.  At check-in, I asked if it was alright I played my son in the first game (just to shake off all the butterflies and so I do not screw up on rules).  It was a pretty close game and I was able to get a Minor victory.  Game 2 I got to see what all the fuse was about with the new 'Archie' model from Joker's he is a PITA.... this was a closer game than the first I again pulled out a Minor victory.  I was sitting 2-0 and was told that if I win Game 3 I'll be playing on the top table for the final round, if I lost, the event would be over unless people wanted to play a Game 4.  Well I lost Game 3 to a 'Bane' League of Assassins moral victory was killing 'Bane'.  Even though I lost, the rest of the players wanted to play a Game 4.... it was close to 7:00 PM and I was ready for a beer, my son and I packed our bags and headed to Applebee's for a Big Brewsky.  We were able to get back in time to watch the awards ceremony and the guy I lost to ended up taking 3rd Place.

Sunday 5/26/2019
Sunday was the Dynamic Duos BMG Team Tournament.  Check-in was suppose to start at 8:00 AM with first game at 9:00 AM.  Well they were off to a late start and it was not till around 9:45 AM when Game 1 actually started.  I went into the event thinking people were going to be playing smaller Crews (200 Rep per player) but our first game we were matched up against 14 models to our 7.  We kept it real close through Turn 2 (down 17-15) but after Round 4 we lost 55-30.  It was around 12:00 PM, Game 2 was not going to end till around 2:30 PM, so I decided we were going to drop out after Game 1 (since we lost) and head home.  If we would have won the game, I think I would have stayed for a second game, but a third would not be a possible.

I did learn a lot more (rules wise) this weekend for BMG and it was a good time.  I kind of wish we could have gotten in  a second game on Sunday (but travel days are rough).  We drove all the way out there to only play 4 games, but it was still fun to see what MuseOn Con was all about, plus I always like to ave some down time at these Cons......will we go next year....maybe....I need to cut down on traveling next year (we had an event every month this year so far) so we shall see.  If we are still heavily playing BMG and Guild Ball next year, this one may make the list.

I did not take many pictures this weekend, but here they are.

 Some of our swag bag items and purchases before we bought more.

 Outside main gaming hall.

 A view of main gaming hall.

 Two-Face led Organized Crime.

 Saturday Game 1.

 Waiting for Saturday awards.

 Our Dynamic Duos list.

May 23, 2019

BMG: Diablo (Chato Santana) [Unknown]

I was able to get another Suicide Squad model completed yesterday, (honesty I thought I was done for the week) and now it makes my decision a lot harder for which Crew I want to play with at this weekends MuseOn Con.  I think I am leaning towards using the Suicide Squad models, even though I have never played with any of them, it may be a fun/good weekend to learn how they work.

The model completed yesterday was 'Diablo', it was a tough call between him and 'Slipknot', but having unlimited ammo on his short range "Flaming Tattoos" is kind of nice, the only drawback is that if he fails a Willpower roll at the start of his turn, he does not get to attack.



Painting Points: 1

May 22, 2019

BMG: Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) [BatB]

I really was not sure if I would get another model completed this week, but last night I was able to finish up another model from my Suicide Squad Bat-Box with 'Katana'.  'Katana' is technically a member of the Suicide Squad, but she also has her affiliation with The Brave and the Bold.

With completing 'Katana', I can now field a 3 model Suicide Squad Team at this weekends MuseOn Con Team Tournament (200 Rep).  I have never played with any of them yet, but it may be fun to shoot things with 'Deadshot'.



Painting Points: 1

May 20, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #20

It was a pretty busy weekend for me and unfortunately I was not able to get any models completed this weekend nor prep any for the upcoming week.  I had a friend drive up from Indiana (originally we met while living in Arizona) Friday night and stay with us the entire weekend to get some gaming in with me and my son.  I was able to get in a game of Guild Ball Saturday morning followed by some Team practice of Batman Miniature Game on Sunday.

Batman vs Penguin on Saturday night.

Batman vs Penguin on Saturday night.

Modeling wise last week I did get quite a bit accomplishment, a lot of it was terrain was BMG.  3 models were complete and 5 buildings for BMG.

This week may be a bit rough on the modeling front (I may be able to get one model completed).  Friday morning we will be leaving for MuseOn Con for the weekend, so my gaming will be happening at the Con.  We are planning on a 250 Rep BMG tournament on Friday evening, then Guild Ball on Saturday and finally on Sunday a 200 Rep per player BMG Team Tournament.

Models Completed: 3
Games Played: 2

May 17, 2019

BMG: Plast Craft Games "Urban Building"

This is the last of the Plast Craft Games buildings that I recently ordered for the Batman Miniature Game.  With the existing 4Ground buildings we have and now these Plast Craft Buildings, our BMG table is starting to look more like a city.

The final building "Urban Building" is from the Urban line of buildings.  Just like with the "City Building" I posted yesterday, the fire escape on the building is just a bit too narrow for a model to fit on, but we'll make do.

We have a game lined up this weekend and we shall see what the table will look like, I think all that is missing is just some more urban obstacles, like dumpsters and barricades and such.

No the problem is having to store all this 3D terrain.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time

BMG: Plast Craft Games "Sanitarium"

Another building from the Malifaux line by Plast Craft Games is the "Sanitarium" or in my case it will be used as "Arkham Asylum".  As with the "Old Town Building" from earlier today, the "Sanitarium" has platforms big enough to hold models from the Batman Miniature Game.

I have been really enjoying building these buildings from Plast Craft Games and have been very happy with how they assemble and look.  They are a lot easier to put together than the MDF terrain from 4 Ground and I think the detail is still high quality.  As with both companies, the huge plus for me is that they come pre painted.

Painting Points: 10*
*assembly time