March 5, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #9

Only 17 days till I pick up my son from the airport and we continue on to AdeptiCon 2018 and I am proud to say that for the first time that I have been going to AdeptiCon, all my models are completed well before the event (unless my son makes a last minute Guild Ball list change).  Though I believe my son is still slacking on some of the Circle models he needs completed for his Hordes list.

This past week I finished up 2 Units of ‘Kayazy Eliminators’ for my Khador army and that is all that I need to finish up for AdeptiCon, so now it will be just painting for fun until the next event comes along and I am rushed to complete some models.

I also did get a game of Warmachine/Hordes in last week and testing ‘Barnabas 2’ for the first time.  I really want to play him at AdeptiCon but still a little unsure, so I have another game scheduled this coming Thursday and hopefully the following Thursday.  After 2 more games I will then decide if I will be sticking with ‘Barnabas 2’ or go back to ‘Maelok’ for our Team Tournament event.

I have not gotten in any games of Guild Ball recently and honestly do not see myself getting any in before AdeptiCon.  So either that Thursday or Friday night at AdeptiCon, my son and I are going to have to try out our Homeland Cup lists for some much needed practice.  I actually like the list I came up with and I think I am going to have a fun time with it, really looking forward to playing more Guild Ball.

Week #9

Models Completed: 4
Khador: Kayazy Eliminators 1
Khador: Kayazy Eliminators 2

Games Played: 1


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