February 4, 2013

W40K: IG Vendetta 1

As I mentioned in my 'IG Veterans With Plasmaguns' post the other day, I had started working on a Vendetta Flyer for my Imperial Guard army.  I had always wanted a Vendetta when they were first released, and with the release of 6th Edition and the need for Flyers, this model was now going to be perfect for my army.  Eventually I'll add a second Vendetta, but I may work on a few other models beforehand.

Once again I used 'The Army Painter' "Desert Yellow" spray, and then I brushed on their "Strong Tone" dip.  The dip gives my army that 'dirty, batteworn' look to the army.

Imperial Guard Vendetta 01 prior to paint.
Imperial Guard Vendetta 01 work in progress.
Imperial Guard Vendetta 01 work in progress.
Imperial Guard Vendetta 01 finished.
Imperial Guard Vendetta 01 finished.

Painting Points: 10

February 1, 2013

January 29, 2013

W40K: IG Veterans With Plasmaguns

Well I could not get back into Warhammer 40K and not have anything painted for the month of January.

Since I am going to be heading out of town tomorrow for a few days, I wanted to make sure and get something done.  I am currently working on a Vendetta also for my Imperial Guard army, but thought I'd also add some specialist weapons to my army.  With 6th edition, it seems like Plasmaguns are the way to go.  I currently have 4 Veteran Squads, 2 armed with 3 Meltaguns and 2 armed with 3 Plasmaguns.  I figure I'd paint up 3 more Plasmagun troopers in case I want to swap some of the Meltaguns out.

The other day I went digging through my IM bitz box and dug out the pieces needed.  After assembling the model it was time to spray the base coat on the models.  This is where I was worried, I originally started painting this army over three years ago and I used 'The Army Painter' "Desert Yellow" spray for my basecoat.  It was time to dig out the cans from years ago......  I tested the spray on a junk sprue, and sure enough it still worked.  I then proceeded with the basecoat of the models.  All looked good when they dried and I then continued on each model.  Also when I started this army, I used 'The Army Painter' "Strong Tone" dip, half way through I had switched to Polyshades due to price.  I now decided to go back to the 'The Army Painter' brand.

While taking a photo of my Vendetta in progress, I ended up catching these guys in the background.  Here are the 3 Plasmagun Troopers prior to getting their dip.

Yesterday afternoon I brushed the dip on, then this morning finished the bases and sprayed the dullcote.

When I get back this weekend I will finish up the Vendetta and have a great start for February.

Painting Points: 3

January 28, 2013

Daily Chronicle: 1/28/2013 'Rebirth of AdeptusArizona.com'

Back in 2005 when I first moved to Arizona from Chicago, I was a dedicated Games Workshop hobbyist and loved to promote the hobby to the gaming community.  I had successfully run a hobby forum called Illinois Warhammer Fantasy Battles and wanted to do the same for Arizona, so I launched AdeptusArizona.com.  Well through the years and being involved in other hobbies also, I decided to take down Adeptus Arizona and hand the reigns over to WargamerAZ.com for the local community.

Seeing how my interest in Warhammer 40K has once again risen in the last two weeks, I decided today to resurrect my domain AdeptusArizona.com and point it to my new blog.  A lot of those posts are old as I had exported them from my this blog The Old West Chronicle.  Adeptus Arizona will be used to track my hobbying/gaming for Warhammer 40K, and The Old West Chronicle will still be used for any other miniature gaming I still may be involved in.

Over the next few days I'll be slowly removing any Warhammer 40K posts I have on this blog so that there will not be redundancy between the two blogs.

So head on over to AdeptusArizona.com and follow along in my new blog.

January 22, 2013

Daily Chronicle: 1/22/2013 'Back Into Games Workshop'

8 months since my last post, and roughly 2.5 years since I last played Warhammer 40K, but last week a friend of mine started to spark interest for me back into the game.  Now it was time to go into storage, dig the armies out and see what we have left.  About the time I left Warhammer 40K, I had sold off a bunch of my armies to help pay for another hobby of mine, but I did decide to keep a few around.

Turns out I ended up keeping my Imperial Guard army, Black Templars, and my very first Dark Angels army.  I also did hold on to the start of the Blood Angels army (but I did not really have much progress on them).  With the new Dark Angels Codex just being released, and with my son really being into that army, I decided to give him that army to already add to his Dark Angels army.  So that leaves me with Imperial Guard and Black Templars.  Looks like I'll have to start and collect some more new armies.

For now I think I will expand a little bit with my Imperial Guard, and possibly add a few vehicles to my Black Templars.

With the release of the new 6th edition last year, it was now time to learn the rules all over again.  This past Sunday I had met up with my friend Gyan at Empire Games and we got to throw down 2 games of 1500 points.  We spent most of our time with our heads in the rulebook, but nonetheless it was still fun.

The first game I had played with my Mechanized Imperial Guard against his foot slogging Chaos Space  Marines, and I'm not sure how much fun he had since the Chaos Marines were tabled in Turn 5.  The second game I broke out my Black Templars so that both armies could get into assault and see how those new rules worked out.  This game went back and forth, and due to time we had to call it.  I believe the Chaos Marines had the slight advantage and would have gotten the win.

I have always liked the smaller point games over the larger ones due to time.  In this hobby I am more of Collector/Painter/Gamer, so I really enjoy the collecting of armies and getting them painted.  I will also be looking into playing some Combat Patrol games which are 400-500 points.  Gives me a chance to collect smaller armies to use for Combat Patrol, and possibly as allies for my existing army.

Time to get some models on the painting table.......

Imperial Guard vs Chaos Space Marines