March 6, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Whelps 2 (Solo)

Well we are 5 days into March and it about time I get some Trollbloods posted for the month.  I have been slowly collecting Trollbloods for about 7 years (a little bit at a time), and about 2 years ago I had decided to paint up a few them.  I have always liked the “blue” theme of the models, but they did not fit my style of painting.  I did get quite a few of them done in “blue” and then the project took the back burner to my Minions (which I enjoyed painting).

A few weeks ago I was driving home from Kalamazoo after a game againt my friend’ Trollbloods with my Minions and I was thinking, “what if I painted my Trollbloods like I do my Minions, in green”.  Once that popped into my head I could not stop thinking about them.  Personally for me I feel like my Minions look pretty decent on a table top, so the Trollbloods should also and I can get them painted pretty quickly also.

2 years ago I started to test my “blue” theme on some Troll Whelps , (although my “blue” style slightly changed through testing some models) I decided to do the same with my “green” theme.

I am still pretty bad at photography, but the new “green” does look pretty cool in person.  I am really happy how they are coming out.  Now I just need to decide if it looks bad to mix-n-match my “blue” and “green” occasionally....cousins!

Troll Whelps 2

Troll Whelps 2

Painting Points: 5


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