February 28, 2019

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Online Cart Closes Today

Just wanted to send out a reminder that online registration for AdeptiCon 2019 closes today at 1:00 PM Central Time.

http://cart.adepticon.org to register.

I believe I am all squared for the weekend, currently I am registered for:

Thursday: Guild Ball Early Bird Open
Friday: X-Wing System Open Qualifier
Saturday: Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championship
Sunday: Open

There are still a few tickets available for Saturdays Guild Ball Championship, get them while you can.

February 27, 2019

Guild Ball: Bourbon Trail Open 'Goals'

It was very nice that the TO for Bourbon Trail Open IV provided the players with a little swag bag, and inside each bag were a pair of dice, a BTO IV button, and a custom painted 3D Goal.  The Goals I usually use for my Guilds are made from acrylic and have the Guilds logo on them, but it was nice to actually have a 3D Goal, and one in the shape of a Bourbon barrel.

Seeing how my son also received the same swag bag, I thought it would be nice to get both of these painted up and they can be used for future events.

 Dice and button from swag bag.

 Red for my Butcher's and Cook's, Green for my son's Hunter's and Alchemist's.

Painting Points: 10

February 25, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #8 (Recovery & Prep)

Bourbon Trail Open IV is now complete and it is time to concentrate on my upcoming tournament on March 16th, and AdeptiCon which starts in 30 days.  BTO IV was a good time, I do wish I could have played one more game, but the feeling after Round 3 was pretty bad.  I wish more players can play for fun...do not get me wrong, I understand this was a tournament, but we were both in Round 3 with a 0-2 record with no chance of finishing in the Top 5, I think at that point, players need to dial down the competitiveness a bit.

There was also a post in the Guild Ball Facebook Group that a British player noticed that about half the players had dropped out from BTO IV and made a comment how he sees a lot of Americans doing this at events and that it is disrespectful of the TO.  I do not believe this shows disrespect, at least I do not do it for disrespect, I go to these events for the ambiance of the event (this one was in a Bourbon distillery).  I am happy to play my 3-4 games in the day and then I like to enjoy the rest of the day and venue, in this case drinking some Bourbon and watching Alex Botts play his Butcher's on the top table.  Coming from playing Warmachine/Hordes tournaments, this is kind of the norm, once you lose 2-3 game (sometimes even 1 if you are a real competitive player) you drop out of the event.  One of my travel partners did not even know the distillery had a gift shop since he was busy in the gaming room, when I was done after Round 3, I enjoyed the venue, the gift shop, and came home with some "Lincoln" Bourbon that I was hoping for.

There was a lot of news last week for Guild Ball that will be hitting this Friday March 1st, new Captains, new Miner's Guild, and the errata will all be hitting this weekend.  It is going to be a busy weekend getting everything all squared away and learning about the new changes.

Not sure how much gaming will be scheduled for this week, tonight will be clean up from BTO IV, maybe Thursday night get in a game of Guild Ball, and I also need to start getting in a game of X-Wing.

Maybe we will even start painting another model....we shall see...

February 24, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Bourbon Trail Open IV Recap

Well late last night the Bourbon Trail Open IV here in Radcliff, KY has ended and Alex Botts with the Butcher's Guild is the Champion after 6 Rounds of play.

The results from Bourbon Trail Open IV can be found HERE on Longshanks.

Out of the 6 Rounds, I only played in 3.  My first 2 games were mirror match ups against Butcher's and my third game was against the Alchemist's Guild, and it was probably my least fun game of playing Guild Ball ever and I really did not feel like continuing afterwards.

Round 1 vs Brad Moreland (Butcher's)
Lost 12-4, fun game, great opponent.

Round 2 vs Keith Golimowski (Butcher')
Lost 12-4, fun game, great opponent.

Round 3 vs Nicholas Garcia (Alchemist's)
Lost 12-2, worst game ever, no player interaction.  He never crossed his starting line till Turn 4 and kept on retreating to his goal.

So after 3 Rounds, I was done...now I wish I would have played my 4th (it looked liked it may have been against my friend Frank), but at this point I was ready to hit the bar and drink some Bourbon, which I enjoyed much more than game 3.  I also was able to finally watch Alex Botts play a game with his Butcher's during Round 4.

My son ended up going 0-4 with his Hunter's, and my friends Frank (Brewers's) went 1-3 and Josh (Navigator's) went 2-4 and actually stuck it out through all 6 Rounds.  After Round 4 it was time to get some dinner and relax for the evening.

Here are a few pics of the event.

February 22, 2019

February 21, 2019

Daily Chronicle: 2 Days Till "Bourbon Trail Open IV"

Just 2 more days until Bourbon Trail Open IV kicks off and I am getting more and more excited.

Not that I was expecting much of a swag bag, but the TO has posted a few items that the players will receive, and the gesture is very nice.  Here are some of the items we will be receiving.

 BTO IV buttons

Custom Goals 

 BTO IV custom dice

Painted Goals for Table 1

Tonight we will finish packing and make sure we are all set for tomorrow's trip.

February 20, 2019

Daily Chronicle: 3 Days Till "Bourbon Trail Open IV"

OK, so I am very excited for this weekend's "Bourbon Trail Open IV" down in Radcliff, KY at the Boundary Oak Distillery.  This will actually be the largest event I have attended to date for Guild Ball (there are a few more later this year that will/may top this one) but I am really looking forward to this one.

I think part of the reason for the excitement is the ambiance of the venue itself, it is tough to drive 6+ hours for an event that will be held in a gaming store (one reason why "Spring Fling" was a tough decision to attend), but to play Guild Ball in a Bourbon distillery, that was an easy decision to make.  If you are not doing so well on the Pitch, then just slide yourself over to the bar and drown out your sorrows.

I am also looking forward to purchasing one of the distilleries special bottles called "Lincoln", I am just hoping they still have them available when we arrive.

Tonight I will probably start packing the Guilds and some of the accessories and then finish my packing Thursday night.

Just 3 more days till Kick-Off.

February 19, 2019

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Veteran Calculus'

It has been a pretty long time since I completed a model for 2019, but this past Sunday I finally sat down and got some painting done.  With all the new Captain models coming out and my Cook's Minor Guild, I thought it was time to shake the paint bottles and get something completed.

I am still trying to complete some of the one off models I have for my existing Guilds first, so today I present 'Veteran Calculus' to finish up the Alchemist's Guild.

 Veteran Calculus

Veteran Calculus

Painting Points: 1