May 31, 2010

W40K: Imperial Fists Rhinos 1 & 2

Games Workshop©
Yesterday I mentioned that I did not start on my second Sternguard unit because I was sidetracked with another project.  Yes, as the post title states, I started an Imperial Fists army.  No my Blood Angels are not going to the "back burner", just the "side burner".  I need about $250.00 worth of Blood Angel models to continue on with them, and for the Imperial Fists, I just had to spend $22.00

On Friday a friend of mine and myself were on IM and we were talking about Space Marines.  I said that I wouldn't mind doing a Imperial Fists Chapter led by Lysander (I like to theme armies around the Special Characters for the fluff of the game).  So I perused all my bitz boxes and old 40K boxes and found some models I could use.  I had assembled 4 units of Terminators for a Deathwing Variant my son was going to run for his Dark Angels.  Since we are no longer expanding the Dark Angels (just his Salamander army), I recruited them for the Imperial Fists.  I also found an old shoe box of models.  Inside this box I found 2 Second or Third edition Tactial Squads with 2 modern Rhinos.  These 2 Squads were now also recruited.  Last we found a Devastator Squad with 4 Missile Launchers and they have now also joined the ranks.  Now all we need was Lysander.  While at Empire Games that night, sure enough, Lysander was sitting on the shelf.  He was now to become the new leader of 1500 point Imperial Fists army.

So once I finished up the one unit of Sternguard this weekend, I had to start on the Imperial Fists.  I was able to basecoat most of the army and started on the Rhinos and Tactical Squads.

I'll be working on the Imperial Fists while I wrap up the Ultramarines.  In June I should be able to make some purchases for the Blood Angels and get them started.  I like have 2-3 painting projects going at a time. It keeps me interested in painting and now get bored with one army.

Here are the 2 Imperial Fists Rhinos I was able to complete.

Imperial Fists Rhino 1

Imperial Fists Rhino 1

Imperial Fists Rhino 2

Imperial Fists Rhino 2

Painting Points: 20

May 30, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Sternguard Veteran Squad 1

Games Workshop©
On Friday I mentioned this weekend will be modeling and gaming.  So far so good.  I was able to finish my first Sternguard Veteran Squad for the Ultramarines.  I was not able to start on the second unit yet as I got distracted with another project (post coming later today).

I first put together this Sternguard unit before Games Workshop released there metal models.  Since all my Troop Squads for this army are using the AOBR Space Marines, I thought using the regular Space Marines for he Sternguard's will work ok.  I modified the Combi-flamer's and Combi-melta's for this unit just with some of my existing bitz.  I could not see myself spending $9 for a single weapon.  This is just a "friendly game" army for me, so for my friends my weapon's will work just alright.

One more unit, 2 more Drop Pods and 2 Characters to go.........

Ultramarines Sternguard Unit 1

Painting Points: 10

May 28, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 5/28/2010: Memorial Day Weekend

Just a few more working hours and it will be Memorial Day Weekend.  Thank You to all the Veterans that served for us.

So what does that mean for me, probably not too much except for some modeling and gaming.  The wife and I had discussed the possibility of driving down to Tombstone tomorrow for their annual "Wyatt Earp Days" but with a 3 hour drive down and 3 hour drive back and not much funds to spend down there, we'll probably be taking a pass this year.  I am finally caught up with all my utility deposits and moving costs so hopefully the month of June we'll be able to get back to living a bit more normally and purchasing some models for my Blood Angels.

What I plan on working on this weekend will be my 2 Sternguard Veteran Squads for my Ultramarines army.  I hope to get both of the squads done, but will be happy to at least finish one.

I'd like to also assemble my Leman Russ Battle Tank.  Our Adeptus Arizona 40K League kicks off next weekend so I would like to be able to have some wiggle/play room when it comes time to building my lists.  The base points of the armies start at 1750 points, with the possibility of playing up to 1900 points (with added "territories").  The League is going to be a good time.  I ran a similar league in Illinois for Fantasy, but after Week 7 my son and I had to forfeit the remaining games with our move back to Arizona.  Really looking forward to playing the Imperial Guard for this.  I am getting more and more comfortable playing with them and I really like the Mechanized play style.

So it looks like it will be paint/play/eat for this weekend.

May 27, 2010

W40K: IG Heavy Weapon Lascannons

Games Workshop©
So I noticed the other day that I am only 4 Painting Points shy of setting a monthly record for myself.  My monthly record is 135 Painting Points and I am currently at 132 Painting Points.

What better way to get 4 Painting Points than to finish the 2 remaining Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Teams I still have sitting in my bitz box.

I already have 3 Autocannons and 4 Heavy Bolters.  It sure would be nice to add some Lascannon's to the army.  So that is what I decided to do.  I modeled the remaining 2 teams as Lascannon's.

I was able to start on them yesterday during the little downtime I had with work, and sprayed the Matte finish this morning.

Imperial Guard Lascannon Teams

Imperial Guard Lascannon Teams

Painting Points: 4

May 25, 2010

W40K: IG Veteran Squad 4

Games Workshop©
As I mentioned the other day in one of my "Daily Chronicles", I decided that I wanted to add another Veteran Squad to my Imperial Guard army.  Currently I have 3 dedicated Veteran Squads, and I can piece mail 3 more squads from my Infantry Squads with Flamers.  I had 10 infantry still on sprue and some Plasmaguns, so I decided to make a fourth dedicated squad.  This now gives me 2 Veteran Squads with 3 Meltaguns, and 2 Veteran Squads with 3 Plasmaguns.  I can still piece mail 2 more squads with Flamers when/if I play my full Mechanized list.  I'd love to eventually have all 6 dedicated Veteran Squads.  Eventually I'll get some more models to be able to that and add some Valkyrie's to the list.

I think once the Blood Angels get completed I'll stop working on new armies and continue working on expanding the Imperial Guard.  There are so many cool models for them that I want to add to this army.

Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 4

Painting Points: 10

May 22, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Drop Pod 3

Games Workshop©
Drop Pod 3 is complete for the Ultramarines.  Just 2 more to go for my Sternguard Squads.

I'm going to try my 1750 point list in a play test game tonight.  Hopefully I'll enjoy playing them a little more now that I decided to run Tigurius as my HQ.

Ultramarines Drop Pod 3

Painting Points: 10

May 20, 2010

W40K: Salamanders Whirlwind 1

Games Workshop©
I had a Space Marine Whirlwind lying on my shelf and I thought I'd add it to my son's Salamander army.  I was not going to use it in my Ultramarines or Blood Angels (and my Black Templars cannot use them), so why not, add some more arsenal for my son.  One thing about my son's Salamander army is that this is his army to grow with.  When a cool model comes out or wants to try something different, it will be for this army.

The Whirlwind I had was already assembled, so I threw on some paint last night and finished up the highlights this morning.  Matte spray just finished drying, so here's the picture.

Space Marine Whirlwind 1

Painting Points: 10

Daily Chronicle: 5/20/2010

Time for another dose of the "Daily Chronicle".  As I stated yesterday work has really picked up this week and I have been swamped yesterday, today, tomorrow going into early next week.

I did happen to start on a Space Marine Whirlwind for my son's Salamander army.  I plan on getting that finished later this afternoon and pictures should be available later tonight.

Yesterday I finally ordered a light kit for taking pictures of my miniatures.  I have been shopping them for the last 6 months and I told myself that when I get down to Arizona I'll finally purchase one.  Most of the light kits I have found were around $60-$100 depending on the size.  Yesterday on they were offering a 12" light kit for only $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping.  So for under $25.00 shipped I figure I'll give it a shot.  I'd like to thank Brent over at for pointing it out to me.  Hopefully it will arrive sometime next week and I'll do some test pictures with it.

My order from The War Store should be arriving today.  I had ordered some more "Army Painter" 'Desert Yellow' for my Imperial Guard and a couple of cans of 'Dragon Red'.  'Dragon Red' is there new color so I can do my Blood Angels.  I have been thrilled with the results of the "Army Painter" primers and I'm hoping the red will be just as good.  Along with the primers, I order some bitz to assemble some Blood Angel Assault Squads.  I already had 10 Jump Packs sitting in my bitz box, so I figured I'd order some 'running legs' and some more 'bodies'.  I'll also pick up a couple of boxes of the new Blood Angels models so I can add in some of the Blood Angel bitz.

Once the Whirlwind gets completed, not sure what I'll throw on the painting board next.  It will either be to assemble the Leman Russ, or another Drop Pod to paint.  I may lean towards the Drop Pod just to have all 3 done for the Tactical Squads.

Pictures of the Whirlwind coming later today.

May 19, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Drop Pod 2

Games Workshop©
Drop Pod 2 same as 1.  Well Drop Pod 2 is now completed for the Ultramarines.  Nothing any different over Drop Pod 1 except now that I only have 3 more to go.

Work has really picked up this week on a personal note, so not to much time for painting this week.  I think this weekend though I'll take a time out from the Ultramarines and do some work on my Imperial Guard.  I have a Leman Russ Battle Tank, a Lascannon HW Team and possibly another Vet Squad that I wouldn't mind starting on.  The Vet Squad I need to double check if I have all the models needed.  I also have a few other Space Marine models lying around that I may work on for my son's Salamander's.  We'll see what kind of mood I'm in come Saturday.

Ultramarines Drop Pod 2

Painting Points: 10

May 18, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Trygon Prime 2 Completed

Games Workshop©
My second Trygon Prime is now completed.  Last Friday night I decided to purchase the Trygon and finish the Tyranids instead of purchasing models for my Blood Angels.  I am happy that I decided to do this.  With the Trygon completed, I can now say that my 1750 points of Tyranids are ALL DONE.

Exactly one month since I started painting them they are completed.  Feels really good to have another painted army to play with.  These Tyranids will be making their maiden voyage this Friday night against some Orks.

Now that the Tyranids are completed, The Ultramarines move up to the top for painting, followed by assembly of the Blood Angels.

Trygon Prime 2

Trygon Prime 2

Trygon Prime 1 & 2

Painting Points: 10

May 16, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Drop Pod 1

Games Workshop©
Drop Pod 1 for Tactical Squad 1 is now complete.  Too bad all 5 of my Drop Pod's are already assembled/basecoated.  A valuable lesson if you have not already assembled/painted one.  Paint the inside separate from the rest of the Drop Pod.

I had purchased/assembled/basecoated my 5 Drop Pods almost two years ago (when they first came out).  Yes, I was suppose to finish my Ultramarine army while living in Chicago, but never did get to them.  I had thought painting the insides would not be a problem, "it's just boltgun", but what a pain.  Lesson learned for whenever I have to build another.

Just 4 more Drop Pod's to go.

Ultramarines Drop Pod 1

Ultramarines Drop Pod 1

Painting Points: 10

May 14, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Zoanthrope Unit 2

Games Workshop©
You see, I told you I was going to get back to my Tyranids.  I was able to finish up my second unit of 2 Zoanthropes last night, and after running to Hobby Lobby for more matte spray, these guys are now done.

So that leaves me with just under 1500 points for my Tyranid army.  With some option add/changes, I have a playable 1500 point list.  My goal with the Tyranids is 1750 (like most of my armies) so all I have to add is my second Trygon Prime.

I was suppose to pick up that model tonight (being payday), but with all the added deposits/hook up fees with all the utility companies for moving still hitting me this month, the Trygon may have to wait a few more weeks.  I may try and squeeze in him tonight, but we'll see.  I may opt for something a little cheaper to start on my Blood Angels army.

Anyways, here is a picture of my second Zoanthrope unit.

Zoanthrope Unit 2

Painting Points: 4

May 13, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 5/13/2010

It's been a few days since I wrote a Daily Chronicle, usually I'm posting up new pictures of units that I have finished.  Well since the models I am working on are not quite done, today will be a dose of "Daily Chronicle".

Last week a friend wrote on his blog 'Cursed Treasures' "What are you?"  He was basically asking what type of hobbyist are you and he broke it up into three categories, the Modeler, the Collector and the Gamer and then proceeded to explain all three.  I've been thinking about this for awhile, and as you can probably tell from my blog, I am probably Collector/Gamer/Modeler.  I enjoy the "collecting" of armies.  Not necessary collecting every game or every model out there, but I enjoy collecting all the different W40K armies that there are.  This then brings me to the "gamer".  With the "collecting" it then allows me to just grab an army off the shelf and throw down for a "game".  I like the variety of playing the different armies and different play styles.  I do not care if I win or lose anymore (been there / done that), I just enjoy the background more.  This then leads me to the "modeler" which I am definitely not.  I do enjoy having beautiful painted armies, and when I take my time I can achieve this.  Usually I look for the "quick way" to get a "tabletop" quality army done and on the play table.  So there you go, I'm a Collector/Gamer/Modeler.

So what is new to report on the front.  For my Tyranid army, my last 2 Zoanthropes were painted today and I am waiting for the "dip" to dry overnight.  Tomorrow I will finish the bases on them and hopefully get them matted.  I'm currently out of matte spray and will be making a run tonight to Hobby Lobby.  I'm hoping they received more in stock.  Then tomorrow night I should probably pick up my second Trygon Prime.  This guy will be the last model to complete for my Tyranids.

Now moving onto the Ultramarines, you can see that this week I finished all 3 Tactical Squads.  I am currently working on the Drop Pods for these units.  I also ran out of some paint to finish them, so that will be added to my store runs tonight.  Not really sure when this army be completed.  I would probably say that by early June they should be done if not sooner.  I'm not sure how long the Veteran Squads will take to finish.

That brings to me my next army.  I really thought I was going to do a Tau army next (glad I did not pick up any models last week.)  But I think I will probably do another Marine army and go with the Blood Angels.  I do not mind building another Marine army as long as I do not build the same lists and use the same models.  Once again, I'm a "collector", so I want to use the new "Baal Predators" and play with "Assault Squads".  I think I came up with a fun list to play, now it's time to slowly purchase the models.

May 12, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Tactical Squad 3

Games Workshop©
Yes I know, I finished another Space Marine Tactical Squad before finishing a unit for my Tyranids.  I could not resist.  I am thinking of play-testing my 1750 point Ultramarine list Friday night, so the more I have painted, the better it is for me (personal preference to try and play with all painted miniatures).

To my defense, I did manage to assemble the 2 Zoanthropes and get the basing material applied.  I am just waiting for that to dry and then they can be primed.  They are still on schedule.  Then this weekend I can pick up my second Trygon and call the Tyranids complete.

Back to the Marines.  3 Squads are now done.  I still have 2 Vet Squads and 5 Drop Pods to paint and my 2 HQ choices.

I may be needing another army to start and paint soon......  The Blood Angels are looking better and better...  but there is still Tau.....  or help my son with his Eldar.....  so many choices.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 3

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 3

Painting Points: 10

May 11, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2

Games Workshop©
I know I really should be finishing my Tyranids this week, but last night I decided to start on my second Tactical Squad for the Ultramarines army.

Probably tonight I'll take a break from the Ultramarines and start to assemble the last 2 Zoanthropes, then on Thursday I'll prime them and have them done by the weekend.

Anyways below are two pictures from Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2 Sgt.

Painting Points: 10

May 9, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1

Games Workshop©
The nice thing about Mother's Day is that when the wife is playing board games with the kids, I can get away and paint some models.

As I mentioned earlier this morning, I painted 5 Tactical Marines yesterday to see if finishing the Ultramarines would be of interest to me or would they become like the Orks.

I did enjoy painting Marines (not really sure why, maybe because they paint up fast and I dont get bored being on a single color for a long time) so I continued this morning painting the second half of Squad 1.

My Ultramrines, like my Tyranids and Orks will just be a 1750 point army for me.  I may decide to add a fourth Tactical unit so I can play 2000 poiints, but for now it is 3 Tactical Squads in Drop Pods, 2 Sternguard Veterans in Drop Pods, 1 Librarian and Chief Librarian Tigurius.  52 models and 5 Drop Pods.  Probably not real competitive, but it is a change in play style for me.

One other nice option about this army is, I can also use them as "allies" for my son's Salamander army.  Vulkan He'stan is calling for help "send in the reinforcements" and then you have 3 Ultramarine Tactical squads arriving via Drop Pods with the units equipped with Flamers and Multimelta's to take advantage of Vulkan's abilities.

Here is Tactical Squad 1:
Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1 Sgt.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1 Sgt.

Painting Points: 10

Daily Chronicle: 5/9/2010: About Face

First off I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to any mother's out their who may be reading this, and to any gaming guys with wives and children, wish your wives Happy Mother's Day.

Second, About Face!  Friday afternoon I decided to pull out 10 of my Ork Boys, get them primed, drybrush Boltgun Metal, basecoat the skin.  While finishing the skin on the fifth Ork, I said to myself...... these guys are not fun to paint.  For some reason I could not get myself excited about painting the Orks.  I know I should get this army done, but I do not think I can paint them start to finish.  I think the Orks will have to be an army that slowly gets done over time while I have some free time from other projects (free time, right, there always is another army to paint....)

So yesterday I perused my garage for the box that had all my Ultramarines in them.  Found the box and I proceeded to grab a Troop Tactical Squad.  I had decided that I wanted to see if they were more enjoyable for me to paint.  I started with just painting the first 5 from the squad.  I was able to get the 5 done in about an hours time.  Then last night I headed out to Empire Games for an IG vs. Salamanders battle (I was able to get my IG to play 1750 Fully Mech) and while playing and talking with my son I decided that the Ultramarines were a bit more fun to paint and would not mind playing them every now and then (my Ultramarine army is a full Drop Pod army) and they would be a nice change of pace.

This morning I decided to paint up the second 5 from the squad.  I still have to place the decals on them and get the bases done.  Probably sometime tomorrow pictures will be available.

So it looks like the Orks will be taking the back burner again. The Ultramarines are moving up to the front of the line, with some added Tau once some models get purchased.

I also was able to pick up 2 more Zoanthropes Friday night.  These 2 should be assembled/painted this week and that would then bring me to 1500 points completed.  All that is left to purchase/paint would then be another Trygon Prime.

Stay Tunes, and once again Happy Mother's Day to he mother's out there.

May 7, 2010

W40K: Dark Angels Azrael

Games Workshop@
For the last two years my son's Dark Angels Azrael has been sitting in his army bag unpainted.  He keeps on asking me when he can play with him (he has a fully painted Dark Angels army, and to play with one unpainted model in the army just urks me).

Before leaving for school this morning, he sent me an email with a 1750 point list and asking me if he can play with Azrael tonight (he has a game lined up with a friend tonight).  I took a look at his list, made some small changes and then printed it out.

I then thought to myself he would be really surprised if he opened his army bag and saw Azrael all painted up.

So I then proceeded to dig out the black primer and give the model a quick spray.  Living out here in Arizona again, the primer really dries nice and fast.

Once the primer dried I quickly threw down some paint.  I usually like to spend a lot more time on my Characters, but this is a fun army for him to play with.  Once I got all my paint on, I then washed the entire model in Badab Black.  Using the black wash is probably my only regret.  Once the model dried, I realized I should have went with "Devlan Mud" on the robes instead of the black.  Oh well.....  the rest of his Dark Angels has a darker scheme to them and he will blend right in.

I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he opens his bag tonight....  That's what this hobby is all about, having fun throwing some dice.

Dark Angels Azrael
I delayed the publication of this post until later in day...  once my son leaves for the store.

Painting Points: 2

May 6, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Mycetic Spores Part 2

Games Workshop©
The "dip" fully dried by the morning and I was able to continue on with the Mycetic Spores.  The Spores looked a bit too brown for me and I've been contemplating on what to do with them.  I decided just to add a little blue in the same fashion the rest of my Tyranid armour is painted.  They look a little better, and they are just "tabletop" quality.  At least I can now game with them until GW does release their own model.

Remaining Steps:

7.  Once the dip fully dried, I then painted on Astronomican Grey near the top of the Spores.

8.  Once that paint was dry, it was followed with a wash of Asurmen Blue.

9.  I glued on some rocks to match what I have been currently using.

10.  I then proceeded to paint up the bases of the Spores in my standard Tyranid fashion.  Basecoat of Bestial Brown followed by a drybrush of Bleached Bone.

11.  It was now time for the matte spray.  This is the step that worries me the most, I shall find out in a few hours if I had enough coating on my Spores.  I made sure to stay 12"-18" away while spraying the matte, and also sprayed in light coats.

Finished Mycetic Spores:

Mycetic Spore 1

Mycetic Spore 2

Mycetic Spore with Zoanthrope

Painting Points: 20

May 5, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Mycetic Spores Part 1

Games Workshop©
Since Games Workshop doe not yet make a Mycetic Spore for the Tyranid army, like everyone else who is playing with these, we had to come up with our own ideas for what to use.  I really hope that GW will release a plastic model soon.  I am not one who "converts" and I try to stay away from that option as much as possible, but the only way to really run Zoanthrope's to be effective is to drop them in Mycetic Spores.

Until this morning (a comment from Sean on another post) I had completely forgotten that Armorcast makes a Spore.  If I would have remembered this last week, I would have just purchased two of these for now.  But since I did not remember, I started to make my own.

1.  I started with a standard Styrofoam egg from 'Hobby Lobby' for $3.99 (Hobby Lobby offers 40% coupons online off a single item, the wife and I each paid for one seperatley, I was being cheap), a standard blank DVD (to be used for the base) and a couple of Genestealer bits that were on the sprue that I would use as a topper.

2.  I then sliced the bottom of the egg and the top of the egg and proceeded to glue the egg to the DVD and I also glued on the Genestealer topper.  For now I just used standard white glue.

3.  Once the white glue was dry, I then used a 'low temp' glue gun and placed some glue around the base of the egg where it meets the DVD and I also placed some glue over the egg in various locations just to add some texture.

4.  I then mixed up some water, white glue, various 'Woodland Scenics' flock and some static grass to create a water down paste.  I proceeded to brush on the 'paste' all over the eggs.  The purpose of this paste was to create some texture on the eggs so when I applied my 'dip' the egg would not have 'flat' surfaces.  I was very generous on applying the paste. I wanted to make sure that glue was applied all over to protect the Styrofoam.

5.  I let the paste dry overnight and then proceeded to basecoat the egg.  I was hoping to use my 'Khaki' spray paint on the egg, since I was not sure if there was enough glue covering the egg, I decided to hand brush the paint all over the egg.  Spray Paint will start to 'eat away' at Styrofoam if you do not coat the Styrofoam fully.  I did not have enough GW Khaki so I used "Delta" 'Tan' as my basecoat.  This was the closest color I had to Khaki and once the dip was applied I knew the color would be close.  Once again I was very generous on the basecoat and made sure to fully coat the egg.

6.  I again let the basecoat dry overnight, and this morning I brushed on my "dip".  I will also let this dry all day and then I can work on finishing the base of the model and applying a matte coat.  I hope there is enough paint and dip on the model to protect it from when I spray the matte coat.  We shall see.

Here are a few of my work in progress pictures.  Tomorrow I should have some pictures of the finished Mycetic Spores.

Mycetic Spore with brushed on 'paste'

Mycetic Spore with brushed on 'paste'

Mycetic Spore with brushed on basecoat 'tan'

Mycetic Spore with brushed on basecoat 'tan'

Mycetic Spore with brushed on 'dip'

Mycetic Spore with brushed on 'dip'

Mycetic Spore with Genestealer topper

Mycetic Spore with brushed on 'dip'