November 30, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/29/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

Last night it was another night for my Butcher's, and the first time playing 'Fillet' in a long time (only tried her once in Season 4).  There was a great article written this past week on another blog about playing 'Fillet' and I thought I would giver her another shot.  My son and his Hunter's elected to try 'Skatha' one more time.  Just like me and 'Ox', my son's preferred Caption in 'Theron'.

V Ox
V Minx

The Hunter's kicked off to my Butcher's to my left side, 'Meathook' activated and went to retrieve the ball and elected to Pass it back to 'Fillet' but missed the Tap In Pass (with 3 dice) so the ball scattered to my right near 'Veteran Ox', the location was actually pretty good.  'Meathook' had also applied Tooled Up on 'Fillet' to help with her damage output.  The next move was a little unexpected, 'Skatha' decided to go for the ball and try a first turn Goal, the only problem was that 'Skatha' was inexperienced versus a Goalkeeper and 'Tenderizer' used his Rush Keeper and charged into 'Skatha' knocking her down.  After that attempt 'Princess' and 'Boiler' were able to Take Out 'Skatha'.  'Fillet' then was able to quite a bit of damage on 'Veteran Minx' but not enough to take her out, but the Bleed condition finished her.  'Seenah' came in on the end of turn to try and damage 'Fillet', but little was done and she healed herself from all the Bleed conditions around her.

Turn 2 'Fillet' worked on 'Seenah' and was able to take her out, 'Veteran Minx' was also gone again, 'Snow' was also gone, and 'Princess'/'Boiler' made work of 'Ulfr'.  It was now 11-0 Butcher's with 'Fillet' and 'Veteran Ox' standing near a damaged 'Skatha'.

Turn 3 Butcher's went first again.  'Fillet' was currently knocked down so we decided to activate 'Veteran Ox' first, I knew all I needed to do was 4 damage on 'Skatha' and the game would be over.  3 attacks and got exactly 4 damage (plus his 3 from Lash Out) and 'Skatha' was Taken Out and Butcher's win 12(13)-0

Trying to figure out how to get around 'Tenderizer' dampened the Hunter's.  My thoughts on 'Fillet' are still iffy.  There were times it felt she was not producing enough damage, especially without Bleed or Tooled Up, but I am still learning her.  If I remember to do the Character Play that causes Bleed on her first attack, I may be alright with her.

Veteran Ox finishes off Skatha.

November 29, 2018

Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild 'Memory'

This is it for now, my Mortician's are now completed for Guild Ball.  The last model needed was 'Memory' which is a companion for 'Brainpan'.  'Memory' actually does not count as a player in your lineup, but instead is automatically included with 'Brainpan' and is an extra model on the Pitch.  'Memory' has no MOV stat and does not count for any VP if Taken Out.  'Memory' can only move by Character Plays and Character Traits from 'Brainpan' or his own Character Trait, Control Strings.



Painting Points: 1

November 28, 2018

Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild 'Brainpan'

I am nearing the finish line for completing my Mortician's Guild.  Just the final 2 models of 'Brainpan & Memory' and today we have 'Brainpan'.  Currently in the rosters I am seeing for Season 4, 'Brainpan & Memory' are not being used much, I am not sure why, I think they could be a fun pair to play with it.  One day when time allows I may have to give them a try in a friendly game.



Painting Points: 1

November 27, 2018

Guild Ball: Muse on Minis 'Navigator & Order Tokens'

This past Thursday night after my Thanksgiving dinner I went online to start my Black Friday shopping with Steamforged Games.  Once I was completed with SFG, I decided to head over to Muse on Minis to add a few more token sets to my collection since they were having a 20% off sale.

Since the Navigators will finally be shipping in a few weeks, it was a good time to prepare for them and purchase their set.  I also decided to purchase a set of the Order tokens, these were purchased more for a "just in case" I decide to give them a try every now and then.  When I purchased my Season 4 upgrade tokens  few weeks, I skipped out on upgrading my Union tokens (I should have added them to this order by I forgot), the reason I did not upgrade them before is that I honestly do not think I will be playing or trying the Union anytime soon.  The Order on the other hand may be a fun Guild to try out with their Captain 'Seasoned Brisket' and their awesome Mascot 'Pride' the lion.

Next thing I know on Friday I received an email that my order has been shipped, wow that was fast, and yesterday my package arrived.

 Navigators (left), Order (right).

 Navigator tokens.

 Navigator Influence (left) and Momentum (right) tokens.

Order Momentum (left) and Influence (right) tokens.

Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild 'Veteran Graves'

After finishing 'Veteran Hemlocke' last week, I was in the mood to continue working on my Mortician's Guild.  I have only played with the Mortician's one time so far, but after my tournament on December 8th I may give them some more time on the Pitch.

I have only 3 more models left to complete out of the 14 and the entire Guild will be finished, so up next we have 'Veteran Graves', a Defensive Midfielder.  From the lists I have seen in the Facebook Groups, he seems to be played quite often.  Since he was not completed in time for my game with them, I may have to try him out next time.

 Veteran Graves

Veteran Graves

Painting Points: 1

November 26, 2018

Guild Ball: Art Of War Studios 'Melee Zone Templates'

Since I first learned of Art of War Studios last year, I really liked the products that they make.  Before I had purchased into the Broken Egg Games movement sticks, I was considering Art of War Studios.  Two things kept me from purchasing them, one they are UK based and shipping takes longer to arrive, two the movement sticks are thinner than Broken Egg Games, I actually prefer the wider sticks since the width is the same as the ball.

Art of War Studios also make Melee Zone Templates and these are always handy to have.  A little more than 2 weeks ago I finally placed an order with them for the Melee Zone Templates.  Each kit comes with 6 templates, a 1" 30/40/50mm and a 2" 30/40/50mm and costs around  £4.49.  Since there are times my model may zig-zag between 2 models, I decided to purchase 2 kits.  For myself I went with the Butcher's color and for my son, the Hunter's.

Today the USPS just delivered our package and I had to open them right away.  They are just exactly what I was looking for.  To make them easier to read, they do come with instructions on how you can paint them before peeling the paper, or use a crayon after you peel the paper.  We elected to peel the paper of our kits and use them as is.  If they seem hard to read after we have used them for a few games, then we may go back in with a crayon to make them easier to read.

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #47

It was a pretty decent week for me in terms of gaming and hobbying, nothing over the top but a good mix of both.

In gaming I was able to get in a game of Guild Ball on Monday an Wednesday night, then yesterday my son and I tried out our new Star Wars: Destiny starter sets.  I actually really enjoyed playing Destiny (I personally enjoyed it more than Magic the Gathering), I think having the dice in the game helps change it up a bit.

For hobbying/modeling, I was able to complete 3 models for the Mortician's Guild with 'Vileswarm'. 'Scalpel' and 'Veteran Hemlocke'.  Only 3 more models left for the Mortician's and their whole Guild will be completed.  Since I am rolling with the Mortician's, I will continue to work on them this week.

Gaming this week, I am not sure what is in the current pipeline.  I would like to get in another game of Destiny, and more than likely we will get in some more Guild Ball, I'd like to give 'Fillet' another shot for my Butcher's.

Models Completed: 3

Games Played: 3

November 25, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Black Friday Local Goodies

Besides doing online shopping this past Black Friday, my son and I headed to Chicago to visit my father's cemetery.  On the way back we decided to stop at Grognard Games in Schaumburg, IL and Heroes Haven in Michigan City, IN.

Our first stop on the way back home was Grognard Games, this was actually our first time visiting the store.  We had meant stop in one time during AdeptiCon but never made it out.  I knew the owner Todd back from when he owned Crooked Hat Games 2002-2005 and I heard good things about his new store and wanted to check it out.  The size was decent for a gaming store, it was not huge, but it still had plenty of tables for miniature and card games and then the right 1/3 of the space was the actual store.  It was sad not to see any Privateer Press items, but he had the usual Games Workshop and a few niche games like Guild Ball, Arena Rex and Batman Miniature Game items.  Grognard was actually doing a Black Friday sale so I was hoping to find something.  There is nothing I need for Guild Ball, but I always still like to look just in case, and that is when I saw he had Arena Rex.  I recently passed up the online sale that Arena Rex is having (I still have a few unfinished models, so I really did not need more), but Grognard was doing a 40% sale on Arena Rex, so I perused the couple of pegs that he had and came across 'Atrox' a Beast for the game.  I thought why not, it is always nice to have another Living Hazard to go with 'Leo'.


I then made a note to myself to check out the D6 dice that they had.  I did not purchase any Union dice for Guild Ball, and they do not make dice for the Order, so I wanted something that would go with my purple casino dice I have for them.  For now I was just looking for something for the Order (where I can still order the logo dice for Union) and I came across some Purple/Black dice with Gold pips and thought these would do.

Once shopping was done, it was time to make the drive back home, but seeing how we were in Chicago, I had to route our way home to stop at my favorite Italian Beef restaurant, and no it is not Portillo's, my favorite is actually Buona Beef.  Now that lunch was done, we could finally head home.

As were approaching the Michigan state line, I asked my son if he wanted to stop at one more store.  Heroes Haven is in Michigan City and I have played Bolt Action there a few times myself, but my son had never visited.  Heroes Haven is a mix of comic book and card games with a few miniatures thrown in.  Not many miniatures, a few items of X-Wing, Games Workshop and I was actually shocked to see a few model for Arena Rex (nothing we really need at the moment).  Then up on the wall I saw 2 Starter Sets for Star Wars Destiny.  I heard this game is pretty popular, but I have yet to try it.  They had the new Legacies starters of 'Luke Skywalker' and 'Boba Fett', I thought these two would be perfect fro my son to try.  I doubt I will expand on the game, just wanted another quick game to throw down when time is tight.

Now I just have to wait for all my online Black Friday orders to come in.

November 24, 2018

Guild Ball: All Rolled Up 'Dice Tray's

During SteamCon UK, Steamforged Games were displaying 20% off their website during the event.  I went ahead and made a small order for some Guild specific dice trays that are made by All Rolled Up.  I had just seen these the day before in person at the Ft. Wayne tournament, and thought that the size was perfect, not too big, not too small.

I was really hoping to find a Butcher's one for myself, but that was not the case, currently they do no make one for the Butcher's Guild.  I decided then to go with my second Guild and the Mortician's with 'Obulus', I figured why not go with 'Obulus', he is pulling all the strings in the Free Cities anyways.  For my son, I went with the Hunter's Guild with Theron as one of the images.

Luckily I did order these when I did, if I would have waited for the Black Friday sale, I probably would not have gotten any since they are sold out.

Yesterday when my son and I got back from a day trip in Chicago, I had a box on my doorstep from Steamforged trays are in...

We used them in our game last night and I really like them.  I like the fact that the edges are curved so that way you do not have any "cocked" dice.  Now the hard part is to remember and use them.

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/23/2018 Mortician's vs Hunter's

Yesterday evening was the first time I was going to try my Mortician's Guild, not just in Season 4, but ever.  I really do love playing my Butcher's and enjoy their playstyle, but sometimes it is nice to score more often (yes, the Butcher's have 'Brisket', but I tend to go for the Take Outs with Butcher's).  So with the Mortician's last night, I decided to go with a mix of both, Goals and Taken Outs.  I probably could have added a little bit more scoring support, but it worked out pretty good.

V Hemlocke
V Minx

Hunter's vs Mortician's

The Hunter's kicked off to the Mortician's and I had 'Bonesaw' on my left flank hoping to go for a Turn 1 Goal.  The ball was kicked to my right, but not to far off.  'Ghast' actually Sprinted towards the ball and back a bit and did a successful Pass (risky on 1 dice) to 'Scalpel' who then spent the Momentum on a 4" Dodge.  'V Hemlocke' ended up using Midnight Offering on 'Bonesaw' for a free Jog.  'Scalpel' then was able to make a Pass to 'Bonesaw', I elected not to do a 4" Dodge since I needed to build up Momentum for a Goal run.  'Scalpel' then Jogged to 'Veteran Minx' and try to get some more Momentum and damage.  When it was time for 'Bonesaw', he did his free Jog over to the Fast Ground, then Sprinted towards the goal and took the shot....GGGGOOOOAAAALLLL. 4-0 Mortician's.

The ball was then kicked out to my far right where it sat there all the way till Turn 3.  During Turn 2, the Mortician's were able to do some damage.  'Scalpel' just about finished off 'Chaska', but we were saving him for a special finish.  When it was time, 'Casket' came into 'Chaska' and finished him off with Casket Time, a bonus +2 VP, 8-0.  Hunter's came back and did 2 Taken Outs on 'Casket' and 'Veteran Hemlocke' and it was now 8-4.

Top of Turn 3 and the Mortician's took the initiative.  I had 'Bonesaw' in a great place in front of my opponents goal and I knew I was bringing on 'Casket' and 'Veteran Hemlocke'.  With 'Chaska' in the casket, he was not coming back this Turn.  I knew what I wanted to do to get a 2nd goal, but I had to build Momentum first.  'Scalpel' went first and jogged into melee range with 'Veteran Minx' and just kept on attacking her.  With Voodoo Strings and Spirit Bomb, I made sure no one was close too 'Bonesaw' ('Theron' was the closest) and ended up getting a Taken Out on 'Veteran Minx', 10-4.  'Theron' then activated and tried Pinned on 'Bonesaw' and missed, he then elected to attack 'Scalpel'.  'Veteran Hemlocke' activated next and cut herself for a free Character Play and did Midnight Offering on herself for a free Jog towards the ball and retrieved it.  She then Sprinted towards 'Bonesaw' and did a successful Pass, instead of risking a Snap Shot, 'Bonesaw' did a 4" Dodge to get within Tap In range and out of all enemy charge ranges.  Hunter's could not to do much next activation and now it was time for 'Bonesaw' to win the game.  I paid the 1 Influence for Meditation (re-rolls), 1 Influence to Kick, 1 Momentum for Shot on Goal, and 1 more Momentum for Bonus Time (I was not taking any chances).  'Bonesaw' rolled 4 success's for the win.  12(14)-4 win for the Mortician's.

'Bonesaw' with the game wining goal.

I really do need a lot more play time with them, but I can see it being a nice change of pace from my Butcher's.

Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild 'Veteran Hemlocke'

Today is going to be a busy day catching up on some blog posts, and we are going to start off with another Mortician's Guild model I finished the another night with 'Veteran Hemlocke'.

Just like 'Veteran Gutter', 'Veteran Minx' and 'Veteran Decimate', 'Veteran Gutter' came to the Mortician's Guild from the "Union in Chains" campaign that was run last year and brings with her Midnight Offering which allows a friendly model to make a Jog, which is a huge benefit in this game.

'Veteran Hemlocke' is a great support piece for the Guild, as mentioned above with Midnight Offering, plus she has Smelling Salts which is great to clear conditions on the rest of your team, also if need be, she has a Momentous Tackle on 1.

 Veteran Hemlocke

Veteran Helocke

Painting Points: 1

November 22, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/21/2018 Butcher's vs Engineer's

With being on Holiday today and vacation tomorrow, last night I decided to drive up to Grand Rapids for their weekly Guild Ball night and get a game in.  I have been acquaintances with the Pundit up there, but never played him in game before, so last night was our first meeting on the Pitch.  I was bringing my Butcher's Guild (same lineup as Monday night) and he was bringing the Engineer's.

V Gutter
V Velocity

It was a pretty close game but the clock eventually got to me and my Butcher's lost 12-9.  The Butcher's managed a 1 Goal, 2 Taken Outs and 1 Mascot Taken Out.  The Engineer's got 2 Goals, 1 Taken Out, 1 Mascot Taken Out and 1 from the clock.  I keep forgetting to heal myself and that is costing me big time.  I need to figure out a way to remember.  I wrote it on my hand the other night and still forgot.

The Engineer's 2 Goal Scorers were 'Salvo' and  'Colossus', which happened to be the same 2 players's I did Taken Outs on.  'Boar' charged into 'Colossus' and left him with 1, and then finished him off the next turn.  'V Gutter' was able to Take Out 'Salvo'.  My goal scorer was 'Shank', 4" Dodge and an 8" Charge with a Double Dodge result and then a shot on goal.