October 18, 2018

Guild Ball: Blacksmith's Guild 'Alloy'

With my son deciding to concentrate on the Blacksmith's Guild for awhile, I thought it was time to get a few more Blacksmith's on the painting table.  Currently there are 12 original Blacksmith's and a newer 'V Cinder' for a total of 13 models for the Guild.  My son and I own the original 12 models (actually x2) and I have 'V Cinder' on order and arriving shortly.  Up until this point, I have finished 8 of the models and today with 'Alloy', 9 are completed.  Just 4 more to go.

This is actually the first model I have finished for Guild Ball that has a new Season 4 card with it.



Painting Points: 1

Guild Ball: Season 4 Card Pack Arrives

My Guild Ball Season 4 Card Pack arrived yesterday afternoon, the day after that Steamforged Games announced that their were a few cards (11) that already contain errors on the card.

They mention in their blog post that any cards that did not ship yet would be placed on hold, then shipped together with replacement cards.  Seeing how I received a shipping email on October 9th, I thought that mine may have shipped out early, but since it took a week to arrive I was not sure.   They also announced that anyone who has already received their cards (now myself included) will be shipped the replacement cards once they arrive at Steamforged HQ next week.

The cards with errors do not effect me much (except Butcher's Boiler, but that is a small error), so I do not see it as an immediate problem for my son and I to play games.

We have been trying out the officially sponsored app for our games, GB Manager, but I still prefer having the cards in front of me for reference, I have no issues using the app to track damage, which I actually prefer (so I can easily see my opponents damage).

Here is the list of cards with errors.

Boiler - Axe Throw SHOULD BE not SUS

PinVice - Alternator SHOULD BE SUS

Rundaas - Dirty SHOULD BE SUS & Not OPT

Peck & Honour - Cocksure SHOULD BE SUS and OPT

Seenah - The Mauling SHOULD BE range S

Mallet - KD SHOULD be Momentous
Granite - Between A Rock SHOULD BE Does NOT work during Parting blows

vFangtooth - Swap T and 3 results

Vet Rage - Quick Time SHOULD BE Range 4" not 4

 Season 4 Card Pack

Good bye Season 3

October 17, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 10/16/2018 Butcher's vs Fisherman's

Wow, I got to play another game of Guild Ball last night and this time it was not against my son or the Blacksmith's.  One of my friends that lives not to far away (who I occasionally played against before) came over last night for his first game of Guild Ball Season 4.

He is more comfortable playing his Fisherman's Guild led by 'Shark', so that is what I was facing.  I was thinking about making a change in my lineup, but decided on just playing what I have been the last few games to still get comfortable with the models.

V Siren

I decided to kickoff to the Fisherman (not sure why, still deciding which is better, to kick or to receive) and the Fisherman started to do their thing and setup 'Shark' for his long run and shot on goal.

 Fisherman setting up 'Shark' for his run and shot.

'Shark' misses the shot.

As noted above, 'Shark' missed his shot.  Now he was easy carvings for 'Boar' and the Butcher's took an early lead 2-0.  Fisherman came back with 2 goals making the score 8-2, I was trying to get take outs but 'V Siren' was being a pain and coming back with 1 health, as was Tentacles being stubborn on dying.  Not having 'Ox' to help 'Shank' and 'Shank' being blinded, it took forever to do anything on 'Tentacles' (hiding in cover).

We did not play on the clock (wanted some time to chit-chat), but we did give ourselves 2 hours to play the game.  We were coming down to final 10 minutes and after the second goal by the Fisherman, the goal kick was kicked perfectly to 'O Brisket' who made her goal run and scored, 8-6 Fisherman.  The Fisherman wanted that goal so he could set up 'Shark' for one last run and hopefully redeem himself....he did...'Shark' got the run and the game winning goal.

'Shark' with the game winning goal.

Fisherman win 12-6.

October 16, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 10/15/2018 Butcher's vs Blacksmith's

Even though last night on our calendar was suppose to be X-Wing or BMG, my son asked if we could get in another game of Guild Ball in.  He wanted to get in more practice with the Blacksmith's Guild, and I could always use more practice with my Butcher's.  I have another game lined up for tonight against a friend of mine (still unsure what Guild he will be bringing), so the more games in, the better.  After tonight that will be 4 games in of Season 4 since this past weekend, and the previous 10 months I had only played 3.

 Blacksmith's starting lineup.

Butcher's starting lineup.

We both played with the same lineups as we had in our previous 2 games on Saturday.  My Butcher's lineup consisted of 'Ox', 'Princess', 'Boiler', O Brisket', 'Boar', and 'Shank'.  The Blacksmith's lineup was 'Furnace', 'Anvil', 'Ferrite', 'Sledge', Alloy', and 'Iron'.

All 4 games so far we actually used the "official" app for our game GB Manager, I am not a fan of the graphics/layout of the app (prefer GB Keeper), but I really do like the ability of the Join Game and being able to see what models are damaged on my opponents cards easier.  I still prefer having cards in front of me, and will continue to do so (for quickness of reading abilities), but I have no problems using the app for tracking damage.

This game was much closer than our previous 2 games.  Blacksmith's came out swinging and scoring and took an early 7-2 lead, with plenty of help from my mistakes, but then the Butcher's were able to turn things around and won the game 12-7.  Captain 'Ox' got the final Taken Out on 'Alloy' for the win.

 'Ox' for the win.

Daily Chronicle: Recap Michigan GT Wamachine/Hordes Michigan Cup

I was asked by a friend of mine (TJ) if I wanted to fill in as their 5th player in the WM/H Michigan Cup (they had a late dropout) this past Sunday October 14th and I decided to fill in and play my list I just practiced with the night before. Here is a description about the Michigan Cup: This is a slightly modified version of the popular World Team Championship competition format.  This challenging format features 5-person teams squaring off after a strategic round of pairing that can be as important as the actual games! Specific rules for this event at the Michigan GT are forthcoming but will follow the structure of the official WTC.

Sunday morning I woke up early and made the drive out to Lansing, MI.  The drive actually was not bad, Lansing is only 115 miles from me so it took just under 2 hours to arrive.  I missed out on attending last year due to car troubles, so this is the first year I had attended.  The hotel was easy to find and the conference center was nicely marked so I had no issues finding the ballroom.

After I dropped off my bags and got my army ready on my display tray, I took a quick stroll around the hall to see what other events were going on.  Warhammer 40K is their main attraction so that was obviously there, they had Star Wars Legion, X-Wing, Dark Age and some other events going on.  I even saw Dave Taylor there playing Dark Age.

 Star Wars Legion tables.

Dave Taylor playing Dark Age.

After looking at the events that were happening, I checked to see if there was a vendor hall setup, they did not have a separate hall for the vendors, instead there were a few vendors around the walls in the main ballroom.  There was not really anything that I needed, one vendor did have a few WM/H items, but I think I am pretty good for now on models to keep me busy for awhile.  At the registration desk, I did see some Michigan GT dice that were black/silver/green that I thought would look cool with the Cryx army I am going to start working on, they were $10 for 10 so I decided to pick up a bag.

Michigan GT dice.

Now it was finally time to start gaming and my army was ready to go.  Our team was there just to have fun so there was no pressure to win...great, because I am not that good...LOL.

Vlad1 Khador "Jaws of Wolf" army.

My first game was against a Hordes Legion player and it has been a long time since I played against Legion, probably way back to MkI.  I lost my 'Conquest' in this game and ended up losing 10-4 in Control Points.  At least I did not clock out, the clock is usually my nemesis.  I ended up destroying 49 points of Legion and my opponent scored 83.

Game 1: Legion vs Khador

My second game was against Warmachine Cryx, no one else wanted to play against Cryx, so being the filler player I was paired against him.  Since I do not get to play many different players much, just like in Game 1 against Legion, I have not played Cryx in a long time.  My opponent Thomas was from the Kalamazoo area and I actually met him a few years ago when I first moved to Michigan, my first game in Michigan was actually against him (I knew the name sounded familiar when we were matched up).  He decided to play his 9 'Slayer' spam list, and I was actually really curious how this plays.  So for me it was more of a game of learning to see how Cryx 'Slayers' worked.  Even though I lost in Control Points 5-0, it was a pretty close game, I destroyed 76 points to his 78 and just about half of them came from my 'Conquest'.  It was cool seeing my 'Conquest' take out 2.5 'Slayers' in one turn.

 Game 2: Cryx vs Khador

Slayer hoard approaching.

With only 6 teams in attendance this year (probably due to this years requirement of fully painted armies), Game 3 was going to be our final game of the day.  Once again I was paired up against a Cryx player.  Instead of running a 'Slayer' spam, Brando was running about 4 'Slayers' led by Deneghra2.  This game was not even close for me, I was slaughtered to the last man (actually 'Manhunter').  Control Points it was 9-3, but Vlad1 was assassinated and Brandon scored like 123 points to my 35.

Game 3: Cryx vs Khador

So for the day I was 0-3, and unfortunately so was our team.  We ended up in 6th place (sounds better than last), but it was a fun day and I really glad I got to see how Cryx works.

Afterwards our team and the team from Kalamazoo decided to head to Buffalo Wild Wings for a cold one and reflect on the day....it was good times.

October 15, 2018

Daily Chronicle: A Day of Gaming 10/13/2018

First off I need to say that this is post #200 for the year.  It has always been a goal of mine since I started this blog back in 2009 (and my previous blog in 2008) to be able to write 200 posts in one year.  I was just shy of 200 back in 2010 with 192 posts, and last year I was on a decent pace to hit 200, but the last 2 months of year I really slowed down and finished with 171.  Since I have played a lot more games this year, this helped with my post counts since I try and do a quick Battle Report after each game (I always do not, but I try).

This past Saturday, my son and I had a day of gaming here at home.  Originally the plan was for our friend from Arizona (now living in Indiana) was going to come up and join us for the day, but unfortunately he was not able to attend, and since my son already requested the day off, we continued on with the games.

First game of the day was X-Wing 2.0.  The original plan was to play a big 500 point game and give us a 3 hour time limit, well by the time morning chores (pets) were completed and the game table setup, we decided to just play a standard 200 point game in and play it on the 75 minute clock (this way is still gave time in the day for our other games).

Rebels vs Scum

My son was playing his Rebel fleet (above left) and I was playing Scum (above right) once again.  I have been really liking the Scum in X-Wing 2.0 and probably will be my go to fleet in X-Wing 2.0 (with also occasionally playing Rebels and Empire).  The Rebels had 2 T-65 X-Wings (Luke and Wedge) and 2 Z-95 ships, and for my Scum, I had 1 Firespray (Boba Fett) and 2 Kihraxz Fighters (Talonbane Cobra and Graz)

The Rebels made quick work of my Kihraxz Fighters and at one point was down 4 ships to 1 ship.  Talonbane Cobra did manage to do some damage before he was destroyed.  So it came down to the pilot skills of Boba Fett to try and defeat the Rebels.  Boba Fett took care of the Z-95's and Wedge and now it was down to Luke vs Boba.

Boba Fett vs Luke Skywalker

Boba was able to outmaneuver Luke and get a rear shot on Luke (just outside of Range 1) and damage Luke's remaining Hull point.  It was a win for Scum & Villainy.

After our game of X-Wing 2.0, we cleaned up the table, had a quick bite to eat and continued on with our gaming.

Games 2 and 3 for the day were actually Guild Ball.  Guild Ball Season 4 was officially released that day and we had an itch to try out the new rules and cards for our Guilds.  I decided I wanted to concentrate on my Butcher's Guild for Season 4 (with occasionally playing the other Guilds) and after a few days contemplating, my son decided to play the Blacksmith's Guild (his other two choices were Alchemist's and Hunter's).

Blacksmith's vs Butcher's

The first game we played it slow, no clock, so that way we can refresh ourselves on the new rules/cards and just playing in general, it has been about 7 months since we each last played Guild Ball.

Taking out 'Iron' for the win

My Butcher's were putting out a lot of damage, and I was able to win 12-0 in Turn 2 (4 Takeouts / 1 Goal).  My son has not played the Blacksmith's much and still needs more practice with them which he is planning on doing.

Our second game of Guild Ball we played the same 2 lineups, again no clock, but we decided to pick up the pace a bit.  It was just about the same outcome for this game, Butcher's won 12-2 (4 Takeouts / 1 Goal), but this time the Blacksmith's did manage 2 points.  In this second game, I managed to do a little bit more with my Captain 'Ox' than just a support piece, and he managed to get the win for my Butcher's.

Taking out 'Iron' once again for a Butcher's win.

The time now was 5:15 PM and it was time for our evening chores (feed the dogs and make some dinner), after dinner we had 1 more game lined up.

Game 4 of the day was Warmachine.  Originally I wanted to play my Minions army and play with my 'Dracodile' since it has been a long time and I would like to play with them for fun at Warmachine Weekend, but I got a text from my friend asking if I can fill in as their 5th player in the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament at the Michigan GT the next day on Sunday.  So I figured I better get in a practice game of the list I am more comfortable with and what I played with at this year NOVA Open WM/H Team Tournament, my Khador army led by Vlad.

Cygnar vs Khador

My son pulled out his Cygnar army he played with at NOVA and it was Stryker3 vs Vlad1.  At first I was quite shock with the amount of Infantry he had on the table, but I had a very good Turn 2 and managed to clear a lot of them off the table.

In the end it came down to my 'Conquest' colossal assassinating Stryker3.

Khador for the win

4 games in a day...wow that was fun.  I wish we could have played the 500 point game of X-Wing as originally planned, but the 200 point game was fun too and good practice.

Weekly Chronicle #41 2018

Last week was a really good week for me in terms of gaming, and at least getting something completed model wise.

For painting, I was finally able to get 'Brun Cragback & Lug' completed for my Minions army.  I wanted these models completed for Warmachine Weekend, and mission was accomplished.  I should be all set for WMW model wise, but I may try and get one more model completed, we shall see, I may be putting some Guild Ball models up next on the painting table.

For gaming, I would have to say it was one of the best weeks all year.  Last week I was able to play 8 games across 4 different systems.  Saturday my son and I had a games day at home, and yesterday I attended the Michigan GT for Warmachine/Hordes.  I will be breaking down those days into separate posts, either later today or tomorrow.

One more thing to point out about Warmachine Weekend, the other day they posted in Facebook that next week they should have more info on events....."next week"... that only leave 2 weeks before the event to get models and armies ready.  Everyone tells me its a fun event to attend, but the lack of information is really not acceptable.

Models Completed: 2

Games Played: 8

October 13, 2018

Hordes: Minions Brun Cragback & Lug (Solo)

I had one model on my list that I wanted to complete for the upcoming Warmachine Weekend next month and that was 'Brun Cragback & Lug' and now they are completed.

For fun pickup games and Iron Arena games at WMW, I am thinking about bringing my Minions army with and try out a 'Rask' "Will Work For Food" list with my 'Dracodile' and I needed another Lesser Warlock for my list, so I decided on 'Brun Cragback & Lug'.

It was actually this model years and years ago that got me interested in Hordes and the Minions.  It was just many years later that I finally purchased the model and now they are painted.  I was hoping to give them a try tonight, but with attending the Michigan GT tomorrow, I need a little more practice with my Khador.  Maybe next week they will see the tabletop for a game.

 Brun Cragback &Lug

  Brun Cragback &Lug

  Brun Cragback &Lug

  Brun Cragback &Lug

 Brun Cragback &Lug

Painting Points: 6

October 12, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Upcoming Warmachine/Hordes Michigan Cup 10/14/2018

This weekend is the Michigan GT in Lansing Michigan.  It is a gaming convention with multiple events like Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action and Warmachine/Hordes.

Last year I had planned to attend and play in the Warmachine/Hordes Championships (75 point Steamroller), but car issues had kept me from attending.  This year I had no intentions on attending.  My son and I just came back from the NOVA Open last month, and I spent all last week on vacation with my wife.  Plus this is the same weekend as SteamCon USA and if I was attending one of these events, I probably would have tried to attend SteamCon USA, but I was not attending either......up until today.

My friend TJ this afternoon sent me a text asking if I wanted to fill in as their 5th player in the WM/H Michigan Cup (they had a late dropout). This is a slightly modified version of the popular World Team Championship competition format.  This challenging format features 5-person teams squaring off after a strategic round of pairing that can be as important as the actual games! Specific rules for this event at the Michigan GT are forthcoming but will follow the structure of the official WTC.  After thinking about this for a little bit (one of our pup had just had surgery on Tuesday and I needed to make sure someone can watch him), I decided that I am going to attend.

It actually has been some time since I last played (NOVA Open), so I think I will just play the same list I used in the Team Event at the NOVA Open.

I guess I better get in a refresher game tomorrow night.....

Battle Report: Arena Rex 10/11/2018 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII

Played another 5v5 game of Arena Rex last night and this time I did not play with 'Nero', instead yesterday I quickly assembled 'Otho Mentulus' for my Ludus Magnus to make it a little bit more fair against my son.

We also played a new scenario called 'Duellum' where we both had to start with a gladiator in a 5" duel zone in the center of the arena.  No one else could enter the duel zone until one of the gladiators was killed or pushed out of the arena.  In the center of the arena, it was 'Septimus' for the Ludus Magnus and 'Aquila' for Legio XIII.

'Septimus' did quick work of pushing 'Aquila' out of the duel zone, but then he met his fate being pushed in a pit.  The same fate fell for 'Otho' who did not do much in this game.  Just about right from the start I was already down 2 gladiators.  The Ludus Magnus started to make comeback with the help of 'Micon' pushing and throwing Legio models into the pits, but my final 2 gladiators could not get me the victory.  It was a loss for the Ludus Magnus.

Scenario: Duellum
Two Gladiators take center stage while their cohorts jockey for position and favor.  The grand melee begins when one of the duelists falls.

Special Rules: Each player secretly selects one gladiator from their cohort to take part in the duel.  Dueling models may not voluntarily leave the duel zone.  No other models may enter the duel zone until one of the dueling gladiators is defeated or pushed completely outside of the zone.  Dueling models must be activated if they are Ready.

Deployment: A 5" diameter ring is placed at the center of the arena, this is the duel zone.  The dueling gladiators are deployed in base contact with one another at the center of the duel zone.  Remaining models deploy in base contact with their controlling player's arena edge.

Cohorts: Both players bring cohorts of equal value.

Restrictions: Each player must bring at least one gladiator.  Gladiators selected for the duel may not have more than one stage.

Victory Conditions: The last player with models remaining in the arena is the victor.

 The arena setup.

 The selected duelists in the center of the arena.

Down to Last Man Standing for each of the cohorts.