October 31, 2018

Guild Ball: Hunter's Guild 'Snow'

It has been awhile since I last painted a model for my son's Hunter's Guild, but the other night after he decided to give them a try in Season 4, I decided to take one of his unfinished models and throw it on the painting table.  He still had one of his Mascots unpainted and that was 'Snow'.  I took one look at the model and I knew I could get her finished pretty quickly and teased my son that this was "Elsa" (one of our Siberian Huskies).

I actually like the stats on this model and love that she has Loved Creature just like my 'Princess' from the Butcher's Guild.



One of our Huskies, "Elsa" (only 7 months old)

Painting Points: 1

October 30, 2018

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Veteran Decimate'

With an upcoming Guild Ball tournament on November 10th in Ft. Wayne, IN that my son and I are attending, our friend Frank will also be joining us.  Frank will be borrowing my painted Brewer's Guild (while he is still working on his) and I thought now would be a good time to finish off the last model for the Guild, 'Veteran Decimate'.  Just like my 'Veteran Gutter' for my Butcher's Guild, 'Veteran Decimate' joined the Brewer's after the "Union in Chains" campaign that ran last year.

 Veteran Decimate

Veteran Decimate

Painting Points: 1

October 29, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #43

It was another decent week for me in the hobbies/gaming world, with getting a few models completed an a few games played.  I do not think I will be last year's Painting Points or Models Completed,  but that is also due to fact I do have a lot more games played this year than I have last year.  As of today, I have 68 games played this year compared to 31 games played for all of last year.  I have more than doubled my games played and there is still two months left in the year...who knows, maybe I will hit 100, if not, then that may be on my list of things to accomplish for 2019.  Going back to my point, with more games played, it equals less time to paint, but I am coming around to the point that I am OK with that.

For modeling last week, it was mainly just Guild Ball models (actually looking back at the week, it was all Guild Ball models).  I was able to finish for the Blacksmith's Guild, 'Veteran Cinder' and 'Bolt', and for my Butcher's Guild, 'Veteran Gutter' was completed.  I also managed to prep a few Guild Ball models and those should be completed this week.

On the gaming side for the week, I managed to play 4 games, 3 games of Guild Ball and 1 game of Arena Rex, not too shabby for me considering there was no event that I attended.

This week on Thursday kicks off Warmachine Weekend, and last week I had decided to cancel my hotel room for the event and will not be attending.  A few reasons led me up to this decision, one is that my son was not able to get the weekend off so I would be traveling alone (not a big deal as I had other friends attending), two the lack of information from the organizers (I know, I am playing a broken record) has been horrible this year, only just last night did they finally post any information for the doubles tournament for the weekend.  That is one event that if I had planned on playing would have liked to have known how many points was needed so you and your teammate can work on a list.  I understand real life an get in the way when you organize big events like this, but this event is not in its rookie stages, this is the 15th year for Warmachine Weekend and I would think after that amount of time, it would be better organized.  The main organizer is stepping down this year and it looks like it will be taken over by someone else, we shall see what happens.....as of right now I have no plans for WMW next year, but may be attending SteamCon US instead.

That's a wrap for this weeks Weekly Chronicle, it will be a semi-shortened week for me coming up, as I still had the days scheduled for vacation due to WMW, the wife and I instead will take a short trip to  Frankenmuth, MI for a little get away.

Models Completed: 3

Games Played: 4

Battle Report: Guild Ball 10/28/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

Originally the plan for my on and I was to get in two games of Guild Ball in on Saturday night, but our Brewer's vs Blacksmith's game ran a little long, so yesterday we played our second game of the weekend and I was back commanding my Butcher's Guild while my son tried his Hunter's for the first time in Season 4.

V Gutter
V Minx

Commanding the Butcher's felt good again, as playing the Brewer's on Saturday, for me I felt like that they lacked the punch I like for my playstyle and what the Butcher's bring for me.  The Butcher's took an early 4-0 lead with two Taken Outs and then the Hunter's came back with a Goal 'Ulfr' tying the game up at 4-4.  I was actually good with conceding that goal as I had positioned 'Shank' in a great spot to receive a Goal Kick.  The Goal Kick was kicked straight up the middle in 'Shanks' direction.  'Shank' activated and did his Character Play "Where's They Go' and Dodged around 'Fahad' to snap the ball but still keep 'Fahad' in 'Shank's melee range.  'Shank' then attacked 'Fahad' to score a Momentum 1 Damage and Dodge.  This 1 Damage was all that was needed to Take Out 'Fahad' and 'Shank' proceeded to do his 1" Dodge towards the Goal, the score was now 5-4.  'Shank' then did a Jog towards the goal to get within Tap In Range, paid the cost for Bonus Time and his shot on Goal and Kicked a Screamer (actually triple 6's), 9-4 Butcher's.

Now it just came down to needing two more Take Outs for the Butcher's to secure the win, and the Hunter's had three players that were already damaged.  'Boar' decided to Charge on for a double Take Out.  With only 5 Health Points left on 'Hearne', it was an easy 1 swing by 'Boar' and 'Hearne' was down, 11-4.  With 'Boars' free attack he swung at 'Jaecar' and managed to do more damage, paid the cost for another attack and that was enough to Take Out 'Jaecar' and win the game for the Butcher's 13-4.

 Boar with a double Taken Out.

October 28, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 10/27/2018 Brewer's vs Blacksmith's

Another game of Guild Ball was played last night versus my son, and this time I decided to try a different Guild versus my son's Blacksmith's just so he can see a different match up.  I elected to go with the Brewer's Guild hoping I can deal a lot of damage.

V Spigot
V Cinder

I was a quick start for the Brewers's with a Goal and a couple of Taken Outs and then the Brewer's were too spread thin and the Blacksmith's started to make come back bringing the score to 10-8.  It did not help that 'Mash' missed a shot a Goal with 4 dice.  Luckily the Brewer's were able to get one more Taken Out for the victory.

 Brewer's vs Backsmith's proud to you by Amstel Light.

October 27, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Announced "Bourbon Trail Open IV" February 23rd, 2019

Well I have my first event/convention/road trip officially booked for 2019 and the year for me will start with the "Bourbon Trail Open IV" a Guild Ball event in Radcliff, KY on February 23rd.

For me the last few years, the first event of the year ha either been the "Las Vegas Open" or "AdeptiCon".  With "AdeptiCon 2019" being the last month of March in 2019 and now the "Bourbon Trail Open" at least one month before, it will make attending both events easier.

Last year I was considering attending the "Bourbon Trail Open", but two reasons had kept me from going.  One, it was only two weeks before "AdeptiCon" and the cost of attending both would have been hard.  Two, last year the organizer had moved the event away from a distillery and into a gaming store.  The "Bourbon Trail Open" originally started in a gaming store back in 2016, then in 2017 the organizer moved it into a distillery and the event was a huge success and a lot of players attended.  Then in 2018 to keep the costs down on renting a facility it was moved back into a gaming store and it really hurt attendance with only 21 players that attended.

This past Thursday afternoon "Bourbon Trail Open IV" was announced for 2019 and it was going to be back in a distillery hosted at "Boundary Oak Distillery" with a cap on player attendance at 36.  Once I saw the information on Facebook, I quickly sent in my payment and registered for the event.  I had asked my son if he wanted to attend also, but he wanted to verify it would be okay to take the time off first and was going to check with work on Friday afternoon.  By the time morning came the event was already 1/2 sold out and instead of gambling and losing out on a ticket, we went ahead and purchased one for my son also.  With the location only being 5 hours away, we can plan the trip where my son would only need Saturday off and we an get him back to work on Sunday.

With only 10 spots left later in the day, I asked my friend Frank if he was interested in attending and he he thought it would also be a fun event and jumped on registration.  With only 2 spots left now, we were able to also get Frank Jr a spot in the event and then shortly after the event was already sold out.  The "Bourbon Trail Open IV" still being 4 months away, sold out 36 spots in 24 hours.

Now it's time to go get some practice games in.

October 26, 2018

Guild Ball: Blacksmith's Guild 'Bolt'

Another model completed for our Blacksmith's Guild, today we have an Attacking Midfielder, 'Bolt'.

That now brings our completed Blacksmith's to 12 models, enough for a full roster.  All that leaved to be completed is 'Hearth'.  Not sure when I will get around to painting 'Hearth', more than likely within the next few weeks.



Painting Points: 1

Battle Report: Arena Rex 10/25/2018 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII (3v3)

It has been 2 weeks since our last game of Arena Rex (mainly getting in some Guild Ball practice) but last night my son and I threw down for a quick 3v3 game.  Now that I ha few more models assembled than the original 3 from the starter set, it may for a more interesting game.

The Arena

Ludus Magnus:
Otho Mentulus

Legio XIII:

For a little added variety and fun, I decided to place a Living Hazard in the Arena, 'Leo'.  Unfortunately though 'Leo' did not see any action.  I was setup to take advantage of him with 'Micon', but 'Micon' saw 'Valen' sitting right next to the Pit so he changed directions and engaged 'Valen' and successfully pushing him into the Pit, it was a quick start for my Ludus Magnus.  'Micon' then did work on 'Aquila' and he ended up in the Pit.  Now it was a 3 on 1 battle and 'Gaius' could not hold his own, but manged to take out 'Micon'.  This time it was 'Otho Mentulus' that was able to get the push on 'Gaius' into the Pits and the Ludus Magnus were victors.

October 24, 2018

Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild 'Veteran Gutter'

I finally got around to finishing the last model for my Butcher's Guild.  I do have to say that my Butcher's Guild were all completed until this past spring/early summer when they released the models from last years "Union in Chains" campaign.  During the "Union in Chains" campaign, 'Veteran Gutter' was being fought for from the Fisherman's Guild and the Butcher's Guild, and obviously the Butcher's Guild prevailed.

Now I actually I have to try her out on the pitch, which I am hoping to do tomorrow night.

Veteran Gutter

Veteran Gutter

Painting Points: 1

October 23, 2018

Guild Ball: Blacksmith's Guild 'Veteran Cinder'

Moving right along with the rest of the Blacksmith's Guild (though I may do a Butcher's Guild model next) 'Veteran Cinder' was up next on the painting table.  My son had proxied her in the other day to try her out, so I thought it would be nice to actually finish her up.  'Veteran Cinder' came from the recently released box "The Faithful: New Beginnings".

Veteran Cinder

Veteran Cinder

Veteran Cinder

Painting Points: 1

Battle Report: Guild Ball 10/22/2018 Butcher's vs Blacksmith's

Some more Guild Ball practice last night for my son's Blacksmith's Guild and my Butcher's Guild and this time I went back to my previous lineup led by Captain 'Ox'.

In order to prep for upcoming tournaments, this was our first game using the clock, and I think both of us did not do to bad with it.  My Butcher's ended up winning 12-4 (6-0)(0-1) but it was a pretty tough game.  After 'Ferrite' scored the goal for the Blacksmith's, it was 'Shank' for the Butcher's who finished her off for the win.

 Butcher's lineup.

 'Shank' for the win.

 2:00 minutes each left on the clock.

October 22, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #42 (Warmachine Weekend is a No Go)

As the title of my post says, with only 10 days before Warmachine Weekend starts, it looks like it is a No Go for my son and I to attend this year.  My son informed yesterday afternoon that he could not get the days off from work to be able to attend.  If I really wanted to (and I still may, I have not fully decided) I may decide to go down by myself.  Driving 6 hours by myself is not a problem, it i just that spending that kind of money to play in only 2 "fun events" they have listed may not be worth.  I have been complaining all year that the lack of information from them is ridiculous this year, 10 days to go and they still do not have all the information updated.  The only thing leaning me towards still going is that I do have a few friends attending and one has told me that gaming is 24 hours (so I probably would get a lot of friendly games in).  The cost of my tickets for my son and I cannot be refunded, but I had estimated it would save me around $750 (hotel/gas/food) if I elected to stay home.  I will probably sleep on it for a few more nights before I come up with my final decision and then cancel my hotel room if need be.

Moving onto some Guild Ball, now that my son has to work WMW and we have been getting in some games of Guild Ball, he said that he should be able to get off on Saturday November 10th.  Ft. Wayne, IN is having their first Season 4 Guild Ball tournament and the both of us will now be planning on attending.  So that means over the next 3 weeks, we will need to get in some more practice games.  I think we will also change up the Guilds the opponent plays so we can get some practice against different Guilds.  I have been meaning to attend a Guild Ball tournament for the last year and half, and never made it out to one (there is one this weekend too in Grand Rapids, but it is doubtful at the moment, if I stay home, then my son would be able to get in a practice game) so this would be our first official tournament.

Gaming last week was pretty decent, I was able to get in 3 games of Guild Ball in and 1 game of X-Wing which was yesterday afternoon.

For painting, I did manage to get 2 models completed for the Blacksmith's Guild, 'Alloy' and 'Burnish', and I have 'Veteran Cinder' ready to go on the painting table.

Models Completed: 2

Games Played: 4

October 21, 2018

Battle Report: X-Wing 10/21/2018 (Rebels vs Rebels)

This afternoon before my son had to go in to work, we were able to get in a game of X-Wing.  All of X-Wing 2.0 I have been flying with the Scum, but today I wanted to change it up a bit and try a Rebel fleet.  I came across the list used to win the Michigan GT last weekend, so I thought I would give it a try.

*upgrades not listed
Rebel (A) (199) (me)
Wedge Antilles
Jan Ors
"Dutch" Vander
Blue Squadron Escort

Rebel (B) (197) (my son)
Wedge Antilles
Blue Squadron Escort
Blue Squadron Escort
Bandit Squadron Pilot

 Rebel (A)

Rebel (B)

I really do like the list alot, but it just was not the day for me.  My 'Wedge' was knocked out first and then I retaliated and killed his 'Wedge'.  Next 'Jan Ors' got killed and I was down 4 ships to 2.  I could not come back and clock ran out on us.  Rebels (A) killed 134 points, Rebels (B) killed 179.  Scoring per the tournament packet would give my son 245 points to my 155.

I could use more practice with the above list, but I really enjoy flying my Scum.