March 14, 2018

Hordes: Trollbloods Mulg the Ancient (Warbeast)

Back to a little painting with my Hordes Trollbloods army.  I am working my way down a ‘Doomshaper 2’ list that I will like to try out in the “Storm of the North” Theme and it is very Warbeast heavy (actually I currently have 3 lists for this Warlock and all are Warbeast heavy).

Up next we have ‘Mulg the Ancient’ which is almost a given when running with a ‘Doomshaper’ variant.  ‘Mulg’ has BOND [DOOMSHAPER] which means if he begins the game in ‘Doomshapers’ battlegroup, he gains +1 FURY.

‘Mulg’ looks to be a really good beatstick Warbeast with 2 P+S 19 attacks with a RNG 2 and 1 P+S 17 attack with a RNG 1.  His DEF is 10 and ARM 19, real similiar to my Khador Warjacks.  I am looking forward to getting this guy on the battlefield.

I am still unsure if I like the “rock” style I am doing with my Trollbloods.  Most people paint their rocks with a hard edge highlight (and I do like that effect), but I elected to go with a smoother edge of brown.  In the pics it is hard to see the brown shades.

Mulg the Ancient

Mulg the Ancient

Painting Points: 5


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