March 29, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Muse On Minis Game Tracker Steam Punk

During my visit through the vendor hall at AdeptiCon 2018, I stopped at the Muse on Minis booth just to glance at some of their tokens and to see if they had with them their Game Tracker:Steam Punk scoring and objective point tracker.  Sure enough they did, so this was another item I “had” (wanted) to have for playing games of Warmachine and Hordes.  It is 3D pre-printed on thin mdf and yesterday I took some time to assemble it, from what I can tell so far, it looks like the dials can count up to 20 for objective purposes (which is usally enough for games of WM/H).  Glue was not really needed during the assembly, but I went ahead and used some white glue in a few places just to make it even more secure.  To purchase one for yourself, you can find them on the Muse on Minis store HERE.


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