December 23, 2009

December 17, 2009

W40K: IG Leman Russ Executioner Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my Leman Russ Executioner. As I stated earlier, I got impatient on the drying time of the "dip" and attempted to Matte spray the vehicle before 24 hours. Well that was a mistake. Some of the "dip" started to bubble on top and made the vehicle look awful. I ended up sanding some of it away and touching it back up and reapply the "dip". I learned my lesson and will NEVER do that again.

So here are three pictures of the Russ, dipped, matted and next to some of my other models.

Leman Russ Executioner

Leman Russ Executioner
Leman Russ Executioner

December 16, 2009

December 15, 2009

W40K: IG Leman Russ Executioner Part 1

As stated in the post below, I started assembling my Leman Russ Executioner this past weekend. Again, what a breeze!. Well last night we started painting the Russ. The vehicle got completed this morning with all of the basecoat colors and I applied the "dip" on the bottom-side of the vehicle. The "dip" take 24 hours to fully dry so I will not be able to brush the top-side until tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully sometime Thursday night I will post finished pictures. Here are two pictures of the assembly and the vehicle basecoated.

Leman Russ Executioner

Leman Russ Executioner

December 13, 2009

W40K: Imperial Guard Leman Russ Executioner

In my 1000 point W40K list for the Adepticon Team Tournament, I will be running the new Leman Russ Executioner.

Today I got a chance to sit down and assemble this new model. I have never built any of the older Leman Russ variant models, but I have already built 4 Chimera's and was not too please with the assembly process on those.

All I can say about the new model is "wow". What a breeze to assemble. Games Workshop did a terrific job with this model. All the wheel tracks are nicely labeled and went together smoothly. I actually really enjoyed putting the model together. I hope the new Hellohound's will go together as easily.

There is going to be a W40K Team Tournament Primer on January 16th that my son and I will be attending. I'm trying to get the last of my list assembled/painted for this event. Painting is not a requirement, but I would like to have most of it done if possible.

Still have 1 Hellhound to assemble and then paint all the Vehicles.

December 12, 2009

WFB: Wood Elves Glade Guard

Saturday night I was also able to complete my son's first unit of Glade Guard Archers. I have 3 Units of 10 that I also need to complete for him. His Wood Elves army is already painted with the older figures. We are slowly replacing those with the newer models. Some of the older models will stay in his army like the Wardancers and Waywatchers. They are currently painted to a nice quality.

So thanks again to "The Army Painter" these got done rather quickly. Just 2 more Units to go.

Wood Elves: Glade Guard Archers

Wood Elves: Glade Guard Archers

WFB: Dark Elves Warriors with Repeater Crossbows

As promised, here are a couple pictures of my recently completed Dark Elves Warriors with Repeater Crossbows. I have 3 Units of 10 completely finished for my army.

BTW, I was able to get my first 1500 point game with the Dark Elves today. We were only able to complete 3 Turns due to time constraints. The Magic is awesome, my dice were cold for Shooting and Combat.

Hopefully I can get another game in Wednesday night.

Dark Elves: Warriors with Repeater Crossbows
Dark Elves: Warriors with Repeater Crossbows

December 10, 2009

Dark Elves First Game Postponed

After getting all excited about trying out my Dark Elves, packing them all up in their foam trays, loading up the car....... we head out to the Battle Bunker last night, and the sign says "Closed due to bad weather".... ah come on! it was only a few inches of snow...... If I can make it with Arizona plates still on my car, everyone else can........

The night was not a total loss, since I was already out and close to Hobby Lobby, I swung in and picked up some more matte spray and glue.

I also then decided since I had the evening available, I based my 3x10 Warriors with Crossbows. All that's left is the matte spray.

Then I broke out some of my son's Wood Elves that I had started awhile ago and also got some of those done.

I did not get to play, but I did accomplish alot.

Maybe Friday night the DE will hit the table.

December 9, 2009

WFB: Dark Elves Assembled (well almost)

So after Bugman's Bash this past Saturday, I got real itchy on wanting to get my Dark Elves assembled so I can finally give them a whirl. Low and behold, finished them all last night. I still have to place an order this weekend to get my 9 Harpies. That's all that is left for my 2250 pt list.

Assembling the Hydra looked scary, but it actually was not too bad. I used a "rock" to help prop one of the legs to be a little bit more supportive.

Since I dont have the Harpies yet, I am going to try out a 1500 pt version of the list tonight against my son. I have never played Dark Elves so the lower points will be a good learning game. I still will be running 2 Sorcerers so that will good for learning the Dark Magic.

My 3 units of Repeater Crossbows ended up getting "dipped" Sunday night. This Saturday I will finish the bases on them, Matte spray them and call them complete. Next I'll start on a Unit of Warriors with Spear/Shield or maybe a Character. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in.

December 6, 2009

Bugman's Holiday Bash 2009!

Bugman's Holiday Bash 2009 a WFB Tournament was this past Saturday and it was a great time. I wanted to thank everyone that attended and all the toys that were donated for "Toys for Tots". We received a lot more toys than expected. We had a few last minute drops, but still was able to have 22 in attendance. Here is a picture of all the toys, along with the results from the event.

December 3, 2009

WFB: Dark Elves

Since I really love the way my Imperial Guard are looking using the "dip" method from "The Army Painter", I decided yesterday that I will also use this for my Dark Elves army. Over the past year I have been slowly purchasing the models for my army. I am just a Hydra and 7 Black Guard away from having a 2250 point list.

In my list I will have 3x10 units of Warrior Crossbowmen. Started 2 of these units about 2 years ago with a dark blue color scheme where the usual purple is suppose to be. Using the "dip" method, I think the dark blue I chose will be too dark. So last night I picked up a bottle of GW's Mordian Blue Foundation Paint. Today I went through and re-did all the blue on the 2 units. While I was at it, I also completed the third unit. So all 3x10 units are now basecoated and just waiting to be dipped. Not sure if I will do that tonight, or wait for the weekend. Probably the weekend. Tonight I'll probably continue on the bases for the Wood Elves.

Whats next for the Dark Elves.... I'm going to start painting one of the units of Warriors with HW/Shield.

Why am I doing the Dark Elves now? I am running a Spring 2010 Warhammer League here in Illinois that will be starting mid-January. Painted armies is not required. So this will give me a chance to play with a new army while I see them get painted.

Once the units get "dipped", I'll post some pictures.

December's Agenda

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Yep, December is already here.

Let's keep this month as real as possible. With the Holidays coming up and visiting family, not sure how much will get done.

So here is what I'd like to get done for the month.

Imperial Guard
1. Finish priming the rest of my Troops for my 1750 point list.
2. Get 3 more Foot Troop units painted (24 guys). This will have all my "Troops" done. Just Command Squads, Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons will be all that's left.
3. Possibly start on a Chimera if I have any primer left over.

Wood Elves
1. Finish rebasing the rest of the Wood Elves.
2. Finish a unit of Glade Guard that I started almost 2 years ago. They are half done. Will try the dip on them.
3. Assemble a unit of Glade Riders that my son receive last year for Christmas. Not sure if I will be building all 8 or just 5. Need to check with my friends who play WE's on whats the best way to run Glade Riders.

Dark Elves
1. Finish up my 3x10 units of Warriors with Crossbows.
2. Finish a unit of Warriors with HW/Shield (20).
3. Assemble another unit of Warriors with HW/Shield (20)

I hope I'm keeping this "real" :)

Catching Up!

I know, I'm a bad blogger!!!!! November was not a total waste, I did get some things done.

First lets start with my WFB Dwarfs. I did finish everything I wanted to for them in order to compete in the "Core Competency" (even the Miners). "Core Competency" was the weekend of 11/14-11/15 5 games over 2 days. All I can say was that I had a blast. I did not care if I won a game (which I didnt.... 0-4-1) I played to have fun and I did.

There are still some of my older units in my Dwarf army that need their bases redone, but until I need to use them again, I should be good. I have at least 2250 points that are nicely painted and based the same.

Second, I finished basing all the Troops for my ACON TT List and picked up a Leman Russ Exterminator. I still need to get a Hellhound for the list and then I should be good. I'd like to start painting the Chimera's this month, but we'll see, I'm running out of my "Desert Yellow" primer and will have to wait a bit before I can order from Warstore again. I'm using the last of the primer to finish the Troops for my 1750 point list.

Third, I started rebasing my son's WFB Wood Elves army. Again I'm going with my new standard for WFB armies on these guys also. He'll be playing this Saturday in "Bugman's Holiday Bash" that I am running at the Battle Bunker and I'm trying to get as much re-based as possible. I think I'm gonna fall short on a few units. Thats OK, at least they are all painted.

Well that's it for catching up, onto December.