January 30, 2020

W40K: Re-basing Salamanders (Completed for AdeptiCon)

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was needing to re-base 16 Salamander Space Marines for the AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K Team Tournament.  Well last night I was able to complete the remaining 5 and all 16 Space Marines re now completed.  I am going to have to do a future bulk order of bases so I can complete the rest of the Salamanders (then we still have 2 other Space Marine armies that could also use a re-basing).

At least these 16 are complete and it's time to move onto the last Unit of Imperial Fists for AdeptiCon.

January 29, 2020

W40K: Re-basing Salamanders

With the AdeptiCon Team Tournament approaching really quick, lots of items still need to get done.  Now that our friends from Indiana are joining us in the event, his son will be using on of our Space Marine armies in the Salamanders.

When my son and I started playing Warhammer 40K again a couple months back, I ordered some Litko 32mm clear acrylic bases to be glued under the existing 25mm bases (this works perfectly) but it does not match the rest of our armies being used for the Team Tournament.  Awhile back, Games Workshop changed most of the Space Marine Infantry bases from 25mm to 32mm, and when you are measuring distances from the base in this game, 7mm does make a difference.

So to have the Salamanders ready for AdeptiCon, I need to re-base 16 models, which is not a lot (but it is not all of my sons Salamanders, I will have to get to the rest after AdeptiCon).

As of this post, I have completed 11/16 and the remaining 5 should be completed sometime this week and then I can get back to my other projects.

In the picture below, the Space Marine Tactical Marine on the left has the 32mm Litko base, and on the right, one of the models re-based with GW 32mm.

January 28, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors XI'

My first Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors' with Stalker Bolt Rifles are now completed (and only Unit for now...more in the future).  Yes by the title of this post, this Squad has been given the numerical number of XI (11).  The first 3 Squads were numbered I-III and were all equipped with Auto Bolt Rifles, since Squad XI has the Stalkers, I wanted to leave room for expansion with the ABR's just in case in the far future.

Primaris Intercessors XI

Painting Points: 5

January 27, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #4 (Worried About AdeptiCon)

Week four was not a total waste of a week where a little bit was done during the week.  Luckily mid week I had decided to paint up the newest Captain for the Alchemist's Guid with 'Soma' and then I did spend some time over the weekend continuing on my Imperial Fists.  Hopefully this week I will be able to complete that Unit as AdepriCon is getting closer and closer.

Then on Saturday my son and I got in another practice game of Warammer 40K, with a handicap.  We wanted more practice in the Fight Phase so we played a smaller point game that no Shooting was allowed except for Overwatch and if already in Combat.  It was a good game and we had quite a bit of combat, once we each got into our opponents Deployment Zones ad captured the Objectives, the game ended up being a Draw, but it was nice to recap the Fight Phase, but I want my shooting LOL.

AdeptiCon 2020 is fast approaching (as noted above) 58 days and I was kind of getting worried about the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament.  My son and I formed a team with a friend of mine from Chicago and his adult son, they have never played Warhammer 40K and wanted to start learning and I thought this would be a fun event for all of us to play together (this was back in November).  Now here we are at the end of January and they still had not purchased their models nor any books for the game.  My friend was suppose to come out for a learning day this past Saturday, but life gets in the way (started a new career as a Realtor after 30 years in his family business) and had 2 showings that were scheduled for Saturday and could not come out.  Saturday morning I then decided that more than likely I was going to have to cancel the Team Tournament event and receive store credit or possibly make a post in the Grand Rapids area for anyone looking to fill our Team.

I called my son downstairs into the mancave to discuss our options.  My friend Frank from Arizona (now in Indiana) was busy doing the Middle-earth Grand Tournament on Saturday/Sunday (I had thought) so I had not originally asked him.  I sent Frank a message Saturday morning asking if he had gotten into the Middle-earth event, it turns out he did not, and the other event he was also signed up for Saturday he was on the wait-list.  As soon as I asked Frank if he and his son would join us on our Team, he was all in...... and the plus side is, Frank knows how to play the game.....our Saviors!

So I am back on schedule for AdeptiCon 2020. and nothing to worry about now.

Models Completed: 1
Games Played: 1

January 24, 2020

W40K: Previews From LVO

Last night/early this morning (12:00 AM EST) Games Workshop held their "preview" out at the Las Vegas Open with a look at some of their new models coming out for Warhammer 40K.  For the full on preview, please visit Warhammer Community.

Honestly I would be a little bit more excited with the Preview if I had not recently decided on the Tyranids for my next Warhammer 40K, it was between the Tyranids and the Adeptus Mechanicus, and it looks like the Ad Mech are getting a release of new models.

The rules for these models will be in an upcoming Physic Awakening book "Engine War".

Games Workshop also made an announcement about Forge World where they will be retiring the Index book and releasing a new series of rulebooks with updated rules for units and armies.

This one gets me a little nervous as I had just recently purchased my first 2 Forge World models (still unassembled) and I am little scared they may change too much rules wise and points cost before I even get to try them out.  I purchased a 'Leviathan' for my Imperial Fists army and a 'Malanthrope' as one of HQ choices for my new Tyranids army.  The 'Malanthrope' is what scare me the most since my initial 1000 point list was built around him and a 'Tervigon' as my 2 HQ choices.  I guess we will wait and see what happens with my 2 models.

Once again, for the full article, please visit Warhammer Community.

January 23, 2020

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Soma/Pneuma'

I had to change it up a bit from painting Imperial Fists for Warhammer 40K, so I thought I would go ahead and get a model painted for Guild Ball.

'Soma/Pneuma' is from the latest wave of new Captains was just released this past December and is the first player in Guild Ball with dual roles /duel cards.  The character can change between 'Soma' and 'Pneuma' during the game.

My son is leaning towards playing this model for AdeptiCon, so I wanted to get it done, now the question is, should we paint it as 'Soma' or 'Pneuma'.  For the sake of speed, we elected for 'Pneuma', we can always purchase another model in the future if we want it to look like 'Soma'.  There are 2 cards for the model during the game, so you just flip to which card you are playing so it does not cause any confusion.

Painting the model still took a little bit of time even though it was all greens, started with a darker shade of green and worked my way up, then a green wash followed wit more shades of green and green/yellow until the model was completed.



Painting Points: 1

January 20, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors III'

As I mentioned this morning in my Weekly Chronicle, this past weekend with the bad weather here in Michigan, I was able get my third Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors' completed.  This is the the final 5 man Unit I have armed with Automatic Bolt Rifles that needed to be completed (for now).  I still have one more 5 man Unit with Stalker Bolt Rifles that needs to get done for AdeptiCon.  I am getting really close to completing my 1500 point AdeptiCon Friendly list and then maybe I can work on some Tyranids for 2020.

Primaris Intercessors III

Primaris Intercessors III

Painting Points: 5

W40K: Psychic Awakening Blood of Baal...Arrived (for me)

I know I am about a month late in receiving this book, "Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal",  and there is already a FAQ that has been released, but until my renewed interest in the Tyranids, I really did not have a "need" for the book.  Now that I will be collecting the Tyranids for 2020, the book was going to be needed (point cost changes/rules) so I placed my order for it.  My copy finally arrived on Saturday afternoon and I started to peruse the pages.

Book 3 of the Psychic Awakening Series
The dark new era of warfare heralded by the Psychic Awakening continues apace, with the action now taking us to the Baal System – home of the mighty Blood Angels Chapter. Hive Fleet Leviathan is on its way, but can the full might of the legendary Sons of Sanguinius and their successor Chapters halt the swarm? Part rules manual, part thrilling narrative, this is your guide to the greatest threat that the Blood Angels have faced since they stood beside their Primarch in defence of Holy Terra more than 10 millennia ago.Through thrilling lore, you'll read how the Blood Angles prepared to defend Baal against the full might of a Tyranid hive fleet, and what happened once battle was finally joined. Meanwhile, a vast set of rules expansions enhance your Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers and Tyranids armies with name generators, updated datasheets and much more besides. 
Inside this 80-page book, you'll find:- Riveting background that brings the terror of impending invasion by Hive Fleet Leviathan to thrilling life- Missions that allow you to recreate some of the most pivotal battles that took place when angel met extragalactic horror- Expanded army rules for the Blood Angels – including the Primaris version of Mephiston, Lord of Death – as well as their most storied successors, the Flesh Tearers- Expanded army rules for the Tyranids, including new Stratagems, name generation tables, and a system that lets you build your own Hive Fleet Adaptations!

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #3

The third week of 2020 was a pretty slow week.  With real work being busy (and will be for awhile), and my wife being out of town back in Arizona, means I have to also play Mr. Mom once work is completed.  Luckily over the weekend I was able to savage some of my hobby.

With a snowstorm coming through the area, we elected to stay home instead of driving out to the Detroit Red Wings game and we were able to get in another small game of Warhammer 40K.  Once again it was low points, but we really sped up our play in this game and are starting to get more familiar with the game again.

Then between Saturday and Sunday morning, I was able to complete another Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors', pics and post will come later today.

So it was a rough start to the week, but the weekend slightly made up for it.  I have a feeling this week will be very similar.

Models Completed: 5
Games Played: 1

January 13, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #2

The second week of 2020 was much better than last week especially for modeling and I was able to at least get in one game.

For modeling, I was able to complete two Units of 'Primaris Intercessors', 1 & 2 and prep work began on Unit #3 for my Imperial Fists army.  I am down to the final 16 models to complete in order to have this army ready for AdeptiCon 2020.

In gaming, one small game of Warhammer 40K was played last Thursday night, just a 500 point game.  The small point games is more to just get in the repetitious of the game and rules and then they do not take all evening long complete.

My goal for this upcoming week is to complete my third Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors' and get in one more game of 40K, getting a game in next weekend will be tough, so we'll have to squeeze in another weeknight game.

If time also allows this week, I would like to assemble about 5 'Termagants' and start testing my color scheme for the Tyranids, it will be my first time with Contrast paints.

Models Completed: 10
Games Played: 1

January 12, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors II'

The one nice thing about having crappy weather (rain/ice/snow) I get to stay inside and I can paint all day, which is what yesterday was,  I had my second 'Primaris Intercessor' Unit all prepped and ready to go waiting for me, and yesterday was the perfect day to sit down and get them painted (along with a little TV time).

This is my second Unit armed with Auto Bolt Rifles, I have one more just like these to finish, along with a Unit armed with Stalker Bolt Rifles.  I am getting closer to my finish line....

 Primaris Intercessors II

Primaris Intercessors II

Painting Points: 5

January 11, 2020

W40K: First Wave Of Tyranids Arrived

Last week I had wrote that for 2020 I will be starting a new Tyranids army.  I had received the Tyranid Codex from my son for Orthodox Christmas, and then with gift cards from work, I was able to order the rest of the models I need to start with my 1000 Point list and as of yesterday afternoon, all my models had arrived.

Between working on my Imperial Fists, and my new Tyranids.... I think the year will be pretty busy.

January 10, 2020

Battle Report: W40K 1/9/2020 (CA2019 "Ascension")

Last night I finally got in my first game of 2020, took a bit longer than expected, but anyways it was done.  My son and I played just a quick 500 point game of Warhammer 40K on a 3'x3' battlefield to keep the game fast paced.

Since Chapter Approved 2019 has been released in December, we have been making our way through the new Matched Play Missions, and last nights was Mission 3, "Ascension".

Imperial Fists vs Dark Angels

I really thought during this game that my Imperial Fists finally met their match.  The Dark Angels jumped out to a huge 10-0 lead and then the firepower of the Imperial Fists finally kicked in and I was able to eliminate the Dark Angels and move onto the Objectives and securing a 19-10 win for the Imperial Fists.  My son also was able to try a new Forge World turret for his Razorback which was a better option for him in this game compared to a Lascannon or Heavy Bolter.

This was also the first time that I had tried a 'Chaplin' in my army....mixed feelings right now, but my 2 Litanies did help with shooting, just wished I was able to get both of them off each Turn instead my dice were only allowing me one.

January 8, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Intercessors I'

I thought this was going to be a rough week to get any models completed (with real work), but last night I had to work an extended 5 hours and with most of that time just waiting on a conference call until there was an issue, I decided to get some painting done at the same time.  By the time my call was completed, so was my first squad of 'Primaris Intercessors'.  I did actually start on them earlier in the week and last night was basically wrapping them all up.

I still have 3 more 5-man squads that need to be completed, but this was great to get these done so quickly.

 Primaris Intercessors I

Primaris Intercessors I

Painting Points: 5

January 6, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #1

Well the first full week of 2020 was not as good as I had hoped for, at least for the gaming side of things.  I was hoping for at least one game in for the week, but it was a big ole goose egg.  I prefer gaming weekend mornings, and my son usually works real early on the weekends.  He is supposed to get off at a decent time and they always keep him late, then by the time he gets home it is almost late afternoon.  I have our gaming table ready to go for a small game of Warhammer 40K, hopefully later this week we'll be able to squeeze one in.

On the painting front of the hobby, it was a pretty good week, I was able to complete two HQ models for my Imperial Fists army, a 'Chaplain' and 'Tor Garadon'.  I was also able to get one of my 'Intercessor' Units prepped and ready for the table, this week will be pretty rough with work so we will have to see how much can get completed.  As of now, things are looking good in order to be all ready for AdeptiCon.

Models Completed: 2
Games Played: 0

January 3, 2020

W40K: Tyranids Inbound...Again

I had mentioned the other day in my "Whats in store for 2020" post that I want to start a Tyranid army for Warhammer 40K in 2020.  As you can see in the title of today's post, "Again".  Back in 2010 I actually collected/painted a Tyranid army that was complete and later sold, in those days I used to use the "dip" method to finish off my models.  Nowadays Games Workshop has a new paint line called Contrast Paints, and these Tyranid models are calling me to be painted with the new paints.  Besides really liking the look of the "bugs", I think the Contrast Paints are perfect for these type of models, I guess I'll find out.

I am in no rush in getting these models completed, more of year long project (AdeptiCon takes priority), but it will be nice to change it up a bit from painting Space Marines all the time.  The plan is to start small with 1000 points (which I purchased all but 3 models today), get them assembled and start to paint a few of them while at the same time occasionally getting in a game with them.

Since it is only 1000 points to begin with and I wanted some 'Termagants' to paint in my list, I opted not to include a 'Hive Tyrant' (yet) to begin with.  Below is the first 1000 points I will begin with.

+ HQ +

+ Troops +
3x Ripper Swarm
30x Termagants (20x Devourer / 10x Fleshborer)
30x Termagants (20x Devourer / 10x Fleshborer)
+ Elites +
6x Hive Guard

I still need to think of a Hive that I want to play with and after looking over the Codex next week, I'll make a decision, but this will be a good start for the Tyranids, from here I can always expand them easily (6 more Hive Guards and a pair of Carnifexes will get me to 1500).

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Tor Garadon'

I honestly did not think I would have another model completed this week, but yesterday I was able to sit down and work on my final HQ model (for now) for my Imperial Fists, and that is 'Tor Garadon'.

'Tor Garadon' is a new GW model that recently came out when the Imperial Fists Codex Supplement was released a few weeks ago.

"Tor Garadon is the Imperial Fists' longest serving Battle Company Captain, an unstoppable warrior in whom the lessons of the Primarch have been distilled to their most punishing form. Tested on a thousand worlds, he is a master of the battlefield, and an unyielding bulwark against those who would oppose Mankind."

 Tor Garadon

 Tor Garadon

Tor Garadon

Painting Points: 2

January 2, 2020

Daily Chronicle: Announced "NOVA Open 2020" September 2nd-September 6th, 2020

Well actually NOVA Open 2020 was announced a couple of weeks ago, but in yesterdays newsletter, the room block for the host hotel Hyatt went up for sale.  After a few technically difficulties between NOVA and Hyatt, later yesterday evening the block for reservations was actually working.

Go to the NOVA Open website and book your room before they sell out.

Before finding out on Facebook about the difficulties, I tried booking a room and it said that no rooms were available (and I thought they were already sold out), so just to be safe I then booked a room across the street at the Marriott.  Once the reservation system was fixed, I then proceeded to book at the Hyatt and cancelled the Marriott.  I prefer staying onsite for these conventions if possible, but the elevators at the Hyatt are really really slow.  Luckily 2 years ago a hotel manager showed us the back door to the staff elevators and this does help going back up to the rooms (but not down).

As I mentioned in yesterdays "What's in store for 2020" my vacation days are limited for 2020 and the ability to attend conventions.  NOVA Open falls on a Holiday weekend, Labor Day, so that gives us Monday to be able to drive the 10 hours back home.  So the plan will be to leave Thursday afternoon after work and drive all night to DC arriving early in the morning.  I will then work Friday from my hotel room while my son plays in an event or just hangs out, and then I will have the weekend to actually play in events.

Seeing how none of the events for NOVA 2020 are posted yet (most likely in March) but going off of last years schedule, I think for 2020 my son will be playing in the Middle-earth SBG GT (Saturday/Sunday) (maybe Guild Ball Friday) and I am going to be signing up for some fun Warhammer 40K Narrative events through out Saturday with the hopes of us both playing in one late Saturday night.  The Narrative events do not take the entire day (different time blocks) so it gives me some time to also look around the convention.  As of now I am not committing to anything on Sunday (till schedule is released) but I may partake in some Guild Ball while I wait for my son to finish MeSBG, we'll see.

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Chaplain I'

With yesterday being New Years Day, the 1st of the New Year, I had to sit down and get something painted, otherwise it would have meant it was going to be a slow year painting.

I sat down in the morning with my 'Primaris Chaplain' for my Imperial Fists and slowly worked on him thorough out the day, no rush, a little bit of TV and a little bit of painting.  Next thing I know, late in the afternoon, my Chaplain is completed.

I have know completed 3 of 4 HQ models for my Imperial Fists (2000 Points) and I still have some Units that need to be completed in time for AdeptiCon, just under 84 days left.

It feels good to get something done right out of the gate.

 Primaris Chaplain I

Primaris Chaplain I

Painting Points: 2

January 1, 2020

What's in store for 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

It is the first day of 2020, and the day to predict my gaming future for the year.  Each year I always say I am going to try and be reasonable, but somehow things always change.  So once again for 2020, let's try and be reasonable.

Yesterday I posted my "2019 Year in Review" and some of those game will not make the list for this year, so below are my list of games that I think will make it through 2020.

Arena Rex

I need to keep this one on the list for 2020, even though it was a huge MISS in 2019, it still is a nice game to throw down for a quick game.

Painting Goal: 1 model, I purchased 1 model at GenCon 2019 and would like to get it completed.

Gaming Goal: Lowering my expectations quite a bit this year, even though 0 games were played last year on a goal of 20, we are going to shoot for 5 games.

Batman Miniature Game

This one is going to be a tough one for me.  The rules for 3rd Edition were just dropped the day after Christmas electronically on Knight Models (the physical rules/starter box are yet to be shipped).  I like most of the changes they did with 3rd Edition to speed up the game, but they also introduced Objective Cards to be used instead of objectives on the table, and no Victory Points for casualties unless it is on the Objective Card.  So currently I am on wait and see.....waiting to see if the Rulebook and Objective Cards will be sold without the starter box, if they are, we will make the purchase and see how the game goes.

Painting Goal:  This is a tough one for me, I have a huge backlog of BMG models waiting to be assembled/painted.  It is on a hold pattern at the moment till we can see how the game is, interest may pick up if we like the game.

Gaming Goal:  I am going to try 3rd Edition, so it really depends how much we like the game.  If we like it, it will probably be played quite a few times (since I built a lot of buildings in 2019).

DCU Miniature Game

DCU was not on my list last year, and it is now on my list since I do not know the outcome of BMG.  DCU 2nd Edition was released right around time of GenCon 2019, my son and I did not purchase the rulebooks till late November while we were up at the Renegade Open.  We have yet to try the game, but we will.

Painting Goal:  A lot of the DCU models are the same models as BMG, so we have a pretty good collection.  I do have some models that are DCU specific so those may be completed this year.

Gaming Goal:  First we need a test game, so I can say 1 for sure, if I like the speed/ease of play it may hit table more frequently and in place of Arena Rex.  My plan is to get a game in early this month so we can evaluate how we like it.

Guild Ball

Guild Ball was my main priority for at least the beginning half of 2019, the last few months it has taken a back burner.  I can honestly say I love the background, the models, the low count of models to play but I do not think it will be a high priority for 2020.

Painting Goal: I still have quite a few recently released Captains that need to get completed, so I do not see myself painting any complete Guilds for 2020, but at least a handful of models.

Gaming Goal:  As mentioned above, I really like the game....I am going to have a new high priority game for 2020 (see below) so it is tough which game will be my second.  I have a feeling it will be Guild Ball so I will set a reasonable expectation of 20 games played.  Currently I do not have any events lined up for Guild Ball, but there may be a weekend here or there where I may be able to attend one.

Middle-earth SBG

I am going to take a chance a chance and include this one once more for 2020.  As of now I have too many unknown variables with what games will be played that this one may slide in.

Painting Goal: Once again no expectations, if anything gets done, it would be an accomplishment.

Gaming Goal: Keeping my expectations low again like last year, I think at least 1 game in the next few months before AdeptiCon so my son can refresh on the rules, and then we'll see what happens.

Warhammer 40,000

This game was a huge surprise for me late 2019 with my interest in the game resurfacing, I think my son is just as excited for the game as I am.  As of writing this today, Warhammer 40K will be my highest priority game for 2020.  I am signed up for the Friendly and Team Tournaments at AdeptiCon 2020 so I know I will need practice games for that, plus I already see myself looking at other armies like I have years and years ago.

Painting Goal: My #1 goal is to finish what I need for my 1000 points and 1500 point lists for AdeptiCon which is for my Imperial Fists army, long term goal is to get them completed to 2000 points.  My plan with the Imperial Fists is for them to be my "main" Space Marine army with which to add new models too, so the army will be growing.  The collector in me likes to see other armies too, so my plan is to add another Warhammer 40K army in 2020 and for now that will be Tyranids.  The reason for Tyranids is, I like the look of the models and it it something different to paint than just Power Armor.  I believe with the Tyranids I am going to look into the new GW Contrast Paints for them.  Going to start small with them (1000 points) and we'll see.

Gaming Goal:  As stated above, Warhammer 40K will be my highest priority in 2020 but I will be realistic.  I'll be getting in around 8 games just at AdeptiCon, so let's set a goal of 30 games for 2020 (I still have to squeeze in all the other games in too).


Painting Goal: Not Applicable (pre-painted miniatures)

Gaming Goal:  Last year I set a goal of 20 games, and I just managed to squeeze that in.  I think with trying to add in DCU and possibly MeSBG, 20 may be a bit tough.  I do like that the game only takes 75 minutes to play,  I think realistically 6 games would be a good goal (1 every other month).


Well 2020 will not be a good year for events for me.  I am attending AdeptiCon at the end of March, but that is basically it for the year.  My vacation days are very limited in 2020, 3.5 weeks will be spent in Europe over the Summer, and then another week in the Fall with my wife on a cruise.  Any events I attend after AdeptiCon will mainly be just single day events on Saturday/Sundays and those will even be tough this year.  There is a very loooooong shot that we may be able to attend NOVA Open again since its falls on a Holiday weekend, I will need to look at the schedule of events and see if it is worth it.

The list is actually longer than I had intended, there were a few games I purchased last year that did not make the cut along with some others.  We shall see in 364 days on how well I did.