March 26, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #12: AdeptiCon 2018 Recap

It is now Monday and I am back from AdeptiCon 2018 so it is time for my Weekly Chronicle.  Obviously with most of time over the weekend being spent at AdeptiCon, not too much was done in my hobbying aspect.  I did manage to get 2 models completed and posted last week, and then it was prep time for AdeptiCon.

Now it is time for a semi-short AdeptiCon 2018 recap.  I did post a few photos from Days 1-3 while I was there, and today I’ll go into a little bit more.

Thursday March 22nd, 2018 Day 1

Thursday was my sons and I travel/shopping day.  I left Michigan around 10:00 AM and arrived at Midway Airport in Chicago around 11:00 AM local time and waited for my son to land from Phoenix, AZ.  By the time he landed and we got his bags it just after noon and we headed towards the convention center in Schaumburg, IL.  Arriving in Schaumburg around 1:00 PM we went straight to the registration area and checked-in and collected our swag bags.

The swag bag was probably my only disappointment from the weekend.  For some reason, I received 1/2 the items that my son received in his bag.  Grant it, most of the items in the swag bags I will never use, but the items my son received that I did not, I probably would have.  A few examples is: a Warmachine/Hordes Command Book, God Tear miniature, AdeptiCon 2018 Pin and a few pots of paint.  I know bags are limited in the items received, but mine was half empty compared to his.  We did each receive a copy of Guild Ball Kick-Off from Steamforged Games and Dark Age 2 Player Starter Set from CMON.  In all honesty since we already had Kick-Off, I will probably try and sell it.  The Dark Age starter set we actually may open and give it a try.

Some of the AdeptiCon swag

After registration we hauled our swag bags back to car (so we would not have to carry everything since we will be shopping soon) and headed back inside the convention center.  We decided to get a quick bite to eat from the food that was offered inside (we kept it on the cheap side since we would be going out to dinner).  After lunch it was time to hit the vendor hall and do some shopping.  I am usually more excited for the vendor hall than I am actually for the gaming at these conventions.  Well not to disappoint, the vendor hall was awesome.

Vendor Hall

Vendor Hall

Of course I spent quite a bit of money through out the weekend on models that I “needed”, but I actually held back and did NOT buy into any new games (sort of).  Every day I was lured back to the Malifaux area and so tempted to buy some models and a mini rulebook, but I held back (I kept telling myself that I usually do not have time to play another game and need to concentrate on my Warmachine/Hordes and Guild Ball). We did see a lot of other cool games like a fantasy skirmish game called Freeblades and of course Fantasy Flights new game Star Wars Legion.  Even with Star Wars Legion I decided to hold back and I am not getting into that game.  X-Wing tempted me again and when my son moves back in June I’m sure we’ll get in a few games with the models we already have.  So for the ‘new’ game that I did actually purchase, it was Knight Models Batman Miniature Game (just the new rulebook and ‘Two-Face Crew Starter Set’). I mentioned in my first post of the year that this is a game I may try to get into (my son really loves this game, so I am doing it to give him someone to play when he moves here).  Other than that, it was mainly models for Warmachine/Hordes that I purchased and a few board games for the family.  I also was a little disappointed that Steamforged Games did not have the new Minor Guild Ratcatcher’s on pre-release, nor they did not have any of the new Game Plan Decks for sale (I had heard that a pallet with the cards did not arrive in time).

Batman Miniature Game

Muse on Minis Turn Counter



Board games

Hobby supplies

Once shopping was completed for the day for the first time, it was time to check-in and just relax a bit before dinner.

Friday March 23rd, 2018 Day 2

Friday was our first day of gaming.  I was signed up in the Warmachine/Hordes “Who’s the Boss?” Tournament, and my son was playing in the Batman Miniatures Game Tournament.

“Who’s the Boss?” was a unique event for Warmachine/Hordes and I liked the concept of the event.  The part I did not like is that the 2 games I played (both losses) my opponents were still geared towards winning the actual game, rather than gaining the achievements we were suppose to get.  So it really did not feel much like a unique event.  I tried to get some of the achievements but just fell short a few times.  After 2 games I decided to pack up and do more shopping.

50 Point Khador Army for “Who’s the Boss?”

My son started off really good in his Batman Miniature Game tournament going 2-0 and got his hopes up really high, and then he lost his next 2 games finishing 2-2 for the event.  But he played all his games and he had a lot of fun.

After dinner Friday night my son and I headed back to the Guild Ball room and played a game with our Homelands Cup lists to prepare for Sundays event.  It was a fun game and different.  I was up like 10-4 and then my son clocked out. I earned 1 more point from the clock out, 11-4 and when it was my turn I managed to get in another goal making the final 15(12)-4.

Saturday March 24th, 2018 Day 3

Saturday my son and I were signed up for the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament.  Going into the event we were both pretty excited but that changed during game 1.  We did not bring a “bag of tricks” with us but our opponents did.  So when our entire army cannot do anything for 2 turns and we lose 5-0 on control points, it was not fun.  Plus there was one thing that really irked me about our opponents.  I know it is a competitive game played with chess clocks, but every time my son would mark damage on his card, our opponent would switch the clock back to us and then leave it on us while he attacked again, he would swap the clock back to them when he was done attacking.  Now this is “alright” to do if someone is taking too long marking damage, but my so was not, he ha the card right in front of him and marked right away...then leaving the clock on us while he still attacked bothered the shit out of me.

Well after losing that game my son and I decided to just turn in our game sheet and move to an open table and get in a couple of fun games between trhe two of us.

Barnabas 2 and Kromac 2 (our Team Tournament army)

Sunday March 25th, 2018 Day 4

Sunday was suppose to be our day to play in the Guild Ball Homelands Cup but when we woke I asked my son if he just wanted to head to Michigan so he can see his mom for the day.  My wife happened to be off for the day so I thought it would be nice for them to spend a little time together before he flies back to Arizona on Monday (today).  We did get in a game of Warmachine down in the mancave, Khador vs Cygnar with no clocks.  I (Khador) ended up winning 12-6 (but I finshed off Stryker 2 for fun).

I looked online to see how many showed up for Homelands Cup and they had 4 players, so we might have had a chance...I kind of wish that we played, but it was also kind of nice to get back to MI earlier in the day.

Well thats AdeptiCon 2018...not sure what we’ll play in for AdeptiCon 2019, too early to tell.  Probably after NOVA Open we may have a better idea.

Week #12

Models Completed: 2
Trollbloods: Pyre Troll
Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

Games Played: 7


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