March 13, 2018

WM/H: Privateer Press Moves Portion of Back Catalog to New Special Order Service

I check Facebook and Twitter quite frequently throughout the day, and this headline from Privateer Press I just missed.  I do not know if Privateer Press even announced it on social media or my Facebook algorithms are just off. 

Yesterday, Privateer Press announced that they are moving 600 model SKUs to a Special Order Service for retailers.  I can understand their reasoning behind this decision, they do have a lot of models for a retailer to stock on their shelf.  I just do not understand how they came about the 600 models they want to put in this Special Order Service.  Looking at the list, specifically my Minion army, I see a lot of models on that list that actually get a lot of playtime currently.  Currently ‘Maelok’ is the go to caster for the Blindwater Theme, yet the ‘Gatorman Witch Doctor’ is in the list.  ‘Bull Snappers’ are free in Blindwater, yet they are on the list.  I guess they have to pick and choose as they see fit.

I am curious how this will effect online retailers, will the wait time for me now even be longer?  I do not have a close store to me, so most of my purchases are online.... I guess I will find out come April 8th.


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