March 19, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #11

Wow! Only 3 more days until I leave for AdeptiCon 2018 and I am really excited for it.  One of the benefits (actually probably the only benefit) of moving back to the Midwest is that I am now in closer driving distance to many more Conventions.  When I lived in Arizona, it was the Las Vegas Open and Kingdom-Con were the main conventions (California does have a few more but not as big as these two).  Though I have never made it out to Kingdom-Con in San Diego, I did make it to the Las Vegas Open twice and may plan to return to the LVO in the distant future.  Now living once again in the Midwest there are a lot more choices within a days drive with the obvious one being AdeptiCon.  Now it is just a matter of having the funds to attend all these events.

As we are getting closer to AdeptiCon my assembly of models has slowed down recently and once I get back I will have to sit down and look at my queue and priortize my models again.  Most of my assembly/painting are tied to future events that I am attending and need to see what army lists I am thinking about bringing.  Then once those models get completed that is when I throw some models down that just look fun to paint or the model impresses me.  I know that at AdeptiCon I may be bringing some new models back with me...hopefully not any new games, but we shall see.

I am all packed and ready to go for AdeptiCon, I spent yesterday getting all my armies together and gathered in one location.  Best part of driving is that I have a little bit more room in my trunk and can bring my entire gaming bags instead of condesing models into one bag...the drawback to that is that I am still undecided on what list I want to play in the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament and may decide last minute.  I thought I knew, then I circled back and spent the weekend thinking about using some other casters.  More than likely I will go with my original list just to give ‘Barnabas 2’ some more playing time.

Here is a recap of the models completed last week.

Week #11

Models Completed: 4
Trollbloods: Mulg the Ancient
Trollbloods: Troll Axer
Trollbloods: Stone Scribe Elder
Blacksmith’s Guild: Cast

Games Played: 1


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