April 30, 2010

Painting Points: April 2010

In a few hours April will be over and what a month for Painting Points.  As I noted March was a very slow month for me with the move and all, but come April I had really kicked it into hight gear.

First I was able to finish my Imperial Guard army to 1750 points for now (will be expanding this army in the near future), then I was able to start on my Tyranid army.  I was able to complete just over 1000 points for the Nids.

So what's on the plate for May.  My goal is to finish the Nids to 1750 points and call them done.  Then I will probably take some time and finish one off models.  I have some characters I would like to paint, a Razorback for my son's Salamanders, and possibly finish a Leman Russ Punisher for the Imperial Guard.  Any work for the IG may have to wait.  I am out of Desert Yellow primer and it will be a few weeks before I can order some more.  If I'm bored, maybe I'll have it assembled and waiting to be painted.

Once we finish those models it will be time to start painting a new army.  I have a "poll" that is running for one more day on which army I should paint next.  It looks like the Orks are going to win the poll.  We'll find out tomorrow when it ends.  I was hoping it may be the Tau, but the Orks will save me some money for next month since I have all the models already.  Onto May.

Total Painting Points for the month: 127
Total Painting Points for the year: 306

Battle Report: W40K Imperial Guard vs. Dark Angels

Games Workshop©
Last night I played a quick 1000 point game against my son's Dark Angel army.  I of course played my Mech Guard list that I played in the AdeptiCon 2010 Team Tournament (I really love that 1000 point list).

We decided to play another Battle Missions scenario.  These missions are a nice change to the standard missions in the rulebook.  A lot of the missions are similar to the rulebooks with some twists.  We ended up rolling another IG mission.

Mission: Trench Warfare

Objectives: Set-up D3+2 objective markers before either side deploys or rolls for their deployment area.  We rolled 4 objective markers.

Deployment:  Pitched Battle with only Troops and Heavy Support on the table.  Vehicle units or units with dedicated transport vehicles may not be deployed.

Reserves: Both sides may place any units in reserve.  HQ, Elite, FA and any units with a dedicated transport vehicle must start in reserve.

First Turn:  Imperial Guard player rolls a D6, on a roll of 2-6 the Imperial Guard player goes first.

Game Length:  5 turns with random length.

Victory Conditions:  At the end of the game the player that holds the most objective markers wins the battle.

Special Rules: 
Dug In:  Units deployed in the open are considered to be occupying defensive positions and will receive a 4+ cover save.  Once they move, they lose this cover.
Obstacles:  Each player is allowed to place D6 obstacle in their deployment area consisting of razor wire or tank traps.

Objective games are always close games for me.  With having the Mech Guard, I sit back and shoot for a few turns and start to go for the objectives.  Having all my units in reserve to start the game, and Autocannon's in each of my Vet Squads, I could not shoot to much when coming in.  The Executioner and Banewolf were again the MVP's for this game.  The Banewolf did managed to get destroyed by some close range Meltagun shots, but not before he was able to wreck havoc.  The Executioner with the Plasma Cannon was just dropping blasts everywhere and killing Marines.

The IG were able to hold one objective in their deployment area and hold the center objective.  There were no Dark Angels left to hold any objectives, but did have 2 Heavy Vehicles left that were in close range to be able to contest an objective.  At the end of Turn 7, the IG managed to win 2-0 with the Dark Angels falling short of contesting any objectives.

Entrance to the City
Dark Angels holding an objective in their Deployment Area

Banewolf moving up the battlefield looking for a suitable position

Executioner and Vet Squad holding the line

Dark Angels holding the center objective (for a short time)

Chimera with Vet Squad claiming the center objective with the
Dark Angels just falling short to contest the marker.

April 29, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Genestealer Unit 2

Well I am now finished with the core Troops of my Tyranid army.  My second unit of 8 Genestealers are now completed.

All that I have left for 1750 is one more Trygon Prime, four Zoanthropes, one Tyrant Guard and two Spores.  Two of the Zoanthropes are already assembled and waiting to be primed.  They should probably be done this weekend barring any set backs.

Genestealer Unit 2
Painting Points: 8

April 28, 2010

Battle Report: W40K Imperial Guard vs. Orks

Last night I was able to get out to Empire Games for a 1500 point game of my fully mech Imperial Guard vs. Orks.  I'm not one who remembers all the details for Battle Reports, but I'll try and recap as best as I can.

We wanted to have a fun game and decided to choose a mission from the new Battle Missions book.  There are three missions for Imperial Guard and three missions for Orks.  We rolled a D6 and with a roll of 1 we ended up playing the first mission for  Imperial Guard "Prepared Assault".

Mission: Prepared Assault

Deployment: Split the table in halves, the enemy (Orks) deploy first, anywhere they desire in their half of the table.  The Imperial Guard then deploy second, anywhere in their half of the table that is more than 18" from an enemy unit.

Objectives: There was a total of three objective markers.  One marker is placed in the center of the table, the second marker is placed in the center of the enemy deployment zone, and finally the third marker gets placed by the Imperial Guard player anywhere in the enemy deployment zone at least 12" from another marker.

Reserves: Neither side may place any units in reserve.

First Turn:  Imperial Guard player rolls a D6, on a roll of 2-6 the Imperial Guard player goes first.

Game Length: 5 turns with random length.

Victory Conditions: Capture the most objectives.

Special Rules: "Stray Rounds"  During the shooting phase, the Imperial Guard gets the option to use two "stray rounds" and the enemy gets one "stray round" in their shooting phase.  A "stray round" is a 1/2" piece of paper that is dropped anywhere from above the table (36" above the table) and lands randomly.  The "Stray Round" is S8, AP3, Large Blast, Ordnance Barrage.

Turn 1:  (IG) Since I was at least 18" from each enemy unit, I decided to just sit back the first turn and unload some arsenal on one of the 30 Ork Troop choices sitting in the middle of the table on one of the objective markers.  I was able to kill quite a few of them, but not enough for them to take a test.  My Executioner decided to unload 5 Plasma Canon templates on a squad of Lootas occupying a ruin and managing to kill a couple.  My 2 stray rounds did not do any damage.  (Orks)  The Orks decided to advance a little closer to the IG.  With BS of 2 the Orks shooting phase did not go to well for them.  They did manage to immobilize 1 Chimera, bit everything else including the stray round had no effect.

Turn 2: (IG) Now that the Deff Dreads had advance closer to my Vets with Meltaguns I had to take a chance and bring them down.  Each squad rolled identical and both Deff Dreads had become a wreck.  The rest of my army were still concentrating on bringing down the 30 Ork units to a smaller size.  (Orks) Proceeded to move closer.  In the Shooting Phase, the Orks did manage to destroy one of my Chimera's so one of Vet squads will now be on foot.

Turn 3-4: (IG) Dropping as much fire with all my units and my Banewolf on the 30 Ork units.  I was able to eliminate the 30 Ork unit that was holding the center objective with special thanks to the Banewolf.  One of my "stray rounds" did manage to hit his second 30 Ork unit and was able to kill a few more Orks.  (Orks)  Managed to immobilize another Chimera.  Both of the immobilized units were on foot trying to get to the center of the table while receiving heavy fire from the Orks.  The Orks managed to kill quite of few the Guard, but the Guard would not turn away and proceeded to the center of the board.

Turn 5:  (IG) One of my Vets with Meltaguns managed to capture and control one of the objectives.  The second objective was controlled by a 10 man Ork unit, I proceeded to drop the 5 Plasma Canon shots on this squad and try to narrow them down.  (Orks) Sent "Ghazghkull" to the center of the table to eliminate the two Vet squads I had holding the center objective.  The Vets did survive one round of combat with Ghazghkull striking nothing but air.  We rolled to end the game, and it continues.

Turn 6: (IG)  Unloading as much fire power as I can on Ghazghkull, and managed to do 3 wounds.  The Executioner dwindling down the 10 Ork unit holding objective two.  (Orks)  Did not have too much they can do this round.  Most of their shots had missed.  We roll to see if we continue, and we do.

Turn 7: (IG) Once again unloading what we can on Ghazghkull and finally managed to bring him down with a Vet squad of 3 Meltas that were now holding the center objective.  The Executioner managed to finish of the 10 Ork unit holding the second objective, and the Banewolf managed to finish off the second 30 Ork unit.  The Orks now had no more scoring units available.  All they can do was try and contest.  (Orks) Concentrated their fire on the center of the table and eliminated the Vet squad holding the center objective.  One last effort had the Shokk Attack Gun doing a long distance shot towards objective three which was being held by another Vet squad and the template scatters off the table.  Game Over, the Imperial Guard managed to win 1-0.

What a really fun game and I wanted to thank Frank for the game.  Playing a "Battle Mission" scenario was a nice change of pace and the "stray rounds" added a nice touch.

Below are just a few pictures from the battle.

April 27, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Trygon Prime Completed

I could not let this big guy stare at me too long in grey plastic, he was calling out to be painted.  So I managed to finish the first of two Trygon Prime's for my Tyranid army.  As I stated earlier these guys are just great to put together, and the painting was not too difficult on them either.  There were some tight spots along the bottom of the base to get too (I could have painted him separately from the base, but I usually like to prime my models and bases together.)  I know I am using the "speed paint" method to get these guys completed, but for me, the Tyranid army is just another tabletop army for me to play with.  Anyways the "dip" method really works out quite well for the bugs, and I really do not see any difference if I was to "wash" the entire model with "Devlan Mud" or use my "dip" method.  The idea is still the same which is to provide a shadow effect in all the creases.

Trygon Prime 1

Trygon Prime 1

Trygon Prime 1

Trygon Prime 1

Painting Points: 10
(I added a new category to "Painting Points" for "Large Monster",  well he is really big)

April 26, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Hormagaunt Unit 2

The second unit of 14 Hormagaunts are now completed.  I had finished the bases on them early this morning then during lunch sprayed the Matte coat.  Just one more unit of Genestealers to complete and all my Troop choices will be complete.

Hormagaunt Unit 2 (6 of 14)

Painting Points: 14

W40K: Tyranids Trygon Prime Assembled

Games Workshop©
Between shooting some hoops with one of my kids, and finish reorganizing the garage, I did manage to get some modeling in yesterday.  I was able to to finish the basecoat on my second unit of Hormagaunts, hopefully the bases will get done on these sometime today and pictures will then be uploaded later.  Then the Tyranid Trygon was just calling my name, I had to assemble this bad boy, I could not let him sit in the box any longer.

Besides the Hive Tyrant I recently put together (which was all metal), this is probably the largest non-vehicle model that I built.  Once again (just like the Hellhound and Leman Russ) I must give kudo's to Games Workshop for this model.  I followed the very detailed instructions that GW provided, and this model was a breeze to put together.

I really cannot wait to see what this model will look like in my color scheme.  I plan on getting the primer sprayed tonight and by the end of the week this guy should be done.  I have a friendly game scheduled for tomorrow night and work has really picked up this week so my modeling will be limited to only a couple of evenings.

Here are a few pictures of the first Trygon Prime assembled (yes, I'll be running two in my list).

Trygon Prime 1
Trygon Prime 1

April 25, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Genestealer Unit 1

It's been a slow weekend modeling for me.  I have been busy reorganizing our garage this weekend (tired of still seeing moving boxes just laying around everywhere) so I finally picked up some garage shelving and unpacked a few more items.  It's almost done, but not quite.  Who know's maybe I'll even be able to get one of our cars inside soon.

Anyways, I did manage to complete a unit of Genestealers, and I currently have my second unit of Hormagaunts on the painting board getting their basecoats.   Also this past Friday night, I did happen to pick up one of the Trygon's that I need for my army.  This guy looks like he will be fun to model/paint.  I am really looking forward to this model.  Once my second unit of Hormagaunts is completed I'll move onto the Trygon before I finish the second unit of Genestealers.

Here are a few pictures of the first Genestealer unit.

Genestealer Unit 1

Painting Points: 8

April 22, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Hormagaunt Unit 1

One of my 14 bug Hormagaunt units are now completed.  There will be 2 units of 14 in my 1750 point army.  The second unit is already primed and waiting for paint.  I also have 2 units of Genestealers that are almost ready for some paint.  I may opt to paint one of those units first just to see what the unit will look like.  Hopefully by the end of next week all my Troop choices will be completed and then I can move to my Elites and Heavy choices.  Those will be fun....  Zoanthrope's and Trygon's....  oh my!!!!


Hormagaunt Unit 1 (4 of 14)
Painting Points: 14

Daily Chronicle: 4/22/2010: Pondering Which Army To Do Next

With my Tyranid army moving quite nicely (should be completed by early May), it got me pondering which Warhammer 40K army do I want to finish next, or possibly start a whole new army.  Here is a list of choices:

Existing armies needing to be completed:
Orks:  I already have about 1750 points all assembled for a horde force.  About 90+ Orks, some Coptas, some Trukks.

Ultramarines:  I assembled an all Drop Pod 1750 point Ultramarine army about 1.5 years ago and have everything all basecoated blue.  I just was never motivated to actually finish them up.  I really did not pick up on the style of play for the Drop Pod assault army so they were shelved.

Possible new armies:
Blood Angels:  Well, the new Codex is out, need I say more.  I could always rebase most of my Ultramarines to become Blood Angels.

Space Wolves:  Another really new Codex.  I know longer own anymore Space Wolves bitz (years years ago I had started one and sold them off) so I would have to purchase everything new.

Tau:  Once I had started this army also, but sold them all off.  I always wanted a Tau army, I'm just afraid of a new Codex coming out before I start on them.

Vostroyans:  I do love these guys and really want them.  But I just finished an Imperial Guard army (and one that I will always expand on.....  my Imperial Guard army will be my army that will always grow.)

The problem I have with the Marine armies is, I already own a lot of Marines.  I have a Dark Angels and Black Templars army, I also have my sons Dark Angels and Salamander armies.  So having another Marine army may not be fun.

Moneywise, I probably should just finish my Orks or actually finish the Ultramarine's.  I could probably get the Orks painted up pretty fast, but there is A LOT of them......

So I placed a POLL on the top right of this blog.  Go ahead vote and help me decide which army to do next.

April 21, 2010

W40K: Tyranid Hive Tyrant

I decide to take a break from painting some of the core Troops for my Tyranid army and wanted to see how my Hive Tyrant will look with my color scheme.  Not "Golden Demon" but it's good for the tabletop.  I have no intentions on making this a "high quality" looking army.  My primary goal is to have another painted army on the tabletop to play with, and I think these will suffice.

Tyranid Hive Tyrant
Painting Points: 5

April 20, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Termagant Unit 2

These guys should have been done yesterday, but something the family ate Sunday night (Panda Express) had us in bed all day yesterday.  Anyways I was able to get the bases done on these guys this morning and get the matte spray on them.

My Hive Tyrant was also assembled this past Sunday and primer this morning.  I'll start on the Tyrant or continue on some Hormagaunts tonight.  Though I am leaning towards the Tyrant just to change it up a little bit.

Here is Tyranid Termagant Unit 2:

Termagant Unit 2

Painting Points: 10

April 18, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Termagant Unit 1; Step by Step

Back on February 16th I had decided on my color scheme for my new Tyranid army.  This weekend I had the time to sit down and start painting my first Termagant unit.  Like my Imperial Guard, I decided to go with a quick paint scheme so I can get these guys out on the table for some play time.  Here is my step by step on what I used to achieve my colors.

Primer: Krylon Camouflage Khaki
Basecoat: GW Astronimican Grey, GW Mechrite Red, GW Bleached Bone

Wash: All the armor with GW Asurmen Blue

Stain: MinWax Antique Walnut
Matte Coat: Testors Dull Coat
I am very please how the unit came out.  I takes me about one-two hours to fully basecoat the models and apply the blue wash.  Then about 15-20 minutes to stain the unit.  I allowed the unit just about an entire day to dry before doing the bases on the.  Then I sprayed Dull Coat once the bases were dry.

Here is a picture of the entire first Termagant unit completed for my Tyranids:
Termagant Unit 1

Painting Points: 10

April 16, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/16/2010: New Look/IG/Tyranids Progress

This morning I decided I wanted a new look for 'The Old West Chronicle', dont get me wrong, I really liked my previous template, but I wanted a change for now.  I may go back to the other template in a few months.  I really enjoy the 'clean' look of this new template and I feel it's easier to read.

Last night I gave my Imperial Guard a "dry run" game at a 1000 point level.  Basically I played my 1000 point list that I had used in the AdeptiCon Team Tournament.  I just about "tabled" my opponent in 'Annihilation' leaving just his IC.  Tonight I'll go out and give the full 1750 points their first run.  Hopefully we'll roll up one of the objective scenarios to see how they handle those missions.

My Tyranids are also making some progress.  I have both units of Termagants (2x10) assembled and sand on their bases, and just finished assembling my units of Hormagaunts (2x14).   Tonight I plan on picking up my basecoat for the Tyranids so hopefully by the end of the weekend I may have some test models to post.

April 14, 2010

W40K: IG 1750 Complete

Yeah!!!!!!  My 4 Heavy Bolters for my Imperial Guard army are now completed.  1750 points of Imperial Guard are now done and ready for the tabletop.  I have a little more than 1750 points painted (with different weapons and options) but my 1750 point list is now completed.

Their first battle will most likely commence this Friday night (with Empire Games being open till 12AM on Friday nights, it will give me a little bit more time to really learn the army).

It will be time to bring down Vulkan He'stan

Now we can move onto the Tyranids for awhile.

Painting Points: 8

Daily Chronicle: 4/14/2010: Felt Like Christmas

Last night I started cleaning up my painting station to get ready to move the Tyranids onto it.  I had plenty of Chimera vehicle sprues laying around from finishing the four the other day and wanted to pack them away in case I need the bitz at later time.  I looked on my shelf in my closet and pulled down a Chimera box and my Leman Russ Box (from my Executioner).  I was not sure if I had room in the Chimera box for more sprues, but I checked anyways, nope it was already full from the previous four I built.  The Leman Russ box I knew I had room.  I opened the box and what did I see.....

Games Workshop©
It felt like Christmas when I opened the box and found the Battletank.  I had forgotten awhile ago that I traded a Chimera + $ for a Leman Russ Batletank with a friend of mine.  Seeing how I needed some more points to fill out my lists, I was going to add another Hellhound, but for now I'll build this Battletank and it will save a few dollars for now (which can be used on the Tyranids).  I did finish up all my 'Desert Yellow' spray on the Chimeras......  looks like another order with "The War Store" will be soon.

April 13, 2010

W40K: IG Chimera's (5-8)

My Imperial Guard Chimera's #'s 5-8 are now completed.  I have not yet found a good setup in my new place to take photos so please bear with me on the quality of these.  My lighting is still way off.  Hopefully I'll find a better setup soon and re-upload these photos.

Chimera V

Chimera VI

Chimera VII

Chimera VIII (new photo)

Painting Points: 40

Daily Chronicle: 4/13/2010: AdeptiCon Photos

Better late than never.  I finally had a chance to unpack my camera and upload a few photos from AdeptiCon 2010.  I'm pretty bad when it comes to taking photos at events that I am playing in, I usually get to involved in the games I'm playing.  So I only have a few photos from Friday and Saturday (completly forgot about the camera on Sunday.)

Friday night Jay ran a Legends of The Old West "big game", my son and I did not partake in this event but we did manage to check out some of the action after we picked up our badges for the weekend.

On Saturday as I mentioned last month, my son and I played in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament.  Here are a few pictures of our team, "Team Taros II".

Team Taros II

Jeff (Elysians)

Dean (Cadians)

Allan (Cadians)

Dragi (Tallarns)