May 30, 2017

Daily Chronicle: Back From Arizona and What's In The Pipeline For June

Last Wednesday morning I flew back to Arizona so I could pick up my wife and youngest child and move them here with me to Michigan.  We were not planning on startingour drive back to Michigna till the next day on Thursday, so Wednesday I had the day to get a few gaes of Guild Ball in with my oldest son.

I brought my Guild Ball teams with me, and decided to give my Fisherman's Guild a try while my son played the recently painted Alchemist's Guild I just finished up.

We ended up only playing 2 games, the first game we played with no clock and took our time while we were still learning the new Guilds.  Plus the dice were not with me and I had missed 3 shots on Goal (2 from 'Shark' and 1 from 'Salt').  I still ended up winning 12-0, buit should have been 24-0.

  'Angel' finally gets the game winning goal.

In our second game, we decided to go ahead and play with the chess clock.  If we made a mistake, oh well, the clock was going to teach us how to play faster and prepare for any tournaments that I may get to play in the future.  To be honest, I actually liked playing with the clock.  It turned the 3 hour game into one that was probably just an hour.

We both elected to play with the same Roster as the first game (since we just learned the rules for those models) and that helped with the speed of the game.  I actually played really smart and was really quick with my clock (unlike when I play Warmachine/Hordes with the clock and always 'clock-out'). I also ended up winning the second game, 12-4 and this time the dice were a bit better.

I do like the playstyle of the Fisherman and really need to get more games in with them (the problem I have where I am at in Michigan).  There is a tournament coming up on June 24th, but that is 3 hours across the state near Detroit, so it is very slim that I could make it out there.  Hopefully maybe I could at least get a few more friendly games in for June.

 The 'Shark' Show

After our game we headed to a local Gaming store (Desert Sky Games & Comics), they are mainly a "Magic the Gathering" store with a few miniatures. They just recently announced that they are moving to a new location and are having a "moving sale", so we decided to see what they had.

Well, I walked out of the store with quite a few models at a GREAT price.  I was able to find the last model I needed to complete the entire Engineer's Guild with 'Veteran Velocity'.  Retail price $14.99, and I was able to get her for $5.99.  We were also able to find 'Smoke' for my son's new Alchemist's Guild (which now he will have to paint on his own) and then I found a great start for a new Butcher's Guild.  Unfortunately they did not have the Starter Set for them, but I was able to pick up a lot of solo models.  'Princess', 'Meathook', 'Shank', 'Tenderiser'.  I'll go ahead and place an order soon for the Starter Set and probably include 'Fillet' with my order, and it will be a great start for the Butchers Guild.

Now what do we have in store for the month of June? May is just about over with and I do not have any model prepped to be painted yet, so we will have to concentrate on June.  I'll probably prep a model or two tonight to get ready.

For my Engineer's Guild, I have 'Mother' and 'Veteran Velocity' that I would like to complete.  Once these two are done, then I will have the entire Engineer's Guild paiinted.

Just before I left to Arizona, I received a lot of Union models (like Harry The Hat I finshed before leaving), so I may throw in a a few models to finish.

I would like to get all the Butcher's ordered and possibly start on them, but more than likely they will be a July project.

Finally, I still have to continue on our Bolt Action Airborne armies.  I think I will get my sons second US Airborne squad completed for sure, once this squad is done, it will only leave me with 2 MMG Teams and a Howitzer to complete for his Army.  I do have till March of 2018 to finish both the US and British, but why wait till the last minute.

I think that will probably be it for now.... I have a week's vacation coming up mid June, but that will be reserved for 'house chores' so I'll lose some hobbying time then. 

May 23, 2017

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Crucible'

Finished just in time....  I am flying to Ariziona tomorrow morning for a few days and will be bringing some of my Guild Ball models with me including my Alchemist's team.  With the possibility of leaving them there for son to use.  So I was really hoping 'Crucible' would arrive in time for me to paint her up.  Well I was able to finish her and really quite happy how she turned out.

Just a quick look at her card... Nimble is always nice to have, with the ability to increase her DEF from 4+ to 5+.  I can see possibly using Slip Past to get around an enemy model to have LOS on the Goal for the Kick.

The plan for tomorrow is to get a few games of Guild Ball in with my son in the late afternoon/early evening.  I am plnning to finally try out my Fisherman's Guild, and possibly on game with my Engineer's while using the chess clock, so I can see how I would do if I played in a tournament.

I am not sure if I will write up battle reports, but I am hoping to try and remember to get in a few pictures.




Painting Points: 2

May 22, 2017

Guild Ball: Union Guild 'Harry The Hat'

Last week I got a pretty decent deal on a bunch of Union models and I am one to collect multiple armies/guilds, so why not.  Plus what is different with the Union Guild is that the players can play on their own Union team, or they can be outsourced to other Guilds.  Each Guild has a set of Union players that can play for them.

So to start off with the Union, we have 'Harry The Hat' who can play for the Alchemist's, the Butcher's, the Brewer's, and the Engineer's.  Seeing how have three of the four Guilds completed, I thought it was fitting he should be first.  'Harry' has a 2" Melee Zone which is why the Engineer's like to use him along with a 4 TAC that can be upgraded to 7 when he uses Crazy.  His other two Character Traits also seem to be very useful, Rising Anger and Inspiring Hat.

 Harry The Hat

 Harry The Hat

Painting Points: 1

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Stave'

Finally we come down to final model of the Brewer's Guild from the Kick-Off starter set.  Today we have a big brute named 'Stave'.  'Stave' is a Centre Back for the team whose purpose is to clear enemies out of the way and/or knock them down.  'Stave' has a really good TAC with a 6, but do not expect him to get the ball much and attempt to pass with only a 1/6" KICK.

We also painted the ball-marker that came with the Brewer's Guild.  So at least for now I can my Brewer's Guild is completed.  I have some Union Guild models coming in that will be hitting the painting station (more than likely in June, except for Harry) and I will also be looking to fill in some models for the Alchemist's and Engineer's.




Painting Points: 3

May 21, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Spigot'

We are now down to the 5th of 6 Brewer's models from the Kick-Off starter set.  Up today we have 'Spigot' a Defensive Midfielder for the Brewer's.  To be honest, I actually like some the Plays and Traits that 'Spigot' posses.

I think the Character Play Ball's Gone sounds interesting, the ability steal the ball-marker and place it in Spigot's possession, then he can immediately make a Pass without spending Influence.  This sounds exactly like what a player in his position should be able to do.

Then for his Character Traits, I am really liking both of them.  Football Legend allows friendly Guild models within 4" gain [+1/1"] KICK which helps out the scoring aspect for the team.  Then we have Floored that grants him an extra [+2] TAC on Attacks against knocked-down models.



Painting Points: 1

May 20, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Hooper'

Up next for the Brewer's Guild, we have an Attacking Midfielder named 'Hooper'.  From listening to a podcast yesterday called 'Singled Out', it seems that he is paired very nicely with 'Tapper'.  'Hooper' also has a 2" Melee Zone like 'Tapper' and these two together are good in the middle field where all the scrum is.

My eyesite is no longer the greatest, and I had not noticed the mold lines on the model until it was too late.  Next time I work with these one piece plastics I'll know to take a closer look.



Painting Points: 1

May 19, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Friday'

How very fitting (like I planned it), today is Friday, and I am presnting for you from the Brewer's Guild, 'Friday'.  'Friday' is a Striker for the Brewer's Guild, if you have read any of my previous posts you will know I enjoy Guild Ball for the scoring, so this model will always be on the Pitch for me whenever I play with the Brewer's.  For the Brewer's, her KICK stat is very good, compared to other teams, I would say she is above average.  Shadow Like allows her a [2"] Dodge at the start of her activation increasing her possible MOV to 8"/10", and for 1 MP she can use her Heroic Play I Shoot Better after a Beer to increase her KICK stat by [+1/2"].



Painting Points: 1

May 18, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Tapper'

Well we are continuing right along with the Brewer's Guild models since it does not look like my Alchemist's 'Crucible' will be in till at least tomorrow.  So today we have 'Tapper', one of two Captains for the Brewers' Guild.

When I first started to get interested in Guild Ball at the end of January this year and saw that there was a Guild called Brewer's, I thought that would be a cool Guild for a beer & pretzel game.  Then while at the Las Vegas Open in February and talking with Steamforged Games about their playstyle and viewing the paint schemes for the models, that is when I elected for my Engineer's.  The Brewer's are a mixed Guild between Scoring and Taken Outs and I wanted to lean more toward the scoring.  Plus when I saw most of the Brewer's painted with a tartan design, I knew that was not my pint of beer.

When my son and I purchased the Kick-Off starter set, I received the Brewer's.  They have been sitting next to my painting station getting ignored, so now it was time to get some paint.  I knew I do not have the steady hand nor the patience to paint tartan, so I had to think of a paint scheme that I thought would still look alright (table top quality)(though I doubt they will actually see mmore playying time).  Plus I wanted to the colors to be close to the 'yellowish' shade being used for their logo and tokens.

As you can see from 'Tapper's' card below, he does not have many abilities that aid in scoring, but more for the scrum of the game.



Painting Points: 1

May 17, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Scum'

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am waiting on another Alchemist model to arrive 'Crucible' so I can get her quickly painted before I head out to Arizona next Wednesday, so in the time being I decided to go ahead and start on my Brewer's Guild.  These Brewer's are from the new Kick Off 2 Player Starter box, and each model is molded in a new single part plastic.  Steamforged Games is looking to move away from metals to plastics in future releases like the Farmer's and Blacksmith's, but I hear those will be mult-part plastic and not single molded like these.

To start things simple I elected to go with the Mascot 'Scum' and boy does he have some cat like reflexes.  Shadow Like allows him to [2"] Dodge at the start of his activation plue when an enemy model ends their Advance in his melee zone, he may make another [2"] Dodge with Unpredictable Movement.  When 'Scum' attacks, he has those claws that cats are famous for and can take out their enemies Hamstring which makes them suffer [-4"/-4"] MOV.



Painting Points: 1