August 13, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #32

The countdown clock on the right is ticking down and in 16 days we leave for the NOVA Open and I am getting a little excited for it.  I have the lists I want to play at the event all finalized and they are all painted, just trying to get in a few more practice games with each of them so I can improve a bit on clock time.  I am not going there to win any events, but I do want to have a fun time playing in them.  The Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament that Thursday will be the most draining for me.  After driving all through the night for 10-12 hours, we’ll be playing all day and into the night for the Team Tournament.  After 3 games we’ll see how well we are doing and who know’s, may call it a day.

I was able to get in 2 games in last week, 1 for Arena Rex on Wednesday and a 75 point game of Warmachine/Hordes on Thursday (some practice with my TT list).  I am hoping to get in another 15 point ‘Speedmachine’ game in tonight and a 50 point ‘Breakfastmachine’ game in on Thursday.

I also spent the weekend working on quite a few projects, mostly with terrain for the Batman Miniature Game and Arena Rex.  I posted the 4Ground ‘Shipping Container (B)’ I had finished yesterday and I also started on one of the buildings.  For Arena Rex, I have been working on some columns and spikes for our gaming arena.  Some of these will be posted later this week (I am still unsure how I will be painting the columns, so I am not sure when those will be completed).

I also started work on my Ludus Magnus models for Arena Rex, again I will more than likely get 1 or 2 posted later this week.  I amazed myself with starting on these models so soon, I honestly thought I would not get to them till after the NOVA Open.

This Fall, I need to reevaluate my games played again, Guild Ball Season 4 is coming out in October and I am sure it will spark some re-interest in the game and I do not want to lose my momentum with Warmachine/Hordes and Arena Rex.  Plus I still need to get some games of Batman Miniature Game in with my son.  Once I complete some more terrain for that board, I am sure I will get a demo game in.  Trying to squeeze in 4 game systems (and the occasionally game of Magic the Gathering) will be pretty tough (plus the painting required for each of these).  I need to come up with a weekly schedule to squeeze all of these games in.


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