August 14, 2018

Arena Rex: Spikes Terrain

Last week when my son and I played our first game of Arena Rex, our arena was pretty bare at the time.  Each Starter Set that I purchased came with a Pit (so I have 2 Pits now), but I wanted to have a little bit more terrain for our arena.  I spent the weekend working on some items, Spikes and Columns (the Columns are still not yet finished, the painting of them may take me a bit while I decide how I want to paint them), but I was able to finish up some Spikes.

Spikes are considered a Wounding Hazard: The first time during each attack a model is pushed into base contact with a wounding hazard, it suffers 3 damage.  This damages ignores ARM.  A Wounding Hazard is considered a hazard.

So I decided to dig out some old craft sticks that I used years ago for one of my sons school project and some Bolt Action square bases that I had still boxed up and proceeded to make a set of Spikes.

Originally the plan was to use rectangle bases, but after cutting all the sticks, I realized it would fit better on square bases.

Spikes are all cut and sharpened.

I glued the sticks in a cross pattern to keep it simpler.  I did not want to mess with angles.

Spikes are all assembled and glued.  Now it is time for the sand and primer.

Here the Spikes are now painted, all that is left is to do the bases.

A set of finished Spikes.

Painting Points: 4 (2x2)


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