August 29, 2018

Daily Chronicle: 1 Day Till The NOVA Open

In 24 hours we should just about be pulling into the Hyatt Regency Crystal City and checking in for the 2018 NOVA Open.  We are leaving tonight and driving straight through, so tomorrow is going to be a very long day playing right into the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament.  Luckily I do not take tournaments too seriously and I am just playing for fun.  Who knows, maybe after 2-3 rounds we may retire (but we will have to see with our teammate first).

Am I ready for the events? Not really...but who cares if I win or lose, lets just through some dice.  Saturday and Sunday events I am really looking forward to ("Breakfastmachine" and "Speedmachine") these events do not take the whole day and leaves some time to do some other things.  I am still glad I dropped the Guild Ball event on Friday to open a day of gaming (I am even bringing a few Batman miniatures and may do a quick demo).

I plan on posting some pics each night when I get back to the room, we shall see how that goes...stay tuned...


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