August 10, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Hidden Forest Gaming Terrain

On our drive back home from GenCon this past Sunday, my friend and I realized that we will need a bag for our new Arena Rex gaming mats.  Previously when I was looking for mats for our Guild Ball Pitches, I came across a company called Hidden Forest Gaming, they produce 2D gaming terrain, mats, and they also sell bags individually.  We looked on their website, and sure enough they sold a 30” bag for $10.

When I got home, I took a look at their site so I can order my bag and I had decided to look at the terrain they had for sale.  I already use Broken Egg Games 2D terrain and scenario zones, but Hidden Forest Gaming had their snow terrain on sale, a bundle for $35.00.  Since I also own a snow based mat, I thought it would be cool to have some matching terrain.  While I was at it, I also decided to add their scenario zones, flags and objective set to my order.

All I can say is that the prompt shipping of my order was awesome.  Their website had said they would be away until August 8th and orders would ship afterwards (I was in no rush), but I had received an email this past Monday night that my order was going out for shipping.  Yesterday afternoon my package arrived and I promptly set it up on the table to prepare for the evenings battles.

I really like the houses that were packaged in with the terrain, with my Broken Egg Games terrain, it does not come with these.  It is nice to change up the battlefield occasionally so I do not get bored with the game.

I just want to say, in all honestly I do prefer 3D terrain over 2D, but for the ease of storage and transportation (taking my mat and terrain to a local game store), the 2 D terrain works great.  Plus you do not need to worry about your models falling over when they are placed on a hill.  I can take all my terrain, stack them up together and they all go nicely in a small container on my shelf.


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