August 9, 2018

Privateer Press: Mystery Box Revealed

Last week I had mentioned that Privateer Press was offering Mystery Boxes, a $242 value for only $59.99 and that my son and I had decided to take the gamble and order one box.

The main factions that my son and I play are; Cygnar, Circle, Khador, Minions and Trollbloods, we also have quite a few models for Skorne, Protectorate and then I have some unpainted Cryx sitting on a shelf that has never been played.  So we were really hoping for one of the 5 main factions that we play.

Here is what we got...

So we ended up with a Cryx Mystery Box.  Am I disappointed? a little, but not too bad.  I would rather get a box of the models that I do not have than a box with all duplicate models I currently own.  From what has been posted on the internet so far, my son would have been happy with a Cygnar box, he could have used a ‘Hurricane’ model.

Here is a breakdown of what was inside our Mystery Box:

Bane Witch Agatha


Heavy Warjacks:


Cryx Token Set

All in all the models are pretty decent.  I will be adding the Colossal and Slayer to the existing Cryx models we currently have and then I think we may have a decent playable list.  I am not going to get fully invested in Cryx, I think with the models we just received and what we currently own, it will be enough to occasionally throw them down on the table top.


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