August 23, 2018

Daily Chronicle: 7 Days Till The NOVA Open

We are only one week away from the start of the NOVA Open in Arlington, VA.  My son, my friend TJ and I will actually be leaving late Wednesday (29th) evening and driving through out to night to Arlington.  The plan is to arrive sometime late morning and freshen up, relax before the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament starts at noon.

Here is a recap of my schedule for next weekend:

Thursday: Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament
Friday: Open Day, Iron Arena and some Arena Rex
Saturday: “Breakfastmachine” in the morning and then some open play.
Sunday: “Speedmachine” and then travel back home.

TJ is signed up for the same events (our 3rd team member), but on Friday he added the Warmachine/Hordes Masters Tournament.  Originally my son and I were signed up for the Guild Ball Tournament on Friday, but since we have not played in awhile, we elected to drop that event and have a little open time.  When I attend these conventions, I like to have a little down time and not have it be tournament after tournament.  With the long drive Wednesday night going right into the Team Tournament on Thursday when we arrive, I thought Friday would be a nice day to sleep in and relax a bit.

This year at NOVA Open for the Warmachine/Hordes events, they are using Conflict Chamber to submit lists.  Besides the Team Tournament, we actually have right up to the event to submit lists, but since I know what I will be playing, I decided to submit mine early.

As of now, I have submitted my “Breakfastmachine” and “Speedmachine” lists.

Saturday August 30th “Breakfastmachine”

Sunday September 1st “Speedmachine”

Since I am really bad with using the death clock and clocking out, I was looking for lists that would allow me to play at a faster pace.  So I elected the “Jaws of the Wolf” theme for my Khador army.  My Team Tournament list will be a variation from the above 50, that way I have most of the same models through out the weekend, but with different Warcasters so that I could have some fun with them all. I am no great player (probably not even average), but I wont to play at these events and just have a good time.


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