August 8, 2018

BMG: Gothic City Terrain (First Purchases)

As I mentioned in this past Monday’s post on my GenCon review  I came across the 4Ground vendor area and I had to stop and look around for some of their Gothic City line of buildings.  I have been meaning to purchase some of their buildings since AdeptiCon back in March, but with 4Ground being a UK company, I knew shipping would take awhile and honestly I just never got around to ordering any.

The main reason I have been looking at 4Ground is that their building are all pre-painted MDF, all you have to do is snap the pieces out and glue them all together.  It will save me a lot of time getting the board up and ready.  A few months ago I had already purchased a gaming mat from Frontline Gaming (City Mat) and a few barricades from Miniature Market, all I needed were some buildings and then I can finally get in a demo game of BMG.

The selection of Gothic City was pretty slim at GenCon, I am not sure if they just did not bring as much (though the other lines they carried took up most of their vendor space) or they were just already sold out by the time I was there on Sunday.  I purchased what I could, which was 3 buildings and 1 container.

As I build each Gothic City building, I will try to take a few pics during the process and get those posted also..  I am hoping that this weekend I may get some time to actually start building these.


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