August 27, 2018

Arena Rex: Pits Terrain

As I mentioned yesterday in my post about the Barrels I painted, my 3D printed Pits had arrived.  I had found them on eBay for a reasonable price being sold by Horizon Creations 3D.  I was not sure if I would be able to get to them before leaving for the NOVA Open, but yesterday I sat down and I was able to get them completed.  The actual square pit is a little smaller than the card board version from the Starter Sets, but not by much.  When playing with these Pits, we are only going to actually count the Pit itself and not the sand base that it is on.

A Pit is considered a Lethal Hazard: If any part of a model's base touches a Lethal Hazard, that model is defeated.  Mark any remaining vitality boxes and resolve their effects (if any).  Then remove the model from play.  Any additional successes after a model is pushed into a Lethal Hazard are lost.

 Sand glued to the bases.

 Spikes primed.

 Gates primed.

 Pits primed and base-coated.

 Pits lightly dry-brushed.

 Sand base-coated.

 Finished Pits

Finished Pits

Painting Points: 15


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